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Author Topic: Cussing? Whats the point!
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I have always noticed that once i got to be about 11 that everyone thought that it was cool to cuss, but personally i think it has no purpose. I mean the only reason i think people want to say it is because they know they aren't suposed to say it so it makes it fun to say it. I mean whats the point to it especially now that i am starting to hear younger kids thinking it's cool/fun to say it. I was babysitting the other day and i heard the little boy who is 3 say Holy **** i was like you shouldn't say that he was like why my daddy has said it. It really annoys me very much. What does everyone else think about cussing and also why do you do it( if you do)?
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You know, that can be a tough issue. Lemme tell you a little story.

I once had a student when I was teaching who was five. Great kid, if a bit rambunctious, but very smart and a real sweetie. Thing is, in his house, "s-h-i-t" was what you said when you messed up, or something went wrong, or whatever.

So, while I could tell him that when he dropped his puzzle that "Oh **** !" wasn't the right thing to say at school,. the truth of the matter is I may well have been speaking in Swahili, because as far as he knew, that IS what you said when you dropped a puzzle.

See what I mean?

Another interesting note is that in my parents families -- both made of immigrants -- in some cases, that language got used a lot because immigrants tend to learn colloquial language FIRST, because they learn from listening to conversation, not by taking an English class.

I know that even for myself, there are certain words I sprinkle liberally throughout my spoken language during the day and I think nothing of them -- it just happens. Honestly, unless it is done with the intent of getting attention (in which case the best thing to do is ignore it), it doesn't bother me all that much when it's used now and then.

On the other hand, there is arbitrary slang people use INCESSANTLY that means nothing to most people (and even to the user at times), and that bugs me to death.

There are appropriate times and places for certain forms of langauge, and I don't think there are 'right" words and "wrong" words, or even "bad" words, but rather language used with ill intent -- to intend to hurt, distract or make gibberish of communication. And THEN it is a problem.

...and if my little student (who probably isn't so little anymore and is nearing your ages, actually -- gak!) doesn't figure out that saying "Oh **** !" isn't the right thing to say during a job interview, then we've got problems.

Heather Corinna
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I think a certain number of words have made their day into our everyday vocabluary now, and there's really not a great deal to be done about it. Personally, I don't really like cussing...I find "the f-word" (gotta make sure it gets past the censor there so ya'll know what I'm talking about ) to be rather offensive. I don't use it personally, and for the most part, my guy doesn't use it around me because he knows I don't like it. But I'll have to admit to being guilty of using other words upon occasion, but not every other word like many people my age do today. For example, I hope my guy's best friend never ever meets my mother...cause I have no doubt she'd take a bar of soap to his mouth!


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When I was 12, I had a mouth that would make a sailor blush. Every other word I said that wasn't something you studied for the SAT started with F and rhymed with "duck."

I had just started junior high, met loads of new people, and already, I got a reputation for being a nerdy little two-shoes. So, to keep people from messing with me, I'd give them a verbal lashing.

Nobody messed with me. They still don't. But I have since lost my penchant for the pottymouth. I still curse every now and then if you get me riled up enough, or if I hit my elbow or shins on something. But really, I have come to find that cursing is the language of the ignorant. I have better ways of conveying my ideas.

Inspected by Number 26

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The f-word has become a staple in my vocab.

I and my friends throw it around so much it has lost all meaning so we just kinda use it as an alternative to S***.

I really don't know how or why we started using it. Hmm.

Most of the people here cuss in Hokkien, a dialect. Which is basically very insulting to women since most of the words incluse female body parts. So I try to refrain.

But it has just come to a point where these words don't mean anything anymore. Not good I know.

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My parents taught me that words were just words unless they offended or hurt someone else. So while it was alright to use the f-word on occasion it was NEVER alright to say "F**K you" or even for that matter "I hate you". Both simply have an intent to hurt. I swear much less than my friends because the words were never taboo to me. If I stub my toe, then an Sh** might come out or even an F**K. As long as words are not used to hurt people they are just words. Also offending people is an important consideration so I would never swear in a formal public situation it would just be uncalled for. That's my take on the whole cussing thing.
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I am not one to say cuss words if I'm just talking in a normal conversation, I figure I get my point across just fine without it. If I get really mad, that's another story, then cuss words tend to flow like water from my mouth.

People consider different things cuss words too, so sometimes around certain people I've found I've had to hold my tongue because I always manage to say something that completely offends them.

For the most part I don't find cussing bad, as long as you're not talking like, "And then this F***ing **s dog came into to my f***ing yard and I was like S**t, f***! And I told my f***ing mom that the f***ing dog was in the f***ing yard..." I've actually known some people to talk like this and in the end the only thing you remember from the story was how many times they said the F word. It also feels, to me, like *I'm* being yelled at or makes me uneasy when someone cuss's too much. But once and a while a little cuss word is okay.

}{*Starry Ali*}{
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I was never into the whole swearing to look cool/rebellious thing, but I do swear, especially when I'm angry. There are situations where you just don't do it, but in the end they're just words, nothing more than sound patterns.

It's interesting to see how different countries react to swearing differently. In Holland, everyone used English swear words like f*ck and sh*t, and it was just not taboo. But any form of swearing that involved taking the name of the Christian god in vain, either in Dutch or English, was a big no no, whereas here, no one will really look twice at you if you say "Oh my god" here.

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I'm not too bad with the cussing bit.

I have a rather short temper (not to mention some very quick and strong emotions), so when I do cuss it's usually in reference to something that made me angry or upset. For instance, a friend of mine recently became ill during a basketball game...when another friend asked what had happened, I responded with "he's f'd up". It was no big deal because the person I was talking to knew that I wasn't trying to offend anybody.

Also, Miz S. brings up an interesting point. If a child is never taught that cussing can be inappropriate, the only way they'll learn is by making the mistake themselves.


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I might say 'damn' when i'm really angry, and I never say 'god'-anything, even though I'm not a religious person. I like saying shucks and darn and goodness gracious and all those cutesy things. Which, I suppose, is a good thing, because I don't need my son's first word to use only some of the letters in 'firetruck'if you know what I mean
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I dunno - I swearing baby is kind of cute.

Especially if he's got a cute little baby size cigar! Awwwwwwww!

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I rarely swear. If I hit my thumb with a hammer, I might turn the air blue but that is just venting to the pain.

It's interesting, I did curse at work one day and a person said "___ that's this first time I've heard you swear" It actually got attention and positive action from my boss.

I guess if you get a reputation as a person who doesn't curse and then you do, it attracts attention that you might not get if you did it regularly. People can tell that you are really upset.

My response to people who can't complete a sentence without swearing, "Wow, you EAT with that mouth?"

A free society is a place where it's safe to be unpopular.

Adlai Stevenson

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I don't cuss that much, but when I'm with my girlfriends we tend to say horse sh*t alot. I don't know why, it's just something we do.

~*~Buff Chick~*~
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Watch out! I'm a awful speller. *hehe*

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haha. funny when i was in 4th grade, and like worshiped Beavis and Butthead i cussed in everyother sentence. it was weird. i never did it infront of my parents though.

now i learn it really doesn't express your intelligence very much. i don't do it that much anymore.

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When I was 9 years old I asked my daddy what all the curse words were. Surprisingly enough, he recited all of them to me along with their meanings. Ever since then I've been "cursing like a sailor" as my friends say... Personally I just see them as words. I don't use the ones that are racist or anything like that. Honestly, I am trying to keep my cursing down to a minimum, but I don't think it's bad or anything. Society just kind of deems these words as "evil" and such.

*I wish I didn't care, but I do*

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I only curss to get peoples atention. They are always shocked because I hardly ever use thoes words. They Make a Big deal out of it. Yet when they use it it means totaly nothing.

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uh there just words.....just like
lol yeah

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