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Author Topic: My Favourite Place
Scarleteen Volunteer
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What's yours? This question is wide open... it could be in another country, you can specify things about it, it could be in a partner's arms.

I guess it doesn't have to be your very favourite, but maybe just a selection of places that you like. I know I couldn't specify one.

There's a magazine and newspaper store that I miss from my hometown. I used to go there once a month or so, and load up on reading material for an afternoon or evening. I loved spending my time doing that. I still do, though I've yet to find a Montreal store that tickles my fancy in quite the same way.

My best friend and I used to go to this really bland, boring sort of office tower/shopping complex downtown in that same city (it's Ottawa for anyone who cares). After a while, it sort of became our place. We'd go there, whenever we had nothing better to do, and we'd laugh for hours about the stupidest stuff.

I miss a club from my hometown, also. It was an all-ages punk/indie rock place that had cheap shows about three or four nights a week. [Sigh]I remember seeing Pansy Division, cub, Duotang, and so many other great shows...

Here in Montreal, I haven't really had enough time to develop a favourite place like those, yet, I guess. The only place I truly love being here, is in bed, with my sweetie.

When you get off work tonight, meet me at the construction site, and we'll write some notes to tape to the heavy machines, like "We hope they treat you well. Hope you don't work too hard. We hope you get to be happy sometimes."
-the Weakerthans

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Confused boy
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Mine is probably the top of the Empire State Building. I visited it on my first and so far only trip to America. Its breathtaking looking at those massive buildings that appear so small and then those toy yellow taxis scurrying about on the ground. The view appeared like those scenes SimCity 3000. Pity the rest of my family insisted on hurrying down (I wanted to stay up there for longer) to visit the Macdonalds just opposite! Ony time the packaging actually tasted better than the food. Oh yeah, I'll also add my worst place being MacDonalds/Burger King/Service Station.
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My bed. Simple as that.

I have my comfy fuzzy blanket, and i can even be naked in there. I can snuggle into my teddy bear my cat ... and all is well in the world. I feel so safe.

Some other fave spots; Cafe Demetre (really yummy deserts...), the beach, and the CNE


Go LEAFS Go !!

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My favourite place was/is at my old boarding school (I'm at uni now). It was in the middle of the hampshire countryside. Every summer was athletics season, and so they'd put out the high jump mat and leave it there on the field for the whole term. So when the weather was nice at weekends when no-one else was at school, I'd go to the mat (it was v.comfortable) and just lie on it for hours and watch the sky/clouds and think about things...
That was my special place that only i used (as far as i know), and it's about the only thing i miss at my last school.
Other than that, yes my bed is definitly a favourite place.
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." (Albert Einstein)

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Gumdrop Girl
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used rock section of Amoeba Records SF. nothing like gathering up my thoughts between aisles and aisles of used and dirt cheap CDs.

i'm also fond of wandering around the SFMOMA. i like tranquil, yet not tranquil places.

i also like my living room (which i just cleaned) and Moffett Library on campus. I like the main stacks.

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The Moon. Obviously, I have never been there. Whenever I'm upset, angry, or depressed I like to say that I'm going to the moon. It's in the middle of nowhere. It's quiet and deserted. I can see the Earth from where I am, and just ponder. Wonder about things all alone. It's a place of peace to me. Even though I cannot go there at this point and time, I can go there in my mind and it makes me feel a little better. So I guess whenever I say that I want to go to the moon, I'm not in the best of moods. People around here know to back off because I'm in my peaceful spot.

I also like Borders. Well, not really. I don't because I spend all my money there. I do because I always come home with tons of books and CD's. I would really love to go to Other Music in NYC because they have a huge-mugus electronica section. Even the website is heavenly. I'd die if I went in there. I think DC needs one.

Heh, the bath tub is another favorite place. It's realxing. Very, very relaxing. No one is there to bother me. It's great!

Oh yeah, and in the Spring when it's a little breezy and sunny, I like to go out to my side yard a read in my hammock. It's in 3 trees, so it's shady, but I can still see the sky through the leaves. I love it. Well, until all the neighbors come to chat.

I don't really like my basement, but I'm there a lot. It has the TEEvee and the awesome stereo system. I'm down there napping or watching TEEvee every afternoon. I like it because it's dark and dreary, not to mention cold. I'm in those kind of moods a lot, so I guess it's kind of cool down there.

So, I guess my very favorite place would be the moon even though I've never been there.

"Meet me in outer space. We could spend the night..." -Stellar by Incubus

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Well, Chicago is one of those cities that can range from sleazy to ritzy to beautiful, so there are tons of places to enjoy.

I enjoy the Belmont&Clark area, which is basically a bunch of little restraunts and gothy/clothes/fetish shops. Its seedy and fun and filled with lots of cool people.

I also like Rush street, which is downtown and has all these pretty, ridiculously expensive stores. I can't afford anything there, but it's fun just to hang out and pretend like I'm nuevo-riche.

Finally, if you go to Skokie, a suburb, they have both this "sculpture garden" and a nearby auboretum (sp??? sorry, can't spell today). The sculpture garden is just a stretch of land with cool statues and a bikepath. The auboretum (that *has* to be spelled wrong) is just a pretty forested area, with weeping willows and sparsely placed gazebos. Its so peaceful just to walk around, and you always see some cool birds. Its beautiful and romantic in the fall especially.

Wow, that was a ramble, wasn't it?

------------------ angel who didn't so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards...

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I guess it depends on my mood. If I'm hyper and with a bunch of friends my favorite place would be different than if I were tired and alone. So I guess I'll name my favorite places as they change with my mood.

If I'm with a couple friends and we're exhausted and hanging around my boring a$$ small town with nothing to do, then my faovrite place would have to be at the top of the baseball dugout at this park near my house. I don't know why, but I've gone there a bunch of times with my friend Chris and whoever we're with, and there's something so peaceful about climbing up onto the roof and sitting there and talking and having nobody else around. Maybe it's the fact that it's so deserted, or how it's so high up, or how gorgeous it is, or SOMETHING, but it has inspired a lot of really interesting conversations. Usually we just sit there and look in these people's window (there's this one house with a huge window directly across from the dugout so we always look in and try to make up what's going on with the people inside) and talk and enjoy the tranquility. It's nice.

Another favorite place of mine, if I'm in the mood where I'm with a bunch of friends but I'm too lazy to plan something cool, would be the mall. There's something exhilirating about taking the bus in and crossing the freeway and then going to all the stores--it makes me feel very free, almost. I guess it's like I own the mall, because in a way I do--I go there a lot. My friends and I have a tradition to the way we go about it: we go to the guitar store and play on the instruments till they kick us out (which is usually as soon as I get on the drums, drums are loud and they get ticked because I abuse this), go to Starbuck's where I know a woman that works there (her name is Lily. she's nice), go to Big5 and go on the scooters and throw around all the footballs and crap and completely abuse the fact that we can do whatever we want and they never kick us out, and then we go over to the other section of the mall (it's across the freeway and a parking lot) and go to this one clothing store that we all love (pacific sunwear--expensive but cool), go to the arcade till we get kicked out (we always break something), eat at the food court, sit at the furniture store till we get kicked out of there, go to Aftershock--the hippi-type bong/music/insense store, and then go see a movie. I feel very confident being at the mall, I guess because I've been there more than all my friends and I'm always the one to plan everything and decide what we do and where we go. I get sick of it, but every once in a while when in the right mood, it's fun.

I also love dancing. I can't think of a time when I'm more confident than at a dance, except perhaps onstage. So another of my favorite places would be at these dances they have every once in a while at this club in San Francisco. I barely know anyone there when we go, which is liberating because everywhere else I go it seems like I always know tons of people. Everyone squishes in tight and the music goes and even though I'm not into that kind of music it still makes me want to dance and I love being with all my friends and not caring what anyone thinks, and the rush of having some guy I don't know come up and start dancing with me and just being like "damn straight". I have a boyfriend now, and since I've been going out with him I haven't been to a dance (I was invited to one but I got grounded), so I suppose it would be a lot more of just being close to him, which is fine too.

When I want to be alone, my favorite place is this trail past my house. It's absolutely gorgeous. Enveloped by trees, the trail goes up a hill with a creek running alongside it, and the path occasionally turns into a bridge that goes across the creek when it crosses onto its trail. Nobody goes there because it's left pretty much unnoticed by everyone in my town--it's hard to find and at first glance seems like nothing of interest, until you start walking into it. The trail loops around and leaves you back where you started, in the middle changing to a small clearing shrouded by a tunnel of trees. The sunlight peaks in through the branches, there's a waterfall during the winter. It's beautiful. I love it.

Lastly, if I'm with a bunch of really close friends, I love just being close to them. Sometimes I just love cuddling and talking and sitting around anywhere soft and warm--on a couch, on a bed, whatever--anywhere where we can just be alone away from authority and away from rules and just being together and feeling the comfort of one another's presence. I love being in my boyfriend's arms. I love being in my best friends' arms. I love cuddling and affection and just laughing hysterically with people I love. So, I think my favorite place of all would be anywhere that I can be with people I care about, and be doing something fun, and be affectionate and happy. Where rules don't apply and there's no such thing as too close, where there's nothing weird between guys and girls and we all just love eachother, except of course that the passion is different between my boyfriend and I and my friends and I. But it's all there, and it's all wonderful.

Those are my favorite places that I can actually go to. I like other places more, of course, that are outside my home. But I don't feel like talking about that because generally I've only been to those places once. So if I have to pick a favorite place, realistically all of these would be it.

It's sickening how comforting the privacy of the mind can be...

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Celtic Daisy
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I guess I have a few really favorite places.

My first, is my bedroom. It's decorated in the neatest way, with the help of my mom, and I can just go in there and listen to music or lay down or write at my desk or talk on the phone and it's just a really comfortable place to be.

The second is my best friend, Anthony's house. Me and my other best friends go there every friday or saturday and just hang out and watch tv. We have the best time and i love it there.

Next, Mexico. I can't remember the name of the place, but one of those old mayan cities. It's really beautiful, you can see it in the 98 degrees video. It has a beach in between and it's amazing to stand on the cliffs and see the whole ocean and everything. It's really nice.

Even though i have never been, Europe. Because that's where my nana is from and where she met my granddad during the war. After grade 12 i really wanna travel there and go to the pub where they had there first date, and to where my nana and uncle were born. Kewl, eh?

And lastly, my head.
Heheh, sounds krazy, eh? Seriously though. I love to just be laying in bed at night, and i can make up these wild stories about whatever i want. I can write stuff and think about whatever i want and go where ever i want. I just think that your head, is prolly the best place you can be.

There's my krazy fave places.

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Oooh, fun quiestion.

Nye's Polonaise Room, in Minneapolis. Incredibly goofy polka lounge with glitter booths, reat gimlets (and plum perogies, yum!), and possibly the world's oldest lounge singer, Lou.

Greenwich Villiage in the spring in Manhattan. It brings back all the freedom I felt when I was there at 14 on my own.

The Art Institute in Chicago, whose modern art room houses one of my favorite and most stirring paintings in the world, Albight's "That Which I Could Have Done, I Did Not Do."

The Tate Museum in England.

Anywhere right on the bay in San Francisco, same the same goes for anywhere on the Gulf of Mexico.

....and my back porch, wherever I may live, in summer. It is usually full of new-growing vegetables and flowers, birds and squirrels and a cozy spot for sitting and reading whilst harvesting a few new freckles and drinking sun tea.

Heather Corinna
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My favorite place in the whole wide world is this ledge above the lake out at our ranch, I go out there when I just want to feel at peace. It's so so pretty, especially when its sunset 'cause ya can look out off the ledge and see all the mares and foals out by the waters edge and the sun going down turns the water this really pretty shimmery color and theres always a cool breeze and theres usually birds singing....gosh its so beautiful! Now that I think of it, I think I'm gonna head on out there now!

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Let's see I have many...well not too many places.

I love being on stage. Doesn't matter if I'm acting, singing, or just sitting there. I love it.

I also love the wonderful city of SF. It's great!

and my bed

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i'd have to say the fireside bowl, here, in chicago. It's an old bowling alley that's been converted into a punk/indie concert place. it's a great place to meet cool kids, and see some great shows.

honorable mentions go to:

new york's greenwich village

the city of oxford, england. everything there is hundreds of years old, and it's the only place in england that i've seen not as a tourist. it has a rockin' local music scene.. and, it's just such a nice place. i do intend to make my home there someday.

my best friend's couch somewhere in the city of oxford, england.

*MY* chair at my university's main library. call me a dork, but i am known to spend hours there reading.

and last, but certainly not least.. my own apartment's living room. we just got new contemporary furniture, and the living room houses my stereo, laptop, and of course, a huge painting i did, which is the centerpiece of the room. actually, i love my entire apartment. and i have to mention this one.. i do think i love nothing more than snuggling in bed late at night with my boyfriend.

"i need to wash myself again to hide all the dirt and pain, 'cos i'd be scared that there's nothing underneath"- radiohead

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Great topic! Like others, I have different favorite varies by the season.

Summer - Seal Beach, north side of the pier...I can spend all day there and feel terrific. Hit the waves in 2-hour spurts, then relax on the beach and try to warm up. In the summertime, it's the best place in the world.

Fall - Tehachapi, CA. A teeny town in the middle of nowhere...but a place my family has gone to pick apples since I was a kid. Every October, when the apple orchards are fat with the season's harvest, I go up there with a big box, and come home with 15 pounds of apples. Sometimes I go alone, sometimes I bring a friend...but its a wonderful place to spend an Autumn day.

Winter - My bed! It doesn't rain out here very often, but its comforting to be in a warm bed with the sound of falling rain outside your window. Even if it is only three times a year.

Spring - My balcony...Spring is the start of the Barbecue season! So that means its time for me to get those marinades right again...the ones I had forgotten about all through the Wintertime. Any my balcony is the perfect place to do it.


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

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I have a few.

Shattered -- a bar in Columbia, MO, about 40 minutes from here. Sizeable dance floor, nice atmosphere, loads of goth music on certain nights.

New Orleans, LA -- Cajun food, people with neat accents.

Graveyards. -- Any graveyard. Especially old ones.

I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long.


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My room, definitely. Because this is where I get to read in peace, come online and listen to music as well as do all those things I shouldn't do in public.

The supermarket because I love walking around and picking groceries. Think chocolate. And there's just something about alot of food which makes me happy.

Most alfresco dining places where I can eat or have coffee with friends because that is where we chill out and talk and relax. Which is always great fun.

Kuala Lumpur is also a favourite place of mine. When i went there last year, I was mesmerised by the place. It was fabulous. A great place to just chill out and relax when you want a short holiday. For me, at least. And everything I buy, I divide the price by two. How fab is that?

And basically, anywhere with great food is a favourite place of mine.

Want More Lin?

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