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Author Topic: v.v.v painfull periods
emily strange
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i have excruciatingly bad period pains, that let me do nothing but lie in bed 4 4 days, i know excercise is supposed to help, and beleive me i tried, but it didn't help, only made it worse, i have to take asprin and ibuprophen together, but asprin makes me vomit, or nausious. th eother alterntive is feminax ( i don't know if you have that in america) with paracetamol, codeine and hysocene. this also makes me a little sick, and allthough it makes the painbareable, it doesn't stop it.

Are there any other things i could try?
going on the pill is not an option because i have a very high risk of breast cancer.

em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Have you talked to your doctor about this? Extreme period pain can sometimes be a symptom of conditions like endometriosis, so s/he may want to rule out something like that.

There are some very effective medications for treating severe period pain, such as Ponstan (mefenamic acid), but they're only available on prescription.

Complementary treatments like yoga and herbal teas can help with period pain, but they're very unlikely to be able to cure such severe pain all by themselves.

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I am not an expert but when i have a cramp or something i take a nice warm bath and relax with something warm on my belly or the place it hurts. When my friend has it she eats fries but different things help different people so try different things to see what helps you, and it doesn't have to be medication.
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hey emily,

I dont know how much this will help, but i can sympathize with you. I had gone through about 6th months with my periods being that painful. I couldnt move, i couldnt shower, i was in so much pain that if i stood up it made me dizzy and nauseous. Sometimes i would even get sick to my stomach.
At first my doctor prescribed me naproxen (or over the counter it would be aleve-- but obviously this is in need of a precription sized dose). And it worked well, but it didnt help me in my first 6 hours of my period...but i guess if you think about it, 6 hours is far more do-able than 4 days.
Anyway, i went to my gynocologist, and after the exam she told me i had ovarian cysts, and thats what was causing all of the pain. I was then put on birth control to shrink the cysts. Since i've been on the pill, i have less cramps and i'm not in pain at all during my period.

I hope some of that helped. I would definately talk to a doctor, its the only true way to figure out what will work for you.
Good Luck

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I get really painful period EVERYTHING, from cramps & headaches to back pain and pain all the way down my legs...i had prescription pain killers (anaprox) but it only works if I take them right when it starts to hurt - if i take it later it just dulls the pain. I might have to go on the pill too if it doesnt get better. sometimes i cant even get out of bed/off the couch because I feel really light headed and stuff. periods are crappy but doctors help.
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I can understand your pain. I used to get periods that were extremely painful and lasted about 8 days. I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain, I couldnt eat anything while on the first few days on my period, it was horrrible. So i went to my doctor and she prescribed me mefenamic acid, which were good. However, it was really inconvieniet for me. My period stopped me for doing daily things, and that relaly bothered me, I had to carry those pills everywhere, and I cant swallow pills at all, and those prescription pills were BIG! So I decided to try birth control becasue I realized that eventually Im going to go on them, so I decided to go to my doctor and I got a prescription for Allese 28. She told me that it would about 3 months for my period to regulate, (cause I also had an irregular period that came whenever it wanted to, so I could never keep track). After just the first pack of pills, my period was behaving. It came when it was suppose to, it lasted 5 days instead of 8, and it was MUCH lighter, and a lot less painful. So this was a good solutions for me. Its relaly comfortable, I just take the same pill everyday, and that way, I know exactly when Im going ot get my period and it wont be that bad.
Before, I really hated the fact that I would have to sit there in pain until my prescription start working. Birth control pills worked really well for me, so theres one option you can consider. But talk to your doctor first, everyone has different reactions.

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I'm not so sure that birth control will work for everyone. I know for me I get cramps the day before my period, except for this month, I got them in the middle. I'm on the pill and I still get cramps, so sometimes I also have to take a pain killer to releive the pain.
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In reply to Olive, yea, I think i forgot to mention that the pill may not work for everyone. But what I meant, is that the pill took away my really horrible pain, I still get cramps, but they arnt nearly as bad as the ones I used to get before.
But Olive is right, it may not work for everyone, but its worth a doctors visit.

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Exercise does help, but you should start about a week before your period arrives. Also I've heard that an anti-inflamatory like Ibuprophin helps if you take it before your period starts.

Do talk to your doctor, extremely painful periods can be a sign of a more serious problem. Or your estrogen balance may be out of whack. Keeping an electric heating pad on your abdomen during extreme cramping can help ease the pain, as well as cutting caffine and refined sugar out of your diet.

And, not to get all new agey, but cramps can also be our bodies' way of saying that something is emotionally wrong as well. Try to cut back on high stress activity during your period, and tell the idiots in your life to take a hike for a few days.

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It is true that painful periods could be a sign of something else. But then it all depends on the type of pain, too. If you're just having an extreme exaggeration of symptoms, then it's likely a hormonal/stress issue. As someone mentioned earlier, it could be caused by your estrogen levels being wacked. Keep in mind estrogen rich foods--apples/pears, soy, beans and whole grains, etc--and whether you need to eat more of them, or cut down.

Myself, I am a strong believer in alternative medicine, and have never held modern doctors in very high regard. If you feel comfortable visiting with your doctor about your pain, then you have my encouragement to do so, but it is always best to see if you can take care of the problem yourself first.

I used to have the exact same problem as you, and still do occationally. My method is usually to keep track of my cycles as well as I can, and the week before it, calm myself a lot. I make certain I take a lot of long, relaxed walks to keep my body flowing, and eat foods that digest nicely. Above all I make certain to keep myself hydrated--lots and lots of clean, pure water. To ease nervousness, I also wear protection each day of the week before, so that when it happens, I will not have to stress about getting something on, and also, I will not have to see the blood first on. Seeing the blood is actually a psychological factor that pushes your body along--it is best to be able to keep a level of denial for the first few hours, so that your mind can rule over your body. When at last I feel the first signs of the bloodflow beginning, I enter into a ready enviornment--a heating pillow/blanket to put over my stomach, and a database of humor that I enjoy (comics, jokes, etc). It has to be light, easy humor, that will actually inspire the physical reaction of laughter. is my own personal favorite. You should fix yourself a warm, but light drink--something non-lactose. Tea is the most preferable. Make sure it is light and sweet, but not sugary. Only mess with herbal teas if you know what you're doing, or it could make things worse. The main things about the tea are really comfort, warmth, and aromatherapy. Try not to have any heavy smells in the air, though, and silence is best--your thoughts need to be quiet and comfortable. Music might disrupt the rhythm of your body. Become extremely calm and pleased with yourself. Sunlight is always good. Sit snugly with the warm item over your stomach and read jokes/humor. The jokes do two things: a) They give you something to focus on i.e. reading. When you are directly focused on something, but that something doesn't take stress to focus on, then it helps to distract the pain. b) They give you laughter. Laughter is THE NUMBER ONE cure for cramps, in my opinion. It feels good in your stomach muscles, and kneads and eases them. Stay in this enviornment and position for several hours, and do not lift anything even remotely heavy. Make certain you get up briefly once pr. hour, though, whether it is to go to the restroom or make yourself another cup of tea. Try to put off going to the restroom, or look away when you do, as seeing the blood with make you lose a degree of mental control. Make certain to only smile and feel relaxed and good about yourself, and think happy thoughts. If you can make it past the first 6-7 hours like this, then the rest will be a lot easier to handle.

Also, very important, remember breathing. This will work one hundred percent better if you spend the entire time--nooo exceptions--doing easy, free, relaxed breathing exercises. That is, to breathe slowly and deeply in through the nose, then release out through the mouth. After the first half hour, it will become automatic.

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