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Author Topic: Cigarettes suck
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I kno it's just my opinion, but I personally don't see how anyone could satnd smoking. Im also kind of biased, my grandma died from lung cancer.

But, what started me on this topic is, has anyone seen the Philip Morris commercial where they claim to be doing good for the youth of America? Like, they say the pay money for anti-smoking education. But i dont pay attention in skool, so y would i kno any of that stuff. But I do see the ads for cigarettes next to the candy machines in the convience store that all the kids in my neighborhoods go to.

So what is all ur guys opinions on cigarettes?

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Lady Moonlight
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Well, I'm seriously allergic to cigarettes(and about a zillion other things) and second-hand smoke gives me a blazing headache in nothing flat, so I can't imagine actually smoking the darn cancer-sticks. Even the smell that clings to a smokers clothes gets to me.

However, I've also watched people try to quit, and I know it's tough. A couple of my friends smoke, and they're extremely considerate not to do so around me. I just hope they are able to quit before they do themselves permanent harm.

And like the guy in Clerks says, "Sure we're all gonna die sometime, but do we have to PAY for it?"

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Personally, I hate the idea of cigarette smoking. My mommy smokes, and there's something about the sight of your mom hacking up gobs of phlegm every morning that convinces you that smoking is a bad idea. Then, there was the rebellious smoking incident when I was twelve. This was when I discovered that tobacco smoke bothers me a lot more than other types of smoke, and after an hour of gasping for breath and wanting to puke, I decided never to do it again.

Then again, everyone has a right to choose how they want to live their life, including whether or not they wish to end it prematurely by sucking on cancer sticks (personally, I can think of some things I'd rather have in my mouth.... hey wait, that sounds very wrong..... ) so, I guess I'm not really anti-smoking, just pro-my right not to have cigarette smoke blown in my face. But as for good ol' Big Tobacco marketing to kids (insurance for when they *kill* their current clientele), that's just wrong. Kids are easily brainwashed.


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I don't care if other people smoke as long as they don't blow it in my face! I don't smoke, I'm 14. My mom is a really bad smoker and while she's still young (only 36) she's been smoking for over 20 years so I'm sure she'll die or get cancer soon enough. My best friend's mom smoked too and we both vowed not to ever do it because we hated the smell so much...but she just started smoking. And she's trying to get me to do it!

I think it's gross and disgusting. First of all, after having braces for 4 yeras I'm in love with my teeth, they're brace-free now and straight and pretty darn white! I want to keep them that way! I love my teeth, they're everything to me. Yeah, crazy I know, but after getting my wisdom teeth pulled last summer I decided I'd rather keep my teeth thank you.

I'd never go out with a guy that smoked either. First of all, I like guys to have nice teeth too, and yellow is not in style! Second of all, you can smell it on their breath and taste it when you kiss them. Yuck!


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I am not a fan of cigarettes either. I find them yucky, but what really peeves me is that companies have manipulated them to make them a more addictive substance than they already are. To purposely make a product that you know is damaging and advetise it as cool is just so not-cool.
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Gumdrop Girl
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odd we've had no comments from the other side of the argument. anyone in favor of cigarettes?

well, i'm not in favor. i hate all smoke. that goes for tobacco and marijuana. in fact, i'm not in favor of most mind-altering substances (it'd be hypocritical for me to say "all" since i have had a few drinks in my life)

the other night, a guy sits down next to me in the BART station. he gasped and said to me, "The cigarette companies lied to me." then i saw the tracheotomy on his throat. He wheezed and gasped as he told me how he had gotten throat cancer from years of smoking.

(fyi: a tracheotomy is a hole cut into the windpipe to allow those with severe throat problem to breathe)

i have to wonder how cool is it, really? we all know it's bad for us. it's an expensive habit. it smells foul. and cancer and lung disease on top of that?

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I'm right with you all. I'm very sensitive to cigarette smoke, I can smell it 3 rooms away.

It also really hurts when I see someone starting to smoke. Like in grade 8, when my friend admitted she had tried smoking a couple of times. I take it personally, it destroys me to see someone becoming a smoker. When I see that there's hope for someone (like they are just starting to smoke, or they are trying to quit) I nag incessantly to keep them in line. I cease to be Ms. Nice Girl. People don't realize that I'd be willing to pay them if they quit. I don't know why, but other people's health is really important to me...

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The war on tobacco and tobacco companies is as staged as it is misdirected. In some ways I think it may be an extension of the War on Drugs. A war that's been nothing but a modern day Vietnam. I don't smoke and I certainly don't do drugs. But I don't think we need the government to protect us from either of these things.

Phillip Morris isn't just a tobacco company. It is a huge conglomerate and the producer of many of the foods we buy, such as Kraft dairy products. I don't remember all the brands they own, but I did see a list that filled an entire page and these weren't obscure brands either. What do you think would happen if this company were forced to pay millions or even billions of dollars to the states or the federal government? I think the price of my tombstone pizza and keystone beer might go up a bit. So in the end we have a government with a bigger budget and greater leeway to meddle in other things, and we all get to pick up the tab. I don't know about you, but I don't particularly want to give the government more of my money, with or without a tobacco company as the middleman.

Smoking is bad for you, everyone knows this. If someone chooses to smoke it is their own doing and their own responsibility. The solution to the tobacco problem is the same as to the drug problem, there isn't one. The most you can do is educate the public as to the dangers involved in each. There are three types of people when it comes to issues like this. The first type isn't going to do the dangerous/harmful thing period. The second type might to it or might not, depending on how much they know about it. These are the people who can be reached by educating the public. The third type is going to do the harmful thing regardless of what they're told about its effects. Making that thing illegal isn't going to deter group 3. It will stop the first two groups from doing it too, but at a much greater cost than simply informing them about why its harmful.

This is why the war on drugs is a failure, it doesn't recognize the fact that people are going to do what they damned well please. You can pass laws saying all kinds of things but when it comes right down to it, you can't force someone to do something if they don't want to do it. The most you can do is talk to someone and try to convince them that what you want them to do is the smart choice for them. Some people you'll reach and convince, some don't need to be told, still others will never listen and that is just how things are.

You can protect someone from many things, but you'll never protect them from their own stupidity. This is true for the individual and even more so for groups.

Cigarettes are a very bad habit, one I hope no one here picks up on.


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I do occaisionally(sp?) smoke. But I don't see it as a bad thing. Not everyone gets lung cancer from smoking. Not everyone dies because of smoking. Some people who smoke live to be over a hundred years old. It all depends on genes. That's why the warnings only say it can, not will.

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Lady Moonlight
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If you're one of those extremely rare folks who can smoke "occasionally," count yourself lucky. Nicotene is an extremely addictive substance, worse than heroin by some accounts, and the tobacco companies add more to cigarettes than the amount that naturally occurs in tobacco, just to make sure their clientele keeps coming back for more.

I read an article ages ago (in Psychology Today, I think), the gist of which that humans have a natural drive to alter our consciousness occasionally, just like we have natural drives to eat and have sex. What we should be doing, according to this article, is devoting some energy to creating NON-ADDICTIVE substances, so that things like smoking and even taking drugs can be something people do when they want, not something they need because they're too addicted to quit. In other words, any addiction that existed would be psychological, not physical.

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