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Author Topic: Teachers
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Do you have teachers at your school that are out? Wish you did? Why?

My English teacher is really obviously queer, but isn't out. It's sad, how much she tries to hide it and how obvious it is to everyone else. There are a lot of teachers at my school that are out, but I really wish she were.

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well at my school there are rumers about teachers being gay, but i don't know how any of the students come up with these conclusions, whenever i ask they say "oh, you can just tell." which pisses me off. and none of the teachers are actually out, if any of them are queer anyway. if you don't mind me asking, how do you know your english teacher is queer, just out of curiosity.

i think a lot of teachers feel the need to stay in the closet because students and parents can be really mean and homophobic. and many parents are very paranoid and homophobic and ignorent and think that anyone queer will molest their child.

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At my school, I knew who the gay teachers were because they came to our GSA meetings. (Note: Using past tense 'cause I'm in college now. As for the queer teachers at my college, I am not going to hazard any guesses.) One regular attendee was actually a substitute who was VERY out and very well-liked at least among the administration. Our principal was not going to make a big deal out of it. She is very liberal. This sub would, for instance, stop "That's so gay" comments by saying "No, he/she/it isn't, but I am. Any questions?" and he also did a little question and answer thing with all of the Junior (I think) health classes.

There were 3 other teachers (full-time) at my school who came to GSA, and I had one of them as a teacher daily and, this might sound stupid, but every time he'd say "my housemate" I'd kind of cringe emotionally and want to give him a hug as I filled in the word "boyfriend" in my head. (I hate the word boyfriend, too in a lot of cases but we don't really have a better male-specific one). They were all afraid about tenure, pretty much, and it really bothered me as sometimes they would just be telling some story and talk about how they could have done this or that but were afraid and ... it made me mad. Now my sister is going to school and will know all of them and has mentioned to me in hushed tones "You know, he's gay," and I'm always sort of simultaneously amused and disturbed by this (The first because I may know it to be true and the second because I know it's just being spread around maliciously.)

I ought to visit my old GSA sometime and see how they are doing.

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None of the teachers at my shool are openly gay, my gaydar pings on one or two, but then my gaydar is extremely unreliable/non-existent. I wish one was, but I don't think too many parents would be comfortable and since it's a private school the teachers could get fired or let go or what ever it's called so the parents won't move their child to another school.

I think I would really admire any teacher who would do that. I want to be a ninth grade English teacher and I certainly wouldn't do come out if I were teaching at my school. But the school counselor, who also is the leader of the GSA, said she wouldn't be surprised if a teacher came out in the next two or three years if the creation of the GSA means anything in my school's attitude toward homosexuality. I will patiently attend my chance for a role model or something of the sort until then.

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most of the rumours that go aruond my school are obviously untrue and i pity the people that make them up.
One teacher is openly gay and he talks about his partner and i think thats the best way to be. He doesn't care if people think hes weird. Most people like him because hes open.

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at my school we have like my drama and maths and a few more teachers that are gay and they just say it straight and everything but we atm have this student teacher who wont say out and this one girl in my english class keeps askin im and i no how hard it is for me to come out so i feel sorry for him
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i dont think any were openly gay.
but there was alot of rumours about a certain pe teacher LOL.
and i think she was.

but none of the others set of my gaydar LOL.

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There are many teachers at my high school that have had very nasty rumours spread about them being gay. However, I don't know that any of them are actuall gay. The semi-advisor for our GSA does have a pride flag hanging in his room, which gives me the feeling that he might be gay, but then again that might just be because he's GSA advisor and he's wonderful and supportive. I do kind of wish that there were teachers at my school that were openly gay, but if any of them are gay (which, statistically speaking, at least a couple probably are), I don't blame them for not being "out, loud, and proud" about it. My school, while pretty liberal, is not the most accepting place in the world.
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I was reading this post and thought of this: Maybe teachers aren't coming out because they feel it's a side of their personal life that they want to have separate and private from school. Just as a lot of teachers with opposite-sex partners don't bring that up in class. (Although I can see how the whole "housemate" part can feel a bit unecessary.)

In any case, I definitely believe it's ok for a teacher to come out if s/he wants to, but that it's inappropriate for a student to inquire if a teacher is or isn't gay. BiGoddess, I think you bring up a good point regarding your GSA advisor, that his own ID important as much as that he's openly (and seemingly awesomely) supportive. [Smile]

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My French teacher doesn't go out of the way to let us know he's gay, but he's not exactly cowering in the closet, either. My friend Kortnee was walking through the park with her girlfriend and they ran into him going the other way, so they stopped for the usual exchange of pleasantries. He asked what she was up to, and Kortnee (who is out, loud, and proud), said, "My girlfriend and I are going to have a picnic lunch." At that, he just smiled his little trademark Mr. M smile and said that he was going to a picnic luch too- he was meeting his boyfriend at the other end of the park.

I do wonder about this a lot, though; I'm planning on being a music teacher. Do teachers still risk losing their jobs if they're openly queer?

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I live in Alabama, capital of homophobia. In high school, the spanish teacher was very out and proud. His boyfriend, a spanish teacher at the middle school I went to, was also out. They would show up at each others' schools to pick each other up and show up at school events together. When the high school spanish teacher got arrested for being in the park at the wrong time (it was one of those witch hunts the cops go on), he didn't lose his job. He couldn't go back for almost a year because of the court case, but the school held the position for him. My sister actually substituted for him during that time. I'm pretty sure they even paid him during his absence. When he won the case, he came back to school and no one made a big deal about it except for a couple of idiot students. If in Alabama there can be such acceptance, then surely there can be acceptance in the rest of the country.

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It is a possibility that in some school districts you might face job discrimination if you were out. However, if you were fired on account of your sexual orientation (or even in some cases just plain discriminated against by coworkers or employers), that would be illegal, illegal, illegal and you could have a pretty strong case for the courts. It's the same for any job, not just teaching.

(Yay for wanting to be a teacher, BTW. I'm an aspiring educator myself. :D )

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Been there, have that t-shirt.

Wasn't fired, but let me tell you something: while being out for me has bascially always been non-negotiable, boy howdy, was it absolute hell at one school I worked at, and that's just about the treatment I got from fellow teachers and administration. And that was right outside of Chicago, no less.

So, for sure: even in places that aren't in the sticks, being out as a teacher isn't a walk in the park for a lot of teachers, so it's certainly a big issue and there are plenty of cons.

On the other hand, my overall impression is that often, teachers who out themselves from the start often fare FAR better almost anywhere than teachers who get outed: all too often, given how ridiculous people can be, teachers who were in the closet and ar later outsed are often treated with some pretty scary suspicion per people having nutty ideas about homosexuality and predation.

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