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Author Topic: Don't Leave Home Without 'Em!
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LOL, Rizzo, that's classic!

Today at school I was telling my friend about what happened with the wris****ch thing, and he didn't know of the word (twa* that is... Not wris+watch). So I asked a few more people (yes, I can be very blunt at times :eek , and most of them had never heard of it before. What is this world coming to? LOL, just kidding.

Anyway, today in my bag I added the ever-so-popular wallet. I usually forget it at home, but today I remembered and put it in my bag... Shall be a necessity from now on

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

"Well, I use fertilizer and a new product I got at The Home Depot."

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Let's see...never leave home without
*purse which contains money, 2 checkbooks, pen, paper, driver's license, phone cards, lotion, keys, chapstick, brush, and probably some other stuff
*I usually have my CDs and sometimes a book to read
That's about it. It doesn't take much for me to get through a day.

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Hehe... I'm amused as well.

Great topic, too. I don't leave home without ...

- my dingy old sandles (maybe 7 years old)
- my belt, on which hangs
-- keys (room, psych lab, bike, computer lock)
-- sundial
-- digital watch
-- pouch w/ harmonica
-- pouch w/ loop of string

- my blue Pacific gear backpack ($5, now 6 years old) containing
-- cards/money/quarters
-- travel tooth brush & toothpaste (you just never know)
-- pen
-- Sarasota county bus maps
-- beeswax lipgloss
-- simple first aid kit
-- simple bike repair kit
-- digital camera (usually)
-- reading book, writing materials (as needed)

I don't usually go overnight without my powerbook G3. It's taken a lot of abuse--I'd love to see what the new ibooks that are actually designed to be backpackable are like.

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Erin: oooh, a Palm. oooh. I want one, too. *pout*

And Eclipse, over here, you get decent backpacks with padded laptop compartments from several outdoor companies, such as Jack Wolfskin and Eagle Creek. I bet your lil puter would love you for one.

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Sorrow of wind bird sky
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Food, water, air (necessity :P)
I need my computer (too bad it is not handy), my video games, money (:P), comic books, and my DVDs... I guess that is all... Maybe bring a piece of memory too (sounds so abstract :> )

Dreams of humans...
Will never Surcease!!!
(from Black Beard in One Piece :P )

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Carmex...gotta have soft lips

Money, if i have any

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Purse (train pass, keycard, student ID, spare change)
Tampons (if I don't need em someone else will!)
Mobile phone
A pen
Spare hair band.

Follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the MaDdNeSs...

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Hmm I can't leave the house without:

-Money (if I have any)
-Lipgloss (for when I get bored)
-My house key
and a camera! I love getting pictures developed and having a good laugh!

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This is a fun thread.

I try not to leave my house without a purse containing:

- My Visa debit card
- The card from the flowers my boyfriend gave me on our first date
- My college ID
- My Blockbuster, Giant, Waldenbooks, etc. cards
- Chapstick (currently from The Body Shop)
- Pink or peachy lipstick
- My cell phone
- My CoverGirl compact
- Blush and a blush applicator
- Clinique mascara
- A hair tie, or at least some bobby pins
- A pen and some scrap paper
- My most recent Vicky's paystub...because you never know when I might want to go shopping with my super awesome discount!

That looks like so much now that I've written it down...but it all fits quite nicely in a smallish bag...I swear .

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You'll never ever catch me anywhere without money, chapstick/lip gloss, my watch, green tourmaline ring, and a hair tie. I also carry around a water bottle and other such things depending on where i'm going. I'd say i'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to schlepping stuff around.

"Neither a lofty imagination, nor intelligence is the source of genius. Love, love, that is the source of genius." ~W.A. Mozart

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*tips out entire contents of bag*
- Wallet with ID, Medicare card, bus pass, etc, student ID's in it.
- Organiser.
- Mobile Phone.
- LaTrobe Uni diary.
- Melbourne Uni diary.
- Security pass to my building.
- Keys.
- CD Walkman.
- Three or four CD's.
- Current text that I'm reading.
- Spare batteries.

Absolutely cannot go anywhere with at least this stuff.On days when I'm going from uni to work, to dance, I have three or four pairs of dance shoes, stockings for work, tights, leotards, and so on. It's ridiculous. I'm a real pack animal.

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I can't leave my home, without my make up kit, money and cell phone.
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There were a few of you who took out big bags with little content, but I tend to take a small bag with too much content just stuffed in there.

- Wallet (money, student ID, Starbucks card, airplane mileage cards, etc.)
- Keys (house, locker, saxophone case)
- Flavored chapstick (something fruity)
- Cell phone
- Reading material (novel, mags...)
- Discman
- Monthly Friend Emergency Kit

Poor things...they suffocate in there.

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OMGGGGGGGGG!!! I feel so silly! Just now got the wris****ch thing only after reading Mary's post on the second page. LOL. Silly me Anywayz, here is what I always take with me.

~my purse
~my checkbook
~my debit card (I'd get in trouble with the credit cards)
~cell phone
~lip pencil/gloss
~some type of paper
~college ID
I think that's all. I wish that I could put money on the list, but I am your typical flat-broke-always-calling-home-to-beg-for-money-even-when-I-know-that-the-answer-will-be-no college student Thank God for my meal plan because there is barely ever any food in my refrigerator. LOL. But my mom's boyfriend was nice enough to give me $20 when I was home this weekend so I buy some Capri Suns. YAY!

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Whenever I leave the house, I usually have my adorable red purse with me. I pride myself in this purse because it's really very ugly but I love it just the same.

In the purse I have my cell phone because my car is what the French would like to call a P.O.S. ( I'll let you figure that one out ) and I'm afraid it's going to break down. I have basic make-up stuff, my powder and lip-gloss. O! I always carry a compact tooth brush and toothe paste with me! It comes in handy in the oddest times! I also carry at least one feminine product for just in case, and a condom for the same reason.

In my car, I have all the basic stuff they tell you to put in there, but you think, why on earth? I have a blanket, a shovel, a gallon of water, power bars, and a charger for my cell phone that plugs into the phone.

There's also other stuff that I have with me, it seems like I have a cloud of dust that just follows me wherever!

"The drama queen is 17 and sleeping with the boys for free - she's got a reputation of being easy.."

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I just started admitting to myself that i carry a purse. heh. so here's what's in it:

- 2 diapers (no! not for me...)
- a baggie with baby wipes
- lip gloss
- change purse
- a couple of hotwheels
- my Discman, no extra CD's.
- gum or mints
- keys

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Mine's a solid, plain black purse with long strap, because I won't use any purse that won't go across my shoulder, because I hate having to carry one. Anyway . . .

- Driver's license (G1, so it's basically just ID), health card, birth certificate, passport, my boy's Blue Cross card, as a second person to contact for emergencies. A QuickChange card (to be used instead of quarters in pay phones, and this one's ancient), a photograph, a bank card.

- Lipgloss, lipstick, teeny thing of lotion, cherry-flavoured mints, hand sanitizer, contact lens solutionmint oil (for headaches), cocoa butter, nail clippers, hair ties.

- Mini Disc player, mini discs (Morrissey, Danko Jones, Screaming Lord Sutch), batteries, a disposable camera (must take that out), tape measure.

- Bus tickets, probably some old bus transfers, a BART card (like that does me much good!)

- A pen, little notebook, sunglasses, keys, whatever money I have, and a couple tiny carabiner clips, sometimes a novel, too.

And I think that's all. And why do I carry all this crap? Because it's useful, and means I'm able to deal with a lot of situations I might not be able to otherwise.

Milke, with an L, SSBD, RATS, TMNTP, MF, CWCD, DNFTF

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