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Author Topic: Why are you here?
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Bettie and I were on the phone the other day talking about the various reasons people come to Scarleteen and to the boards.

That given, we thought it might be fun to just ask: so, why ARE you here, anyway? Why do you post? What topics are you really drawn to, and why?

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I was becoming sexually active and I made it my goal to educate myself as much as possible. I went to a couple of websites for teens and they were okay, nothing great. Everything was real factual, like reading a book. Then I found this site and everything is so "real"... when I first saw some of the questions in Pink Slip I was like, "Omigod, I was wondering the same thing!"

No one here is made to feel stupid when they ask a question, and I think that's key. Teenagers often get into trouble because they don't know all the real answers and are quite unwilling to ask, or rather, have no one to ask. Scarleteen is sex ed heaven. Okay, I'm such a dweeb .

I also like passing on all the things I learn to other people. My boyfriend is more informed than any other guy I know . There are so misconceptions when it comes to sex and I think it's wonderful when I can pass on something that could, in some way, change someone's life. It's also quite nifty when someone asks a question and I can truthfully answer it for them. My friends at school are always like, "Geez, how did you know that?" or "Are you for real? You're lying, you can't contract a disease like that." And then they learn and are more careful next time.

Thank you Bettie, Hanne, and Miz S for this site. I think you guys do great things for many people. Thank you so much.

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I found this site through the newspaper and I thought it sounded interesting. I checked it out and sure enough it was. It's a great place to talk about problems and help others with their problems. I love the way it's so open and everything and anything can be talked about here without anyone feeling demeaned or embarrassed. I've just been on since the summer but it really feels like a community (albeit a strange internet community of people I've never met) and you get to know personalities and stories. I continue coming because it helps me out with problems and every now and then I find people with similar problems. It's a very inclusive atmosphere.
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Confused boy
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Well I found this site in a rather embarrasing way. U may remember that 1 of my first posts was about BDSM. Well quite recently i had been thinking about that side of my sexuality (and i still am). Well, out of curiosity I looked it up on a search engine in full knowledge of the results i would get back. When i went onto 1 of these websites I felt pretty sick with myself. At this time I didnt know much about this 'lifestyle.' However, on this site, somebody had decided to post a link to Scarleteen on the front page; put their almost specifically for somebody like me. I came hear. Then I read. A lot. I read the articles and then what people were posting on the forums. Then i signed up to the forums.
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HEy....Well the reason i post is because I like ot hear what u guys have to say about what i post sometimes u guys make me laugh and other time u make me nervous...but all and all u guys are great and I feel like if i ask u uys anything u wont laugh at me like my friends do i cant talk to them about masturbating i mean i can to my boyfriend but sometimes its just good to hear somethings from a girls presepctive

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I was just looking around Yahoo a year or two ago, and came across the name. Checked it out, found it really interesting, and I'm still here .
The reason I'm still here is because this site isn't what I hear in health class-not all the abstinence stuff. Here I learned all about safe sex, STD's, etc. And here, I can play a part in answering and helping other people. Besides, the people here offer a lot of support, kind of like a family.

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I like giving advice. I like getting advice (especially on personal stuff) You guys are real, fun, and individual spirits. I have met some interesting people. This is the only site I post on, because it is the only one that is cool enough!

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I found this site looking through all of the links (sister sites, whatever they are) on And that was about a year or so ago....

I stayed here because I was 14 and I didn't know that much about my body and wanted to know more about it. Its my body and felt I should understand it. Now I do understand it.

I also learned how to be safe so when I do have sex, I will be safe

I only have been posting for about a month tho. And I love this board. Everyone is so nice and understanding. I can ask questions and I will get answers and not feel weird about it or be embarressed.

I am now almost 15 and I love this site, keep up the x-celent work!

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i was looking for different things online and came across this site. i had a queston and couldnt find the answer on other sites. i started reading the articles to see the questions that other people wrote. so i asked a question and have been coming here since. you guys give really good advice and you take everyone seriously i feel very comfortable talking to you sexperts and the posters. becasue i know that everyone here is mature. i really love this site.


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I found this site through one of Heather's other sites (where gorgeous Hanne writes as well), where I had been a regular for a while already (A link said something like "under 18? We've got just the right thing for you" or something, and even though I was already 21 back then, I clicked, and saw Scarleteen and loved it) and stumbled over it again at and now I'm a regular over here is well.

I come here, because the info on Scarleteen is non-judgmental and open and respects diversity and I wish I had had something similar on hand when I started to get sexually active. You represent such a positive attitude towards all kinds sex and encourage people to make their own choices as long as they are informed choices and as long as people play it safe - and I just agree wholeheartedly with that.
Oh, and of course I have learned a thing or two as well!

Thanks Hanne & Heather & everyone else who devotes time and energy and money and whatnot to this fabulous site - you rock!!

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I just think it's fun talking about sex...
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I came from cause I was checking out their sister sites.
I stayed cause its a place to talk about anything with people that you don't have to worry about what they say cause your treated with respect.
and you make awesome friends

*~ Daisy ~*

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I like giving advice and helping people out, I think its fun, and you learn a whole bunch of things that you didnt even know about.

Plus its always good for teenagers to know all about sex, I mean you parents arent gonna go all out and tell you every little detail, because they are uncomfertable.

Also we can talk to people are age, without getting critizied. This is a good place to be!!

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Hmm ... Well i come here b/c it's fun. I feel like i know people here and i that they actually might notice if one day i just stopped posting.

I found out about this site on It's a teen run site basically just about everything and there was a sex board. Someone posted about this site and ... here i am. I was under the name AngelsBrat but i changed it and then i became and advocate and ... I'm still here. I just like coming here b/c i love giving advice. And the people here are really nice and actually have some knowledge behind the advice they give

~ Smurfy

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I've been coming to Scarleteen for a long time. I really don't remember how long. And I have been posting since early June or so.

I have always been interested in the human body. I study it a lot, so when I draw, I make them as realistic as possible. And I was interested in learning more about how I work, I guess.

I like the posts about whats happening in life today. Asking questions that everyone likes to answer and read the answers. And a lot of my questions are answered, so I learn by reading.

And I post because I can. That's the best reason of all

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I was reading Heather's wonderful article about bisexuality that was posted at a few months ago, found this site, and although I don't post much, I'm here all the time. I can't imagine how ignorant I would still be had I not found scarleteen and heather's other sites.
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Well, I don't really remember how I got here. I know that I needed an answer to a question, but I just can't remember how I got here. I don't think that matters too much though. I love this site!

I stayed on the site because if other people had the same question then I could inform them, along with other questions that I knew the answer to. It's vice versa too. I learn so much from the website from people just like me! It's great!

I really like the Village People forum. I learn so much about myself my writing. I could put it all in a journal, but if other people can relate to me then it's a bit more comforting to me and the other person.

I like talking about sex also, as someone said. I feel comfortable talking about some personal things on here.

I'm so glad I found this website. I've helped people and they've helped me. Thanks!

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The best website ever: (I am related to the founder!)

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I came here looking for advice for my friend who was in a VERY controlling relationship. After that I stuck around because I liked giving advice!

I like the boards here because they're one of the few boards where it seems like you get real useful advice and you get the real facts. I know I've learned a lot after coming here. I used to *never* make the guys I slept with wear condoms, but now I know how important it is with all the STD's and STI's out I will *always* use condoms! Also, the people here are all really cool as far as I'm concerned!

}{*Starry Ali*}{
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Gumdrop Girl
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I found the other Scarlet site and I liked what I read, but it seemed I couldn't exactly relate to the material because sex is a fairly new thing to me, or was at the time, I suppose. I found the Under 18 link and decided to snoop around. I found some useful articles that seemed relevant to the curiosity I had. And I still like it here. What a neat-O batch of people

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I came here a while ago through a site. I had always assumed that I wouldn't have sex till I was married, but then something happened and I started to question everything I know. So I came here looking for answers. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with the whole sex before marriage thing, but I found that I liked the people here and their attitudes and the great information, so I decided to stick around for a while.


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Hanne was always talking about this nifty site that she and Miz Scarlet run for these nifty teenagers, and wouldn't I just love to come check it out?

Sheesh. Suckered, er, recruited again.


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Why I come here? Open-minded views, reliable information, and cool people, just to name a few reasons.
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I'm not consciously aware of all the reasons I come and post here. Part of it is the fact that I've been at war with my family since I was a young child. Now I'm out and away from them and free. But like someone who has only known war I don't know how to stop fighting, even when the battle has been won. I want to help other people who might be dealing with difficult situations in their families or in general. But my attempts to help are sometimes tainted by my paranoid feeling that older people are generally looking to step on us. I like the idea that I can come here and do something to empower people so they don't become like their parents when they have kids of their own.

My only fear is that there might be some people here who really are doing things to cause themselves harm and their parents are truly trying to help them.

Those are the reasons I'm aware of, I'm sure there are others like the fact that I like to talk a lot.


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I'm here for the groupies.

Ya know how much the chicks dig this "advocate" badge! Ooh la la!

I think I made a thread a few months ago that sort of summed it up.

I like being here because I'd say there's good odds some of the people who come here and heeded the message, benefitted from it. To an extent, I'm helping to save people from a rather horrible death.

Shzick n.
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I feel like Im family here. Not one person had acted in anyway rude or short with me. I can ask what i need to know.

The people here are AWESOME! They dont make me feel stupid if i have a question. I remember I was searching up something porn as a joke for my friend..and this screen popped up that said if you're not 18 blah blah blah..and i pressed OK instead of CLOSE and it brought me here. And I saw i came right on in, and here i am!!!

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I came here bc i saw the the web site written on a 20 doller bill i got paid with , i thought it would be neat to come here, and i love giving and getting advice along with everyone else here

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Hmm... I think I first stumbled across this place a few years ago when looking around for some sexuality informations, but at the time I think it was for some project, so I was kinda being in a one track mind looking for stuff, and din;t explore here, nor did I really feel the need to express too much, or understand any more than I did about the sex related issues discussed here (for a vriety or reasons). Recently, I have gotten into a relationship where sex might come into it someday, and I figgured I should find out more about it (I like to know as much as a I can about anything before I get into it). I remembered this site vaguely, and found it again, and started reading through alot of it, though mainly the boards. I started posting a little while ago for reasons I'm not entirely sure of, but maybe something to do with how reckless I've seen people I know be, and my desire to help them. Either way, It's an absolutely wonderful site, and I love just hanging around here.
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I started here in June i think i heard about it from alloy...i come here to get some of the questions answered that i'm to embarrassed or uncomfortable to talk about to my parents,friends or anyone else....and just for people to talk to and get advise from......i know if i have a problem i can always come here to vent or to get some good advise from all sorts of different people coming from a bunch of different angles....i don't know what i woulda done w/out u guys or where i'd be right now but this site has helped me ALOT....i think theres a post for almost all of my questions that i've ever wanted to know and if i'm ever thinking about somthing that i'm still confused about or debatable about i come here and my head gets straightened out about everything!! THIS SITE IS THE BEST!!!

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why ARE you here, anyway?I heard about this site, and thought wow! nothing like this was around when i had problems and when i wanted to confide in someone i didnt know. I decided to check it out, and see for myself what people were asking, what advice was given etc. As you can tell by my post # im only new here. I guess you could also say curiosty was another reason i signed up. Either way. Im glad i did

Why do you post?2 try and help people where i failed to help myself. I couldnt make a difference in my life for such a long time. When i realised that i could if i tried i did, although nothing is better, im coping. I want to try and help people realise what i realised

What topics are you really drawn to, and why?Topics about depression, self-mutilation and other related problems. Im drawn to them because i feel that i may actually be able to help out because i've been their, lived and still am living with depression and other illnesses. I wanna try and make a difference, thats why im drawn to those particular topics

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About a year ago, a woman at the college I was living at was talking about installing a Net Nanny in our LAN. I opposed it on principle, but knew that a more likely way to get the woman to come around was to find educational sites that such a program would block. I didn't actually find Scarleteen in any of my searches, but a few weeks later I saw a banner add for Pink Slip, saying "sex ed for the real world". My first thought was that it was another one of those absitence preaching sites trying to look hip, but boy was I ever wrong. I was so very impressed that I stuck around. When the boards opened, it seemed natural to post on them too, although I hesitated for a little while.
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I heard about it from several places (friends, links from ChickClick) and ran into Negative Nancy who I know from (and is, I think, having her baby as we speak. You here, Nancy?)and started posting in the Pregnancy and Parenting section. I plan on teaching pregnant and parenting students, and love talking with other young moms. I just recently ventured beyond that forum, but not much...
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Ok, so i dont want to go into the details about how I found this site (lets just leave it as i was being "bad") and at first i just read some of the articles and things. I waited a month or so before i ever even visited the boards. Then i started posting and became addicted for a while. For the past few months though i hardly ever come. I dunno why, i just dont think about it anymore.

I am mostly drawn to the topics that make me feel not to... different. Like when i see someone ask a question that i always wanted to ask but never had the guts it makes me feel pretty damn good.

I post mainly cuz I like to talk... I like to give my 2 cents on everything (which has been getting me in trouble lately w/ friends)

Anywho, people who say this place feels like family are right.

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My friend recommended this site to me coz we were talking about the lousy advice given in local teenage magazines.

"No, don't have sex. Go join an extra curricular activity. You are not ready. It is bad"

So, I came on here during work and got addicted to coming on here. And after 2 months, it really feels like fmaily.

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Pinkest FLAVA
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Well everytime anyone has a body worry or a sexual problem, the mods at missgirl use information from scarleteen or recommend we check out a certain page at this site! i think its fantastic, it helps stop me worrying about little things thats for sure thanx miz scarlet :megagrin

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Why I'm here ? Well I discovered the website by seeing one of banners on some website (I don't remember which) and as I always was (and still am) curious about knowing everything in the "sexual world", I clicked and came here.

Now about the board, it's simply to interact with people, give my opinion or advice on certain subjects.

- I hope I shall be able to confide in you conpletely, as I have never been able to do in anyone before, and I hope that you will be a great support and comfort to me.

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