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Author Topic: What makes your partner special!?!?!
Stars N Stripes
Member # 5286

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What makes your partner special!? What does s/he do to comfort you? and so on.....

Well lets see.... My boyfriend is great. He will hug me randomly, which I love. And hell just hold me in his arms. When Im sick hell try to comfort me any way he can! Hes the best!

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Gumdrop Girl
Scarleteen Volunteer
Member # 568

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my boy is very affectionate. i've never had anyone like that. it's nice. he's also really smart, so we have great conversations about literature, current events, art, and what not. and he's a great cook -- what's not to love about that?

A waist is a terrible thing to mind.

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I think it's incredibly cute that my man can't cook.

I love everything about my man.

For one, he's really tall (6'8) and thin, which I'm strangely attracted to, kinda makes me feel, I dunno, cute, because I'm 5'2. I also like the fact that he's really sensitive (sometimes he's a bit too sensitive and it gets on my nerves). He is always telling me he loves me and how much I mean to him. One time I was crying, and he started crying too, I mean we were both streaming in tears and he was trying so hard to hide it because he didn't want me to cry even more. He always tries to make things right, even if it's beyond his power. I love the fact that he goes to church every Sunday and always has stories to tell. I like how I can give him something so small, that costs virtually nothing, and he loves it so much and praises me for it. He makes me feel so cute and sexy and stuff when I tell him what I'm wearing or what I'm buying and he goes "mmmmm" and let's me know how much I turn him on. I like the fact that I can belch in front of him and he thinks it's "sexy and cute" and how when I giggle, it drives him wild because my giggles are so high-pitched. I like his happy trail (hehe).

I like the fact that I literally have him around a leash, he does anything and everything I ask him. I really like helping him out in his tough situations too, and I like the fact that he is very open with everything. Very importantly, I love the fact that he makes me feel beautiful and doesn't care about my obesity.

There are so many other qualities about him that I love, but it would take up about 100 pages to finish them all.


An Evanescent Beauty That Will Never Flee

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Member # 3250

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What makes my partner special is that he's willing to share his entire life with me. Everything from his past to his opinions on marketing - he's willing to share it with me. And being able to show someone your true self is definately something special - something no one else can see!
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Member # 5065

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That he listens to me!!

He is the first male I have ever been friends with or known that listens to everything I say and we can tell each other anything that is bothering us.

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Member # 5092

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I have a great boyfriend too! We have our problems of course, but he is just sucha sweet guy, which most people don't know because he LOOKS pretty scary.. he is 6'4" and 200+ lbs. and just.... SCARY looking. Haha!

He is a really good dad to our baby, not just changing his share of diapers and that kind of thing but going above and beyond. He sings songs, makes up funny stories for her. He takes really good care of me too, if I am stressed out I don't even have to ask him, he will take our baby out for a few hours so that I can be alone.

He gives really awesome massages mmmmmm baby mama needs those.

Once when I was on the rag having some deathly painful PMS, he went to the store to get me some Midol or something, and brought me back PINK frosted cookies from the store "because pink is for girls and so is Midol".. lol! It was really funny.

Anyway, it is good to see y'all writing nice positive things about your SO, I hear a lot of people complaining sometimes. Haha!

Judy & baby Eska

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Nocturnal Kitten
Member # 5316

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Well, he's not really my boyfriend since we're kind of in a transitional stage right now. We have been together several times before and you wouldn't be able to tell that we are not together because we are still so affectionate.

But, anyway. He's special because he gets me to open up and be myself. He knows nearly everything about me (what I didn't forget, at least) and has never critisised me for my weird quirks, which my first boyfriend used to rip into me about. I feel at ease whenever I am talking to him. It's like he calms me when I am tense or my mind is chaotic.

We also have an unspoken connetion that is rather hard to explain. It's liek we know what the other is feeling sometimes, which is odd considering we live in seperate states, him in Florida and I in OK, and we've never met. Last December, I found myself rather distressed during one of my panicy moments, which I later found out were anxiety attacks, and was about to go nuts from it. It was very early in the morning, I couldn't call anyone I would normally talk to in times like that. So, it was rather unexpected when the phone rang. It was him. He explained that he had woken up with the feeling that he should call me and he couldn't ignore it. It was really odd. Nothing like that had ever happened before, yet it has happened several times since.

It took so long to remember just what happened.
I was so young and vestal then.

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Member # 4571

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well, my bf is my soulmate. He understands me before i bother to say anything.
we had this one incident where i walked over to the phone to call him, picked it up and heard no tones. i go hello? and he answers! he had called me and i picked up the phone before it had a chance to ring.... it was SO freaky.
but it wasnt the first time stuff like that happens
we finish each others sentences....nehow i love him

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Member # 3815

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I like the way my guy is a perfect complement to my personality. You see, I'm a very - as he puts it - zany bordering on crazy person; I'm very random, and nobody ever really knows what to expect around me. I've had problems with other boyfriends before who couldn't cope with spontaneity, or were wierded out by my eccentricities, but not this one...he's spur-of-the-moment, but not as oddball as I am, so it's not like we're competing. It's really nice - I can be myself around him, and not have to tone it down at all, and he can totally handle it.


Nobody knows what you know, nobody's seen what you've seen, nobody's lived what you've why let them judge you?
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You know, Hobbes, sometimes I think the surest sign of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.

IM: AngelElisheva (Oh, I'm so creative, aren't I?)

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I find my lad to be one in a million.

My favorite of his qualities are the way he will go to almost any length to get a laugh out of me. He can be such a little goof!

He is also very good about giving me monster hugs and listening as well as helping whenever I have something to say. Consideration is something I value highly in both a partner and friends.

Physically his blue eyes and super-smile make my knees weak.

Smile, though your heart is breaking....

My crazy little universe....

"Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there....
With open arms and open eyes...."


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Member # 4057

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The way he holds me tells me everything I need to know :P
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Scarleteen Volunteer
Member # 5375

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Hmm. He's absolutely fabulous. He'll argue with me for hours. We're both fairly adventurous but him more so than I am so he's always pushing my limits with great results. If I need him he's there and if he needs me he never hesitates to ask. We have great communication and we never get angry over little things. I'm really happy he's a part of my life - I've learned a lot from him.
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Member # 1950

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i called him from work today to see if we needed any gorceries on my way home. he said: "maybe some soda and some fresh hugs, lemee check, *sound of fridge opening* yup, we're definately out of hugs, can you pick some up?"
he makes me smile

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-steven king, insomnia

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we have onlt being going out for a really short time, i just got out of a relationship and really wasn't looking for another one, and in between the two i screwed around alot. but he just made me laugh so much that i cried, and he will anything to make me giggle. usually when i get a b/f they are onlt in it for one thing *cough* ya know what i mean! but he didn't try anything, he jusy held my hand and hugged me and tickled me, and everytime another guy came nearly me me would offer to duel them for me and tell them i was his and not their's. even before we started to date! he rang me to ask me out really early in the morning (waking me up) coz his best mate had told him that someone else was going to ask me out and he got on the phone right away to get in there before the other one did. he is just do cute, and i really like him for who he is, coz he really isn't what i would consider to be my type at all!

One owes respect to the living. To the dead one owes only truth ~ the Crow

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miss ashli
Member # 5255

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Everything. He says things that are kinda.. dumb :-X but the come out really cute. Lik... if you said it, i'd be thinkin "OMG, whats wrong w/ you?" but when he says it, its cute..... ya know what im sayin? and when im cold (OUR LUNCH ROOM IS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COLD!!!!) he'll sit real close to me, and put his arms around me, and he'll rub my back or my arms... and if i slam my finger inm y locker, or anything like that, he kisses it 4 me.. ya'll, i dont know. hes jus the best b/f i ever had.. he is sssoooooooo affectionate, and everything... ive never met a guy liek this before. I mean,he doesnt even care what his friends think. he'll give me his jacket around them, he'll let me sit in the front seat w/ them around, he'll hug me & kiss me and be affectionate w/ them around. I jus like guys thatll show me their feelings. oh yeah, he also gets detention bc of me.. :-X i tell him to go on, and go to class and etc etc etc but nnnnnoo he jus waits on my at my locker, and lets me take my time, and holds my books and all


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Member # 2709

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I actually made a list of 101 things that I love about him and gave him the list one day, but I am most in love with my boyfriend because he balances me out and brings me back to earth. He calms me down when I'm going crazy, and talks some sense into me when I'm going crazy in a different sense. As I have been going through some tough times, I've recently been amazed at how supportive he's been, and how much of himself he has given to me.

And I think he's smart as all heck and physically, he looks really cute when he grins. And his butt is really round and just so... nice.

"Do what you will, always..
Walk where you like, your steps...
Do as you please,
I'll back you up.." ~DMB

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My boyfriend is great! Out of no where hell come out and give me a huge hug. I love that. He tells me about everything, he does not hide stuff from me, and I love the way he cuddles with me! Oh yea... each day he sends me an email with a pic on it. That always makes me smile, since I cant be with him all the time!
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Scarleteen Volunteer
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There are alot of things that make my partner very special to me. The way he smiles and watches me when he thinks I don't notice. He makes me laugh and cheers me up when I need it. And goodness knows he's saved my sanity and helped put me back together more times than I can ever count.

I very much love the little things, like the way he pulls me against him if we're just standing around. Or opens my car door for me.

He's special just because.

Scarleteen Advocate

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he does the lttle things. & he's so special & he's so talented & he just doesnt realise it. He has all these cute litte habits like when he's thinkng about somthing that he doesnt really wanna be thinking about, he bites his knuckles. I can tell is whole mood through his eyes & he never hides his feelings from me
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My relationship is kinda new, but there's been wonderful things between my bf and I even before we were dating.
He writes me really sweet e-mails, and always says sweet things to me and compliments me. He trusts me with so much. And he calls me long distance even though he's a state away. We argue about who's luckier (although, not really arguing). And he's just all around good to me. He's saving up money to come see me this summer. *sigh* Yes, I am enamored.

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My boyfriend always makes sure i'm comfortable with EVERYTHING, like how fast we go sexually etc....

and whenever i'm at my house he always makes me feel like it's my house too, and always makes sure i'm not thirsty/hungry, or if i need a pillow or something, he always makes sure that i'm comfy and that i dont need anything.

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Geeze. It's so hard to pare this down to a paragraph or so . . . and I had SO much fun reading everyone else's stuff. <g>

Anthony understands me and cares for me better than anyone else. I can talk to him about things I just can't talk about with other people. We love to talk philosophy, and about the sciences, to an extent I can't with anyone else . . . but personal things, also, he just accepts me completely, flaws and all. And when he does criticize (rarely), he criticises the specific thing I did, and never ever me, myself.

We balance each other . . . though we're both introverted, he's very low energy and I'm very high energy, so he soothes me and I energize him.

he's also always there for me. I've woken him from sleep and called him at a friend's house before, when I had panic attacks and needed help, someone to talk to, and he came through.

heh, we also have the same sense of humor (bizarre), and have great times together . . . and he actually thinks I'm sexy, unshaved legs and small breasts and all, and tells me so constantly, and I think HE'S sexy too (yumm . . . ) and we have the same goals for the future . . . and so we're very very happy.

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Member # 8472

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My girlfriend is the complete opposite of me, but we still know exactly what each other want.

I think she feels very safe with me when we're on our own because I'm pretty shy and don't want to rush anything and she is really confident, so she controls how fast we take things. We have been together for just over two months and have just started having sexual contact, nothing major, just stroking and playing, and we seem to know instinctively how to please each other, despite never having that sort of contact with anyone else.

Overall we just seem to be right for each other.

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Member # 8384

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*sighs* i was really enjoying myself "" at everyone's relationships. i think its very sweet, and now it is my turn. jason is so special to be just because he is him! normally he wouldn't be my type at all. but he is just so irresistable. He is 6'5 and im 4'9. he knows how to make me smile, and he never fails to bring out the true me. he compliments me non-stop, and because we are both writers he supports me every step of the way. we joke around all the time constantly. never endingly. its really quite an amuzement talking to eachother. he's so good to me. he respects my decisions and he never wants to rush what we are doing sexually, and non sexually. he respects my insecurities though he doesn't understand. he finds my little quirks adorable, and he doesn't bash me hardly. and when he is against anything i do. its just because it could harm me, or something im working for. i know he has my best interests at heart, he plays the guitar and is in a band, we have the same taste and same respect for music and GOD IS HE SEXY. i just hadtah add that. .

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for they in thee a thousand errors note
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who in despite of view is pleased to dote,
Nor are mine ears by thine tounge's tune delighted,
Nor tender feeling base touches prone,
Nor taste nor smell desire to be invited,
To any sensual feast with thee alone.
But my five wits nor five senses can dissuade one foolish heart from serving thee,
Who leaves unswayed the likeness of a man,
Thy proud heart's slave and vassal wretch to be.
Only my plague thus far can i count my gain,
that he who makes me sin awards me pain.
~*William Shakespeare
Sonnet 141

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