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Author Topic: It's where you live...
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Where do you live? No, I don't mean the location that's probably listed under your screen name. I guess what I'm really getting at is, what is it like where you live? What sort of neighbourhood are you in? Is your city large or small? Are you even in a city? Do you like your neighbourhood? Why or why not?

I live in a working class section of the Island of Montreal. It's not quite within the municipality of Montreal, but it's right next door (like, there's a metro/subway station almost right across the street from me). People in this neighbourhood are pretty poor, on the whole - the income level here is well below the national average.

Today I found out that the municipality I'm in banned bars some while ago, because they caused too many problems. (No worries though, as bars can be found in Montreal about 6 blocks away.)

By Canadian standards, crime is high here. There aren't many parks, and I can't find a good restaurant within about 10 blocks for the life of me.

Despite all that, I'm really happy here. Rents are extremely cheap. There is a long stretch of riverside just blocks from here. Everything I need is within about 3 blocks. It feels like a small town. Living on the main street in the area, there are interesting things for me to look at from my balcony. There is a fairly diverse ethnic population here.

How about you?

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I live in Kansas! I live in the biggest city here in Kansas, and that's Wichita.

Do I like it? It's alright. As for my neighbourhood, it's not the ghetto, it's not the richest part of Wichita. Just your normal middle class 'hood, with nice houses that make you feel welcomed.

As for the city, there's an awful lot of violence. It's sad. In December there were two quadeple murders that happen in just one week. And last week a 16 month old was shot down during a drive by shooting. A few years ago another younge baby was shot and killed at a gas station. A few weeks ago a lady was pumping gas when a man hoped in her car and drove off with her younge child still in the car. I'm going to stop there.

Our public schools are awful. They don't pay the teachers enough which causes the good teacher to teach outside Wichita Public Schools.

We don't often get any good concerts. But hey at least George Clinton is going to be here this coming Saturday night!!

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i live in geneva ohio. yup. 7000 people but that only in geneva city, i live in the township. my highschool had 1200 or so in 9-12, that because we had the little communities around the "city" go to that school.
there are a lot of immigrants from puerto rico here and that has caused geneva to be joked about and calle "juan-eva". there's a big spanish speaking portion of our population.
it's kind of a quiet town... kind of... haha... not much to really do except for in the summer there's this place we call "the strip" in geneva on the lake (lake erie!) and that's a big touristy place in the summer. it can be fun but not all the time cuz i live here... you know how that is!
other than that... well... there isn't an other than that... that's it about my town! ooh! R.E. Olds was born here...wahoo... and it's rumored that Tom Hanks walked the strip on his hands back in the day... but i dunno if he really did...

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I live in Singapore. State, city, island, country all rolled into one.

I live in a condominium (we are big believers of high rise buildings) and am on the seventeenth floor. We have a lovely view of the reservoir and if you stare hard enough, you see monkeys running around.

It is a fairly quiet neighbourhood and I like it that way. However, it can be a little too deserted at night. Fairly convenient place as we have buses going to every part of Singapore right at our doorstep and we are fairly near a couple of petrol stations and suburban shopping areas.

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i live in a fun town on Long Island in NY.

it has a cool village where there fun lil shops. sorta like a mini NYC.

we also have a fun cinema arts center, which plays indie/foreign films.

umm....i like the people here. there's high diversity of race/religion/economic situations. it makes it better. i used to live in a an area that was highly concentrated of one relgion/race and it was just...blah. no fun differences. everyone was and wanted to be the same.

we had a LIGALA (long island gay and lesbian assoc) march a few weeks ago through our town...i wish i was able to go and march or watch! next year tho, cos a group of friend and i started a GLBTS alliance.

my street is very treeish. i get no sun in my are 5 bedrooms...4baths...but its a mother/daughter so it's split up between the houses...thus, two kitchens..etc...but my nana who isn't doing so well and my kickass uncle live on one side and my mom, stepdad, and lil brother live on the other. i like it. family is good.

my bedroom is seagreen with damask pink trim...very ethereal and relaxing. i love my room. i painted it myself...

hmm....our marching band/wind symphony at school rocks! i'm a percussionist. this upcoming band season for fall (yes were starting practice now, at the end of the school year) is Stravinsky's Firebird. OH SO AMAZING!

wind symphony's last concert...we did Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin), Pines of Rome (Resphigi), Black Horse Troop (Sousa), and Tocatta Marziale (Williams)

greaaat stuff.



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I live in a leafy suburb of a big, busy but very friendly and exciting city. However, my leafy suburb is part of a not so leafy suburb called Oldham. You may have heard about Oldham in the last few weeks-it's been the scene of some of the worst racial tension and rioting in the last twenty years. It aint safe, whatever the politicians say. It really upsets me, especially since 14% of residents seemed to think that voting for the British National Party (a facist party which included in its manifesto the banning of the construction of mosques and an immediate stop to all immigration, as well as using the riots as its main propaganda) in the recent election would be a solution to the problems.
But Oldham can be a nice place. Occasionally. It's very 'working class', an old mill town, and it is friendly when they are not trying to kill you. And the village (part of the town of Oldham, part of the city of Manchester) where i live is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in England. It takes my breath away when I look out of my window, and I think thats a good thing. From the front of my house I can see the whole of Oldham, Manchester and on a (rare) clear day, Liverpool and a bit of Wales as well, all surrounded by a lovely grassy 'frame' of hills and fields (which do still have cows in, despite what you may think about every animal in Britain being burnt or something). And from the back i can see the pennine mountains, and the little villages in them.
Yeah, I love where i live, despite its problems. The villages are in a breahtakingly beautiful area, and the city is the most lively, exciting, but friendly, one I have been to. And most importantly, where I live is my home. The way i talk, the language I use and even some of the music I listen to all come from my roots in Manchester. And I like it that way.

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I live in Linda-a-Velha, which is in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal's capital city.

This used to be like a housing neighbourhood for the people working in Lisbon, but it's grown over the years, and now it's almost like a small city. There are people coming in to work and people going out to work, so there's always a lot of traffic on the main avenues, esp in the morning and in the evening.

There's about everything here: lots of Banks, supermarkets, some shops, some restaurants (although they're not really anything special), coffee shops, Primary School and High School (we just don't have Middle School, people usually go to the schools in the 2 towns just next to Linda-a-Velh, which are called Algés and Miraflores), etc etc.

In the last few years there has been a lot of construction, and we have fairly big buildings hosting enterprises and other services.

There are buses connecting Linda-a-Velha to Lisbon downtown (journey takes about 15/20 mins), and buses connecting to Algés, which is next to Linda-a-Velha and there there is a wider variety of public transports (train, tram, and more buses) linking to other parts of Lisbon and other suburbs.

The bus ride to Algés is just 7 mins long, and from there we can go to the beach (among other places) by train, that taking about 20/30 mins.

There's no need to leave Linda-a-Velha for the basic things, but if we want to go to the mall, theatre, or something like that, we'd have to go to Lisbon, although there is a small theatre and 2 small shopping centres here.

There is a "mini" neighbourhood in Linda-a-Velha that houses african-originated people, who live in very poor housing (if you can call those things houses) and living conditions. They used to sell drugs there, and police were often around that are. Now I think they still sell drugs but the situation is not as bad as it was about 10 years back, as the council is trying to slowly providing homes to those people so the neighbourhood is getting smaller and less powerful. That's just next to my old High School, and in the 80's they would even sell drugs next to the school gate

There is a part of the town that has houses, but most of Linda-a-Velha has apartment buildings.

It's nice living here, there are a few small gardens and parks around, and the environment is good. I do most of my daily living around Lisbon though, going to University etc.

So, I hope you got a nice people of here

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I'm in Dublin, which is a Suburb of Columbus, OH (I live very close to our own advocate Mary!)

Cols, Ohio is smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt , and white-bread midwestern values, which is a little tough sometimes. It is quite conservative, but Columbus actually has a huge GLBT population - one of the largest in the whole USA. We have great restaurants, some wonderful little indie theatres - all sorts of neat stuff. cols is actually a pretty happenin' town now, compared to 10 years ago.

I was very fortunate growing up - I went to private school, and grew up within a group of people who were definitely well-off economically. It was quite an eye opener when I went off to college.

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I live in New York City, a.k.a. Center Of The Universe. . I live in Brooklyn Heights which is a rich white yuppy haven. Ick, ick, ick. It's pretty with lots of trees on the sidewalks and nice architecture. We live on theh 6th floor and have a lovely view of the East River and the Manhattan skyline. There is one main street in my neighborhood, Montague St. It has lots of really expensive restaurants, Starbucks, Gap, Banana Republic, Cosi (for non-New Yorkers, that's a place where you can buy a sandwhich for $9), and a number of other yucky chain stores. The one cool place in my neighborhood is this used bookstore which is completely out of place. It's called Heights Books. It's independent and cute, with lots and lots of cheap books. The salespeople are really friendly and clearly don't live in this neighborhood. I spend a lot of time there. Oh yeah, and EVERYONE in my neighborhood has a dog. It's crazy. I love dogs, but I think there are more dogs than people here. I know most of the other teens in the neighborhood. They all go to one of two yuppy private schools in the neighborhood, St. Ann's, or Packer. I used to go to St. Ann's, thankfully, I got out of that hellhole a few years ago. There are always kids from those schools swarming Montague St. They're really mean, so I avoid going out when I know they'll be around, so that I won't have to run into them. Yup, that's Brooklyn Heights, in a nutshell.

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I live in Las Vegas in a quiet neighborhood. In recent years we've gotten more young couples with children (be careful while driving!) but we have a lot of older people too. I'm about two miles away from The Strip, which means we get a great view of all the fireworks from all the casinos that they have for every occasion. There's a park across the street that holds many memories for me and through that park I found my love for synchronized swimming, swim team, and lifeguards. When you walk down the street you can smell bread baking from this yummy bakery (a big one). We have a Wal Mart, Micheals (craft store), Office Depot just around the corner. And about every national fast food chain along with two mexican restaurants. So everything is near by. Actually...I'm near everything. The university (UNLV) is only a mile and a half away, and the GBLT center isn't much farther, along with the biggest mall in Nevada, and my high school (the better to walk to early morning practices, my dear). I'm pretty happy with where I live

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i live in a suburb of houston texas named cypress. there are two black families on my block, everyone else is white and EVERYONE is christian. there is a lady who works on a phonesex line two houses down from me. there are lots of kids around here most are 8-12, but there are about five of us who go to highschool. we dont have really anything that close to us. it is a fifteen minute drive to the mall and chaincoffe shop/cd store/ toy store area which i dont care for at all. sometimes i go downtown to shop at old book stores or thrift shops and things like that. my school is mostly white christians who are homophobic masogenists. i have had death threats for voicing my opinion against prayer in school in the school newspaper. anyone who isn't a jock/jesus freak is a pothead or a raver. as a punk/atheist/socialist i am treated like i have the plague by mosts adults. i receive harrassment from the school faculty about my hair(of all things my HAIR!). we do get the international festival every year and tons of good concerts in the city. the weather is hot and sticky or cold and rainy. stay away from here.
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I live in Los Angeles, home of the brush fire!

Seriously though, if you can stomach some of the garbage that goes on out here, it is a great place to be. I grew up in a town of 100,000 people and now live in that city's next door neighbor, a city where 230,000 of my closest friends reside. It's fairly crowded out here, and the lack of public transportation means that our freeways are jammed 21 hours a day. So as long as your commute is done at 3am, you're okay.

Crime varies by neighborhood, but I have seen a dramatic change in it over the past ten years. Despite what the media may say, I saw a lot more violence when I was in junior high (1990-1993) and early high school (1993 to about 1995) than I did towards the end of my high school career in 1997. I think zero tolerance policies (as ludicrous as I think they are) and economic improvement were the reason things got better. I saw fights, stabbings, and even several guns at my junior high and at my high school when I first got there. But over time it got a lot better, and my senior year I did not see a single weapon on campus, and only saw a handful of fistfights.

I feel safe at all hours in my town. There are neighborhoods that aren't wonderful, but I don't fear for my safety anymore since crime has dropped so much lately. There are bars to go to, (although I don't drink much so I must admit I haven't been to any of them) and a grand total of 56 movie theatres within five miles of my apartment. (Can you say "overkill"?)

Some of the things I do not like are the attitudes of some people out here. Living in the shadow of Hollywood means there are a lot of people with the "star" attitude. A lot of people are waiting to be "discovered" and want to be the "next big thing," so you run into people who are fake all the time. As if their entire life is one big acting job. I haven't witnessed people like that in other major American cities, and witnessed FAR less of that nonsense in Europe when I was there. So if I could change anything about this town, it would be to cure people of their self-important, self-aggrandizing, and patronizing air.

Other than that, I like it. Where else can you wake up at the beach, drive to the snow in 2 hours, climb rocks in the desert that afternoon, and spend the evening at a winery? If you get bored out here, there is definitely something wrong with you.

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I live in student housing on my university campus, which is located North of the centre of Sydney, and about 15 mins away from Homebush (Olympic site). I'm located at the joining point of three or four different suburbs. There's a large shopping centre on the other side of the university, which is convenient for me since I need to work at one of the stores there. However, I'm not much into shopping.

The area is nice enough, but there are a lot of rich people nearby, which is bad because they vote for the opposite political party to me. I'm currently registerd to vote in the seat of Bennelong, and most Australians will probably know what that means.

I'm lucky because the housing that I'm in is new- I'm among the first lot of residents. In a few years, this place will probably be full of beer stains and flaking paint, but at the moment it's good. And I have my own bedroom and my own bathroom, which gives me all the privacy that I need.

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i live in berkeley. i am surrounded by hippies. lots of them. i am also surrounded by a lot of brilliant minds (some of which are hippies). living here has really distorted my view of the rest of the world. when i am suddenly confronted with "the rest of the world" i experience a sort of culture shock. after feeling a strange sort of resentment and political alienation, i've forgotten there are still people out there who agree with me, and that's i'm not the fascist they make me out to be.

but y'know what? i like it. it's urban, and not.

but i wish rent didn't suck so badly. my landlord's finally getting sent to prison. he was busted for illegally importing women from india and using them as slaves. eight years. he only got eight years for what he did (one of his concubines, a 17-year-old girl died of CO poisoning in one of his slum units). amazing how rich ppl can get away so easily.


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I live in a rural area on the west side of winnipeg. It's on a u shaped street. The kinda place where everyone is pretty friendly, close to all the schools, grocery and pharmacy at the end of the street. It's right next to portage avenue, which is pretty much the busiest street.

it's really nice, it's an older area with lotsa trees, i've lived here pretty much all my life, and it's where i wanna be when i'm older too. It's really nice, and it's what i'll always consider my home.

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Toronto, one of the world's cosmopolitain cities and built in a forest! Well that's what it looks like from a helicopter, buildings rising out of the greenery.

I live in an area in the west end that, until 1997, was the city of Etobicoke in an apartment on the 4th floor of a 7-story building. Toronto is a reasonably safe city, In calandar year 2000, there were 59 murders in a city with a population of 2.5 million.

We have two seasons, winter and road reconstruction.

We have a good hockey team (Maple Leafs), basketball team (Raptors), a fair baseball team (Blue Jays), and a football team (Argonauts) that should be better but probably won't be.

And Lin, you can get Chwee Kueh in Toronto. But I prefer the Hungarian restaurants in the Bloor - Spadina area.

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Chandler's the place to be. We're officially a city now, which is rather depressing. Being one of the fastest growing cities in the nation isn't on my list of things to do, but that's a result of being known for high-tech industry, I suppose. (Luckily I think we moved down on that list as of late. Yes!)

I love it. It's usually insanely liberal, has nationally recognized schools, scads of libraries, all the good restaurants I could ever want, and lots of friendly people. Lots of Mexican food too, and much of it in family-run restaurants. Woohoo!

Also nice is the fact that The Big City (that pit of despair, smog, prostitutes, and an international airport) is only a freeway away if I have reason to go there. I really hate Phoenix, for the most part. I'm more content to hang around the east part of the valley -- Mesa, Tempe, Chandler. Gilbert's a giant speed trap, but they have one darn good BBQ joint.

As for my neighborhood, it's great except for a few losers who live down the street. Hopefully they're moving soon, though.

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Well, first I suppose I have to describe the town (well, borough; Bloomsburg is the only town in Pennsylvania) I live in, and then where I live, as the two are quite different.

Righto, here we go. Danville is a small borough of about 7,000 residents. It's got the biggest economic spread I've ever seen in such a small place; half of the people work at Geisinger, the mega-hospital, and pull in $375,000 a year, some work at Merck, the chemical factory, and pull in about as much, and the rest work at Mickey D's or Weis's or Wal Mart. We're actually in the Guiness book of World Records for being the smallest town with the most doctors! Hehe.

Danville basically has one street crossed by a few more, on which there are mostly family-owned toy stores, bike shops, card-trading places, etc. The only remotely modern things we have are one nail salon and one computer store. We have no movies (there's a 16-theatre cinema in Bloomsberg), a few Chinese take-outs (which I can't go to since it's all meat and it all makes me sick (literally)), and we used to have an incredible Italian restaurant called Mille Grazie, which closed down. I've never forgiven it.

Now, I live about 15-20 minutes away from that bursting metropolis , in a township. Still, I'm considered from Danville, cause it's the only post office around. I live in a really gorgeous place; my house is up on a hill overlooking a pond, we're surrounded by acres and acres of farmland and forest, and...there is one person under 30 in a five-mile radius. That's about the only downside to living out here, there're not very many people around. It's actually getting a bit too populated around here, if you ask me; too many people are building homes and chopping down trees and making roads. Am I a hypocrite or what?

Although it takes me a quarter of an hour to get anywhere close to civilization, I wouldn't move even if I had the opportunity to do so. I like being out in nature. I was in NYC a few weeks ago, and it was dead. Even with all those people there, it was dead. I only saw two trees in that whole huge center of culture, and I just kept thinking about how the whole city was once filled with squirrels and birds and shady trees...I was glad to be home. So yeah, I like it here. I want to go to uni somewhere a bit larger, but I like the small-town feel.


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I live in Chicago, IL, in the USA.

I do really like my city, mostly because I've lived here the majority of my life and really feels like home, despite whatever bad memories may have been made here.

My neighborhood is within the city itself, and has to be the most boring area of the city. The major streets near my house are nothing but car dealerships, live poultry shops (I saw a chicken running down a busy sidewalk once), gas stations, and crappy restraunts. Luckily, the street I live on is a quiet sidestreet, lined with lots of trees and tiny bungalows. I live in a bungalow. Its old, and haunted by the guy who lived here last, 'cuz he committed suicide. But thats a loooong story.

Luckily, I can just hop on a bus and then the L train (Chicago's eLevated train system) to go to areas where there are actually things to do. My favorite area is...argh, this is hard to explain, because the neighborhood doesn't have a name. I just call it "Belmont & Clark", because those are two major intersecting streets in the area, but it goes way beyond there. There are a lot of niche shops, for "alternative" clothing, shoes, etc, as well as record stores and really hilarious sex shops and every-imaginable-knick-knack shops. Its also got some nice restraunts, a lot of places to hang out, and some really cool people.

If you go downtown, we have a lot of great museums, my favorite of which is the Art Institute, which has beautiful art from Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso...all the greats, and much more. I also like the Museum of Contemporary Art.

And to fill out the trash-tv market, we film both Jerry Springer and Oprah here, so that's always fun. And starting this July, season 11 of the Real World moves into a loft in Bucktown, which is a semi-hip little neighborhood with lots of restraunts and shops. My best friend and I plan to ring the doorbell at least once a week and run away before anyone sees us. Hehehe...

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hey yall! good topic yall! with this u get to see all sort of ppl from different places...
well i live in a city--a rather average sized city with the 2nd largest outlet mall in the world (fun fun!) and my neighborhood looks very brady bunch like if nobody was outside and if u just strolled through the neighborhood in a car and saw that everybodys grass is nice and green and cut...(except for mine at the moment dad is outta town so he cant cut it and u will never catch me pushin a lawn mower...sorry) and the average number of bedrooms per house is 5 -they are rather big houses (its a new neighborhood...) ...but then ud think cookie cutter wifes and baseball playing children that eat at 6-30 every night which is totaly different...(i thought that when i moved here...) then i saw the kids/teens come outside and saw every shade of the rainbow...u had kids wearing RP 55 , iceberg, parasuco,roca wear with baggy jeans- timbs-5 necklaces shining away....and then u had kids wearing abercrombie, ae, and union bay and wearing pants that fit- burkenstalks and button down t's.....i love my neighborhood cuz the diversity of it. there are soo many different people i love them all and wouldnt trade my neighborhood for the world...its so much like home

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i ive in dayton ohio. it sucks!!!! i hate it i cant stay the people here or the community. i cant wait to move.
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I live in the western part of Winnipeg, in Manitoba, Canada. I'd hafta say it's an urban area though, cause it's not like our neighbors are miles away. Winnipeg's a pretty big city. All the school's I've gone to are within walking distance of my house, and there's lots to do. There's malls, movies, concerts and lots of other stuff going on most of the time. I've lived here all my life, and I live a street over from Celtic Daisy. Good fun. The weather's usually nice, and it's fairly warm right now. Apparently we're the crime capital of Canada, but it's not too bad. I like where I live, and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Plus, there's lots of parks around, where ppl just go and hang out.

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Where do I live? Well... I live in the boring suburbs of Maryland. I live in Columbia, which is in Howard County, which is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. (Yeah, yeah... I'm proud of that one.)

Columbia is very boring. Some of you may think against that, but that's what I think. There's nothing interesting to do. I've got malls, movie theatres, bowling allies, putt-putt places, and lots of chain everything. That may sound like lots of fun, but it's not to me. Well, except for putt-putt.

I'm not one for chain anything, so... It's dull here. I don't really enjoy Red Lobster or Don Pablos. Fake seafood and fake Mexican food. It's awful. There are a couple mom & pop places around here.

I don't particularly like living in the suburbs. Rows and rows of houses, friendly neighbors, trees, parks, trees, trees, trees, white picket fences, trees... I mean, talk about the Cleaver's.

I can't really say that there's a lot of diverse people in my town either. It's mostly full of people who commute to Fort Meade, B'more, or DC. They're mostly white, Christian or Jewish, rich families. It's sad.

I would much rather live in B'more, Annapolis, or DC. I would LOVE to live in the city! B'more has so much to do!

If someone asked what I thought Columbia's pros are, I would have to say... I live half a block from a pool, the crime is VERY low, the streets are clean, the school systems are top quality, and we've all got plenty of cash. So, I do feel safe here. And as my moother says "Most people would die to live here." I have to give her that. It's an ok place if you like dull.

It's ok, really. I'd just rather live in a place that's more diverse and happening. It's great for the average teen. There's malls, movies, etc.

Oh, the most redeeming quality is that it's not TOO far from B'more! Like, if you had a car and were allowed to drive 30 minutes into the city, then it's not a bad place at all. Well, except for gas prices. Sheesh... But that's a different story.

It's also not too far from the Shore. I love the Shore! I am very happy to live close to the Eastern Shore. You could get to Sandy Point in 40 minutes at 3 AM, maybe... But it's mostly an hour away.

Ok, so I have concluded that my town is dull and boring, but it's easily accessable to better places.

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Aiii.. Wichita, KS is darned evil. The schools are, at least. My middle school sucked, it's the entire reason I went homeschool for a while. *snif* If only Hadley would be.. I dunno, destroyed someway, somehow.. for the good of all students that might have to go there in the future. Yeah.

Dealing with moving is evil, too. I'm in the process of moving from the house I've been in all my life to a li'l apartment somewhere around the east side of Wichita. Then in six months I'm moving a few miles east of there to a currently in constuction house at the edge of Andover, which is a small town just east of Wichita.

But currently I live in a pretty nice middle class neighborhood, up as far north as you can go without going to Valley Center schools (that's a place just north of Wichita) in a little house with cedar siding on a little stormwater retention pond.

*sigh* Sometime around three and a half to four years from now, I'm planning on moving far away from Wichita.. hee hee.


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Love goes away, like night into day.. it's just a fading dream.."
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i live in a tiny town in rural Victoria in australia.
its pretty shitty. when i get a job and all that stuff i am moving away or i should run one would notice
its away from all the city and things. i don't really spend much time at my house, but just around the town and whereever i want.
i had to go to sydney the city for a few years and that was hell. it was busy and i hated it and no one excepted me for what i was and **** like that. but that is where i live. and in one word i would describe it as hell[howcheery]

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