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Author Topic: Cutting
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Everyone knows what cutting is. I like cutting, but like I like the feeling. I don't just do it when im stressed or something. I've only done it once. But I wanna just do it. I don't wanna do it to release pain, I just like the feeling. Is this bad? Should I not do it. It's not like regular cutters.
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I'm going to go way out on a limb and say don't do it. A lot of people can get themselves in serious situations when they give into thoughts like that. There are healthier outlets to express certain (unpleasent?) feelings.
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It's not to express feelings. I just like the feeling of it. It has nothing to do with emotions.
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i gave myself all the excuses i could to keep cutting. and i did from age 12 on. did i ever plan on getting so deep into it? no! did i stop and think about why i was doing it when i started? absolutely not! i did it because it "felt good." i'm 18 now, i've been through years of therapy, and only a few months ago felt like i really recovered. ithought i had control of it, then i didn't, then it was too late because i needed it. please don't do this.

ask yourself why you do it, why it feels good. i know that feeling. and i learned that it was a way for me to distract myself from the chaos inside my head. you say it has nothing to do with feelings, but before you decide to be a cutter you should really examine your motives. be honest with yourself. think about the consequenses of cutting. ugly scars, longsleeves all the time, therapy bills, lots of problems.

i'm not sure if someone can cut once and not be a cutter. for me, if i just did it once i would totally relapse. if think that you can somehow avoid the desent into complusion, then its your choice. but speaking from my experience, i urge you not to continue doing this.

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Cherry Gurl
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Maybe i'm stupid or something but...what's cutting? is it bad?


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"Cutting" refers to deliberately cutting yourself, and it's related to other forms of self-harm. Some people cut themselves as a sign of emotional distress, and it can easily become compulsive.

Really, you don't have to go "out on a limb" to say that yeah, deliberately injuring yourself in any way is not a good idea. It hurts, and you run the risk of infection, scarring, etc.

Many people really struggle to stop doing it, so choosing to get into it just because you think it might be fun is really not cool.

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You should talk to someone, or find something else to do, because deliberately hurting yourself isn't good.
Maybe cutting releases something, I dunno.
Try something, like, acupuncture or some sort of relaxing therapy.
Maybe go to a spa, or take a vacation; try to find something that will help with stress.
But for a definite answer: NO, cutting is NOT good. At all.

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- banksy

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I cut once, and my friend’s mom went onto my friends aim conversations, where my friend and I were talking about it. She sent the conversation to my school, and the next day I went to school and I had all of this BS thrown in my face. I have to see a shrink now, and I only cut once anymore. My family went through my room, diaries and computer. My mom made me go out, but a bunch of polo’s, mini skirts, tight jeans and purses, I had to re-dye my hair my to natural (ugly) color and this was all because I cut once. Most of my friends cut and one still does. Its retarded. Don't cut, no matter what, you WILL get screwed over.

You know, some people would consider this STALKING.

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Hey, self harm is very very hard to get out of, i used tol self harm when i was 16/17, and i have had 2 girlfriends and 4 friends that have self harmed.

The only advice i can give that seems to have worked in most cases is to talk to someone neutral about it, a doctor or ring a care line like the samaritans (do u have those in the US). I don't know why i started cutting, but it did feel really good, i liked the feel of it so much, and craved it for a year or 2 after i stopped, but the scars i have on the top of my right arm are a constant reminder its not good.

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I think I know how you feel. I've always been facinated by the sight of blood (morbid as it sounds). It's so awesome and powerful, if you think about it. It's inside each and every one of us, sustaining our lives.

Once, when I was younger and going through one of my rougher times with my depression, I tried cutting myself because I wanted to see my blood. I was pretty skeptical about life in general at that point, and didn't really believe that it was truly significant or substantial. I thought that, if I could see my blood, it would prove to myself that I was real. It took me a while to work up the courage to make that first cut, but when I finially did, the blood that sprung up captivated me. The pain did make things feel more real, for a moment. It felt good. But I knew it wasn't really good for me.

The thing with self-harm is, it's hard to know when to stop. It might feel good to you, and you might like the release that it gives you, but with just a slip of you hand, you could really end up hurting yourself. Cut too deep or in the wrong place, and you could potentially kill yourself. You may think that that could never happen to you, but when you're putting a knife to your skin, it's a definite possibility.

Also, no matter what, cutting can leave permanant scars. Think about it. Do you really want to intentionally mar your body? No matter where you're cutting yourself, someday someone will see the scars it leaves. Not to mention the fact that you'll have to see them constantly. It's something you'll have to live with for the rest of your life. Even if it feels good now, it's not gonna feel good later. Is it really worth it in the long run?

You say you're not looking for a release of emotion, you just like the feeling. Well, I'm sure there are a million other things that you like to do. Why not focus on one of those things instead? Play a sport, write, read, dance, play an instrument, go to movies, hang out with friends. There are so many better things you could be doing, things that won't harm your body. If you can't think of anything else you like to do, join a club at school or take a class after school and develop some new interests. Just don't forget to leave yourself time to relax.

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You said that you are not like regular cutters. There is not really a regular cutter. There are plenty of people who cut for the same reason you do, because it feels good, not to realse pain or deal with unpleasant feelings. But no matter why you are hurting yourself, its not good. You like the way cutting feels, so maybe you could find something else that's not harmful that feels good and can replace the cutting.

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Let's see, how can I put this nicely? DON'T DO IT. Sorry for being rough here, but it's what you need. Look, I started cutting in sixth grade because it made me feel good. It started out easy enough, a few scratches here and there. Eventually, I became dependent. I would leave class to go cut. I graduated from scissor blades to razors, and would attack my arm with that damn razor until it looked like I got mauled by a cat. It was 7th grade before I told anyone, and when I did they just told everyone else. It was the tail end of 8th grade before I stopped. My boyfriend gave me the stern talking I am giving you: it doesn't do anyone any good. You're only running from your problems and making trouble for yourself and those who cared about you. I'm still messed up because I started. I became so used to cutting to relieve emotions that now I cry very easy and get emotional over dumb things because I now have no outlet. I still have urges, I always will. Thought most of my scars have faded, some remain, reminding of the horror that the last three years have been. It's not worth it, BELIEVE ME. JUST DON'T START!!!!

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You are right, self mutilation is wrong.

However, you did say you don't do this to release pain, but you like "the feeling". That's a good sign that you dont have a HUGE problem. You do have a "slight" problem, though. A problem that could or could not put you in a serious pickle. You first need to find out why you like the feeling. Once you've determined that... Google it, or talk to a local counselor.

I was a cutter for 6 years. I loved EVERYTHING about it. The pain, the way I made it out to be "right", and I loved seeing my own blood. I never thought of killing myself, though. Of course, that didn't matter because once my mom found out I went straight to the hospital and they had once of their doctors try to diagnose me with some idiotic depression disorder or something of that family.

It was a long, drawn out process, of something that I really didn't have. I wasn't that person. They sent me to counseling to ease myself out of cutting. After I was eased out of it, I just quit on my own. There's really no point.

Find out why you like the pain.

Fact: Many teens in the US have pregnancy as their main worry- which is only one risk to worry about when you're sexually active. If you are sexually active, it's healthy to have STI tests. Please, get tested.

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This is the first time I have EVER heard of the term "cutting".. I had to read all of the stories to get a better outlook on what this is and listen to the people that explain when they done this and why they felt they done this to themselves... I am not a therapist nor am I am the smartest person in this world, but to say the least people can do the "darndest" things to their bodies to get attention. I am not saying this is the entire answer to everyone, because I have never been there...I do know there is a mental reason why someone would do this. I know someone that sat in a class all day and would rub an eraser on their arm until the "burn" was so severe, it left a very ugly scar to this day.. this was done because the kids at school was doing it to see who was the "toughest" or to get a good laugh at the time and out of strict boredom.. Who understands this? This is something that only the person can truthfully answer "WHY" they would do it..If you think about it, we all "scar" ourself every single day by the harmful things we ingest into our bodies daily, rather it be over indulging food, smoking, drinking or drugs. Cutting can fall into the same category. People look for ways to comfort themselves and feel powerful for whatever reason. If someone sits and "CUTS" their arm, why would they enjoy this inflicted pain or scarring? why would someone want to share such morbid scars to someone other than a person with the same outlook on life? People with this disorder really need to search why they would want to hurt their bodies in this way, why would they want to sit in front of a therapist explaining "why, why. why"? because thats the only question that I can think of they would ask. Harming your body "IN THIS WAY" is really unjustified. there are so many ways to feel good about yourself other than "hurt" and then have to hide. the young girl that done this one time and had to be humililated at school the next day and have her room torn apart and all her belongings searched through, may need to really listen to her.. because when you do this, people need to bring it to light to help you before you really go further and harm yourself in a way that can NOT be fixed so easy.. Thank God for people that listen to their children and help them before it is to late..Think about it, if you will hurt yourself, you may be capable of hurting someone else, and then the situation is escalated to something huge....Love yourself people, be good to your bodies and tell yourself every day that you LOVE yourself...You only have ONE body, when it is Gone, you cant go to walmart and buy another one....if you want to cut something, get out some paper and cut it to shreads...Cut some cloth or anything that does not "feel"....Do not cut something that can not be fixed and something that is as valuable as "your" body.....


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Hey I used to cut, and to me at the time it felt good, i did it because i liked the feeling as well as it was a release from the anger i had pent up...however i realized that it was not only hurting myself but the people who cared about me. I have now switched to an alternative, Tattooing, the pain from getting a tattoo, isn't really pain but a pleasure pain...ok that made no sense lol but i think you get the jest of what you mean...anywho lots of fun, however that's just my personal preference.
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Originally posted by sexualghost:
I have now switched to an alternative, Tattooing, the pain from getting a tattoo, isn't really pain but a pleasure pain...

i know exactly what you mean. that's my alternative... i've never been loyal to the idea of cutting, but occassionally the thought does enter my mind and i've tried it a few times. but you're right about the tattoo pain - i actually like it, and from it comes a beautiful piece of artwork that i can display proudly.
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