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Author Topic: Hickies!
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I bounced out of bed Tuesday morning and into the shower. I then cheerfully bounded into my room, started getting dressed-and stopped short. In case you couldn't tell from the title, I had a hickey. It wasn't a huge, red, welt-looking thing like in the movies, but it was still noticeable- at least to me. I ran to the bus stop, and from a block away started screaming, "Gilly!!!!! Gilly!!!!" She thought I was nuts. I finally reached the corner and said breathlessly, "Is this a hickey?" I pulled aside the collar of my sweater and showed her the small pink mark just under my collarbone. Her response? Laughing. It's been 3 days, and I still have it! My sweaters cover it up pretty well, but I'm terribly paranoid around my house, because my parents know that I DON'T have a birthmark there, or didn't hit myself there, or whatever excuse I can come up with for whoever has noticed. And that is the story of my first hickey.

Anyone else have a hickey story?

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Gumdrop Girl
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a guy i had quite the crush on, and subsequently dated (what a fiasco!) once showed up to lunch at the dining hall, and my roommate pointed out, "oh my gawd! he's got a hickey."

this boy was particularly shy and reserved, and i hadn't figured him to be "that sort" of guy, y'know? i was pretty floored. i was really prudent at the time. in fact, it kinda of changed my opinion of him -- i lost a little respect for him.

since he was a nerd, a lot of people picked on him for having this giant hickey on his neck. and he got in trouble with the RA.

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You lost respect for him because someone sucked on his neck? And what does "that kind" of person mean anyway?

I'm sorry, Gummygirl, but color me lost. For the life of me I can't figure why knowing someone had someone else sucking on the neck makes them less worthy of respect.

Heather Corinna
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My girlfriend is a redhead and her skin is as white as a ghost. So when I was lightly sucking on her neck she got one and it wouldn't go away for the longest time and she had to wear turtle necks for like a week. I found it pretty funny but she was kinda of mad at me but she loves me though!
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Ok my latest one
this is funny
my boyfriend came over during the night and we were fooling around. Well in the morning he left and I got ready for school. I got there and a friend on spare with me looks at me and starts laughing. She points out my hicky. and guess what? I didn't bring makeup to school so everyone noticed. And to top it all off I had concert that night where I had to sing and the hicky side of my neck was facing the audience (but thankfully there was makeup on it)
what made it even better was that most people thought it was from some guy at school and that I was cheating on my boyfriend, yeah sure I needed that at school where his sister goes and his dad teaches.
it was so embarressing but now its funny

*~ Daisy ~*
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came home thanksgiving break freshman year, first time i'd seen most of my family since august. with a hickey. they mostly ignored it, after my dad had made sure it was from a "steady boyfriend and not just some guy who you had do that to bug me". untill in the middle of a crowded restauraunt my youngest step brother (about 6) screamed "CORINNE HAS A HICKEY!!!!". i crawled under the table. didn't want to come out.

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Miz S: 'cause I didn't think the same way back then. I was really really prudent and conservative (oh no! I used the C word!). And I didn't have him pinned as "that sort of guy." If it would have happened last week, or I would have known then what i know now, I would have thought nothing of it.

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I get hickeys really easily, so I'm really cautious about where I let guys suck on my neck. My ex-boyfriend (he was a jerk, he really was) accused me of cheating once because of a hickey, he said he didn't suck hard enough for me to get it.

I never know what to do when I get one. Make-up doesn't cover mine and I hate turtle necks. I try to rely on my hair for cover-up, and avoid my parents during the time I have one. Scarfs work good too, especially now that it's winter (for most of us here at least).

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Goodness I can't stand them. I think they are really ugly. But that's just me. Coz they are impossible to cover up. Even if I use concealer, it's like my hickey is absorbing the concealer and I have to touch up every hour.

Plus everyone looks at me like I am some kind of slut. Real pain in the rear.

Well I know alot of girls who had their bfs give them hickey necklaces. So they had small hickeys around their whole neck.

Plus my friend told me this story of when she was in Secondary School, the residents called the school coz there was this couple making out under the block of flats. So out came like 5 teachers who chased them around the estate shouting "Stop, Stop running" all the time.

Well they got caught and were told to give a public apology in front of the whole school.

The guy's went "I so and so am sorry for making out with my gf in public and giving her love bites (hickeys)."

The girl's went "I so and so am sorry for making out with my bf and letting him give me love bites."

Geez. I nearly fainted when I heard that.

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what a coincidence that i have a hickey right now...

anyways, i get hickeys REALLY fast (cuz i bruise easily). my boyfriend knew i was in a bad mood yesterday so he held me down and gave me one. he knows it makes me laugh cuz of how quick i get them.

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Oh man, I went bra-shopping with a very observant but not always very experienced friend, and was getting undressed to try something on when I realised she was staring at my chest -- I had lots of little scratch marks there. It took some time to convince her that it wasn't my partner being kinky, just his Siamese cat getting spooked (she's so pretty, but so dumb) that had caused them.
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Yeah I have one, (a story that is) I was at the movies with my boyfriend, and he started to suck on my neck, I mean not sucking to give me a hickie, cuz I told him not to. But he kept doing it, and I didnt think he was sucking on it long enough to leave marks, since he was going all around my neck. It felt sooo good! But BOY WAS I WRONG when I went into the ladies room and I looked in the mirror and there was this HUGE hicky all around my neck! HUGE!! I had a time keeping that one away from my parents! My whole neck was red! But that was when we first started going out, now personally Im not to worried about it, but I rather not walk around with one on my neck!

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hicky's? now i have an interesting look on the whole thing, probably cause i don't bruise easily. a really good guy friend(no not going out) and i were making out in his bedroom. my bra was gone and my shirt wasn't covering much, so he decided to give me a hicky. or at least he tried he sucked under my breast for like ten min, and when he was done he was like "i gave you a hicky but i don't think it's gonna stay" he was right it didn't. i was disapointed but it's kinda funny cause all you girl's stayed but he sucked on me for so long and that didn't even stay

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