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Author Topic: The Perfect Kiss
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There is something absolutely electrifying about kissing when it's done right.

Try to recall your most amazing kiss, and share it here. I'm also interested in hearing about first kisses, since those are usually special.

I'll start:
My first kiss with my current boyfriend was magical. We'd only been going on for one day, and were staying in a hotel room together (with a bunch of friends). On Saturday night, we were sharing a bed, and after a good 3 hours of just talking and laughing, we fell asleep in one anothers arms. Then Sunday morning we woke up together...
Our eyes locked together, and it was as though the rest of the world faded. We both leaned forward at the exact same moment for the kiss. For weeks afterwards, I felt myself drifting into daydreams about that kiss... it had such perfect timing.

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my first kiss ever was terrible! the guy - who was way way way more experienced than i was - was an extremely SLOPPY kisser! [Razz] far too much tongue, wet all over, really nasty. here i thought it would be even better with someone who had so much more experience, but wow it was terrible! the moment wasn't even right, he totally dove right in before i wanted him to.

but he got less sloppy as time went on, and he made up for the bad experience when he fulfilled a dream i'd had for years (as in an actual dream that one has while sleeping) we took a walk in the park, it started to rain, and he stopped along the path and pulled me in for a kiss - it was exactly as i'd dreamt it, and it was magical!

my fav kiss thus far though was with my current boyfriend, because the stars just seemed to align for us. we were laying on the couch in each other's arms, listening to the most beautiful music, finally holding each other after 6 long months of nothing but eye contact and a slowly growing friendship. we fooled around for a good while, maybe as long as an hour, and just listened to the music, when finally he leaned in and we kissed - this is so cliche but it honestly felt like fireworks went off. [Big Grin] and it's been like that every kiss since!

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My first kiss took place on Valentine's Day at a movie theatre. I had just turned 16 I was dating my friend's older brother. We only dated for a week and a half, so I didn't consider him a boyfriend. But... we went to see Hitch. I knew he was going to do it. I kept saying in my head, "He's going to kiss me soon. He's going to kiss me soon." *Little peck on the cheek* "Omigosh, omigosh!" Then he kissed me. I still don't know what that movie was about. "Omigosh he KISSED me!" was still repeating itself in my mind. When he dropped me off home, he french kissed me....

Looking back now, I don't think I was ready for it. I don't regret it, but I don't think I was ready for it.

With my current (and only) boyfriend... it was three weeks after we met. We were cuddling and talking at the parkaid by the river when I said "I'd really love to kiss you..." He leaned over to kiss me, and I turned away, scared that I was going to mess up or that it wouldn't be pleasurable to me. Three days later, after seeing a movie and while sitting on a bench at the duckpond, he tried it again. Boy was it magical...

The first time we made out: "Sam?" "Yes?" "... I don't want you to get mad at me, but..." "... but what?" "When you kiss someone, you don't have to always use tongue." I was pretty embarrassed... must of been because of the first guy I went out with.

We're nearing our one year. Tomorrow will be the day I met him and the 18th of will be our one year.

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My first kiss was not akwy but absolutly amazing. I shared it with my first boyfriend, Ian. My mom, aunt and I had rented a house in the Hamptons, New York. My house was right on this bay, and we had a big dock by us. Ian lived down teh road with his mom and step-dad. I was 11 and he was 12. The first week i was there, we were jsut friends. We would talk about everything from masterbation to mad TV. One day, we were sitting on someone elses boat at the dock and i said "Do you have the same feelings for me as i do for you?" He said yes. We were girlfriend and boyfriend immediatly. We took walks too and fro, and after a long walk we stopped on a nearby beach. He leaned in and i followed. The feeling of being wanted was just majical. it probably was a bad kiss, considering i didnt want to make out after the first time we did it. I remember telling my mom about his braces and how they hurt my lips. IT was magical though. I couldnt imagine it happening any other way.

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oh my first kiss with my first summer romance was truly magical...and a total suprise, we had broken up a week before and i was kinda mad at him, but he kept apoligizing and we started hanging out at the party we were at, and then i went out into a daze and i was playing with my lil glowstick with my tongue, and then i looked at him and he leaned in for a kiss and stole my was soo cute in our own way it felt so right and after that we entered this weird but perfect on-off again relationship which bloomed into a very serious thing, we been together for about 2 years and now every kiss is just as magical <3

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Hmm well my first kiss was with a bloke that i'm still actually very sexually attracted to and have been for as long as i can blooming remember really. We were 15 and it was at a friend's birthday party. I'd been drinking and was starting to get a little silly and basically he tried to drop me in the swimming pool so i tipped my drink on him and ran away and when he caught up with me he just kissed me. It was quite nice really, infact it was sexy. We couldn't keep away from each other after that and ended up dating for a few weeks afterwards. If i try hard enough i can still remember how he tasted and smelled and even now when i smell the aftershave he had on i am instantly transported back to that night.

However, even though it was quite an amazing kiss it is still not the best i've had. There was the first time my lovely bloke kissed me. We'd been hanging out a few nights that week and we'd almost kissed before but then we were messing around playing catch and all of a sudden he just kissed me. It was amazing. We're still together now.

Another amazing kiss i did have though, whilst on a break from my boyfriend about two years ago was with my best friend. It was both very sweet and very hot at the same time and i often wonder what would have happened if he hadn't moved away and i had got back with my boyfriend.

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My first kiss was from my current boyfriend. It was about a year and a half ago. We'd been on about six dates, but we pretty much considered ourselves an item, considering we'd liked eachother for quite a while anyway. It was amazing, even though it was just a simple peck on the lips. I remember my lips tingling for a while afterwards, and I was rather giggly, even though I did try to conceal my giddyness whilst in front of my guy. However, it was a great moment for me.

I was very surprised that he plucked up the courage to do it, considering his dad was in my driveway watching. [Smile] I give him props for that.

It was simplistic, yet magical in its own way.

Needless to say, one year and eightmonths in, the kisses are still fabulous. [Smile]

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Mine was a few months ago with a guy id been friends with for a couple of years. We had been flirting via sms and i guess testing the water for a few months before. Then he suggested that we meet up the following evening, which i nervously agreed to knowing that this might be "it".
We went for a drive and parked at a nice lookout point and talked for a while- well mostly me nattering nervously while I could see he was thinking about how to initiate it. Then he just moved closer and put his hand to my face and drew me to him. The next few miliseconds were like slow motion and I remember thinking "omygod this is it,here we go".
Didnt have too much time to ease into things, it started kinda lively and lasted about 10 seconds before I felt his tongue draw across my lips and then move into my mouth and it was all very messy for a few minutes till we relaxed. But still was fun and so yummie. After about 30 seconds I felt a rush of tingles and just moved from kinda worrying about technique to enjoying the sensations.
After a few minutes we stopped and I was lying in his arms, then he stroked my face and started kissing again for about an hour non-stop (& including some other nice touchy-feely stuff)So talk about a crash course! Near the end we just slowed right down and kissed really softly with just lips which was the best bit.
While we both knew the situation wasnt relationship material for various reasons, our friendship is still fine and theres always knowing grins between us when in company. Wouldnt change it for the world!!

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My first kiss was when i was 10. There was this guy in my class that I was attracted to, and we were together for about a year. We used to play house on the bus ride home a lot, so we'd obviously don the mother and father role. So after a few times in that role, iwe kissed but we didn't really make a big deal of it because we weren't really in love seriously or anything.

To be honest, my first really passionate kiss and so full of love would be with my boyfriend who's now my husband. We had been friends for about almost a year, and we had been developing feelings beyond platonic for each other. One night we were walking to the park, and after just a stroll in, we lead in for a kiss (we both knew it was gonna happen) and it was AMAZING. We kissed for like 15 mins but it felt like forever for us since we had the feeling that the whole world stopped around us. That was 5 years ago, and now we're married. We still have amazing kisses since that first kiss [Big Grin]


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My first kiss was when I was 13, with my boyfriend at the time. But it was dumb and so is he so let's not talk about that one!

My most amazing kiss was the first one with my current partner. We were best friends for a long time, and my family came to know him very well. On a Saturday night, he was actually allowed to sleep over, and we were both excited. We were watching The Young Ones. I was sitting with my legs across his lap, and suddenly he just held my face in his hand and brought my lips to his. It seemed like an explosion of some sort, and we kissed for a long time. After that we kept kissing on and off the whole night and the next morning. I suppose I should have felt bad, because I was in a relationship with someone else for about 4 months where we only talked through instant message and notes. He was in a relationship too for around the same time. I used to complain about how my girlfriend was so gloomy, and I didn't know how to cheer her up. He complained that his boyfriend was gloomy and he was tired of having the happiness sucked out of him. We had crushes on each other for the longest time but didn't tell anyone. We both broke up with our then-lovers the next day, and we've been together for over a year now. Yey!

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Oh hihi I need to share this, well it was 2 days before my birthday and the guy that I was dating *who lives 30 min from my house by car* came to my house without me knowing and gave me flowers, we then went for a walk next to a train rail and he told me that he had another present for me and that I had to close my eyes and open my hands.Thats when he kissed me and the train passed besides us at the it was windy and magical!!I would daydream about it for months:P!!Oh and it was my first kiss:P
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first kisses in general never work out the way they're supose to. thats life.

I was amazed when my first last kiss was so perfect. We were at prom. having a great time, just really enjoying each other. we have been friend for awhile, and I did like him at one point but im 18, hes 15. we missed the first slow song but we didnt miss the 2nd one. we were slow dancing and he he kissed me in the middle of Lady in red. wow is all I thought! I mean I liked this kid awhile back but hes too young. It was like dream come true. and omg it was a great kiss! probably the best! so we kiss a few times, is this really happening to me? it was so perfect. I felt like i was dreaming.

of course things weren't perfect after that. He said mean things like kissing me was a mistake. but now we're together and couldn't be happier. Im moving in a few months and he said that'll probably be the end, which makes me sad. But I'm hoping he'll change his mind.

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i believe this thread was about your most amazing kiss and not your first kiss o__O

anyway. i can't recall a single occassion that could be classified as my "perfect kiss" but i do remember a few special ones (that i had with my extremely unspecial boyfriend at the time). soft kisses are absolutely my favorite, especially when your breathing is nysnc. they make my knees go weak... ahh.. <3

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Originally posted by pixeldot:
I'm also interested in hearing about first kisses, since those are usually special.

My first kiss was when I was sixteen, with my first boyfriend. We'd been dating about a week, and we were in an empty hallway about an hour after school, meeting up briefly after our respective extracurricular activities. I told him I would be going since I'd caught a glimpse of my mom's car outside, and was turning away when he said my name, softly. I looked back at him and he kissed me long and hard, right there in the hallway. It was a pretty good first kiss, I think [Smile]

I haven't had any mind-blowing perfect kisses, yet, I don't think...nothing comes to mind, really [Frown] . My current boyfriend and I don't even kiss all that much, really, although we snuggle quite a bit and we're both fine and comfy with that. Oh, my most MEMORABLE kiss, thought far from perfect, would be when that first boyfriend way back when attempted to French-kiss me without warning, and I very quite nearly bit his tounge off in surprise. Not my smoothest of moments [Smile]

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Ahh, I just got my favorite kiss on Sunday night. We, me and my 'friend' were up a hidden lake in our town that hardly anyone knows about. So we went up there to talk and chill and what not. I was standing right next to the lake, staring up at the sky and I saw the most amazing shooting star fly across the sky. Like seriously at least a minute long and huge. He told me to close my eyes and make a wish, before I knew it soon as my eyes were closed he was kissing me. That was what I was going to wish for too but I didn't have a chance. It went on forever and he was so good. I'll never forget that night under the stars. Not only that, after we sat in his 67 mustang convertible and made out to the grateful dead again under the stars.

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My favorite kiss was about a month ago. My uncle has this huge house in the wine country in Tuscany, and he said that he would let me have my sixteenth birthday party there. So I invited some friends, and the party was amazing. I spent most of it talking to my crush, and when I blew out the candels on my cake I wished for him to like me back. After almost everyone had left, he took my hand and led me outside to "take a walk". We walked barefoot through my uncle's vineyard, and the moon and the stars were so bright, and the pleasant smell of grape vines hung in the air. We didn't say a word to eachother this whole time, but after walking only a short distance, he picked me up in his arms and kissed me deeply and passionatly. After he set me down he said, "I've been wanting to do that for a long time now.". It was the most breath-taking, spine-tingling kiss I could have ever imagined. My heart flutters whenever I think about it.

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Well... this is going to sound silly, but my first "kiss" was when I was 2!! I was "engaged" to my then next door neighbour, we swore we loved each other and that we'd be together forever! We were actually best childhood friends. Of course, no french kissing; I really don't think I even knew about it. But yea, our parents even took a picture of us [Razz] . But quite honestly? I don't even remember too well :S

Have you ever played spin the bottle? DON'T! Awful, awful, AWEFUL!! My first french kisses I can remember was through that. 2 guys, both awful kissers, ugly and with personalities far from charming, to boot. Never again. I don't even consider those kisses.

My first one, really, was with my current (and only) boyfriend. There's been a lot of history between us, so I won't tell you everything about it. After a year of him being my platonic love, a few frustrations and him very shyly asking me to (finally!!) be his girlfriend, we stayed in each others arms for a while lying down on his bed without saying anything. I had my eyes closed, thinking "should I kiss him??" When I opened them, he had put his face a lot closer to mine and I panicked and backed away and closed my eyes again. After a moment, I felt him put his hand on the back of my head, and I opened my eyes just in time to see the look on his face when he pulled my face closer to kiss me. I felt dizzy. I screamed in my head "this is so hard to believe!" I think I even stopped breathing. After that we french kissed a few times. He was so nervous his mouth was dry. I wasn't too far off. I think we were both so nervous (both our first time) we couldn't fully enjoy it, and we kind of laughed. I wouldn't have had it any other way though [Smile] Both of us starting from 0.

But we've both agreed that our favourite kiss has been at the airport. We had only been dating for about 2 months, and I left on my annual trip to visit my U.S family for 3 weeks. We suffered [Razz] Oh gosh, we were so corny. But when I saw him at the airport, my heart skipped a beat and I ran out and kissed him, right there in front of everyone at the airport. That kiss made me feel warm from inside out. We kissed practically the whole way back home from the airport too. It was amazing. Very movie-like, even with my parents there watching [Smile]

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Best Kiss Evar will have its first anniversary tomorrow, in addition to the relationship it began.

After a day of hanging out with a friend who I wanted to be more, we randomly wrestled. He weighs twice as much as I do (he's diabetic), so I eventually gave up.

He said, "You know, after people fight, they usually make up with a kiss." So I opened my arms, and our lips met.

And by "our lips met", I mean he kissed me square on the nose. We had a good laugh, he then corrected himself, and we kissed for a while, then just held each other. It was awesome.

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My first kiss was pretty bad, mostly because i wasnt really prepared but because i felt really guilty for doing it *he was currently going out with some1 else* It was sooooo akward! I was in the middle of it and i was just like, what do i do! total freakout lmao. after he walked me home he frenched me one more time then left. When he was outta site, i spat on the ground cause it tasted so gross! hahahaha!, but now i really enjoy kissing and i love it, just first time can b so gross.
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yeah umm my first kis wasnt so pleasant. I dont even remember his name it was justf a spin the bottle game we were playing and I felt really stupid I had never kissed a guy before in my life so I played with them. this guy was one of those raver punk kids and I thought he was so cool, he stuck his tongue in my mouth and I didnt know what to do...I was embarrassed cause I knew I seemed like a bad kisser and I hate being bad at anything but he came up to me later that night to kiss me again and again I wasnt prepared...

my favorite kiss in my current bf, when he just randomly looks into my eyes and just kisses me lightly on the forehead or cheek I swoon its like hes saying "I like you because youre a wonderful person not your body" but makeout sessions never really were a big deal to me

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haha my first kiss was pretty funny actually. i was 13- and it was the LAST day of summer. There was a guy i completely infatuated with and we decided to go to the movies that night with a tonnn of people. Well... there was an elderly couple behind us so Matt, the boy, decided to move to the front row so we "wouldnt be directly in front of the old people" without thinking that half of my class would see it. When it eventually happened, we were both so nervous and he went in SO fast i had no idea what i was doing. I later found out i bit his tounge and knocked his teeth. Im surprised we actually made out one more time a few weeks later after that haha for the last time i might add.

My favorite kiss, or series of kisses, would have to be a few weeks ago with my boyfriend of four months. I had just a wonderful evening with him... and the time we spent after dinner was just amazing since we just connected so unusually well... and our kisses were just...perfect. Sorry for being so corny haha:)

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My first kiss (outside of truth/dare, of course)... I was 15, and it was after school in front of the student union with my boyfriend of two weeks. We broke up two weeks later. There really was not anything special about it like... at all.

My first kiss with the first person I fell in love with was amazing, yet horribly cheesy. It was, literally, at the top of the ferris wheel at an amusement park, and there literally were fireworks because there was a band performing with some pyrotechnics.

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My first kiss was just a few months ago...
This guy I was interested in and I had a class together and so on the last day (i was afraid i was runnin out of time) I asked if he would stay after so I could tell him a funny story.

So he waited for me, and he walked me out to my car, and everything was going great (i was funny!). When we got to my car i asked where he was parked and he said in a lot far away. I asked him if he wanted me to drive him over there... he said yeah... and i did. we ended up talking for another half hour before he had to leave to go to work. We exchanged #s, and he surprised me with a hug before he got out of my car. This is the convo that followed:

Me: hey, like my specs? (i had just put sunglasses on)
him: yeah, cutie
me: (gives him a weird look)
him: what?
me: are you serious?
him: (comes over and leans in the passenger window) So what if i am?
me: (laugh and smack his baseball hat, and then teasing)oh, what now??
him: oh, THAT's it!! (walks around to my side of the car and leans in the window)
him: what did you say?
me: oh, what now?
him: i'll kill you (don't worry, he was KIDDING)
me: no, you won't
him: i'll kill you
me: mmm... i don't think so
THEN he leaned forward and kissed me!!
and i completely ruined the moment by saying "yeah, um, that was my first kiss, so, um, i hope i wasn't bad at it, um, yeah..."
he said that "it happens" and then i said "well, you'll just have to teach me" and i pulled him in for another kiss.

I just realized how LONG this post is-hope i haven't bored you to death, and thanks for staying with me this long. The only thing left to say is that it did not end happily ever after. I went over to his house a week later and we made out--it was awkward and i don't think that good, but i dont have anything to compare it to... and THEN he drops the bombshell that he wasn't comfy with me laying my head on his chest because he wasn't over his ex. (but obviously, making out is ok...) so whatever i was hoping for he just crushed into an itty bitty little ball and made me eat it. i felt used. but i try to remember the kiss and not the horrible time at his house.

thank you for sticking with me for so long--love ya lots!

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I don't know if this actually fits in with the discussion but actually I'm really scared to-- I mean, all my friends have already gotten "their first kiss" but I still haven't and am 15.

I'm scared to like.... mess up or something.

Does anyone have any advice?

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My first and best kiss was when I was 21! So don't worry about being 15 and still waiting for it. Just like you I had wanted to do it much earlier but put it off because of fear I might mess up. My friend and I used to date and despite breaking up (officially) we still act like a couple most of the time. We were in my car talking until about 3:30am when she asked me why I had never kissed her. I told her I was afraid I might mess it up having never kissed anyone before and knowing that she had made it all the more scary. She understood and was sympathetic. Then she asked me "do you want to?" so I did. It was nothing like what you see on TV. We weren't dating at the time, we didn't date as a result there were no tongues and the last thing she ate was onion rings (maybe that's why there was no tongue). Yet it was everything I had expected from a first kiss and I'll treasure it forever.

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cherry berry
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my first kiss was when i was 14. it was with my friend who is also the most GorGEouS guy i know (figures hes bi). it was just a couple pecks on the lips. i was sooo shy. it was kind of sad though because the next day he told me he realized he didn't like me as more than a friend

my most amazing kisses so far have been with my current boyfriend [Smile] they don't happen at some awesome place or whatever. they're just normal kisses but what makes them amazing is that i like him so much and i know he likes me back [Smile]

Originally posted by hellokitty17:
I don't know if this actually fits in with the discussion but actually I'm really scared to-- I mean, all my friends have already gotten "their first kiss" but I still haven't and am 15.

I'm scared to like.... mess up or something.

Does anyone have any advice?

you'll hate me for saying this but.. just don't worry about it lol it seriously does come naturally to you. and if you don't know what to do just do nothing and pay attention to what they're doing until you catch on.
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To Cherryberry:
Thanks. ^_^ I guess it's nothing to worry about and all but... Can never help but BE nervous.

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I have very fond memories of my first kiss... It happened Dec 4, 2004 (I wrote about it in my diary... yes, I know I'm a nerd [Razz] ) I was hanging out with my partner at his apt, and we were cuddling. I was so nervous about everything. I was asking myself so many questions (Omg, is this really happening? What do I do if he tries to kiss me? What if he doesn't?) At the same time though, I was so happy this was happening, since by that point, I had liked him for months.

So anyways, we were cuddling, and he was rubbing my back, and my neck, and eventually, he tilted my head up, our lips met, and it was like magic! I know that sounds really cheesy, but it was awesome.

As for my most amazing kiss, I'd have to say that happened just last night. There was a huge thunder storm with lots of lightning, and it was pouring rain. This same guy and I went for walk, and got completely soaked. Was such a fun adventure. We ended up in a park, under a tree, near a picnic table, and we kissed there. It was so passionate. It felt like we were the only two people on the planet at that moment, and we had our own personal sound and light show.

Makes me all happy to think about that. [Big Grin]

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My first ever kiss attempt: his lips felt like earthworms! Awful of me, I know.

The second time: in front of the mall, late at night. He was nervous.
Me: "If you want to kiss me, go ahead." Nice and warm smooching. That kid taught me how to kiss!

With my current bf, after a whole afternoon together, we sat on my couch, he tickled me, we wrestled, our heart rates went way up.

Me - "You know where this is going, right?"
Him - devilish grin
WHAM! What a kiss. We made out for five hours.

p.s. Hello Kitty, don't worry about it... I was almost 23 before I got my first full-on-mouth kiss, so you're not behind any kind of power curve.

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I'm like HelloKitty17 in many ways. I haven't had a "first kiss". I have kissed some guys before but I was only 12 and the guy was a total jerk. I'm constantly telling my best friend not to tell me about kissing because I haven't had one yet. I'm not worried about it but I really wish that she wouldn't talk about it. And another it normal for teen girls to come up with deals that include getting to know somebody just to do it? I'm in on it but I'm "guy shy". I guess that's all that I hafta say.

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LOL.Don't worry HelloKitty17.I'm 15 and still haven't gotten my first kiss either.

Even though it's weird,because all my friends tease me about not having my first kiss yet(they
are in their 20's and have husbands/boyfriends).

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I had two horrrrrrrible relationships before my current boyfriend. I had kissed a bunch of guys (cause I like kissing!), but I was his first, and it seriously was the cutest, most innocent kiss I'd ever had/seen.

My friend, Eric(my boyfriend), and I went to the mall and just played around. When we were walking, I kept trying to hold his hand, and he is horribly oblivious to other people's attraction to him, but I finally got the nerve to just grab it. We all walked home together, whilst hand in hand. We went to my friends house, and she did some weird rock thing (she thought she was wiccan at the time), and said if the rock worked, we would know.

He had to get going, so we started walking. We just held hands all the way to my house. He walked me up to my door, and told me "I had an amazing time tonight" and I breathed out a "yeah". He leaned over to kiss me, I started going on my tippy toes to kiss him (he's 6'3; I'm 5'4)...and my forehead SMACKS against his chin. We laugh, and say, "Lets try that again"...and it was PERFECTION the second time! It was a split second kiss (he was REALLY nervous), but it was so cute and sweet!

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The Perfect Kiss....Let me set the scene...I started the day off with the longest breakfast shift a waitress could handle, picked my boyfriend up from the airport(he lives in TN and I'm in NJ) and his plane was an hour late, my birthday is 3 days away and thats why he was flying in, I was turning seventeen. We get home and the house is dark, my moms in the basement, but all the lights are off, we walk down the stairs to the basement and i flip on the light...twenty something people scream happy birthday. There are streamers and the whole nine yards...somebody starts my stero system blaring Fall Out Boy and a few mixed Cds fall into the shuffle....People are dancing and her and i are talking by the stairs, i've got a hand on his shoulder, the other on his upper arm and his arms are around my waist..we're about the same height. He leans foward and kisses me, just bearly touching my lips before one of my best friends who was casing my little brother(his 15) around the room, crashes into us and groans about how we're already all over each other as we kind of stumble and hit the wall because she's knocked us off balance. We both laugh and he pulls me a little closer to 'try again'.

it was the sweetest thing, and it was so typically us, We've been together of 16 months and that happened this summer. It was the first time we had kissed, but we'd both kissed other people.

As for my first kiss...

it was pretty bad, i was a freshmen, my current 'boyfriend' was 3 years older then me, and far more experianced. Our noses bumped because he tried to kiss me while i was turned away from him and rather up-set at him for leaving me with some of him friends that i didn't know so that he could go talk to his ex.

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weeell, it happened when i was 13, my first kiss, and yeah, NOTHING special in it. It was with a guy (which i dated only for a month after that kiss) i had known for a year, but we weren't really close, just acquaintances.

I found him hot and one of his friend's noticed, so he arranged for us to kiss at a party. Yes, actually ARRANGED TO KISS, like it was an apointment or sth. Anyway, he arrived 2 hours late to the party, so i was friggin' nervous when he finally met me.

We danced for like 30 seconds ( xDDDD ) and then he said "shall we go?" and we just leaned on a wall and kissed. At first i was SO worried i'd eventually messed up that i did! Our teeth clanged and somehow, i felt like i was a lousy kisser, though i enjoyed it.

Anyway, in the month we were dating i really didn't feel any sparks, chemistry or anything of that sort with this guy. He's the only one i've kissed, so i can't really compare, but i can tell you there was no great thing about those kisses. Oh, that first time, we french kissed. He was 3 years older, so i was reaaaally worried about his past experiences xD.

To hellokitty17, don't worry, you'll get the opportunity eventually! now just enjoy your life and don't let your friends tease you about it!

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My first kiss: the guy I had the biggest crush on of my life, who I wasn't sure even liked me "in that way" was over at my house and we were just hanging out as friends. And we were watching a movie, and he started cuddling with me and then all of a sudden he kissed me and ahhhh that warm tingly feeling lasted for days!! Ha and we're still going out 4 months later..
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