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Author Topic: Whats ur Summer Plans?
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This summer im going to be having an awsome time at a camp i got acepted to to be a CIT. for 7 weeks im going to be there. I cant wait! So what r u guys doing??

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Celtic Daisy
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I'm gonna be a CIT too at a diabetic camp, but only for 2 weeks, cause the camp is only a week long.

I'm going to Edmonton to see my new baby cousin who will be born in august.

Me and my friends are just gonna go crazy, well, while they're here. They're CITing for 6 weeks.

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You probably don't care what I am doing but I tell you anyway.

I am going to move from Texas to Connecticut end of June. And i am also going to boston.
Its going to be really fun summer because a bunch of my friends got their licences so we won't have to get our parents to give us a ride.


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Cate - sounds like a big change is ahead of you there, good luck already!

My summer will be spend studying, mainly. Yup, no holidays for me, I want to wrap up my degree at the beginning of next year so there is lots to do. Well, there will studying on the balcony and swimming and hanging out in beer garden, but overall, my friends and I will be studying our little bums off. My dad will come down here and visit me for the Tour de France for a weekend (mid July), and that will rock very much (because I love the TdF and dad-time).

If things go extremely well, I might take off to Australia for 4 weeks or so to do some more work experience (but that would be in September)at the firm where I already spent 6 weeks last year, be with my boy and meet lovely Lin in Singapore, too. Hm, we'll see, we'll see.

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What am I doing this summer? Let's see... I really need to get a job and I better start looking soon.

This is the last summer before college so I'll be spending lots of time with my friends. We don't have any trips or cruises planned yet but we'll see what happens. It'll probably a very lazy summer, which I love. Sleep.

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Well, let's see, I'll be a working stiff in some corporate-type job in the suburbs. I'm really not looking forward to it.

However, for the first time, I will be spending a summer in Montreal. I'm looking forward to it, and looking forward to spending time at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

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celtic daisy, are you diabetic? which camp do you go to? one of my best friends is diabetic, and she used to go to camp clara barton in MA - i know there are only a few diabetes camps.

as for me, i think (hope) to be interning at the boston herald this summer. right now i'm interning at a radio station (the howie carr talk show, in case anyone has heard of that) and from people i know there, i think i can get this decent paid internship at the herald this summer. i *hope*. i need the cash.

but if that doesn't work out, i'm going to work at the mall and also as a waitress. blah.


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By the end of September, I plan to do the following:

Move. We're moving back to the place we lived when I was 13, and I'm so excited. Jeremy lives there too so I'll get to see him more than just on the weekends.

Family Reunion. Two of them, in the space of 2 weeks; first one is june 20-24 in Minneapolis, and the second is june 25-30 in Fargo, ND. First is my dad's side of the family and second is my mom's. Should be great.

Evan's 1st birthday party. It'll probably be August 4th, since that's a Saturday. It's so hard to believe he's been here this long.

Various Other Stuff. One of my friends is due to have a baby at the beginning of June, but as of last Wednesday she was dialated 2cm and 50% effaced -- which means, the baby's thinking about making an appearance before mother's day. She's asked me to be in her delivery room.

Finally get my driver's license so I can drive legally. Not that I drive illegally. Never. Ahem.

Get a job. I've decided that if I'm going to continue living with my mother much longer, I should be paying some of the bills.

And, as always, some more bleepin' wedding planning. It gets so boring. :P

I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long.


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Work work work.

And very happy about it. There's no job more fun than being a lifeguard.

I absolutely adore my job-every other guard is so nice, and we have too much fun. We closed the pool early last Saturday, and spent the next hour playing keep away and volleyball . I love being a miscrient in charge of other peoples lives :-p.

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Well, I've got a work placement as part of my degree. We have to do six months (I'm doing seven, June to January) work in an approved placement. So, after applying to *loads* of companies I'm working in the operations finance department of British Airways (as an 'assistant financial analyst', actually an important part of the company structure ).
So if BA goes broke in the next few months, that my fault!
And it means that from end of semester 2 year 1 to beginning of semester 2 year 2 I have 4 weeks holiday. Ahh! Real life approaching! lol.
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Gumdrop Girl
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no vacation for me. i'm **not** going to Paris with my boyfriend. i have to study for MCATs (med school entrance exam). and i'm taking a physics class. i hate physics. and i have to apply to pharmacy school. i have to take my GRE eventually, too. GAHH!!!

i am a perpetually stressed out gumdrop girl.

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Let's see. School officially ended on Friday, so it is now "summer" for me. I just spent this past weekend with my partner Glenn.

I have a conference a week from Thursday that I"m trying to plan for.

This week, I also need to wrap up generating the statistics for the annual report at one of my jobs (we do reports by academic year, which ends in May for us), and try to wrap things up a little at the job that I"m *not* getting paid for this summer (but I'll probably end up workign at it anyways, since there's so much to do!)

This coming weekend Glenn and I are housesitting for friends of ours.

Over memorial day weekend, Glenn and I are going to a big bash that reunites people from several online communities that we frequent.

In June, I will go down to Missouri and spend some time with Allan, and at the end of June/beginning of July, he and I will travel to Connecticut to attend the wedding of one of my college roommates. I am a bridesmaid. Royal blue satin. Whee.

At the end of July/beginning of August, I take the preliminary examinations for my doctorate, so I will be spending a lot of the summer studying and getting my notes in order to survive the exam.

My job(s) will keep me busy, as always, even though I'm only getting paid for one. I am she-who-makes-the-computers-go for my department's writing lab (which includes getting to be the webmaster for our online writing lab) and our professional writing program. Computers do not know when it is time for Erin to go on vacation.

If I can afford it, I might head out to either Seattle to visit friends or to New England to see some family.


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When is Summer?

I don't have summer here but gauging from the few dates thrown around, I will probably be working my butt off in school. I can't wait to get started on my editorial post. Yee Ha!

And oh Caro, please please please come down. Will bring you to eat durians. The King of all fruits.

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I'll be taking Summer School...which is how I ward off boredom (hahaha), but other than that, it'll be beach and barbecue time allllll summer long.

And by the way, ya'll are invited to Uncle Dan's Seventh Annual Super-Swingin'-Summertime Barbeque and Sing-Along

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Starry Night
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Hi everyone!

This summer I have college orientation June 16th, and I'm working as a Junior Counselor at an area day camp. My parents decided it was high time I got a job since I've gone to sleepaway camp for 7 years and studied abroad. So I think it will be a good experience for me to work with kids for 8 weeks and earn some extra spending money for school.

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My summer is going to be busy as hell. It kinda sucks, but it will be cool anyway.

-For the beginning of the summer, I'm doing a play at Marin Theatre Co., an acting company near my house. It will be my 4th summer there. It will be a lot of fun, the plays are always good and I know all the kids that go there and they're all my friends who I only get to see during that camp, so I'm excited. And two of my best girl friends are going, too, so that's cool.

-I'm going to tennis camp in Tahoe for a week. It will be my 6th year there. This year is going to be my last year there, since I'm 15 and that's the oldest age you can be unless you want to work there. I'm excited because this will be the most fun year--I know every councelor from previous years (they're all cool and near my age) and four of my really close friends are going (including my best guy friend). So that will be a lot of fun.

-I'm hoping to take Driver's Ed. Nearly all of my friends have taken it already so I want to catch up!

-I have to go to Indiana for a week (it really sucks to leave beautiful California for offense to anyone who lives there...). Nearly all of my relatives on both sides live there, and one of them is dying, so I have to go be in support of my family. I don't know the guy, so it isn't exactly meaningful for me, but I am obligated to go and don't mind doing so. It won't be so bad.

And...the rest of the summer will be spent screwing around with my friends and my boyfriend: going to the beach, swimming, parties, the mall, hanging around my town, etc. Fun stuff.

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ErinK- When did u start school? and ur already? UR SO LUCKY! I dont get out till June 8th

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well, less than 20 days of school left. ryan's prom on june 2, graduation june 3, tons of openhouses! but my number one plan is to spend as much time with my friends, especially ryan, as possible!

hmm... anything else? well, family reunion in june or july at my house, that'll be fun, i like my family!

i guess that's it!

oh! and i'm in "the sound of music" at a community theater! that'll be fun too!
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