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Author Topic: ok whats this all about?
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I am a bit over weight meaning instead of wearing a size small i wear large, and my bra size is tripple d 45. Well for some strage reason older guys think im "hot,cute" all that kind of stuff and guys around my age (13-14) think im fat! They look at the models in like teen magazine and expect all girls to look like them. Will they ever grow up and see that most girls are not that thin?
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Congrats! You seem to be about the only woman I know of who is honestly happy about her appearance.

Kudos to you.

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For therein lies destruction of soul.

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Eventually, some guys grow up and get over the fact that not everyone looks like a model. And some don't. And really, it's their loss if they don't, because about 98% of the women in the world aren't models, don't look like models, and that's just that.

I'm not a model. I'm fat. I'm flat-out fat, no two ways about it, and that's okay too. I have a sex life, I have people who like me and think I'm sexy and interesting. Not everyone thinks I"m sexy and interesting, but that's okay too. Heaven knows I don't think all of *them* are sexy and interesting!!

I'm glad you're so happy with who you are, and you should be! THe older guys are right: you are cute and sexy. The young ones just haven't caught up to the fact that the world isn't a magazine yet. Some of them eventually will. In the meantime, I wouldn't worry about them, they're obviously kinda shallow.

Hanne Blank
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Start a Revolution -- Stop Hating Your Body!

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It's good to see that you don't let those boys who call you fat get you down! Keeping a good attitude about who you are will help you through the hard times and you'll enjoy life so much more! Be who you are!

I know I let guys get to me when I was younger. This one guy who I was crazy about in 8th grade said to me, "you're so ugly and so is your orange hair" it hurt a lot when I was younger. So, I dyed my hair black and became anorexic, and did it make things better? No. It only made it worse. So, finally I started eating healthily, let my "orange" hair grow back, and later when that same guy started liking me I said, "TOUGH, missed your chance!" Tee-hee. It was a great moment.

Never lose your good attitude!

}{*Starry Ali*}{

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Darling, it's wonderful you love your body. And if a guy EVER asks you why you don't look like a chick from a teen mag ask him why he doesn't look like a guy from GQ and politely tell him to **** off. Kay? kay. And yeah, older guys tend to be more grown up and they've discovered more about life in genral. As long as you love your body it's great!


PS: what really really makes me mad is when people say "it's great you love your body" it's not that they're saying it, it's just that it is considered unusual for a woman to love the way she looks! On another board (for ballet) I was asking what to do about some chicas that were calling me fat (not to my face) and people were saying it's amazing that I didn't let it get me down! Why should it? It's my body and I love it gosh darn it! peeve.

I'm the good girl that everyone thinks is a bad girl pretending to be a good girl :D

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PS: what really really makes me mad is when people say "it's great you love your body" it's not that they're saying it, it's just that it is considered unusual for a woman to love the way she looks!

This brought to mind an experience that I had recently at my doctor's office.

(Background: I'm fat and I'm not interested in deliberate weight change for myself, having spent roughly 10 years on one diet or another. I've also been recently diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrom [PCOS], which in part makes it more difficult for me to lose weight even if i wanted to.)

So I am in my doctor's office for a follow-up appointment, having just started some new medication a month ago. My doctor has accepted the idea that I don't want to deliberately lose weight, and she is respecting my choices. Her nurse, however...

I get on the scale and I find that in the three weeks since my last visit, I've lost four pounds. The nurse notes this, then mournfully remarks, "Well, I guess that weight will go off like it went on..."

I mention (again) that I'm not interested in deliberate weight change. (If I lose weight as a side effect of this medication and some of the lifestyle changes I've made lately, great, but I'm not actively encouraging or discouraging it.)

She says "well, I'm glad you're comfortable in your person, but you really need to lose weight."

So, apparently, I'm not allowed to be comfortable with my body or to have made decisions about not putting myself through the (for me) psychological and physical tortures of dieting because I'm fat. Also, the fact that I have lost weight was somehow not even an issue. Was she expecting me to have dropped fifty pounds in three weeks?

Unfortunately I didn't get the use of my wits back until after she'd given me a 10 minute lecture on the evils of being fat. however, I did give my doctor a good earful, and I'm ready to go back for a second round and hopefully not be quite as quiet this time.

ňnyways, my point is this: I've spent years having people tell me that my body wasn't okay, and I'm tired of it. If I'm happy with it and I'm healthy in it, it's none of their business. And if they don't want to date me or look at me or what have you, fine. I've already got an overbooked social calendar, and plenty of people who appreciate me for who I am, inside and outside.


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is no such thing as reality and then going to lunch. -- Dave Barry

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My mom is not a small woman. But she is happy with herself. She has been in the medical field for 30 years. According to the medical charts, a woman with her size should weigh 120 lbs. But at that, with her build, she looks aneroxic. Doctors go by a time-honored chart with height.They are begining to measure "unhealthy size" (I use this term liberally)by body fat. Not weight. Unfortunatly, it is going to take a long time for this to take affect all around the contry. ::sigh:: Society these days...

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I am not fat, I'm reasonably skinny, about 5ft. 7in. and size 11 womans, 125 lbs. But thats because I am built that way. I am happy with my body and with myself. I would be happy with myself if I was any size. And you should be, too.

If someone really likes you and loves you, they're going to like and love you no matter how you look.

I am not that popular with guys anyways so I don't think size even makes a difference.

~dont underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers~

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