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Author Topic: Turning 18...
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Hi everyone !
I know this might sound quite off topic, but what did you do on the day you turned 18 ?

I haven't yet, only next month but some of my friends have and we had such a laugh when my girl friends said they wanted to go to see gogo boys "because every good Quebec girl has to go and see them as they turn 18". They haven't gone yet but I wouldn't be surprised if they did so. I'm not too excited about turning 18 and I don't see how I am gonna be different from now. I mean, it's just me while time passes by. We don't change during night (or at least I hope so).

Not looking for suggestions, just to see what people did: what did you do when you turned 18 ?


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It was my first year of college. My roommates made me a cake and wrote my name on it in m&ms. My parents also sent a cake. I'm sure my grandmother sent me an itchy sweater.

Other than that, not much. I was pretty miserable that year.

Then again, it was better than when I turned 21. I took the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), which is like the SATs for going on to get a master's or a doctorate, after being up until 2 am at a rocky horror showing the night before (did I mention that my birthday is the day after Halloween?) Ugh. I had to stop myself from falling asleep in the test.


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My 18th birthday was October of last year. Let's see... my boyfriend made me an ice cream cake and got me a dozen red roses.

Then he took me to the mall to buy a dress. He didn't tell me where we were going, just that I needed a nice dress. I absolutely hate surprises. I like to know where I'm going and what I'm dressing up for. So I kept pushing him for clues. He didn't want me to get it but I came out of the fitting rooms and said, "Ha! We're going to Mai-Kai!"

By then, I didn't feel like doing anything. I just wanted us to hang out at home. So we cancelled reservations forMai-Kai Restaurant - Fort Lauderdale. It's an awesome polynesian restaurant with live entertainment and great ambience but I wasn't up for it. We stayed home and watched a movie then went out for sushi. Not too much fanfare, which I was happy with.

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I had to work that day, but was given a surprise party by 110 of my closest co-worker friends!

After school, I went to work...and after work I drove to the nearest convienence store and bought a lottery ticket. Since I couldn't think of any other new perks to being 18...I went home and watched TV with my family instead.

*side note*...that lottery ticket I bought was a 5 dollar winner, I took the 5 bucks and bought 5 more tickets. One of them was another 5 dollar I bought 5 more, and AGAIN won 5 dollars! I won 5 bucks in 3 straight lotteries, and have never won a cent since then!

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Not surprisingly, I didn't wake up on the morning of my birthday feeling like a changed person. I probably wasn't even aware it was my birthday until an hour or so after waking up anyway, knowing me. I didn't have a party. I didn't want a party. I got presents, but I opened them all by myself (which is the way I wanted it), and I got a cake but I didn't eat it because I didn't want it (and my mother made it for me anyway despite knowing this). By sheer coincidence, though, it was also the day I went into the recording studio to make a CD to mark my progress in singing (I study opera, you see).

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I was a froshy in college. When I was walking back to my dorm from class, I passed by a piercing and tattoo place. I walked in 'cause I wanted to get my tongue pierced -- a little spur of the moment. But I didn't have the money, so I went home.

My roommate brought me some balloons. And another roommate brought a cake. But best of all was my friend (who was not my boyfriend at the time, but is now my ex-boyfriend) who stood below my window serenading me with "Jumper" by 3EB 'cause we had gone to see them. And he got me their album (the red one).

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December 1, 1998. It happened to be on a Tuesday, which was the day my forensics (speech and theatre forensics, not dead-people-and-crimes forensics) class went down to the special services room and practiced our pieces with the kids watching. They'd made me a cake the day before, and gave me cards. I cried so hard.

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March 4, 2000.

I booked a chalet for two nights. On the first night, it was Fabian and me. After watching a midnight movie, we went back to the chalet. He said he had a stomachache and asked me to go in first. I walked to our chalet and when I walked in, the lights were off and candles dotted the room. He had sparkling grape juice (not much of a drinker) and a dozen red roses. He also baked a cake for me. His first attempt ever.

After that, my friends told me he had called them to find out how to bake a cake and had even tried to steam it. *lol*

The next day, all my friends came over and we had a barbeque and played cards (I only watched) till the next morning.

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i was going to go out and get a tattoo and a piercing the day i turned 18, but i was pregnant so i just sayed home and ate all day.


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I had to work on my birthday, but my 2 workmates at the time took me out for a beer afterwards to celebrate

The rest of my day wasn't so great.

My boyfriend of the time had a boss who was getting married, and his stag do happened to be that same night. The b/f had bought us tickets to a show which was starting at 8pm, and the stag do started at 10am that morning...

(see where this is heading?) he went off on a pubcrawl, and called me at 7:45 to say that he wasn't coming with me to the show

I headed down there by myself (since I couldn't find anyone that wanted the other ticket) to find him waiting outside, drunk as anything, ripped jeans, reeking of beer and god-knows what else, amongst a crowd of people dressed up for the occassion. After he abused me for being late, we went ahead with watching the show, but then he fell asleep on the girl sitting next to him. Her boyfriend was not too happy.

The rest of the night is a blur of vomit and other nasties.

I'm not with him anymore.

And don't even get me started on my 19th!


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When I DO turn 18 this is what I plan to get inked. A tiger tattoo on my lower back.

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I too was a first year in college. (Last year ). January (my bday is the 20th, and yes, I consider myself an Aquarius) is during the school interterm/independent study period, so there were no classes or other distractions. I think I did go to the marine lab in the morning. After that I spent the day with Ryan. He pampered me. We wandered campus. My parents sent a box of presents and had a cake brought by a student here who had a deservedly successful business hand making and decorating cakes for such occasions. I believe it was chocolate/raspberry. Our roommate drove us to a local petstore and Ryan bought us our first dormpets (illicit dormpets)--a pair of male rats, Rorschach and Prometheus. Sweet baby rats. We got them set up and listened to music. We probably had sex at some point. And he made us dinner, and a bunch of friends came over and I read everyone a story that I always read on my birthday (it's a short story about a birthday cake, from Margaret Mahy's collection "The Door in the Air." I think it's called "A Work of Art," but I'm not sure), and we shared cake, I opened my presents and showed off the rats. It was the night of a *very* strikingly pretty lunar eclipse (all the more significant given my handle ), and we went out periodically to gaze at it for a long time. Then we read my birthday books (Jim Woodring comics collections ) and people drifted home.

It was such a perfectly lovely day. Peaceful, joyful, flawless.

In vivid contrast to my sixteenth birthday which was spent puking, having caught stomach flu from my best friend and/or her children.

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April 21, 1999. My friends woke me up to give me a present (some soaps, and I still haven't used all of them), I went to uni, came back, read for a bit, then went out to the pub with some friends to have a couple of drinks. I didn't get drunk, and it was fairly pleasant if uneventful.
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I had to look up what I did on my 18th Birthday….. June 23rd 1996. I feel so old. *lol*

I turned 18 while I was on a student exchange program in New Zealand. The evening before, my two host sisters, my friend Suz and me, went to this other exchange students goodbye party, which was an absolute killer party (they almost smashed the entire house, really; puked on the pets, ruined the carpet, punched holes in the shower walls).

At Midnight, everyone (lots of people I didn’t know) sang Happy Birthday, some guys did a Haka in my honour and I unwrapped my pressies in Suz’s Beetle. I was pleasantly drunk, it was a nice, cool winter night in Woodend, South Island NZ and it was all kinda good.

At that party, Paul, who was then the bf of my friend Lucy but would a few weeks later be my guy, was also there, and we talked for a while and lots of attraction was there and I wrote some stuff in my diary later about how tempting he was. *lol* That night, I slept at Suz’s place, and we spent the morning of my actual birthday (a Sunday), basically hanging around, dropping my host sister of at work, visiting other people at work and whatnot. That morning, I listened to Alanis Morissette and Live and was pretty hungovered.

Later that day, Paul and Lucy dropped by at my host parents place (my diary reads “…Lucy & Paul (!) dropped by..”), just as I was showering off my hangover. Some more friends dropped by, I got a cool chocolate cake from my host mom, calls from my family, nice pressies (my drivers license and all), about 20 cards and played Trivial Pursuit with my host sister Lisa (and won).

That evening, I went for dinner at a local Pizza place with a few people from school and my host sisters, and we had a cool time out, really. These days, I am not in touch with most people from back then, but it was nevertheless a lovely funny birthday. Not live changing, but still kinda nice.

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