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Author Topic: What's Your Favorite Part? Episode Three
Gumdrop Girl
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Come on tell us what it is you love about your body. No negativity allowed! And if you want to see what people have written in the past, check out these links:

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I am currently muscular as all get out and I love it. My calves look like tree trunks and, for the first time ever (and for no discernable reason) I have biceps.

I still have my nice curvy hips and round stomach; even my thighs have a lot of fat over the muscle. It makes for some nice contrasts.

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I love my eyes! They're green with a nice shape. I also love my breasts. The other women in my family are really busty and tease me because my boobs are smaller and more "triangle shaped", but that's just because they're perky and happy! And who's the only one without stretch marks and sagging? Me!
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I am generally a fan of my eyes. They are quite deep-set but large, so they stand out. Dark brown, with those indigo rims and very clear clean white. I have very long black lashes and brows, although I have blonde hair naturally.

I like my nose, even though I complain about it, I wouldn't want it different. It is long and prominent with a ridge down it. It makes me unique, although I look boyish and birdy without my glasses (as in now) and my short hair.

My collarbone is also nice, it always shows, regardless of weight fluctation, and just seems graceful in its pallor. It also is a veeeeeery nice place when my girlfriend kisses it. I have had the marks, lol. [Big Grin]

Great thread, I love to read it!


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I cherish my entire upper body musculature, my calves, and my abs. I think it's healthy and very groovy for a girl to be able to sound off with, "I can do 45 pushups in 2 minutes."

I like my hair more than I used to - I finally let it grow. Thanks to the pill I finally have A Chest. And it is always nice to hear from the male species, "You have a great tuchus!"

I like my birthmarks too. My mom and us three kids all have a birthmark on the same place on one foot.

Working out consistently, and properly, does make one happier about one's body, imo.

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Hey all,

I know practically everybody says this, but I love my eyes. [Razz] Depending on the day, they're either green, blue or grey, or any combination of the three.

Also, I love my hair. Or more specifically, its colour. In sunlight, my plain brown hair has tons of blond and red highlights, and it's completely natural! [Big Grin]

I just want to add as a side note: this thread is awesome!! I think it's great for people to talk about what they like about themselves. I find myself too often having a low self-esteem, and writing in here reminds me that I do like things about myself...

And now, back to my shameless self-admiration. lol

I also love my hands. I complain to myself about them a lot, but I like that my fingers are relatively long, and that when I actually apply myself, I can make beautiful music with them. (I play piano)

I love my lips. They're always a nice rosy colour. I rarely ever wear lipstick, just gloss sometimes, cuz I really don't need to!

I'm starting to like my upper arms.. there's still a bit of flab, but I'm working on that, and they're so much more muscular than they used to be.

Ok, I'll stop now... lol

Oh! My friend just reminded me of something... On most days, I like my butt! LOL. Two guys (friends and lovers, lol) have told me that they love my butt... Guess I have no choice but to love it too!

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My boobs are my favorite parts of me, but I truly like all parts of me. Even things that aren't that great, have little things about them that I love. yay love.

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Though everyone says it, I like my eyes. I like my legs, as well.
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i love my calves, my boobs, and my arms.
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I love my hair. It's just curly enough, and ever since I hennaed it it's been the colour I always wanted it to be. I know the colour's not natural, but the fact that I chose it makes it more special to me.

I also love my larynx, diaphragm, and all the vocal apparatus that goes with them because that's what I use to sing, even if they don't always do what I want them to do. ^____^

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I love my eyes their bright blue and they seem to get brighter sometimes too i also love my nose its the perfect size for my face and i love my lil nose stud in it [Big Grin]
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oOo Lea oOo
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Nice thread!

Hmm.. I like my eyes. . Yes, as said before (many times actually) everyone says it. What can we say, though, eyes are awesome!

Mine are blue, mostly dark blue, but a shade that I have never seen before. Many people ask me how I got contacts in that shade. They never believe me. I wear glasses too, (which are also a blue) so that makes them stand out even more. Depending on my mood, my eyes darken to a deeper, dark blue (almost black) or lighten to a much lighter blue. Awesome! I love them.

I love my LOOONG hair. It is between my bra line and my pants line on my back. (Naturally blonde but I died it black . . which also really makes my eyes POP) It has waves, and is naturally curly, but they are soo loose that I can straighten it with out damaging it, which is usually what I do.

I love doing funky things with my hair. The roots are growing back in blonde and when I get about a 1/2 inch blonde, I am going to dye the roots a bright pink . . I think it'll look awesome. (I saw it in a tattoo magazine except the girl had short hair and her roots were grown in alot more than mine are and her hair was neon green)

Which reminds me that I love my back, only because it's decorated with two butterflies (on my lower back with tribal art, and one on the back of my neck at the top of my back) and a soon to be fairy on my side.

Even though I absolutely HATE feet, and even more so when someone touches mine or puts theirs on me, I love wearing flip flops (and I wear them year round . .even sometimes in the winter if it isn't snowy) .. so my toes kinda look cute when they are painted in pink, black, or some funky color.

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I think i've posted in the previous part of this thread before. But who cares, i'll say it again. It's all about positivity which i love [Big Grin]

I really cherish of what i have grown into as a woman physically. I love my eyes, my smile (I am really photographic, and hardly ever have a bad picture and very positive of a woman), my boobs (gotta love the cleavage it brings to my tops especially the sexy ones [Wink] . I think that's about all that I really love the most about my body and oh yes, my blue eyes [Big Grin]


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I LOVE my lips!!! They're nice and full but not huge. I get way too much enjoyment out of applying chapstick.

I also have the absolute sexiest hands of anyone I know. These babies are lotion commercial hands dude. [Cool] I could probably model rings with these suckers but then again they'd distract from the actual jewelry. They're just too gorgeous. They're one of those odd features you wouldn't expect to help you get a date but somehow they do. I go as far as to give each one a kiss goodnight every night. I'm not kidding.

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oooh! That's easy. My fiery red hair, definitely... at least i have SOMETHING going on. lol [Wink]
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I love my eyes..they're, like a light or something. They don't really compliment my hair as much because of a little "accident" in 6th grade (Tried dyeing my hair red and spiked..not the bed idea). But in bright light my hair still shimmers, not as much as it was like when I was two. But still, I think that I have the brightest and bluest eyes.
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I love my boobs, I have a great rack and I love to show it off. In high school a bunch of guys said that I had the best breasts in my class and they were nice about it, and not disrespectful.

I also love my lips which are lovely and full. Angelina Jolie has got nothing on these babies!

And finally I have recently discovered I have a great butt too. I love trying on new pairs of jeans and checking myself out [Smile]

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I love my butt and my upper arms. My upper arms are muscular and all with no flab [Smile] My butt gets alot of compliments at school which is nice even if I have to endure the wide load jokes from my family
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I love my skiny face and my honest, blue eyes. Also my long black hair...hell yeah, rock and roll ! [Smile] )
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I love my fat, curvy body, and I adore my hair, and my long nails, and my vulva is mindblowingly cool. I also love my butt, as does my boyfriend. I have big boobs that I really like (I also love small boobs, all breasts are great!) with awesome nipples that erect in a really full-on way, and my eyes are beautiful, I have nice eyelashes too. I almost wish I could post a list of compliments for my boyfriend, I think he is super gorgeous and I love him soo much!

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I love my hips! And I love my big, round eyes and huge eyelashes. =] I also love my long, brown hair with bleached tips!

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I like my body a lot more in general these days, but I especially like my body hair. It's fuzzy and the way it grows is unique to me. [Smile] I love the strip of hair that goes from my navel to my pubic hair (a former partner used to call it my happy trail, which still makes me happy, I like thinking about it that way). I have found it difficult to love my body hair in a culture which tells us that people with bodies like mine shouldn't have body hair at all, but meh. I like it, so there.
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I really like my general body structure, I'm built sort of long and slim was how one friend put it. I'm short, but proportionally I'm slim for my height. But that general body type is most evident in my fingers and toes, I have weirdly long fingers and toes and it's really fun and I just like noticing that sometimes.

I like my smile, I never used to smile a lot and I like how my face transforms when I do. Everything just gets softer.

And I like my freckles-I used to hate them, I had just a smattering of freckles across my nose, but they're everywhere now. I've got freckles across my arms and very light ones along my legs, and they're so much a part of me that I've grown to like them.

Often, I just like my body. I always want to laugh when I remember how a friend used to say that she was comfortable in herself, and that someone who was comfortable with themselves could do anything. I was always half-giggling, half-mystified at how she could like her body. Not because she was bad looking, but the concept was just foreign to me. My breasts were barely starting to grow and I couldn't stand them. And now when I'm getting ready to take a bath, I'll often stand in front of the mirror and just admire how I look. I'm happy with it.

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moonlight bouncing off water
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Hmm, yet again someone (me) likes their eyes. But what's not to love eyes are beautiful. Mine are hazel green and their colour varies depending on the light. I also love my long eyelashes and my eyebrows, people are always amazed when I tell them that they grow that way naturally.

I love my hair, it is curly and frizzy, but some days when it dries it turns out beautifully and it looks amazing.

I love all my beauty marks. I love my freckles.

I love the scar on my back. I had 8 hour spinal fusion surgery and it is the only external evidence of it. Being able to show off my scar is like being able to say: I had really difficult surgery, but look at me now! You'd never know where I was from looking at where I am now.

And last (for this list, but not last that I love about myself) I love my clitoris. And the rest of my reproductive system. The clitoris I love because it allows me to orgasm. The rest of my reproductive system because it will allow me to have a baby some day.


I am ME and that is the only label I need.

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