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Author Topic: Sprintec 28
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After a recent pregnancy risk scare, I decided to head to my doctor, and get her to write me a prescription for birth control so I didn't have to worry so much. She ended up writing me one for Sprintec 28 28 day. I just got it filled today. I've never been on any kind of birth control, so I have a few questions I was gonna see if you guys could answer:

1.) It says on the paper that came with the prescription: "This medicine can be started either on the first day of your menstrual flow or the first Sunday after the start of your menstrual flow. A second form of birth control should be used during the first month of use." So, my last period started on the 13th of March. Since I'm past that, and I'm past the first Sunday after (the 17th), do I have to wait until the start of my next period to start taking them?

2.) It doesn't say anything about this in the paper with the prescription, but I was just wondering about this: I know that I have to take them every day at almost exactly the same time... Does it matter if I decided to take them at, say, 6 PM everyday? Or are they more effective if you take them in the AM or early day?

Thanks for any help [Smile]

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If you start the pill on Day one of your period, or on the first Sunday following Day one, you're more likely to have regular predictable withdrawal bleeds in the first few months of use. However, you can still start it at other times, as long as you use that second form of birth control (usually condoms) during the first month of use.

You can take the pill at any time of the day and have equal effectiveness. As you know, it's best to take it within a few hours of the same time each day.

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Oh, okay. The doctor didn't explain that part to me. Thanks [Smile]
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Okay, I have a few more questions for you guys...

I finally started taking my bc yesterday... I decided to start on the first day of my period, than waiting until the first Sunday after. Anyways, on to my questions:

1.) I started my period yesterday. At around 10 in the morning, I used the bathroom and I was not on my period. At around 11:30 a.m., I urinated again, and noticed that I had started since. Is it okay that I decided to take my first birth control pill at noon that day? Or was that too soon after I started?

2.) With the specific pill that I am on (Sprintec 28), I know that my doctor said that she put me on a low dose so that I could avoid any possible health problems that are sometimes associated with bc pills. I have decided to do them at noon everyday because I think that's a fairly easy time to remember to take them. However, say I am not able to take one until 12:15 or something or just a few minutes after noon, will it compromise the effectiveness of my pills?

Today I was with my mom in a store, and at 11:59, I took my pill from the packet (trying to be kind of sneaky bc my mom doesn't know that I'm on them), and held it in my hand until right at 12 on the dot. It would have been so much easier if I had of been able to wait like 5 minutes until we were back at the car and I could have done it more discreetly.

3.) If I do hold the pills in my hand, and say that I have just put on lotion or something a few minutes before, would that (or anything else I might have put on my hands) make them less effective?

4.) Does it matter what I drink when I take them? I took the first one with water, and the second one with Gatorade.

I know these questions might sound a little bit ridiculous (or might be questions that I should try and ask my doctor), but I just want to make sure that I have all of the bases covered so I can be as protected as possible.

Thanks for any advice or answers [Smile]

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1. Yep! All good.

2. Nope. With combined oral contraceptives, you just need to aim to take them around the same time of day -- morning, afternoon, etc. -- you've got a window, actually of 12 hours before a pill is considered late, but to remember them best, it's ideal to try and take them around the same time.

3. I've never seen anything anywhere to suggest that would be an issue. But it might make them taste yuckier. [Razz]

4. Either of those are fine, just want to not choose booze to wash them down with.

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Thanks so much for your quick reply a few days ago. I have just a few more questions, and I will quit bothering you guys...

I started taking my BC on the first day of my period (as I mentioned in my last post), since I've taken 7 pills from the pack (I haven't missed a pill or taken any late), would I be considered fully protected now? Or do I need to wait until I finish the whole first pack? Either way, when my boyfriend and I have sex, we're going to use a condom... but I'd still like to know my BC is effective as it can be for extra piece of mind.

If for some reason in the future I forget to take a pill from a pack completely for the day, does that make the pills that I have taken completely ineffective, or does it just decrease their effectiveness? If that makes sense?

I have a generic brand of BC. Are the generic brands less effective than brand names?

Also, even if a condom is put on properly, what are the chances that semen can leak from the base?

I'm going to try not to post any more questions... I was just so nervous going to get the prescription from the doctor, they completely slipped my mind and I just want my first time to be good and safe.

Thank you guys [Smile]

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It's very possible that you are fully protected by now, but it's still a good idea to use a backup method for at least the first full pack - some people take a bit longer to get into the habit of taking them at the same time every day, and there can be some variation in how quickly bodies adjust to those hormones, so waiting a full month is ideal.

Forgetting one pill does not wipe out your protection completely, it just means that the effectiveness has decreased. If that ever does happen, you'll want to take the pill as soon as you remember - even if it means taking two at the same time. (The instruction booklet should also have more information on what to do if that happens.)

Generics are just as effective as brand names. Legally, the active ingredients in generic medications MUST be exactly the same as in the brand name, in the same amounts.

The chance of a properly-used condom leaking is pretty much nil, really: condoms are designed to hold liquid in, and if they remain on for all genital contact and don't slip off, you can assume they've done their job.

(If you have any more questions, by the way, feel free to ask away - that's what we're here for!)

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Thanks a lot. One last thing.

Don't think I'm awful, I'm just a bit scatterbrained lately. Today, accidentally, my pills were left in my car for around 3 hours. It didn't get crazy hot today... it was cloudy with the sun peaking out a few times and in the low 70's for the majority of the day. Do you guys think that I should stop taking this pack of pills? It says in the packet "Store away from heat, moisture and light and store medicine at room temp between 68-77 degrees. I know it likely didn't reach 77 degrees as it was sort of windy and overcast... but I know how warm and stuffy it can get in cars. I just want to know if you think they're still effective or not because of heat exposure? Thanks for any input.

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Robin Lee
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It is likely that there is nothing to worry about with that degree of heat exposure for that period of time. Pharmacists have a lot more information about that sort of thing. You could give one a call for a more specific answer.


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