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Author Topic: Religious schools and sex-ed
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I know that some of you here probably went to schools run by various religious institutions (I went to a Christian high school myself), and I'd like to know about what kind of sex-ed you had in your school. Do you feel that it was adequate? Do you feel that the general attitude toward sex and health has or someday will inhibit your sex life? How do you feel that it has affected you?


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I went to a Catholic high school. Considering we had a birth control seminar on NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING, as in, not using any birth control...I'd say my sex education in high school was pretty awful. I've heard a lot of high schools had demonstrations on putting condoms on and handing out condoms, where my school was very hush hush about it. They basically told us, wait until marriage.

The only good sex education we got didn't come until 12th grade when we watched a video which talked about the scariness and seriousness of STD's and STI's. It scared me, but everyone admitted that by then most of us had already made our mistakes and decsions and the video should have been shown MUCH sooner.

The only thing I did like was we had a chrsitian lifestyles class (the one in 12th grade) which talked about respecting yourself and your body. That sex is great, but it is worth waiting for and being completely ready for. I thought it was nice but in a way it effected me in a bad way. It made me feel dirty, like sex should only be shared with someone you are deeply in love with....and that had never been the case with me. For the most part I thought the sex education I received in high school royally sucked.

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I went to a Catholic high school. The sex education that I received there was surprisingly good -- it was as good, if not better, than what I'd gotten in earlier grades in public schools. We had an assembly (or series of assemblies; I can't remember) when I was a freshman, during which an independent sex educator came in and talked to us. She started out with self esteem and how relationships and sex won't give you that, and then moved on to information about anatomy and reproduction, and then took questions. She even covered the fact that yes, fat people and older people and people otherwise not considered attractive do indeed have sex and that there's nothing wrong with that. She didn't preach at all, and she didn't give the impression that sex was dirty. The one thing she didn't give detailed information about was birth control; she said that she couldn't because it was a Catholic school, but if any of us needed information about that we could come talk to her after the assembly.

I should note that my high school didn't (and doesn't) take money from the diocese, so they have a good deal of leeway when it comes to their curriculum.

The year after that, though, they scrapped the assembly and started requiring that all freshmen take a health course which includes sex ed, so I don't know how good the education is right now.

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Hmm ... I went to a public school right through. Good old public school.

There was no religion. There was so many cultures in my schools, it would be far from possible to try to do it. There were catholic schools in the area, but i'm not catholic. I'm not even christian (tho i don't think we had any just christian schools) ... There was no talk of God. Ever.

My first memory of anything close to sex ed was in elementary school and i guess i must've been in gr 4 or 5 (making me 10 or 11 at the time). It was actually just on sexual assault and molestion issues. A theatre group came and did a play about a girl who was being touched inappropriately by her father and friends or something. It was a long time ago ... I just know that we had long talks after that about bad people touching your no no spots.

Following that, was middle school sex ed. This is from gr 6-8 and you have to take one PE a year, which includes about 1/4 of it health. Of course this included other aspects of health, but sexuality was big. We got diagrams and got to ask questions in a box and stuff. The only bad thing ... my gr 6 class was co-ed. It wouldn't bug me now, b/c i'm very open w/ sexuality now but it was all new to me then. You couldn't get me to say penis. I would just burst out laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world.

Then we get to high school. You need one PE credit to graduate, which also comes w/ health. Not to say that i learned anything i didn't already know. The only good thing was the video. Not that it was informative, just laugh out loud funny. They had syphillis and gonnoreah (sp?) "armies" and they were talking about they attack certain parts of the body. And how they're transmitted and stuff. My teacher was a weenie tho. I hated her so much. I had 80 in health and only 66 in PE. Go figure

Overall ... I think it could be better. I feel that the only reason i know as much as i do is b/c of my mom. I really like my sociology class that i'm taking now b/c a lot of it does turn to sex ... Since it's such a big part of society and psychology. It's amazing how little people know about it tho!!

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I think our school is pretty good with it. They give out condoms if you ask for them, and in health class, they have videos on everything, from putting on a condom to condenming the Rhythm Method. I'm pretty happy with it .

I should mention, I attend public school.
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I was in an Anglican school when I was young, from 7 to 12. And all the sex education we had was a talk on menstruation along with free pads. Very exciting stuff to a 11 year old.

When I was older, sex ed conissted of a horrifying video tape on abortion. Propaganda at it's best, I might add. Other than that, we learnt a little about the human reproductive cycle and STDs in bio class but even then, only the better students could take Biology.

We do have a sex education class for teenagers now which my friend says is pretty good. I haven't heard much of it though.

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Ah...good old Fully Alive. I went to a Catholic elementary school, and part of the reason I dove headlong into a public high school was the 'sex ed' I recieved at the hands of the Catholic school system.

Stuff I remember:
-the waterfall of sexual activity, which included color coded zones: Green was safe stuff like holding hands and talking, Yellow was not so safe stuff like kissing and petting over the clothes, Red was dangerous stuff like dry humping, oral sex, and petting under the clothes, and the Waterfall of Doom was PV sex and anal sex. Nice message to send to kids-sex will kill you! Really! I don't recall being told what the 'danger' actually was in each case. I think pregnancy.
-complete and total absence of birth control discussion.
-we learned about how our body was changing. The guys got one class, the girls got a different one. We learned nothing about the opposite sex.
-the girls got the added bonus of learning about fetal development.
-there was no discussion or even lecture about sexual issues and self-respect/esteem. Most of the guys came out of it still thinking that guys got off (pun intended) scot free from all of this.

Then there was the abhorrent pro-life abortion video we had to watch in religion class. It was propaganda of the worst type, and shown to 13 year olds, with NO DISCUSSION OF THE SIDE OF CHOICE. I was so enraged I nearly puked, and I almost smacked my teacher when he asked the class who was pro-life and who was pro-choice after the video. I was the only one there who didn't put up my hand for pro-life. Yes, I'm still bitter...

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I'm in 12th grade now, and I've been in a Catholic school all my life..from kidnergarten on up. I've never had any sort of sex ed...EVER. So that's why I had to go to my mom and here to Scarleteen.

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well sex ed at my school is pretty good . weve learnt about birth and puberty and stuff.
im not sure if theyve talked to us about birth control but it doesnt really matter cause u can find it all out from magazines and websites like this one. besides me and my friends spend heaps of time talking about it so basically were pretty smart at that subject area.

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