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Author Topic: Guys Being Shown Naked in Movies
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I am not sure if this is the right forum or not but I think this is the best place because it deals with gender issues.

There seems to be a lot of recent movies that show naked men and it just isn't there butts, they are showing everything. I read someones movie column and she said it is the "in thing" to show penises in movies. I kind of like it to be honest, but part of me feels wrong for liking it. I mean I really thought they showed to much of our bodies and not enough of theirs but now it just seems like they are showing guys naked in every other movie.

I really enjoyed the scene near the end of Sex and the City where the neighbor was shown taking a shower, that was an amazingly sexy scene especially when they showed his penis.

So is it just me or do other people enjoy seeing guys like that? Not to be a hypocrite but I would rather see guys naked than having them always show us being the naked ones.

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Not to be a hypocrite but I would rather see guys naked than having them always show us being the naked ones.
Hun, there is nothing hypocritical about you feeling that way. Where the hypocrisy lies (and the sexism lies) is in the bias the media shows in depicting more women nude or hypersexualized than men. American movies are incredibly sexist in how they show nudity. Women's bodies are frequently sexualized in ways that are demeaning and classify them as only parts, not whole. Men's bodies are pretty rarely shown in the nude, or even sexualized. When the male body is sexualized in film, often it's only the chest or the back. If you look at a lot of European films (and especially French films), you'll find that the gap isn't as wide, and more men are shown nude (at least, such has been my experience).

Personally, I love seeing men naked in films, both because they're aesthetically pleasing and because it's nice to have a little more balance. That's not to say there is balance or that we're anywhere near balance. The argument I've heard some people (mostly college-aged men) give is that women are just nicer to look at. That, of course, is based solely on individual tastes and perceptions, so it's a pretty BS argument. What I think comes closer to the truth is that we have been socially programmed to view the female body as more desireable to see and look at, and that the people who make films have an interest in keeping women hypersexualized and narrowed down to their individual parts rather than as real and whole people because it's easier for them to do. Consider it: what's easier to inspire a mood of lust or attraction, cleavage or a sexy conversation? Cleavage is one shot, a sexy conversation takes writers a longer time and requires more creativity and imagination. We've become so programmed by media that anytime we see a woman wearing a low-cut outfit or (insert other generic image of attraction here) in a movie, we know sex is soon going to enter the picture.

Sut Jhally has some interesting stuff on the sexualization of women in music videos, which you may want to check out. Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon also have some writings on the media representation of the female (though they're more focused on pornography, but still well worth reading). Heather can probably suggest some more readings or films for you.

Can I ask, though, why you feel guilty for enjoying seeing male nudity in films? What about it makes you feel bad or guilty?

(Very interesting topic, by the way. [Smile] )

[ 03-15-2009, 05:27 PM: Message edited by: orca ]

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I'm not a particular fan of objectification in movies, regardless of whether it's male or female. I do like nudity when it is used to enhance our understanding of a character, or of the story.

I can only recall one notable example of male nudity being used in this way - in Cronenberg's Eastern Promises. Granted the body of Viggo Mortenson is still a pretty idealised form. But in the scene I'm thinking of, a fight in a bath-house, it's not edited nudity, and the scene is shot without glamour.

Just my two cents.


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I completely agree, women are always shown naked in movies but men hardly ever are. If we are so "equal" we should be able to see penis's not only vaginas and breasts. Im so sick of only seen naked women in movies, the directors need to start showing naked men or quit showing naked women. This topic really gets me frustrated. All you see in movies, tv, magazines is naked topless or women in bikinis im so sick of it. I totally think its ok to see naked guys theres nothing wrong with it. And its ok to like seeing naked guys. Guys enjoy seeing naked girls and we enjoy seeing naked men its 100% okay.
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Not all guys enjoy seeing naked girls and not all girls enjoy seeing naked guys, because some people are homosexual. I agree that straight women are just as likely to find naked men appealing as vice versa. I'm not a fan of objectification, but I do think that the double standard is bull, and have no objections to nudity in film... why do I suddenly have the urge to sticker films at the local blockbuster with labels stating "needz moar pen0r"?

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I have no issue with male or female nudity in films if it adds to the film, but if there is a naked person just to have nudity, then I don't see the point. It is ridiculous to show naked people if it has nothing to do with the film, but it is equally silly to censor films or otherwise subtract from the film if nudity would add to the plot.


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I agree with most of the comments, especially those from people that agree with nudity so long as it helps provide a better understanding of the plot and/or characters. In my opinion, there is definitely too much female nudity in the movies these days. The objectification and over-the-top sexualization of women makes me feel like men are getting the green light to treat us like mere pleasure objects. It gets me down sometimes, because I can't help but compare myself to the women sometimes...and I know I'm not the only one. It's not particularly good for my (or anyone else's)self esteem. It's a little insulting.

I've even watched movies in which the only purpose women (half or completely naked)have is to visually please men, and movies whose actresses don't even come close to being normal-looking in their role. I don't know if I'm explaining myself well here. :@

I'm not saying there HAS to be more male nudity, just that there should be a little less explicit female nudity when it doesn't contribute to the film.

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I think nudity is nice [Smile] , its all depends on each of us. We may have different opinions [Confused] but the fact is what it is.


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I agree with all posters. In movie there is only womens are to be display nude same time mans are diplayed partial nacked. Why this partiality ?


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Times have changed and now movies and plays show guys completely nude and show every inch of them including their penises. A lot of guy are embarrased when there watching a movie with their girlfriend or wife and they see some naked guys. They have to get with the times and understand movies today are made more for the womens interests.
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I don't think there is any evidence that the film industry has done a sudden turnaround and is now putting what women (who aren't all heterosexual) want first. It's still a VERY male-dominated industry, and when we're talking about nudity, there is still FAR more female-bodied nudity in film than male.

I also think it's a big leap to presume that male nudity in movies is about what women want or about trying to serve women. It more likely has more to do with changes in the ratings commissions than it does with anyone trying to serve or cater to what women want or are interested in.

Heather Corinna, Executive Director & Founder, Scarleteen
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From what I've seen in movies, male nudity is done for comedy or shock value(like in The Hangover) and female nudity is for sex appeal. There are very few male nudity scenes that are filmed from a "Female Gaze" (like Sex in the City and Filament) so to speak.
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