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Author Topic: Wisdom Tooth
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For about a week, I have had a really bad toothache in the very back of my mouth. When I feel back there with my finger, I don't feel anything wrong. I have a bad feeling it might be my wisdom tooth causing the pain.
I do have a dentist appointment coming up but am terrifed of the idea of having the tooth taken out if the dentist recommends it. Can you please tell me anything about wisdom teeth and how they are taken out? How much pain is there really? Thank you!

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Hey, I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out this past it's pretty fresh on my mind

When people get their wisdom teeth removed, its usually because there's not enough room in your jaw to house the extra teeth. It is possible for them to grow in perfectly fine, its possible for them to try and grow in and become impacted behind your last molar, and its also possible for them to not grow in at all.

If this is your wisdom tooth and its not growing in but causing a lot of pain, they may want you to go to an oral surgeon to get it removed. If this is the case, you usually have the option of being awake(with something to numb you so you dont feel it) or asleep(put under anesthesia) while they're doing the operation (though for one tooth you may have to be awake...not sure though, you'd have to ask your doc).

I had the choice and I chose to sleep through it. This was the best choice for me i felt, because you had no idea how long it took and you didnt hear/feel a thing until the drugs wore off.

What they do to the tooth most often when they remove it, is they make a small incision where the tooth is. They then usually crack the tooth inside either into 2 or 4 peices and extract them. Then they stitch you up!

I didnt think it was that painful. It was annoying, yes, because i couldnt really eat what i wanted to eat and it was real hard to brush my teeth, but i didnt really have excrutiating pain. The DR usually gives you pretty good medications to get through it. You'll have to be on a strong antibiotic, a 2 pain killers ( a strong one and an ibuprofen or something like it), and depending on your doctor they may put you on a steriod to keep the swelling down(thats what mine did.)

After the stitches dissolve, you're left with little holes in the back where your teeth used to be. They can be annoying at times because food gets stuck in them, but the DR will usually give you a needleless syringe you fill with water to squirt it out (that part is fun ).

Overall, Its not so bad, so no need to be terrified! After about 3 days, i didnt have anymore pain...and it just became annoying more than anything else(and all 4 of my teeth were impacted...thats supposedly the worst way to have them). But after about a week, the stitches were dissolved and falling out and I just had the little holes back there.

Now, 3 months later I just have little tiny slits in the back where the wisdom teeth were, food no longer gets stuck, and everything is back to normal

Good Luck, and dont be scared! it's really not so bad!

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Hi, I just had all four of mine removed a little over a month ago.

I had a slightly different experience than faeryprinces, but it wasn't horrible by any means. I had all four of mine removed and only the bottom two were impacted. I was also put to sleep. Mine was different because I'm fairly certain that the procedure was performed differently. I did not get stitches. The doctor who operated on me told me that he tried to stay away from stitches as much as possible because it took longer to heal. I'm not exactly clear on the process because he did not explain it to me, but I have a small indentation on the side of me gums where I think they removed the tooth from. Instead of stitches, they used medical packing to fill up the hole where the tooth was. So as the gum tissue heals over, the packing dissolves so there is not crevice in the back of my mouth where food gets caught.

I wasn't given antibiotics, either. We (my brother and I had ours taken out 3 days apart, actually) were just advised to do salt water rinses after we ate and before going to bed at night.

The only complication that I had was one of the impacted teeth was worse than the other, so there is still a small hole in the back of my mouth where they made the incision. I guess that one had to be bigger than the other incisions, but a result of this is a fun fact to know and tell: Did you know that the inside of your gum tissue us white? I thought that was kind of cool.

The pain wasn't too great, either. The most annoying part for me was just the discomfort of the swollen tissue and not being able to brush my teeth (it was torture for me not to be able to brush all of my teeth for 4 days). I had a really positive wisdom tooth removal experience.

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Heyy thats pretty cool...the medical packing part. That sounds a lot more comfy then the stitches...cuz as they dissolved they kind of drooped away from my teeth, and they would get caught on EVERYTHING. I think i ended up ripping out my stitches while brushing my teeth for the most part Man i wish i didnt have the crevices either...those were annoying haha

I had to do a saltwater rinse too... though i guess I'd say your surgeon was smarter about the antibiotic thing, given the fact that the general population is now becoming less effected my antibiotics as in the past because of over-precribing them!

Ohh well, so yeah...again, its not so bad..dont be scared we had good experiences with our wisdom teeth

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i just had my wisdom teeth out (only had 3) today (well monday morning about 8:30).

i was so stressed about the entire procedure. although i have had lots of dental work done in the past (i have a small mouth and when i was younger overcrowding was an issue so i had about 5 teeth pulled to make room for incoming adult teeth), i was still really nervous about being sedated, etc.

i am amazed at how well i responded to the whole ordeal (case in point, i am up and typing on the computer less than 24 hours later).

my teeth weren't impacted, thankfully. the anesthesiologist had trouble with the IV at first. i also have tiny veins in my arms and seem to always have some sort of problem or other when i get blood taken, etc (every couple of months to check my thyroid). anyway, the first IV bent or something, so she had to try again in the other arm which wasn't so pleasant but it wasn't that painful. except now i have an ugly bruise on the inside of each arm!

i remember the nurse clipping a heart monitor on my finger and putting some monitor pad things on my chest and side. and then i was waking up in the recovery room. it was the strangest feeling ever.

i was really groggy but thankfully the anesthesia did not make me too nauseated. i ate a few bites of jello when i got home but it was really hard to open my mouth. so my mom just gave me some ice packs and propped me up in the bed and i slept on and off all afternoon.

about 4 in the afternoon i was feeling pretty good, actually. i was rested, and sore but not excruciating pain. i took my antibiotics and some tylenol. ate a little yogurt, drank some soup and sat up with my sister and her friend watching tv all evening.
i've been doing ice packs off and on all evening too and i'm about to go to bed after i take my lorcet. the pain is starting to get a little worse so hopefully the lorcet will take care of that quickly and knock me out even quicker.
i know everyone's experience is different but i just wanted to share mine in case someone else is planning to have this procedure done in the near future and was looking for some information/reassurance.

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I had my wisdom teeth out the summer before my junior year of high school (I'm now a junior in college). All 4 of mine were impacted and had to come out for that reason and the fact that I have an extremely small mouth. So small that in 5th grade I had 13 teeth pulled (9 babies, 4 adult) because there was absolutely NO room for them in my mouth.
I had an incredibly easy wisdom tooth experience. For about a week beforehand, I had to use this special mouthwash twice a day. It tasted so disgusting but it did it's job (at least I think it did it's job because I don't really remember what it was supposed to do). I was put under for the actual procedure because I did not want to know what was going on. I remember them giving me the nitrous oxide and then watching them put the IV in my arm and thinking "they're putting a needle in my arm, hehe." The next thing I remember is the nurse trying to wake me up and me thinking "leave me alone, I'm sleeping." I was really out of it that day and had a really hard time eating with my nice, numb mouth but by the next night, I was out with my friends.
I had dissolving stiches that, duh, dissolved as the gums healed. I had antibiotics and pain killers to take- lots of pills those first couple of days. Really, I didn't think it was all that bad. However, not to scare you, it seems like everyone else I've talked to about it has had a bad experience. It all really depends on how an individual's body reacts to it all. Hope this helps a little. And don't worry about it too much- it's not worth the energy.

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there's a thread where we all talked about our experiences with wisdom tooth exraction. check it out

and if you need an extraction, do it. it's better than having an abcess, horrible toothaches and blood poisoning!

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You guys are all lucky try being told your first week at boot camp that you have 6 wisdome teeth 4 on the bottom two on the top and there all impacted. Benifit to this is, they put me to sleep, not many people get this option getting them pulled in boot camp. My 6th week there they pulled them. oh what a thrill got two days off where all I got to do was sleep doped up on vicodin. That knocked me out moments after taking it. Well once the medicine wore off I still had this really bad pain in my mouth. Come to find out I had dry socket in both wholes on the bottom where they removed my teeth. They took care of that problem by putting something in there for two days that tasted like crap and then two days later they replaced it with new one's. Kind of tasted like strait vinigar or something, disgusting.
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I had those disolving stitched also, one problem with that when your hald out of it trying to eat and they give you something that taste like slimfast and your drinking it and its the only thing you feel is the stitches. I accidently pulled mine out which is probbaly the most likely cause of me getting dry scoket, so keep your stitched there let them go away on there own.
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it has been a week and a half since i had my teeth removed. my lower jaw area is still sore.... not excruciating pain, but more like a dull, constant pain. i was wondering if this was normal? i mean, its not so bad that it interferes with my everyday activities... i'm fine with eating solid food again, though i'm more conscious of chewing and such. and i'm still using a baby toothbrush.
i take tylenol for the pain and it seems to help. i'm just not sure if i should still be experiencing it almost 2 weeks after the surgery.
also, on the lower left side where one tooth was removed, there is basically a big flap of gum tissue that feels like it is just folded back over the tooth next to it. will this heal or grow back normally? it's sort of starting to bother me.
if anyone has any input about their experience the few weeks after their surgery, i would appreciate it.
any advice?

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Blue Roses
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Hint for the first few days: if you have them out on both sides, like me, I found a convenient way to put ice on them and have your hands free. Take two big socks (if you have a convenient adult male in the house, steal his), put an ice-filled bag in them, tie them together, and loop them over your head. Their weight will keep them steady if you don't run around too much, and the socks will insulate the ice so it isn't too cold. You look like a deranged chipmunk, but it really keeps the swelling down
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that sounds a little easier than the contraption i made up! i wrapped two small ice packs in washcloths and folded the corners under. then i got one of those stretchy headbands and put it over my head and under my chin and simply stuck an icepack on either side. they worked pretty well as long as i was laying down or sitting up and not moving a lot.
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