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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Sex Basics and Sexual Health » Oh those funny sexual antics! (Page 2)

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Author Topic: Oh those funny sexual antics!
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oh gosh my most embarassing sexual moment was this... one time i went out of town with my boyfriend and his friend and on the way back from our little trip we were getting a little frisky (my boyfriend and i) and he was fingering me and i was pushing down kind of hard while he did it and farted and his friend heard and we all started laughing so hard but us being the troopers we are kept on messing around.....
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I live in an intentional community with 9 other people. We have a community mug of condoms, dental dams, and lube in the bathroom, for people to use if they run out of their own. It has pretty basic stuff in it.

Last week, after community dinner, we all sat around the dining room table and played Telephone Pictionary. This is how the game is played: one person writes any sentence at the top of the page and passes it onto their neighbor. that person draws a picture of the sentence, and then folds the paper over so that only the picture, but not the sentence is visible. then they pass it onto the next person, who makes up a sentence to describe what is happening in the picture, and so on.

In one round, someone wrote at the top "Community condoms and lube!" which isn't a sentence, but no biggie. The next person drew a picture of a mug full of condoms and lube. There was a container that said "Liquid Silk" on it. Words aren't really allowed, but no biggie. It was passed to me. Liquid Silk is my favorite kind of lube. I wrote, "I wish we had Liquid Silk in our communal safer sex mug!" I passed it on to my friend, who's favorite lube is also Liquid Silk. He's also vegan, and his favorite brand of soy milk is called "Silk." He saw that sentence, and for some reason thought I was talking about having soy milk in the safer sex mug. He drew the safer sex mug, and then drew a carton of soy milk being poured into it.

Um, sweetie, next time we have sex, I'll remember to hid the soy milk.

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K, just a make-out story, but-

When I was first with my boyfriend, still together, we were having one of our first "heavy make-out sessions", like lights out, missing some clothes and lol, getting wet. So I am really getting into it. And then he reaches down to finger me, and I throw my head back. Then, who should I see out my window? But my younger sister!! She's on the roof staring at us. So I scream and roll of the bed, then he's all confused and he jumps up (half naked), then sees her and dives back under the sheets...
Apparently she had come home earlier than expected and heard us, she thought she would play a funny "joke" on us, lol, she still hasn't lived that one down!

Love is natural, and everything that goes with it. ;)

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i have always found sex funny. And the stuff on tv or in the movies is all romantic but impossible.

well i have a funny story that happened to me a while back. My boyfriend at the time and i were at a friends house, we ate lunch and were hanging out. well my boyfriend got a little frisky so he pulled me into a room and we started to have sex. Well he started to perform oral sex on me when things started to get really good, he burps. i tried to hold in laughter but we both couldn't stop it. we ended up cracking up, and moved on to other fun stuff.

one of my friends was getting hot and heavy in a bathroom once. when his partner was getting really wild. They were sitting on a toliet. well then ended up breaking the toliet. they also were at a friends house. the friend was not very happy. LOL. to say the least they were pretty embarrissed.

Me :P

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i remember awhile back... i was on the phone with my bf at the time, and i asked what some of his turn ons were (so i'd know for future reference) and he told me... and when he was done, he asked me what mine were. welllll i guess i got a bit detailed or sumthing cause he was really quiet, so i asked if anything was wrong... and he said in a rather squeaky voice, "i need you REALLY bad right now!!" i started cracking up! i was just explaining stuff and mistakingly made him extremely horny!... it was sooo funny!
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Yeah I've only had sex about 5 times. But one of the times I left school during lunch to go with my boyfriend and we got to his house and immediately started going at it. Well, we are constantly trying new positions but he has a water bed which makes certain kinds a little hard to do. We started the "canine position" with me on all fours on the bed and him standing up next to it, holding on to my hips. Well, I was really tired, having problems holding myself up (not having had anything to eat the whole day) and to make it worse kept sinking into the bed. So finally I started to tell him I was too tired to hold myself up and tried to crawl away. Well, he has confessed to "blacking out" when we've done it before, so I think he had and when I tried to get away he'd just grab me and pull me back, where I wouldn't be able to hold myself up. So finally I got him into another position and we finished off, but later he asked me, "what was up with your butt getting higher and higher into the air?" I just blushed and told him of my extreme dislike for that position on a surface that just was not solid enough. Very awkward that day.
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Oh goodness... You know how sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night with horrible terrible leg cramps that make you want to scream and rip your calves off? Keep that in mind... We were going at it with one of my legs up on my boy's shoulder, and I was so close to an orgasm and it was feeling so good that my leg muscles clenched up when I did come. Apparently the clenching triggered one of those painful middle of the night cramps, so where I was supposed to be screaming "Oh yes!" I was screaming "Get off me! OWWW!!" It hurt so bad I couldn't even remember if I'd had an orgasm or not, but it was pretty darn funny; I was cracking up and crying at the same time. And it was fun hobbling around for a week in pain knowing exactly where the pain came from
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well, one time my girlfriend and I were making out fairly heavily in her room. After a while I decided I would try to take her pants off, but she was wearing some fancy black pants with a string going partly up the side. So, I figured that must loosen them up so I started attempting to undo the string. After about 15 minutes of pulling and tugging at the damn thing she finally started laughing and told me that there was actually a zipper at the back and the string was just for show. It was embarrassing but I got over it
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this just happened last night...
my bf's friend was driving us around, and we were sitting in the back making out, rather heavily in fact. and they decide to go drive to a friend's house and get out of the car and hang out. this was much to the delight of my bf and i. we would get to be alone in a nice little neon...and since we hadn't seen eachother in over 2 months...we got pretty into it....well anyways....shirts were off, his pants and boxers disappeared....and then all the sudden his friends jump on the back of the car and made it bounce up and down. we screamed several obscenities and rushed to get dressed. my bra had somehow gotten lost....all of the while the back of the car was bouncing, while somebody else was peeking through the window i feverently looked for it...found it and put it on. embarassing!

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OK, so i've got a tickle me elmo and a tickle me cookie monster on my right? well, (this has actually happened more than once) but my b/f and i were having sex and he tends to like to roll me around and stuff in my mind cuz mine is nice and big...and well, i kind of ended up on one of the tickle me dudes, and all we hear is "this is fun this is fun!" needless to say we laughed for about half an hour and were done for the day. haha. good times tho.
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Haha, oh geez, I just had to pull this topic up again... tooooo funny!

I haven't really had any funny things happen except for the ermm *queef*. It was too funny, it happened.. and I shreiked in embarrassment 'cause it had never happened to me before, and then it wouldn't stop! and I jumped off him and laughed sooo hard but I was soooo totally embarrassed!

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Ok, so I was having a shower with my boyfriend, and I thought no one was home (we were at his place). I'd left all my clothes in his bedroom across the hall, so I thought I'd just dash out of the bathroom to get them. I open the bathroom door and "Bob", my boyfriend's stepbrother and my best friend, is sitting on the couch down the hall, staring at me.
Staring at me dripping wat and STARK NAKED!
I screamed at ran back into the bathroom. It was very embarassing, and to make matters worse my so-called friends, once they found out, started this "'Bob' saw you naked!" chant that spread madly throughout the school.
I haven't had a shower at his place since.

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Haha. My ex and I used to lay around in bed prior to sex and chew on each other. I think the most amazing thing ever was the day our thoughtless play somehow ended with his open jaw engulfing my entire chin, sideways. As soon as he did it, he realized that he was in fact, mowing down on the bottom of my jaw and started laughing. It felt so weird I had to do it to him and so we spent a few minutes gnawing on each other like wolves.

Another one is back one night in my old dowm we had turned the television on to promote noise so now one could hear us. Well, TV Game Show Bloopers was on that night - and our sincere attempts to pretend we weren't paying any attention to ir during sex failed completely when the final funny clip came on and we both, while looking into each other's eyes, suddenly started laughing. We also failed this once during Dogma, (dogma style). Something funny happened and we both started laughing, then immediately shut up - pretending we hadn't been watching it,.. but it was just too intensly funny and we collapsed in laughter.

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Well, queefs are always just funny. I was a little embarassed the first time it happened in front of my partner, his reaction was, "...was that your vagina?" He was pretty impressed. Belching loudly (by accident!) during oral sex also rates up there.

However, my special story is that I seem to begin my period during intercourse somewhat often. The first time it happened, we had just finished and he pulled out, when suddenly we both realized that there was blood. Everywhere. After about 30 seconds of, "OH MY GOD one of us is bleeding a lot from somewhere we don't know where oh no!" it occurred to me that hey, wasn't my period scheduled to make an appearance one of these days? Of course, this was the case, and we had a good laugh at ourselves before cleaning up all sorts of blood.

[edit: i will not use HTML. I will not use HTML. I will not use HTML...]

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had an embarrassing incident with my boyfriend, we were messin about a bit in his room, and the bloody window cleaner popped up! we just ran and hid! it was very funny. i dont know if he saw becos we were behind a chest of draws but i always hide when he comes round now!
oh yeah and i once managed to poke my boyfrend in the eye during a passionate moment, he didnt mind tho luckily!

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Ok.. so I have this habit of dating "emo" boys, or boys who take things VERY seriously. So the one that I've been dating recently is crazy. So he plans out this romantic first time for us (its his first time but definately not mine so I kind of understand that he might be let down by his idea of "perfect sex") so we go to his house and start having sex (without too much foreplay, mind you) and its fun, right, but im not really ... in the mood. so some noises start and every time there is a noise i start giggling and he tries to ignore it, so all the way through (all...5 minutes, hee hee) im cracking up and hes trying to be serious. finally, he finishes and i roll over laughing and he got really offended so he took his clothes and got dressed in the bathroom. it was very entertaining.
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