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Author Topic: Roommate Experiences!
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Hey, everyone!

In the past there have been a few random topics on issues people have had with roommates. Now a lot of us have had college, university, boarding school, or private school roommates and some of us have had wonderful experiences while others' are just terrible. Whether it's sharing an apartment or a dorm room, it can be really interesting sharing a home with a stranger.

If you've had problems, share them and explain how you managed to work through them. If you've had successes, tell us about them.

Right now I'm in my first year of university very far away from my home and I'm sharing a very small dorm room. I've had mixed experiences with my roommate. When we first met it was awesome and we got along really well, but now the honeymoon period is over and a lot of issues have come up. She talks on the phone to her long-distance boyfriend for hours and he calls in the wee hours of the night and morning. She sometimes has a very bad attitude problem as well. But now she's going home at the end of the semester, so I suppose those problems are solved. On the other hand, I'm certainly not the perfect roommate as I can be a bit of a slob as well as the fact that my boyfriend is here as well so we get to spend a lot of time together.

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Well its my first yr at college also. When I first moved in my dorm, me and my roomate requested to be together. We met at open house, and got along well. We even went out in the summer a few times. Well as soon as I moved in I knew there was gonna be problems. She has a bf and is very obsessed with him. She was talking to him constantly, every minute she did no see him she talked to him. Which left me NO time to talk to mine, cuz she was talking to hers. She then mentioned to me that he would be staying almost every night in our room. That was it. I said FORGET IT! I will not live with a guy. You know I need my privacy too. Well that whole first night we were together we were fighthing. Great way to start a fist night at college. Well I couldent take it. I talked to my RA, and we managed to get me a single, which worked out well with my illness. Well now that we dont room together we get along fine. We actually are friends... weird huh!!!
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I was at boarding school a few years ago, and I shared a room with a girl who turned out to be my 7th cousin (it was a really small school & town).

Anyway, my experiences were fairly good, except I snored and alot of nights she'd go and sleep on the couch. I've had my adenoids out since then thankfully.

Our only real fight was when I was talking to the boarding parents' daughter about how my roomate like her brother (she knew this already) and we were just saying how wierd it was when one of your friends liked a sibling. It wasn't anything personal. Turns out my roomate was standing outside, around the corner, and she got really upset. When we came out we aswked if she wanted to play cards, she yelled at us and hid in our room. Then the boarding parents' daughter went in to straighten things out and got into a screaming argument. They both cae out crying and I felt guilty for not going in with her. I went and hid in the common room toilet and cried, and people thought I had run away. When I came out the boarding parents said it was okay, I hadn't done anything wrong.

I guess it was much harder to keep on good terms with 20 people then it was to be on okay terms with hundreds of them. The strict religious factor didn't help much. I did meet the girl that sparked my bicuriousity when I was at the school though (I was days away from my parents).

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Hello all

I lived in a tiny dorm room with a roommate for a year when I was 18... Although she wasn't the easiest person to live with either (hogged the phone for hours on end, seemed genuinely surprised that turning the light on at 3 am would wake me up, and other "cute" annoying little things), I know I was a terrible roommate.

I think the main thing I did wrong was trying too hard to be friends with her. I had lots of problems to deal with that year, and I guess I was way too desperate for a listening ear. She was too polite to brush me off and tell me that sharing a room with her didn't automagically create a connection with her, and so towards the last months the atmosphere was quite tense.

So my hard-earned "wisdom" ( ) is: don't assume that the person you room with will love you just because they get to hear you snore.

Just my $0.02

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Hoo boy. Where do I start?

I went to a boarding school for two years. I am not there anymore. I have had 4 roommates, three of whom were total sweeties (I'm not a lesbian!) and one is the reason I'm not there anymore.

Roommate #1 was a rocker girl from Texas. Really really really smart and down-to-earth but got the suckiest grades. She was really weird, which I think was cool, and had the best taste in music. Being only 13-14 when I knew her, I hadn't discovered most heavy metal music and stuff yet. I still remember songs she used to listen to by heart even though I haven't heard them more then twice. She had to move out because she had a few psychological problems (then again, don't we all?) in that she was a total insomniac when there's another person in the room. But she was really nice about breaking the news to me. We were still friends after she moved.

Roommate #2 was a Japanese student. She hated me at first because she thought I smelled bad but it turned out it was just our eternally stinky room (it's famous around campus for its stench). When we got to know each other's real body odors, we became good friends. I helped her with her English, she taught me some Japanese (I am still learning it, I love the language!) I also helped her with strange American foods and holidays. (I helped her survive April Fool's Day, it exists in Japan but isn't a big thing.)

Roommate #3 tried to kill me. Literally.

Roommate #4 offered me her room to escape from Roommate #3. She was a German student who spoke EXCELLENT English. She came over to my house and spent New Years 2000 with me. She hugged me and cared for me like a mom when I went through my first major rejection by a guy, and I gave her advice on how to feel better about herself and her body image. (She was stick thin and always complaining, poor girl...)

Right now I'm living at home and going to a local High School (That Roommate #3 kinda wouldn't quit...) I have my own room for the first time since my sister was born and frankly I love it! But I'm savoring my independence for now so I can go off to college and meet Roommate(s) #5.

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Well... I think I have more scary roommate stories than anybody else I know, and I haven't even been in college for a semester. You might remember me talking abotu my roommate and her boyfriend. Well, she eventually got me kicked out of our room... Very maliciously, I might add. Not for being a bad roommate, exactly... It's a very, very long story, but the girl who was painfully difficult to live with got ME kicked out.

Then I was moved to another room with a girl who thought we were automatically best friends because we were living together (she hadn't had a roommate before and was over zealous about the whole thing when I just wanted to be alone after the previous shebazzle). She had other quirks, too... Like, every night she would dry shave on her bed. It was completely disgusting. And if I was ever on the phone, she would join the conversation. I'm a very private and quiet person, and it irked me quite a bit to have to talk even more softly than usual to avoid having her put in her two cents for my conversations. Didn't have to put up with that for very long, though, because they moved me out of that room in less than a week for other reasons pertaining to the other roommate.

I'm presently living with my sister and her roommate in their 2-bedroom apartment. We haven't shared a room since I was 5, so you can imagine how uncomfortable it is.

But, really... If I could tell anybody anything about roommates, it would be to alwaysalwaysalways communicate. I know I had given up on communication with my roommate, but it indirectly got me in a lot of trouble. The tension in the room grew to exponential amounts, and she ended up getting me thrown out instead of waiting until one of us could move out. And honestly, the fact that she never really told me about her problems with me as a roommate hurts the most. I know I wasn't perfect, and I did mess up a bit, but she never gave me the chance to straighten up. If she would have talked to me, I would have tried to change. Unlike her, who just got even worse when I tried to talk to her about my problems with the room. Alas, I must stop complaining at some point... Goodnight, all.

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My first semester away at College, I had one of those "Roommates From Hell" -- She kept her side of the room an absolute MESS! Im not exactly Miss SpicNSpan, but it looked like a tornado had ripped through there. She also didn't bathe on a regular basis - thank GOD for the bottle of Fabreeze that my mom sent with me
My 2nd semester, I was roomies with this girl, Margaret. She was such a total "goodie goodie." She kept trying to get me introuble with my R.A, for having things were not allowed. Plus she'd bitch at me for being up all night long! <I was quiet though>
Now, Im about to move into a 2 bedroom apartment with my bestfriend in the whole entire world. We've been living together at my parents house for the last 2 months, and it's been a blast Im really excited!
Well, those are my roomie stories, hopefully, I'll live with my bestfriend forever and wont have to have any TRAGIC roomie tales.

Good Times :)

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