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Author Topic: Any close calls?
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If you aren't out yet, or before you were out, did you have any close calls when family/friends almost found something that pointed at you being gay/bi/les when you did not want to come out? I'm bi but I am definately not ready to come out yet.

Yeterday, I was on the internet and I saw this huge cockaroach/beatle like thing. Now...I'm not usually scared of bugs...But I despise cockaroaches *shudder* and things that I can't even define scare me even more. So...Well...I screamed. I ran downstairs, called my dad and basically acted like someone was trying to kill me. Then I remembered that I was on and if my dad saw that it would have been rather incriminating (I don't think my dad would react badly...I'm just not ready to tell my parents). I ran upstairs with new found courage, and disconnected from the internet...Just before my dad came to save me from the big bad bug. Don't worry...The bug was not killed...

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All the time. It's really scary.


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Most of my good friends know about me. The problem is, one of my cousins knows and talks. I don't really mind, because I can easily deny it, if it happens to fall on a wrong persons ears.

My aunt owns her own Beauty Salon and can easily spread rumors, and hear them. She heard about me and my girlfriend. (everything did work out, by the way) I went over to her salon recently to get my 7 inch long hair, to a great 2 inches short. She asked me if I had a girlfriend. I quickly denied it. If I had not lied to her, she would have quickly called my mother and told all of my city.

Thank heavens for my best friend who pretends to be my boyfriend!



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Personally it's just the usual close-calls. Forgetting to erase technodyke off the memory, hiding queer pride stickers, telling my parents I'm going to a religious youth group when I'm sneaking into a building with a rainbow flag.

However, a few of my queer friends had very very close calls. This one guy I know is the leader of a youth GBLT group and spends a lot of time at The Center. One day his cell as out of minutes so he called home from the center's phone, forgetting that his parents had caller ID! He got out of that one by saying that the building was formerly a GBLT center and they hadn't switched it with the phone company. *sigh*

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I never 'came out of the closet' because I never thought it was necessary. I dont hide Im bi nor I deny it, but I dont see any reason to actually tell everybody unless needed - its just as normal as saying I brush my teeth or that I go to school, etc.
I wasnt sure if my parents knew, tho. They ARE quite libreal, and my mom always joked about me getting 'a boyfriend or a girlfriend'. ( o.O'') I thought she was only joking, since she had no way of knowing about my..little adventures with girls, until she came and told me SERIOUSLY she didnt mind it if I dated a girl, she was just sorry for the pressure society could put on me. I dont think many people have the luck I do. ^_^
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la jaunty bohemian
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I took my partner, who is transgendered, home to eat dinner with my family and pick up some personal belongings. While I'm out to my mom and my brother, I haven't officially had "the talk" with my dad. [I have a pride sticker on my car and belong to the GLBTA organization at college; he knows both these things. We still haven't talked]

I introduced my love as "a friend."

Anyway, he and I started talking with my dad, who avoided pronouns the whole time ["So you're a 19-year old... person?"] but was pretty much under the assumption that my love was a biological boy. When my love let it slip that he applied to a women's college, the look on my dad's face was priceless.

Nothing actually came of the situation, but there was an awkward silence at the table after that... We laughed about it on the ride home.

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twisted mister
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::blink blink::

la jaunty bohemian... you're so my girlfriend. i knew that story sounded familiar. wow, small world.

my own close-call stories mainly involve people randomly calling me "he" in front of people who have no clue that i'm a wee bit gender variant. but my personal favorite occurred when i was about 15 and a (male) friend of mine came to pick me up so we could go hang out somewhere. i ran over to hug him and bit his ear seductively because that's my fun random greeting, and he, apparently a bit freaked out by this display, shouted "aren't you GAY?!" and lo and behold, my little sister was standing in the driveway. ha! many laughs were had by all... years later.

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The closest I've come is having people walk by right after I'm scrawling messages on the pavement in chalk, or when writing "Clothing can't define orientation" by Bell Hall with people looking out the door.

Not that this is on topic, but it made me feel really alone to see all the pro-LGB messages without any T being mentioned.

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My close call was all my own stupid fault. I was chatting to a friend of mine under an alias "Blondie bi girl"(I was bisexual that month) and I was in the gay teen room in yahoo when my mother decides she wants to send an e-mail. She barges in, without warning. I rush to close the Internet explorer. What happens? My computer stalls!!!!! She stares at the screen, somehow, avoiding the room I was in(I had the name covered with the IM message with the grace of God) and she didn't really see the IM. I started screaming(very discreet) and shouting at her to get out and to stop invading my privacy!!! She gives out to me for shouting at her, and the damned IE 5 won't go away!!!! Eventually I shut off the monitor and my mam goes away. The screen shut down and I let her send that bloody e-mail. I have never been so scared in my entire life. It took about an hour before my hearts stopped stampeding around my chest. I deleted the alias and I haven't been to that room since. And I only come to this site when they're out. At least I learned from the experience.


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We were on this class trip, and basically my very small(4-5 people) group of friends knew I was a lesbian, but not officially, I'd take part in the "which of the girls in this anime is the cutest?" debates, and so on and so forth. One of my friends, Kevin, knew because of a random fluke. One of the guides for the camping portion of the trip made us do a talking circle, where you sit in a circle and pass something around, allowing everyone to talk. All night I did these analogies about how you shouldn't be a bigot. So finally, Kevin, who was before me in the circle, says "I think she's[me] about to tell us something." I could have clobbered him. I practically tore the rock from his hand and said, "I'm not about to say ANYTHING! I'm not going to tell you guys anything!" I went bright red, too(luckily it was dark). After the talking circle, I was yelling at him for fifteen minutes, that's how mad I was. My class was kind of shocked, needless to say.

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