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Author Topic: First Kiss Poll
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My first kisswas when I was 19 I was with my friend and she started kissing my neck then said wait let me see something I turned my head and we kissed. The funny part was we were in the tacobell lilne and the guy at the window just got a huge grin on his face
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Hello! My first "pop-kiss" came when I was only 10 yrs old. I had just moved into the neighborhood and my older step sis had become friends with this guy. I found out that he liked me and it went from there. (Oh, yea he was 14) I got off the bus one day and walked over to his house with his sister, with whom I was friends with. And, when I got ready to go home, he took me out beside his house and gave me a long, but sweet pop kiss. It's was sweet, but I hate him now. He punched me in the face and thats the last time I ever saw him.

As for my first "french-kiss". I was 14 and my b/f (ex now) was 12 or 13. And he was at my house. We were outside and he got ready to leave, he walked up to me, gave me a big hug, and then kissed me. He stuck his tounge in my mouth, which was aqward at first, then I got into it, but there was a case of clashing teeth the first min of it. But after that it was smooth sailing. So that was a sweet kiss to, it happened right at sunset, so that only made it sweeter. But I don't care for him very much anymore. I haven't seen him in 3 years and don't really care to see him anymore.

But, hey I liked doing this it was fun!

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my first "kiss" was when i was in the 8th grade. i was at the last 8th grade dance of the year with my boyfriend, haha. i remember he told all of his friends (and MINE!) that he wanted to kiss me and so my friends like set it up for me...which was totally embarassing. at the end of the last dance, with all my friends around, we just kissed on the tongue! then we kinda walked off haha.

but, my first real, french-kiss was with my current boyfriend. he wanted to make out or whatever but i wasnt ready the first week or so. so he was over my house on my birthday, and we just started making out. ah it makes me so happy to think of these things hehehe. i love my boyfriend

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I was the youngest when I had my first kiss in this thread. I was 4, FOUR-years-old and it counted. Very young, youngest yet.
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1974. her name was Joyce. she was my first girlfriend and I was a freshman in high school. We were walking around the schoolyard waiting for my Dad to pick me up. I felt inept, but it wasn't bad. No tongue, we were starting slow, so slow in fact that in a few weeks Joyce got bored and dumped me.

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I had my first kiss when I was 17. I was interested in him, he was interested in me, we were laying on my bed, and then we just kissed. It was pretty good. I had lots of other opportunities to kiss other guys, but I'm really glad I waited.
We ended up going out for six months, before I broke up with him.

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Well... my first kiss was sorta weird, so I'll tell the actual FIRST kiss ::cringe:: and a better one.

oooookay. So my 1st was when I was prolly 4 or 5. In daycare (I think it was summer day care, like YMCA or something) we were at recess and this boy I knew came up to me and asked if I knew what a french kiss was. I didn't... so he took me under the jungle gym to show me. ick.

Luckily, stuff seems to get a little better when your older (yay). My 1st kiss w/ my current boyfriend was great. I've known this guy since I was 4 and his older brother used to baby-sit me (and sometimes him as well). I've had a MONSTER crush on him ever since I was old enough to crush. So about 2 months ago, I invited him to come w/ two of my friends and I to a 4th of July carnival. We had a lot of fun the whole day and I was REALLY flirting bad, and after the carnival he asked me to go to a party w/ him. WAYYYY later he dropped me off at my house. I hugged him goodbye and one of my (many) bracelets caught in his hair (It's really long). We were trying to dis-tangle and our faces got really close... and then he just kissed me. ::smilesmile:: yea.... it was great. ^_^ So those are my lovely little stories.

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My first kiss was at a summer camp dance the summer before my sophmore year. We were dancing to my favorite song and I didn't even really like the guy that much(in that way) and it just kinda happened. Not too great.

The next time I was kissed was amazing. It was with my fiance. And he asked me out on my bday which is Valentines Day. Well, he came over to my house for my brithday party he bought me roses. And after everyone left I walked him out to his car and we were talking and we kissed and this may sound sappy but it was like a movie kiss. I got weak in the knees and got butterflies and got all warm and fuzzy inside it was abosolutly amazing. I still get that feeling when we kiss and we have been together for 8 months.

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Im the same as Dzunnmod (I think thats right, soz if its not!) I have 2 first kisses. Both when I was .. umm... 13? I kissed this boy who later really didnt mean anything to me, and it wasnt that nice or memorable. The second one, which is a lot more meaningful, was really late at night, my frined was sleeping over, and it just came about (long story) that we kissed. It was really sweet and memorabel, and I am much happier recounting that as my first kiss!

PS. My first post, wow. I love this website!

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my first kiss(no tongue) was when i was about 10, it was a dare so it really didn't mean anything. a while ago i had one of those kisses when there's like a rush through your body, i don't know it's hard to explain, has anybody else had that too? When a kiss actually felt genuine and something came over you everytime this person kissed you? cause so far it's happened 2x (not the same guys) and all the other times it hasn't, what's with that?
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well my first kiss was march this year, and it was with my long-term girlfriend and i was 12 and now im 13. It was a pretty crappy kiss , but hey it was both our first time at a french kiss! oh was at a bus stop coming back from the cinema, lol
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my first kiss was in the 7th grade at a party
and i was dancing with a dude and we were feeling each other so we tounge kiss now i think about it and i regret it but its ok you know i have kiss more people and now i am very good at it

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well my first "real" kiss. was on a class trip with my bf(ex now). i was 11 yrs old! yes thats right, pretty young i kno, but that was how my school worked.
anywho, we were on our feild trip and lets just say there was a lil crowd of classmates who wanted to see me and my bf kiss, my friend was also there with her bf. so they went first and had a slobber fest, everyone was grossed out. so then me and my bf went and it was slow 10 second butterfly type kiss, i guess you can say, and everyone was like "awwww.."
thats my story! and i'll never forget it.

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im 16 and i have not dated nor kissed any girl in my f***ed up to me is a burden i carry
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my first kiss was when i was under 2, but that doesnt count. It was with my friend JOJO, hes younger then me. I have the picture. we're sitting on the couch kissing because my mom told us to and my cousin is giving us a weird look.
My friend real kiss was when i was 12. it was cheesy! Me and my boyfriend at the timer where saying goofbye for the night. He asked me when we were going to have our first kiss. I sad I didnt know, now? so we did. then we walked into my back yard, talked more, kissed again and he left and we kissed one more time. my mom saw the one in the back yard.
My first french kiss was when i was 13. I was staying the night at a friend's house with my mom's friend. we've been "together" for the whole summer even through i had a boyfriend. we've kissed before and we were (mom's friend was outside) and i shoved my tongue in his mouth, i knew he wouldnt care. and the last time i frenched kissed him was May. only guy i have.

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In the interest of conserving board space I'm going to close this. I think it's pretty safe to say that everyone's first kiss is going to have different emotional repercussions, happen in different places, and come at different ages. After four pages illustrating the above I think we've moved well into the area of sheer redundancy.
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