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Author Topic: Sweet things you've done for your lover
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I've had the honor of seeing so many different ways of showing a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/parent/etc. how much you care about them. Roses, cards, kisses, words. Sure, they're all great.

But I've had a greater honor of seeing even more unique ways of doing such things. Especially when dealing with boyfriends/girlfriends.
A good friend who I used to go to school with used to bring plastic sporks from the lunchroom and give them to her boyfriend. (haha, and this was when we were seniors) It was a cute/silly/odd gesture. But I also thought it was a very unique way to say 'I love you and I was thinking of you today'.
With my boyfriend, sometimes we'll write random notes in each other's sketch books with the other isn't looking. Then next time we go to draw, it's a nice surprise.

That's just some of the stuff. I know you don't have to do something 'unique' to show someone you love them. But I think it's nice to show you care in more than just a 'traditional' way sometimes. Flowers and candy don't always match up against a spork and a cuddle session.

Love me! I'm cute. ^_^

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the sweetest thing?
i think one of the sweetests things my lovey-dork did was call me up on the night of the full moon. he told me to go outside on the cordless phone and look up. when i saw the moon he said "its yours." the next day he had written a paper up certifying my ownership of the moon.
the next week i took out my sketchbook (art is my life) and went off on a total catharsis, writing down everything that came to mind, most of it involving him. i drew little pictures on it for him, then gave it to him the next day. when he read it, he started crying and told me it was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever said to him.
god, now i'm depressed cause he's not here...


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Hehe ... I always think the word 'lover' sounds funner. My friends and i often refer to one another as 'my lover' or 'her/his lover' so its kinda lost it's meaning and gained a new, funnier, one. For me, anyway.

Umm ... I try to do sweet things once in a while, if i remember! I like it when he does them for me, so i try to return the favour. Recently he was told he was kicked out of college. His parents went berserk on him, most of his friends were saying "told ya so" and he felt pretty bummed. I was talking to him on the phone one nite and he said he was leaving to go back to his aunts (where he's living while going to college) and he wouldn't be able to talk to me til the next day. I hung up, thought about it for a while, called his cell phone and left a message. I knew he wasn't going to pick up the phone, and i NEVER leave messages, but this time was different. I told him that i loved him so much and i didn't care if he's not going to be a cop (what he was going to college for) and that i would support him in whatever he chose to do. He called me the next day and said that he was surprised that i'd left a message at all and that i'd almost made him cry

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Hey all! Well, do all of you get the surveys in your email box that ask what your favorite pepsi product is, what kind of snack food you prefer, and what the single most embarrasing moment in your life has been? Well, when I recieve the surveys, I always fill them out, and send them to my entire address book. On one occasion, one of the questions was what your favorite type of flower was. I gushed about how I loved yellow roses and thought they were just gorgeous. Well, all of this was months before my boyfriend and I started "talking." On one occasion he mentioned that he didn't read all the surveys people sent him, only the special ones, and I was *sad*. Well, on our one month anniversary, he asked me to walk him to his grandmothers car. (He is 15 and rides home with her, and I'm 17 and drive myself) I reached her window and I was expecting the usual family introduction, but she presented my boyfriend with a bunch of yellow roses and he then handed them to me and said "happy anniversary baby" I almost cried! He DID read my survey!!

"Girl you can pick a field full of daisies...but he'd still be my baby!" ~Dream


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My guy "stole" Easy Mac for me (I get an odd craving for fake cheese sometimes) from his friends down the hall (we live in the same dorm). He also brought me a 20 ft extension cord so that I could plug in my Christmas lights. Oh, college love! =)

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Well, I've never had a boyfriend or lover in the actual sense. . . Hmm, just false starts. But still, right now there's a boy who I really care about, who feels the same for me. The sweetest things are numerous, because he's darling, even though they are not particularly spectacular. . .
He held my hand in the movies when no one special had ever held my hand before. And I was the first person he gave his picture too, with a message on the back "You're on of the nicest person I've met," mid-sentence changing his mind from one of the nicest people, to nicest person. Then, he defended me when a friend teased me about being evil. Touching my shoulder, calling me nice.

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For Valentine's Day, I fileed a box full of 258 valentines, all with reasons I like him, why he was a good guy, etc. Added chocolate too for good measure.

Long distance Birthday: I put all the makings of a party in a giant envelope. Invitations, loot bag, party hats, forks for cake, you name it.

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Last night, my new boyfriend asked me what my least favorite day of the week was and why. This afternoon, he came to my house and left a pair of earings on my doorstep with a note saying that he hoped that he had improved my Tuesday, and that he was sorry he didn't have more time to spend cheering me up. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
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I love leaving notes on my boyfriend's car. The first time I left him a note on the back of a deposit slip for the bank, he thought it was a parking ticket, but his anger was quickly changed into love when he figured out it was a love note! For our 6 month anniversary I left him a Polaroid of the ducks we some times feed at "our park" on his dashboard. He still has it. And finally... for Christmas I gave him some gifts and then a card that had a sumo wrestler on it. I filled the inside with tiny words telling him all the ways I loved him. He said after I left he read it again and cried!
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this is a fun thread, but we have some just like it in the faq. i just bumped it for y'all.

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my last boyfriend couldn't take me out for our two year anniversary so he took me back to his house where he'd cooked my favourite dinner and then later on he let me watch my favourite film, even though he hates it and then when i fell asleep on the sofa he carried me upstairs to bed. When i woke up in the morning he was laid next to me. I thought that was really sweet because it showed me just how much he wanted me to be happy by letting me do what i wanted for a change rather than always watching the car movies or scary movies and always me having to cook for us even though it's his house.

Also an old lover of mine, even though we werent together, knew i was going to have a rough day because i had exams (which i hate having to sit. I tend to get quite ill in exams) so he left me a message on my phone telling me that it would be alright and that if i wanted to i could call him any time later in the day and he would just chat away. Then the next day he left another message just to say he hoped i was better today and that he would come to my house later on. When he turned up he had a bottle of pink wine and an antique copy of Jane Eyre for me.

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my boyfriend really enjoys cooking, especially for me... he'll cook and bake and whip up all kinds of things, and he'll insist that he do all the work and just let me relax and enjoy myself. he's a great lil' cook, and i love food! "a key to a gal's heart..."
my favorite thing he's done would probably be when he gave me a picture frame with a drawing inside it of us doing our "musical stuff" (him singing, me playing sax) since we don't have any pics of us together yet. that was his hint that we're going to get pics soon. he's a dork, and i love him. lol

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Hand crafted a necklace with ebony beads, dremelled, painted on one side, fabric covered on one side, gold pointilsm on one side, and silver plated on one side with PMC.

The craftmanship wasn't great, but what can you expect for me making it? The precious metal clay was difficult to work with. There were times where I had a piece of gold wire the size of a size 12 I on this form and would look at and say "Too big, lets cut it in half". But the thought and effort meant something.

I am a 17 year old male practitioner of BDSMLNOPQRSTUV...
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I am a sadist (60%) I am a masochist (40%)
I am bisexual, or bipermissive. (75% heterosexual, 25% homosexual).

I seek no conflict outside my bedroom walls.

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One thing that sticks out in my mind as really sweet probably doesn't seem that way to anyone else. My boyfriend is incredibly shy. He doesn't say much, even to me. The only reason he talked to me the night we met is because he had a couple drinks in him. He's definitely not the kind of person to share his feelings really well.

It sucks because I'm a sucker for a sweet talker, and he just isn't a sweet talker.

For my last birthday, he bought me a birthday card that was so descriptive of how much he loved me that I just melted when I read it. I know that it was written by someone else, but as I was reading it I just felt like he was whispering all of the words in my ear and I knew that he meant them. I understand that he just can't bring himself to say the words out loud and that's just fine with me. I know that it probably took a lot of guts on his part just to sign the words "love always" at the bottom of the card.

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one time i was hanging out with a bunch of my friends (doing stupid stuff, but having alot of fun ) when my girlfriend called my cell phone. she told me how upset she was b/c she felt really sick and couldnt leave the house. then her mom needed to use the phone and she had to get off. after this i walked to a nice little place and bought some home made chicken-noodle soup, then walked across town to her house and gave it to her.

she still brings it up sometimes when she tells me how much she loves me

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