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Author Topic: 'Can I help you, Sir?'
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Hey. This is my first post, and I'm really needing some help here.

When I was fourteen, I was waiting for my dad to show up at the cash registers in Target. I was holding my stuff, and looking around for him. One of the cashiers tapped me on the shoulder.
'Can I help you, sir?' She asked. When I turned around, she apologized, and I shook it off, saying it was no big deal.

Except... it was a big deal. All of a sudden, I was horribly aware of how much I looked like my best friends--guys, all of them.

Sweatshirt, baggy pants, jeans, and short hair for a girl. I realised that I did look like them, and I liked it a lot. I got my hair cut even shorter, stopped helping my sisters on some of the girly video games they liked.

It was all good until a few months later, when I sprouted breasts. Not huge, mind you, but big enough for it to be embarrassingly noticeable. It's driving me crazy.

Now the only problem is, how can I hide them?

'Ignorance, the root and stem of every evil.'

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I use to be mistaken as a boy sometimes because I was completely flat-chested and dressed as a tom-boy just with long hair. Since then I grew some, still can't get out of the way I dress most of the time. But my thing is that I was waiting and waiting for a sign of breasts to bloom.

Ask yourself, why exactly are you embarrassed? Girls grow differently than guys and if they tease you or somethin about your breasts, they're immature.

If you /really/ want to hide them.. I suggest wearing a sports bra. I don't know if it's good to wear that kind all the time but I've noticed that sports bras make the chest seem smaller because of holding them in place. Who knows though, next year you might feel like flaunting your breasts. :K

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Ooh. I had this same problem.

I was an EXTREME tomboy when I was little so you can imagine how devastated and embarrassed I was when I sprouted C cups when I was only 12 years old.

Every day I'd wake up and duct tape my chest, then I'd put on a big baggy sweatshirt no matter how hot it was.

After about a year of being embarrassed and uncomfortable, I learned to get used to it. Now, it's like a faint memory to me and it just doesn't matter much.

I think with time you'll grow more comfortable with having some breasts. In the meantime, like Twas Vingt-Huit said, you can just get sports bras. I've actually never worn a regular bra before because I like having it held in place.

I suppose if by the time you're 18 or so, and you're still feeling like you want to hide your breasts, you could always get them removed. (Although I would not recommend doing this, as it is a health risk that isn't worth it.)

But really, I think you'll get used to it like I did, because you sound quite similar to my situation.
I hope this helped some! =]!

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As true as it may be;
It never has the same effect,
It once did have on me.

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I was in this exact position as you are now. I too, was embarassed by my breasts. They were uncomfortable, they were these mounds of whatever sprouting from my chest. They weren't big in the least bit, mind you. But they were there.

I ended up growing out of my tomboy stage as I grew up.

Though, like LostYellowPages said, you could get them removed, but along with that, comes heavy scarring. Another option would to wear a sports bra, as stated above, with a slightly looser cut shirt. That hides it quite well, I found.
Best of luck :]

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LittleManBigHeart, I am sure that you are not surprised to find that your message here has been edited out, due to its blatant homophobia and misogyny.

If you're feeling bored, go find something productive to do.

[ 08-01-2007, 06:58 PM: Message edited by: Beppie ]

Love is like a flower it just grows.

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Occasionally, for plays and stuff (or if I just wanted to go out late at night when I was living in the city and atleast cut my chances of being assulted down a little bit) I bound my chest with the same material you wrap a sling in - can't remember what it's called at the moment. You just wrap it up real tight, and it can be a little uncomfortable, but it works, and it's a lot more painless than duck tape on skin.

*~*Sorry for the inconvenience*~*

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I never got mistaken for a boy when I was younger, which was sad. I "sprouted Cs" at 12 after being the girl whose friends (...) made fun of her for not needed a bra at 11. I wore only sports bras for a long time, until I realized that I wanted to wear shirt styles with wider necks. I tried to bind my chest a number of times. Sometimes, I'm still not okay with them (19 now).

I finally gave up the chestbinding when I was in a play at 16 or 17. I got cast as an extra in a gender-ambiguous role, and they were going to dress me as a guy. I couldn't get my chest to bind down enough and the costume director changed me into a girl.

After giving up, I learned to love my body and be okay with it. I didn't feel like it was healthy for me to dislike anything about my body. No matter how much I envied the drag king who someone managed to ductabe her breasts off to the side, I didn't want to feel like changing anything about my body, so I spent some quality time with it instead.

"only love freely given should keep me for her, not the constriction of a marriage tie" -Abelard and Heloise

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Oh I can relate to this, alot.

All through my life, I have been asked "Are you a boy or girl?". In Primary School alot, once at big splash. I wore my hair long back then, but at the time I was wearing guy's swimmers (with a shirt obviously), I was asked if I was a guy or girl by a group of boys who I have no idea who they were but I felt devastated.
Then in year 7, by a random girl in my year who was saying how ugly I looked in my school photo (i hated that photo and eventually threw it away, after tearing it up of course) she asked if I was a guy or girl.
I was sick of being asked this question, I was flat chested at the time yes, I got my hair straightened with a fringe and once at a restaurant (this is in year 8), I was asked by a little boy if I was a guy or girl.
I may be missing a few times though hehe.
Oh yeah some guy, asked me in year 9 if i was a boy or girl, didn't believe me when I told him, and then asked the guy next to him in French if I was a girl or boy who had to re inforce the point alot before he got it (I speak French). He kept talking to me after that for some reason I dunno, and he bugged me so I told him to leave me alone.
Another time was when I was wearing my hoodie some time in year 10, i had my hair tied back and, I'm a C cup, some guy asked if I was a girl or boy.
Umm oh and I got my hair cut, *really* short, like a guy's cut because I wanted it cut like this and I figured that I might as well give them a reason to get them mixed up, and after figuring out I was Bi, I thought "hey it won't be so bad if girls get me mixed up!".
In the girls change rooms today, I was getting changed and some girls putting their make up on were like "Oh my god! THere's a boy in here!", and then there was silence and I was shaking my head, and then they said "Oh, wait no it isn't." and then they left the change rooms giggling.

Right now I am shaking my head at my computer, is it so hard to figure out? Ah well...

At some time I wanted to look exactly like a guy, I even tried to strap my breasts down, but it didn't work, and it probably won't work, and you can't change what you've got, unless you get surgery so might as well enjoy what you've got.

[ 08-15-2007, 02:05 AM: Message edited by: Dot ]

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hey guys just wanted to say that you are cool for doing what you wanna do... I mean, both of you seem self-assured and I think that's really neat. personally I'm bi and feminine but im into the fact that you are doing this for love and life and being who you wanna be!! of course that's the point.

Let no tears fall from none ya'll, just remember the beauty as well as the flaws L-O-V-E-L-I-F-E

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