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Author Topic: Why are you here?
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I was reading a sexuality forum on ISCA BBS (Old school thing. You have to telnet to get there. Don't ask.) and some woman was talking about her "inner hymen" and how it "grew back" after she had a baby, and then someone countered with Scarleteen's addy. And whoomp, here I is.

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Three reasons why I came here :

1.) exploration / learning/ educating
2.) good advice
3.) I learned how much generalizations can recieve few responses and that my curiosity is linked to some stupid questions.

and oh yeah...
sex is a big topic to talk about. Why not talk about it in privacy... so this site was just the place.

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Why am I here?


1) I thought it's time I get educated about sex
2) If I had any personal problems, I could come here where chances are I'd encounter people who'd been in the same predicament and could give good advice
3) I can speak openly on any topic and not be ridiculed ("You are so sick", etc.) for it

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*And...alwayz :)

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I started to become sexually active with my boyfriend and my gyno suggested that I go to this site because she looks over it sometimes and she said it had really good info. So I went to the site and lo and behold, I was hooked.

The people here are really nice, they have good info and anything I might want to ask, chances are, somebody has an answer. I go to the site every day to check new posts and read the many articles to keep me up to date on the wonderful world of sex ed!

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Gumdrop Girl
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this deserves a bump.

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Indeed. :-)

I came here a good long time ago, when a friend on Livejournal had a link to Heather's journal entry in her blog about self-image. And I thought "hey, cool" and proceeded to explore the rest of the website... somehow, eventually ending up here.

I stay because it's much more realistic about sex than most of my other education--and i've had the most extensive sex education out of anyone I know. It just all seemed to assume that we wouldn't ever actually get around to having sex, even though we were prepped to the teeth for it. So, I stick around because it's really people actually talking about having real sex, because it's interesting, and because every so often I can help out, share my experience and maybe even give some answers.

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I forgot how I got to this site, I had another site i would go to and used this one for a back up if I got bored, I used to think wow this site really strict about posting and what you say. I also thought it was a lil too err over doing the safe sex thing.

I kept coming here because the other site i was using became really not informational (entertainment site) and because this one day my boyfriend said "Lets use two condoms" I knew excatly what to say when i explained thats a BIG No no. I'm not that great at giving advice so i mostly just read and post my own questions.

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Oh I like this topic hehe
I came upon this extremely helpful site because I was ,at the time, in a relationship and sex was starting to become an interesting subject But I knew that I had to take certain precautions if I was to go about it in a safe way so I went online and somehow ended up here. And I've been wandering around this site almost everday ever since.

The topics that interest me most are the ones about LDRs, since I'm in one an all, and basically relationships in general.

A big thanks to everone who helped make this site it's the best ever!

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I came here randomly. Things were starting to get serious with my gf, so I decided I'd better start reading up on exactly what her various parts looked like and were. I did the standard google search (think my query was something like female+sex+organs or something like that). This site was towards the top of the list so I decided to check it out. Been coming back ever since.

Of course, reading the article about said sexual organs didn't help at all when it came to actually fingering her, took a few attempts to sort out what she liked. We've been together about a year and a half and I've only brought her to orgasm once, but she enjoys it each time even without that, so we just accept it.

Anyway, went off topic, nice site you've got here.

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i come here to get advice for my problems and to get educated about sex and relationships and that kind of thing. i love scarleteen, it's very useful. i came here by a recommendation through the people at missgirl (god i miss that site).

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i stumbled across this site while (like some of you other guys) i was looking for online sex-ed kinda thing. me and my bf wanted to become sexually active and it seemed like a great place to get information. i started just reading other posts, but then i joined so i could ask some questions of my own.

i stay because the people here are real, honest and concerned for the well-being of others. i can ask any questions and won't get rude responces. and i can reply to other people who are looking for help.

i think this is a great interactive site for education in areas that are often difficult to discuss with family and friends.

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I came here a few months ago through a search engine and since then I love this website. It's extremely informative and everyone is so real. The advice given is very very very good and I would recommend this website to any teenager in need of advice, information, or anything for that matter. It's a great place. Keep up the awesome work!
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Scarleteen was recommended to me by someone on the website I had a question about my personal life with my boyfriend and one of the girls said to try this site out! I recieved amazing advice my first time posting, and now I come on here whenever I have any sort of problem. I mostly use it for sexual questions to inform myself and my boyfriend, cause sometimes it is easier to ask others than someone you are close to. This website is awesome
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Atticus Girl
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I found this site recently out of a search engine, because I had plenty of unanswered questions. This is an excellent source, not only did it answer my questions but I learned a lot of things. The articles are great too.
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i found this site cause awhile ago i just happened to come across a site, and this one was the new link to the site from too many posts and something with the main person in charge (?) i cant really say. my first reason was that i wanted to know everything i could about kissing and sex, and i had a little insight of how many disseases and how so little people knew. i wanted to know to tell others. than i found out that there were many forms of sex than just intercourse, so i read up all i could about that. that led to finding out about all the types of protection and different combinations of them. now i am not a very frequent user... i come around when i am bored and it comes to mind. i post because i want to share with others the info i have come across in my few years around on earth. also i am rather opinionated and very open... and i'm sure that you can see with all of my posts that i talk a lot. i also post (not recently) but i used to just to get out things on my mind, ask questions that i wondered but was afraid to ask, and sometimes just for fun. the topics i am drawn to are the ones i actually answer. those are usually ones about exbfs, getting over ex's, mostly relationship ones, and also i read up on a few of the parent/thier kids posts. i love reading through the Sexual Ethics and Politics posts. i dont always post, but a lot of times i just read through every post. i find them really interesting.

i like to help people, and sometimes i feel like i'm doing that by posting on this site. i also love that it is not just an abstinance only site. i was able to find out that there are so many people out there that think and feel just like i do on many issues.

well... i guess in closing this post i'd just like to say:

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I found this site through a site i'm still a member of (I am 4 Teens--formerly,TCS-teenage chicken soup)..

Anyway, i come to to this site when i can. I'm very much drawn to answering posts about sex, sexuality, and relationships. I like to pass on what i feel, and what would be a good advice.

To be honest, everybody is a teacher. You learn something everyday from someone whether is a sibling, your 'rents, school officals, your friends, or the online community (sites, and IMs). We don't know everything, even our parent's don't have the answers for whatever you wanted to know.. So we do learn something from all kinds of sources..

Yes, Scarleteen has taught me a few things, just like everything and everyone i've come across to has as well.

So yeah.. i like to have some knowledge as i journey through life of things.. And i like to be informative too


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I love this site.
I found it a few years ago when I was prowling around, looking for information for a friend of mine. I found it extremely good, with a great mixture of information and entertaining writing.

I joined the boards because I liked the feel of them. Smart, informed, objective people. If there's one thing I can't stand, its sex ed websites with an "abstinence only" agenda.

The other thing I like is the way the articles are written. You don't talk to your readers like they're idiots. I respect that, because there's nothing worse than having someone give out sex education talking to you like you're a three year old. Whenever I get questions from younger people I know about sex, I send them to this website. Because I know they're going to recieve the advice they need in a mature, informative, impartial way.

Well done, because I think you're slowly changing the world.

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i come to scarleteen mostly for advice im a new comer when it comes to sexual things so i need advice its really helped me out alot....dont kno what i woulda done without it. Some of the things i ask i wouldnt be comfortable asking my own mother, this is a place where alot of it is confidential, like my name and where i live i like it cuz im not scared 2 use it.
thx scarleteen
little miss

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Gumdrop Girl
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I almost forgot till I saw my first reply...

Now I stay around because I really like talking about health and diseases ad stuff. I just like my work.

LA County STD Hotline 1.800.758.0880
Toll free STD and clinic information, and condoms sent to your door for Los Angeles County residents.
1 in 3 sexually active people will be exposed to a STD by the time they turn 24.

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I'm a moderator on another message board, and when I started I was told to refer sexual questions to this board because people here were better equipped to give useful advice. So when I had a question of my own, I figured this would be the place to start. I stuck around because I learning new things and giving advice.
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It was totally accidental, I swear

I actually typed in "sex ed" on Google for a Health class project, hoping to find an informational site. I got Scarleteen as my first hit. Guess I got what I wished for, huh?

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Natasha Lockhart
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I forget exactly how I stumbled across this site, but I found it doing some insomnia-fueled link hopping, and somehow I landed here. Ever since I was 15, I've been interested in helping my peers with sexual topics, since few people seem to adequately discuss these things with their kids anymore.

This isn't because I'm some sex fiend, or whatever, but I think I have a plethora of unique experiences that people could benefit from hearing about. I'm gay, I grew up in an ultra-conservative household having to deal with it, I have just about every fetish in the book, and I've had some pretty adventurous boyfriends in that aspect as well. I've also written dozens of articles about sexual issues aimed at high school students (mostly dealing with homosexuality and gender identity), and I worked at a call center for a teen crisis/sexual assault hotline for two years.

I think this site is wonderful, and should be shared with all teens, especially those in more conservative who may not have access to accurate information about sexuality in the real world. I hope I can find some way to contribute, and maybe meet some new friends along the way

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This seemed like a good thread for my first post. I came here because I had heard about it from other people before, and last weekend my boyfriend and I (as a friend put it) started "getting intimate" and had manual sex. Since I'm only 13, I came here to honestly learn about sex and how to protect myself. By simply reading most of the site, I found out everything I needed to know. Thanks, Scarleteen!


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i first dfound this site because me and my friends were having arguments over the average size of a boys penis as they we sayn my byfrnds .. anyways i found this site with inforamtion on it and its taught me loads and i can ask questions i cant ask anyone else n find out everyone elses opinions ..

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for some reason sex education has always interested me, i dont think you can ever know too much about sex. besides you learn here the stuff they dont talk about in school.

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(Seems fitting I should weigh in on this one, too.)

The long and the short of it is that I'm here -- and thus, Scarleteen is here -- because I feel very strongly that when every aspect of our lives and ourselves are empowered and healthy, including our sexuality, our sexual health, and our sexual relationships, and when that's true for absolutely everyone, we get to live in and nurture a much better world.

Sadly, that's a tough goal. Something like Scarleteen, for instance, isn't going to help people in places where the law, mores or policies of their land do not ALLOW them to have agency and freedom when it comes to their sexuality and sexual health. Telling people how to make sexual choices isn't very helpful for the 30+ percent of us in the world who have been raped or coerced into sex or will be, especially for women in countires where there isn't even legislation against rape, or worse still where it's not considered all that unacceptable. Information on birth control, sexual healthcare and safer sex practices is only very valuable for those who can access and afford it in the first place.

But it's a help, and it's a help I/we can provide to a lot of people fairly easily. When I first came online, there was nothing else like this at all. And now not online has this grown to dizzying proportions, there are many other resources out there for accurate young adult sex information.

And so long as I can still do this, so long as y'all keep coming here with questions you need answers for, I'll still be here.

Heather Corinna
Editor & Founder
ST homepage ST blog about Heather & Scarleteen

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I can't remember how I found the site, I think I was forwarded here by another one. But I came here to begin with almost 2 years ago when I was struggling with a new-found pregnancy at 17, and then for technical abortion information. I'm back here today because I was looking for posts I made then. LIke some women who choose abortion, I have found myself in a downward spiral and searching for help, and I found it at another board and I wanted to read some of the feelings I had when I discovered I was pregnant and the immediate feelings afterwards. Strangely they are nothing like what they are now.
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