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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Relationships » What's your dream wedding?

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Author Topic: What's your dream wedding?
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I think everyone had a dream wedding when they were little... Probably a lot of frilly stuff and you and your best friend marrying brothers, or whatever. I was just wondering what everyone would like their wedding to be like now that you're older.

I'm going to have to ponder this before I can reply with my answer... but I do know that I love the song Chapel of Love by Bette Midler and I plan to sing that to my fiance on our wedding day.

Oh yeah, sorry if this is in the wrong forum! I was debating where to put it, and couldn't decide!

Shoot for the moon. That way, if you miss, you'll land among the stars. =)

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My dream wedding I've had since I was a little girl. It's changed a little bit here and there since I was 5 but it's still the same idea.

It would be in a garden in a gazeebo(sp?). The gazeebo would be white and have a victorian style to it. There would be a dirt road somewhere near by...close enough to walk to. And a steam running around the gazeebo with a stone bridge over it. It would be spring when all the flowers were blooming and it would smell like the flowers. It'd be cool but not cold. Everything would be green too. I would only have a few guests, close friends and family and they would all sit in white chairs with pink and blue ribbons tide around the ones facing the aisl. My wedding dress would be white and blue. It would be small and trim on the top with the straps(which would be about 2 inches)off the shoulder. The bottom would be long and full with an extra piece that didn't go all the way around and was longer in the back then the regular part and that would be blue. o yes, and the top would come down in a point. My husband to be would have a black tux with blue accents. My brides maids would have light blue dresses that had the same style as mine except not as full and without the extra little skirt piece thing. The guys would have plain black tuxes. The actual wedding would be short though. Like maybe 45min or so. Then we would all walk out to the dirt road where a carriage was waiting for us. It'd have 2 white horses pulling it and bells on the back with that Just Married thing on it and streamers which would be pink and blue.
For the reception we'd go to a dude ranch and have barbeque and go on a sunset trail ride. No fancy weddin stuff here. Then me and my husband would go to the airport and leave to go to somewhere like Jamaica. Yup.

Well thats me. I have it planned out very well after all these years. Will it happen though. I doubt it. But one can only hope....

"For, you see, each day I love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow." -Rosemonde Gerard

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How I saw it when I was younger:

1. Tribe of mostly naked Amazon Barbies sneaks up on Ken, and carries him to the Pony Paradise.

2. My Little Ponies surround the party so no one can escape.

3. Barbies leave to change into their many wedding dresses.

4. Strawberry Shortcake conducts the ceremony, though Ken really gets no say in what happenes.

5. Barbies discard Ken when they get bored of him, and move on to Jordan, the New Kid On The Block doll.

I never really wanted to get married myself. And I guess that sort of makes sense, considering how I interpreted it.

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i was thinking about this a few months ago.

I say first of all, the most important part of the wedding, I will marry Dann. hehe

But also, the second most important part is the cake. It wont just be *cake*, it would be *ice cream cake*. Yes thats what i just said. I LOVE ICE CREAM. Why would i get a regular cake? I hate cakes! ha.. i am def. weird.

anyways, also i want to have a live punk band. Ha! hmm... It would be cool if it was at a park.

My dress would be very simple, and NO straps. Nothing POFFY. (cant spell).

yup thats it.

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i forgot to put that my wedding song would be: Everything i do (ill do it for you) by NewFound Glory!
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I never really wanted to get married my self.

I want to live with my boyfriend for like ever!

But if I do get married, It would be in the summer time. My dress would kinda be a halter topish with sparkles on it. I would want the song to be this I promise you by n sync. And I would want the reception to be somewhere near a beach, and everyone could spend the night at a hotel close by. And the cake, would have a little micky and minnie mouse on the top, in there wedding suites!

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When I was growing up, I always figured that I'd get married in a church, but since then, I've started having second and third and fourth thoughts about the Catholic church.

So right now, the only thing I can say about my perfect wedding would be to be with the most wonderful guy on this earth (according to me of course) and surrounded by every single person that has ever meant anything to me. The most important people would be my cousin Stacy and my best friend Debbie who I haven't gotten to see in 9 years (among the usual of parents, siblings, etc.)

"1970 called. Al Pacino wants his car back."

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When/if J and I get married, we're reserving a block of rooms for our out-of-town guests; we're aiming for about 50 double-occupancy rooms. The night before, it's going to be like one big ol' slumber party complete with room service, makeovers, all that silly stuff.

I'm going to a wedding on the 19th at a place called Shelter Gardens -- I'm seriously considering holding my own there. According to my friend who's getting married, they charge $50. That's it. Which is extremely reasonable!
So obviously, our wedding will be outside. I'm trying to find someone who's willing to go through the licensing process to perform our ceremony; hopefully a friend or relative. We will walk down the 'aisle' together, with Evan holding our hands. My dress will be simple and either ivory or silver, and he will wear a suit. My brother's wife is going to read Pablo Neruda's Sonnet 17, and I'm going to ask someone else to read something by Khalil Gibran.

For our reception, we're looking into renting out the bar where we used to go for dates before Evan was born. I'd prefer to have a DJ but he likes live bands; we'll see how that one goes.

And we're not doing the honeymoon thing; I don't think I could handle a week away from my son, and as my grandmother says, it's just too "spendy".

How can you not like muffins?!

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i think it would be just awesome to get married in a foreign country somewhere, like ireland. i picture it in the middle of the countryside somewhere in an old stone church, and it would be kind of rainy and misty. since this is a fantasy i'd be rich enough to fly out our closest friends and family, but not a lot of people. i can't make up my mind about what kind of dress i want or anything...
=) this is a fun topic!


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Now I feel like an outkast, I'm 16 and have never really thought about my wedding, just the guy

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oh I have one thing! the first song that I want to play for my first dance as a married person is "At Last" the version by Ella Fitzgerald. Simply wonderful song...

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when i was little, the only thing i really knew is that i wanted to get married and have babies.....but now that im older i am a lot more detailed about how i want my wedding.....i want to have it in a big, beautiful church with one isle down the center, so i dont have to walk down going sideways (i know that sounds silly, but i hate it when brides walk down uneven isles) i would want my wedding to be light blue and silver with beautiful flowers and candles everywhere and i would like white lights up everywhere too just to give it the romantic effect. instead of walking down the isle with "here comes the bride" which gets EXTREMELY annoying in my opinion, i want to play sweet love songs. before the vows i think it would be really cool to have a slide show of pictures of everyone in the wedding and pictures of me and my fiancee'. i want my dress to be kinda silky and either a halter or tiny spaghetti strapped with no back that just criss-crosses and my hair would be up in curls with a flower band bridemades would wear baby blue groomsmen would wear silver vests under their jackets. after the actual wedding, i want the reception to be at a really cool dance club or something with a bar and a dj so everyone can dance and socialize and have a really good time, as well as a dinner and ofcourse a perfect cake!!! after the reception, our get-a-way car would be a white limo that will take us to the airport so we can catch our plane to hawaii!! and instead of throwing birdseed at me i would like people to just throw rice b/c its so much prettier than birdseed, but since it kills birds and they have outlawed that i want something else thats white like little snowflake stuff from wal-mart or target or something... but ofcourse the most important detail about my wedding is my man! he will be the sweetest guy in the whole world and he will love me and cherish me!! i cant wait to meet him!! hehehe...hope im not TOO picky!!

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sorry i accidentally hit the submit button twice so i decided to edit the comment and just apologize for being stupid!!

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Well, I don't really have time to get into the specifics. All that really matters to me is that my daddy walks me down the aisle and that Aaron (my kinda sorta fiancee-even longer story than the wedding) doesn't screw up like last time. And lilies. I want my flowers to be lilies.
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I want a nice intimate outdoor wedding on a Sunday. Not sure exactly where outside though. I know I want a black beauty rose bouquet (dark red roses), those are my favorite flowers.

But knowing my family, I'm gonna have to settle for the tipicle big Catholic wedding, in a church, with 300 of my parent's friends who I don't know.


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hmm my dream wedding...

god ive been thinkin about this since i was a lil girl..most lil girls usually do..they dream of marrying prince charming..and have this fairy tale marriage and live happily ever after...

Wow my dream was that when i was younger of course over the yrs it has changed..

I Dont want a huge wedding i want everything white..and have flowers everywhere my favorites in fact...which are..Daises, chysantheums, tulips and carnations..

i want them everywhere..i want this huge beautiful white gown...I want my father and mom and everyone of my family members to be there..and of course my hubby's too..i want to have this huge smile on my face...and on his...and as I walk down that isle I want to feel like this is just the beginning to a great life..with someone I truly love..

i want friends there too which i have known for years..I want it to be just rite..not perfect but there..

And i want to love him for an eternity..and him love me more than that too hehehe

8/7/01 luv u baby
It hurts when u say sumthing to someone and fail...but its worse when u want to say sumthing but dont when u could've succeeded :(


everyone is special..dont let anyone tell u different!:)

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Honestly, as far back as I can remember, the wedding bit was just an excuse for all the honeymoon sex as far as I was concerned, I think I did imagine getting married when I was young, but I stopped wanting to in my early teens. I can't really imagine getting married or having a wedding because it's something I know I don't want. Part of me kind of wants to act out a really silly wedding with my boyfriend in one of our rooms...

"*sniff* thankyou so much for giving me away, large cardboard cutout of Tony the Tiger"

"It's the least I could do, you're grrrreat!"

"with this penis-ring I thee wed"

"and now we shall all eat coco-pops mixed with frosties in chocolate milk followed by pizza, while dancing to The Bartman!"

Always knock before entering my room when I am in there alone, as I may be doing all sorts of wonderfully thrilling things that I'd rather you didn't see.

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When I was little, I never wanted to be married, but now I'm in a good relationship and we want to get married, so I've got to face the fact of a wedding.
I think it'd be nice to have a simple ceremony with vows we'll write ourselves so it will be more meaningful and unique. Then a fun reception with plenty of music and dancing.

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I go back and forth on this one. Part of me would love to have a huge wedding with all the family, rent out a reception hall, fairly large cake, etc. The other part of me realizes that my dad is one of six children who have all been busily procreating and my mom is one of five children, so the guest list on my side alone would get out of hand fast. So, the other part of me is likes the idea of having a quiet ceremony with just the immediate family and then throwing a party for everyone else a few days later.

The only aspects I'm really attached to are the dress -- my mom's -- and having a small lace handkerchief that my grandmother gave me years ago somewhere on my person. She was quite adamant that it was for when I walk down the aisle. Bless her for being so optimistic on my behalf.

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