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Author Topic: Dear Person:
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Dear GD,
Dude, you're being kinda dense here. You're pinning too many hopes on a person who can't even take care of her own needs, and I think this is going to end up failing as badly as any of the rest of your relationships. Please, start trying to fix your own problems by and for yourself, and I'll be here when you come round again.

Dear R,
I really dig the music you've been sending me, and appreciate that you've always managed to be sensible and have a sense of humour. I'm really glad you're around.
With much love and Pocky, M.

How goes the new situation? I miss talking to you!

Shape up or we're getting a union involved. I really mean it.

Why can't you have your cake and eat it too?
Why believe in things that make it tough on you?
Why scream and cry when you know it's through?
Why fall in love when there's better things to do?

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Dear Daddy,
Don't blame yourself for what's going on between you and Mommy. It's not your fauly, the divorce would have come sooner or later. You have a brand new life ahead of you (that doesn't mean it has to be a bad thing!) and we're going to have a great time in it.

Remember what that book said: 'Our God is one of Birth And Ressurection.' He may have split you and Mommy apart, but with the next woman you're destined to be with, it will be an even better marriage. Everything happens for a reason. I love you.

Dear Jennifer,
Why are you so annoying? Why must you always rub in my face that you saw Jeremy? I liked him before you did. I don't care if you saw him in his speedo swimming with all of the other baseball players. I don't care if he looked at you.

Everything I do, you do. Why does it have to be that way? Why are you always competing with me? Please, quit. It got old about 2 years ago.

[This message has been edited by Daydreamer24 (edited 06-10-2002).]

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dear matt,
I know you will never see this useless i give you this link but here it goes. theres so much to say, i've felt like writing you letters tons of times but my handwritting sucks and sheena said it was immature, but ive written you emails and you never reply. i've never have liked anyone as much as i like you. its just weird (no im not going to go onto my weird stage). i remeber in the 7th grade your mom gave us a quiz about her. one of the questions were what are her kids names. i remeber i could only rember your name (i didnt even know you) and not your sister's. i just think thats odd because ive convinced myself and many other people that im going to marry you. i hope that we do move up to washington so we can be closer and possiably hang out, just as friends. well its late so i better go.


i love matt
my world

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Just A Note To My Babe,
Cameron I love you more than I thought I could ever love someone. You came into my life at a time when i needed you most, and i loved you from the start. You will be my first, my first for everything, and my everything. Everyday I wish you were here in CA with me instead of Tx, but i know that you'll be with me soon. I hope everything went good with your second surgery babe, i only wish i could have been there for you. You're in my heart and mind everyday, even when im mad at you! I Love You :> ~~Dont forget you owe me dinner at Red Lobster and that chocolate dessert *wink*wink* when you get home!! **muaaahhh**


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I'm not sure why mom ever took you back after you cheated on her. You're nothing but i lying cheating bastard and i hate how you lecture me about every little thing. Just because mom forgave you doesnt mean i have or ever will.

Can you believe we've made it 8 months? 8 months seems like a long time to me. It was this time last year that i IMed you after not talking to you for two years. I'm sorry that i can't get my '81 Chevy Malibu out of the junk yard for you...i know it would make a good anniversary present. I'm sorry for thinking you were joking when you said you wanted it. Most of all i apologize not being able to tell you how much i love you. I'm going to miss you when i go out west next month.
Loving you always, Catherine
p.s. im glad your sis got in trouble for walking in on us...

"Distance and time do not make the heart grow fonder, but only serve to show he who is missing how deep and vigilent his love lies." ~~My boyfriend :)

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i love you very much and i hope we stay together for all time. you rock.


Prosperity that
the golden Muses
gave me was no
delusion: dead, I
won't be forgotten

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Dear J.,

I hate the way you give me your 'special' looks. I hate the way you degrade every person that walks by you. I hate what you did to me, and I hate the way you loved me. You said that I was the best girlfriend you'd ever had because I wasn't sensetive..only because with you no one can be. If they are, they would end up killing themselves because of what you say and do to them. You're the biggest ass I have ever met. I have no idea why I went out with you or even fell in love with you. I regret it all. To the last second. I hate how we can't get along, I hate how you acted like you cared. I hate YOU! But then again... I miss you. I miss the love you showed, the off the wall things you said. I miss the way you gave me those 'special' looks. I got that look last night at the game. And all the memories came back..of baseball of everything. I MISS YOU! I don't want to but I do. Just like I don't want to love you but I do. Why do you make it so hard. I hate the way you make it so hard to love you. If you could just grow up..then someone would actually love you. And maybe, hopefully someday that person will be me. Although I don't know if I want that. And because of you, I can't get close to anyone.. and I can't love anyone. Until my heart heals from what you've done. Just wanted you to do..that you've made my life living hell.

Best Wishes,

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Dear Kathryn

i still don't know why you started avoiding me. even though we stopped "being friends" over a year ago, i just want you to know that i'm not mad at you. i just don't have the energy, patience, or will to let people drag me around anymore. we are both different people now. you were a great friend to me at one point in our lives, and i will never forget the good times we had. i hope that life is treating you well and you are getting what you want out of it. i forgive you for abandoning me for no apparent reason. take care of yourself and have a great life.


Dear Josh,
you are a very special person to me. i wish i could figure you out though. for that matter, i wish YOU could figure you out. what is it that you are constantly running from? i hope you figure it out one day. you are talented and amazing; please don't let all that go to waste. i will always be here for you, even when you act like a jerk.


Dearest Mike,
i love you with all my heart. i know i tell you this often and i hope you believe it. i know you love me too. thank you for being so beautiful and talented and smart and amazing. you are my best friend ever. i am so happy that everything has worked out in the way it has. just goes to show that god has a plan and no matter how you fight it and try to do it your own way, he is going to go ahead and proceed according to what HE wants for you. anyway, i hope you are having a wonderful vacation. i miss you and can't wait to see you next week. i love you!


*i feel much better now!*

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Dear J,
Hope you're having fun kayaking. I must say i'm worried about you. I hope you weren't out on the water when it hailed yesterday...that would be bad. I miss you.
Thinking of you,

Bacon bits and jalapenos on my Polish hot dog.
Half a pound of potato chips and a beef jerky log.
I press my face to the window, a wrapper sticks to my shirt.
Eight people in a stinky van, a couple more couldn't hurt.

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Dear friends,
Its over..another year of high school gone. I've been going to school with most of you since 5th grade...thats 5 yrs *tears* You all know how crazy emotional i get, it sucks but its part of me:>
Becky, you are so good for me, thx for all the good times. Your sweet 16, yet another nsync concert! vegas baby!our wonderful long talks, and for being here thru me finding myself.I love you! *muahh* Have fun at camp...hehe're my best friend yet you annoy me, hmm i wonder...thanx for all the kick butt times during colorguard (congrats Miss CO-Captain)the yard house, your house, and our trips! cant wait till i get my car this summer! here we come baby! Im guna miss you while im away in Delaware, dont do anything i would. Love you babe*muahhhh* <back it back it...up against the walls>
Sean...your such a pimp!Why did i ever think you're a hottie? oh well, thanks for being a nice comfy shoulder, a sweet heart to talk to. Thx for the late nite phone calls, and call me this summer so we can *get together*
Miss ya:< this summer.
Greg and Adam thanks for being there and just being you, when you were hurting too. Im glad you slapped me out of it, i needed it! Sorry and i love you mucho!
And of course everyone else...bre bre, nikki<mommy>, slivia&chris,elsa, my babe david(yes i will marry you),andrew, martha(you lost it before me!i hate you), ericka(you'll get a man), lisa you whore i hope everything works out,brenda,sarah, the other perfect one... you know who you are, devon(why did we stop talking?i miss our calls everynite)and to everyone else sorry but i still love you! know how much i love you, call me huh?
Im leaving in two days grrrr im going to cry. i know its not forever but still, ill miss all of you;> Have a kick-butt summer and call me!
Love Always&Forever **Kiffen**The perfect one**


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Dear Everyone At School:
I don't blame you because to do so would be saying it's all your fault. I don't know whose fault it is. Somewhere down the line someone's at fault, but it's not you guys. Because you walked into third grade and were told you had better tell the geeky kid he's a "fag" and you better make all sorts of mean comments to the girl with short hair and ask her when she laid her best friend last. And you didn't know any better, so you did. And the kid who told you to do it was told by someone, and that someone way back was told by someone, too. And this big old line of hate just kept growing, this hatred and fear of anything, your wanting to hang on to anything that will convince everyone you're completely and unbendingly straight, because it was encouraged. So I don't blame you, because it's all you ever knew.

But I want you to stop. For the love of gods, just give it a rest for one day. Do you remember when you put that sign on that girl's lunch table that said "DYKE" on it? Do you remember how much she cried and how she could barely talk all day and how she came over to my friend and told him she'd never call him gay again because she'd been called it and it hurt so much? Do you remember how popular that girl is? Do you know that you could be her tomorrow, so the only way to stop it from happening to you, or your best friend, or your little sister, or your boyfriend, is to stop doing it yourself and tell everyone to stop it as well?

I don't want eternity. But Arashii is mine.

"I never said I was a boy." - Tenoh Haruka, episode 92, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

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Dear C.,
I know that when you get new friends, that you always want to hang out with them for a little while. But I'm starting to feel abandoned. I thought we were best friends? You said we had a special trust, remember. I realize that you're really into that one guy. And I really hope you guys get together. But I wish you'd call me more too. I try to call you all the time, and while I realize that you have a job too, you have two days off a week. I just really miss you. You're my best friend. And I've heard from you once since school let out the end of May. I hope you call soon. I really want to talk to you. I want us to be as close as we were.
Love always,

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Dear J.,
I don't mean to act like your older sister; really, I don't. It aggrevates me how you express yourself so much to M. and not me. I want to help you with your problem, but I g uess all I can do it stand back right now.
It's hard for me to give you advice on what you should do about your crush considering I like you a lot. I hope we can always be friends.
Love ya! D.

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A long overdue note to a *friend* of mine (sarcasm intended)
Dear Cheryl,
You and your sidekicks made my life hell 3 years ago. I just want you to know that I'm stronger now, and I will NEVER let anybody bully me like that again. I hope one day you'll be less narrow-minded, racist and ignorant, along with the rest of W------ H--- School.

*A very angry Badger*

***My rant is now over***

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Hey T--
I just wanted to say that I love you more than words can describe. This isn't that whole infatuation stuff, either. This is true feelings, deep down. You mean so much to me, and even though I don't show it, it hurts that you don't want to call me your girlfriend. I see that as a worthy title, something that you give to someone, not a silly little high school thing. I know your reasons behind it, and I understand. But that still doesn't change how I feel.

I also know you don't like my participation in my extracurricular activities, but it is something that has meant a lot to me. I really don't like it when you shoot it down. I can't answer everything, and it bothers me when I can't.

I love you, and I'll see you Wednesday.

Yours now and forever,


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Dear person:
You never really understood me, nor have you ever made the effort to try and understand me. You're always calling me names, and telling me how ignorant and unimportant I am to you, and the rest of the world. You hurt by day. And day by day I take all you give me and more. I try and push it out of my mind, and just when I think I've succeeded, you push me down again.
I wish you would only take the time to get to know me...sit down and maybe talk. We could talk about boys, politics, the weather, it really doesn't matter what. I just wish you would treat me like a person. You'd think I"m supposed to matter to you...of all people you. And yet the love I recieve from you is non-existant. Your husband doesn't even speak to me...we haven't spoken for years.
I'm really sorry for all I have done to hurt you, but realize that I am hurting too.
I love you.

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