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Author Topic: Internet Stalker
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For about a year I've had an Internet stalker. I won't go into the whole story, but in short, she e-mailed me saying my webpage (an old one) was cool, she thought I was interesting. I thought she was immature and quite honestly boring, so I stopped e-mailing her, then she e-mailed me as someone else (yes, she pretended to be someone else who magically liked everything I did). I finally found out that mystery person was her and since then.....she won't leave me alone! I have changed my e-mail address, erased my old webpage, and told her to leave me alone, nicely by the way....but she won't go away. And the thing that really got me was she somehow figured out the password to my e-mail account and read my mail, was even stupid enough to write to a friend on MY e-mail address saying, haha, figured out her password...and sent the password to her FRIEND! Do you think I have a right to be upset about this?

In March I got in touch with AOL, since we were using the same service provider and I sent them her harassing e-mails, explained what she did, and they said they had another complaint about her, so they canceled her household's connection to AOL. But she somehow manages to keep finding me, from new e-mail addresses! I wouldn't be surprised if she's lurking around here.

Anyhow, she e-mailed me this morning, saying, "Hi Alison, long time no talk." I can't believe she found my e-mail address AGAIN. I seriously feel like crying. I ignore her but then she finds my friends addresses (how DOES she do this?) and e-mails them! I feel like I have done everything, talked to her, my MOM even e-mailed her, but she won't quit. I feel extremely helpless at this point since she obviously doesn't understand the phrase, "leave me alone." Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done??

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I'm not sure about the legal action you could take with it, but I'm pretty sure you could track her current IP somehow and get her account cancelled again, although that would only seem like a temporary fix to the problem.

Now, I know that some hackers can get an awful lot of information off your computer, but is it at all possible that this girl might be someone you know IRL and is trying to make you believe that they're someone from online.

In any case, this is pretty serious, so maybe you could call you local police department or a lawyer and just ask them what sort of legal options are available to you.

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for DarkChild717     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post for her going into YOUR account and accessing YOUR e-mail and personnal items...that is illegal in some states. It's invasion of privacy.

You can block her e-mail address from coming in...all the ones she has been using. I'm not sure about AOL, but my e-mail service has filters and such. Are you on version 5.0 or higher? If you are, someone can get a hold of your screen name and get your password. This is why a friend of mine refuses to get it.

If things get drastic enough, you can file a report with the proper authorities. They can track her down and get her to stop. It's harrasment, plain and simple. Or, you can find someone and make your e-mail account hack-proof. But, by the sounds of it, she is already able to hack. That is also illegal.

I'm sorry you have to go through this. Best of luck, darling!

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Hey Just an idea but next time when u get a new email, use all fake info. Make it fun, use a differnt wacky name, a bogus address and stuff like that
Best of Luck

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Warning: the following post contains jargon and may induce seizures.

First off, the AOL client is hideously holey, from a software security standpoint. If possible, I'd recommend changing ISPs for a start.

Hacking doesn't always involve a computer. As Beppie said, she may know someone you know. Or, she may have got the information elsewhere - impersonating your mother and talking to an accounts person at AOL, etc.

Definitely be careful about what information you put in a public profile. I have a policy about not putting my surname, or anything much more descriptive than a city in my profile.

I've heard of people pretending to know someone and using names of friends left in their victims' user profile to help. (If that makes any sense). I like to keep personal stuff personal, and not public.

As far as computer hacking goes, I'm not sure how she could achieve this. I guess she could've rigged up a trojan horse to email her when you came online - I don't know.
Essentially, she might have installed a program on your machine that emailed her from your email account, every time you went online. This would provide her with your email address.

If that's what she's done, you'll need to wipe your hard disk, reinstall your software, and install a firewall to keep any other intruders out. (A good, free firewall for Microsoft PCs is here)

I think that the odds are good that she hasn't, though. More likely she used social manipulation to find out your account name and password - often all it takes is a phone call to the ISP and a bit of convincing.

I have a minimal amount of knowledge with that stuff, so if you want to talk specifics, email me at - and pray I'm more alert than I am now!

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Hmmm, that's really creepy. And I think it's totally right for you to be upset and freaked out. First off, you should contact all your friends and warn them that if this girl asks them for your email address, that they shouldn't give it to her. Then you should contact her service provider (again, I guess) or her email provider. I'm pretty sure that internet stalking and invasion of privacy (her getting into your email) is a punishable crime in some states. Contact someone who can find out who she is and have them put a stop to it. good luck!

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I really want to thank everyone for all their advice. This whole situation creeps me out, yesterday she joined one of my e-mail lists under another name.....but it was her, she got kicked off by moi right away. I do not understand how she keeps finding me.

And she does know someone I know in real life, but because of what she's done to me, that person has no contact with her anymore. And recently someone even talked to stalkers mom about it, it hasn't stopped her. Her mom didn't even take her computer away, which is the FIRST thing I would have done to her!

ThisGuy- Thanks for all your nifty computer information. I think I'm gonna try once more to be rid of her. It probably means I can't even put my FIRST name in even the little ICQ name box, chances are she's nuts enough to go through every single Alison until she finds ME. Is this what famous people feel like?? It's not fun. I'm almost on the verge of calling her family myself!
But thanks so much to all of you who replied, at least I don't feel so clueless as to what I can do.

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ahh, u see... someone you knew knew her. this is a girl around your age? well then by all means have your mother speak with her family! i have a few hacker-capable friends who have told me about programs that can do some pretty scary stuff, like ICQ and AIM spys, desktop spys, and all that jazz..... yea, it pretty much sucks. go download a firewall. ESPECIALLY if you have an "always on" connection (i.e.- cable modem) That's pretty freaky. I went through something like that except it wasn't online which was much worse and scary. Good Luck!

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Why dont hackers like that do something useful with thir time. Like hacking the Coca-Cola/McDdonalds/Nike websites to display all the terrible atrocities they have committed
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if you know who she is personally, why not just go straight to the police. Internet stalking is just a great offence as real-life stalking these days, and is taken just as seriously by the police department.

I'd be really creeped out if that were happening to me. ;( I was stalked all though highschool by this REALLY creepy guy... it's scary! You never know what they want from you, or why they're doing what they're doing...

oish. I hope things get better for you ;(

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ThisGuy pretty well covered the computer angle, but here are some other thoughts:

Most places in the US have decent stalking laws by now, but unfortunately legislation lags sadly behind technology, so I'm not sure how those laws apply to your internet stalker. It might be worth calling a lawyer to see if they can look up the information. (There are ways to get the info without paying $100 an hour...let me know if you need suggestions.)

Has she actually threatened you in any way? If so, you've got her nailed. Take copies of the threatening posts down to your local police station and use them as grounds to file a report and a restraining order forbidding her from contacting you in any way.

Another course of action would be for you to contact her mom/parents, especially if she's a minor and still lives at home. In your shoes, I'd probably send a letter explaining the situation in detail, complete with copies of her disturbing e-mails, if you have them. Make sure you send it certified mail. It doesn't cost much and that way you get the little slip back proving they received it, which could come in handy if the situation worsens.

Good luck.

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