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Author Topic: How did you get your Sex Education?
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I'm doing some research for a paper, about sex education and want to ask, how did you get yours? Parents, school or friends? Did you grow up with misconceptions? I did - I thought Durex was a brand of paint and that you could get pregnant if you sat in a bath after a boy. I would love to hear from anyone - parents, teenagers, whoever. Did you experience embarassing sex education lessons? Were you told babies were delivered by angels/stalks...? I would love to hear from you. Thank you!
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Hey Justlisa!!!

As i was growing up my parents were very open with me and often talked to me about the fats of life. They never hid anything or told me the "birds and bees story"

I did have sex education at school too. It started in yr 6 (age 11) and lasted up until yr 11 (age 16)
I didn't really find anything embarasing either- tis all just perfectly normal and i think that with my parents being easy to talk to about it helped a lot too

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Hey, i found these threads which cover similar topics that might be of use for your research paper! - Sex Education Survey - Talking Sex with the Parental Units - Religious School's and Sex Ed - Sex Education - Sex Ed, how would you do it?

If you want more use the search funtion and type in sex education and you'll get a bunch of stuff!

I personally learned about sex from my parents. I think i've been pretty well informed and haven't come up with too many misconceptions. I remember the one thing that hit me by suprise was that you had to use a form of birth control to prevent pregnancy. I thought you could just decide when you wanted to get pregnant

Edited to spread out my links!

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When i was about 8 years old, and Pad commercials would come onto the Television. My misconception was that i thought that Pads were used for people who couldn't stop themselves from going to the bathroom whenever. (Kind of like a diaper)

I never heard about the birds and the bees story. So i'm completely lost on that one.

Hope this helped with your paper.

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Around 9 or 10 I got the "so this is how babies are made" talk from my mom. I don't really remember a whole lot about that, actually.

I got my best and by far most extensive sex ed from my church. Yes, church. I grew up a Unitarian, and they had this sex ed program called "About Your Sexuality" (now they have a new one called "Our Whole Lives", which my little brother did this year). It was done once every three years for the middle schoolers (it was optional and after church, but most kids did it), so I got it in 7th grade.

It covered just about everything imaginable--sex (we actually saw slide shows of people having sex), gays, lesbians, reproduction, puberty, protection, etc. etc. Just about everything I can think of. We got to play with diphragms, put condoms on bananas, listen to messages about sex in popular music...

Anyway, AYS was good, and it got us at the age where we were curious about sex, but no one (that i knew/know of) was ready to do anything about it. I've been hearing about the virtues of condoms for longer than I've been kissing boys.

I had sex ed in school too, though to be honest I don't remember so much of it. Probably because I wasn't paying attention, oh, and it was taught horribly. I remember we got "your first period!" for about four years, and eventually they got around to sex. But it obviously didn't make much of an impression.

------------------ mean the files are in the computer?!?

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well I dont remember a time that I asked my parents but I know I learned a lot from my firends and school. I remember one time in sixth grade I had a class where they taught about sexual ed and they would talk about safe sex and they showed us how to put a condom on a banana and we had to do it our self and they gave out free condoms. I came home and told my dad all about it and he was so mad!!!!
he went to the school and yelled at them for teaching me this without asking him first. I was in 6th grade at the time!
But then we learned more in detail in middle school and high school but by then I knew just about everything anyway!
Now as far as the stuff like giving head and all that that they wouldnt teach a child I learned on my own with my first boyfriend about a yr ago!

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i learned about it from alot that i put together myself actually... from my mother's books on pregnancy that i found when i was 5 to doing my own research i learned pretty early and my mom just confirmed my ideas around 4th grade. unfortunately i had a run-in w/ porn at a hotel when i was around that age which is why my mom had that talk w/ me... i was confused and upset and wut i had just seen so my mom decided it was time 2 explain. altho when i learned all about BC from teachers in gr 9 health my mom was very upset that they were "promoting" sex. in my opinion they were pormoting safe sex. just because we kno how 2 use a condom doesnt mean we're goin to! but ye... my parents r very uptight about it all, im not and i believe that because sex is not a taboo subject for me ill stay safer since i go looking for information


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Hmm, well, I don't know if you still need info for your research paper, but I'm willing to share my Sex Ed experiences anyway.

Before I had sex ed in elementary school, I learned what sexual intercourse was somewhere around the third grade. I can't remember if someone told me or if I looked it up in the dictionary, but I do remember it was solidified by the fourth grade when some boy passed around an illustrated book explaining coitus to children. Before my mother had time to give me the first "talk" when I was 9 years old, I knew everything but what an ejaculation was.

My mother gave me the only talk when I was 9, basically outlining the stages of pregnancy and everything...she talked about everything but intercourse, which is kind of amusing. She also explained menstruation, and told me that it wouldn't happen to me for a long time...and then, I got my period within the next year. :P

I think a year later she came back and introduced intercourse. She told me, like, the dictionary answer, mentioned that it was very pleasurble for a man and a woman and that it was a very beautiful expression of love "ordained by God" that was only meant for marriage. Outside of that...nope.

She pulled me out of the sex ed class that they gave in my 4th grade, but I didn't tell her about 5th grade sex ed...she signed a waiver, but I went anyway, just because I really wanted to know what I had missed from last was like, a right of passage in elementary school to go through sex ed...or something.

Anyway, I had sex ed classes from 5th-7th grade at my old school district, went to a new one and then had another sex ed class in 8th grade. By the 8th grade, I had more knowledge on sex than any of my classmates...even those who claimed "experience," because I guess I was a nerd and researched a lot on my own. Since internet wasn't as big in 1998, I didn't go to sites such as these, but I read books in the library, encyclopedias.

My last sex ed class was my sophomore year of high school, which will forever be remembered because of the placing condoms on bananas and the slide show of various STDs and the effects on genitalia. Mainly, it was a class in which certain members boasted their sexual experience and covertly taunted those who were still virginal.

My sex ed classes in elementary and middle school covered the aspects of puberty, sexual intercourse and STDs. In high school, they did more extensive STD and safe sex instruction. Yes, it was fairly extensive, but there were still several things lacking, I felt...which is why I found this site in the first place.

Not one of my sex ed classes, including the talks my mother gave, addressed masterbation and its myths, homosexuality, bisexuality, virginity and its myths or knowing when you are ready to have sex. As a result, these were very real issues that I was concerned about and that I had no guidance for. Schools tend to steer clear of these issues, I find, for fear of perhaps what parents will say or just plain ignorance on how to instruct it. I think if anything were to change in school's sex ed programs, it would be instruction in this area. Homosexuality tends to be the most difficult for schools to include in their curriculum.

And yes, besides that, none of my sex ed classes were particularly informative. By the one I had in the 8th grade, I learned no knew material, and I still wouldn't know how to place a condom properly, because my sophomore year I refused to touch the banana, and the condoms were instead filled with water and used as water balloons and scattered in the hallway. I think my best sex ed, meaning the one I learned the most, is from my own inquiry, and especially from this site.

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Latina Chik
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Well, I often ask my parents (some things)about things which I am a bit curious about. Since I am only 13, I quess you can say that I don't know very much about sex and IT IS true, I don't know very much about this topic. Since I am entering Middle School, this topic will be more open to talk about there. Everyone will have to take Sex Ed class. I think that when it comes to talking about a topic THAT important, i am not at all shy. I am more mature than other teens when it comes talking about sex, therefore Sex Ed class won't be a problem for me this year.


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At 13, would you not be entering HIGH school next year, Latina, given the public school system in your county (and nearly all of the US)?

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I got my sexual education from various sources.Well i knew what sex was when my mom got pregnant with my lil brother when i was 8. I also got some sexual education when i was in elementary and in high school as well. But I really knew a lot of the stuff on my own through the internet, magazines, and books.


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groovy, hope it goes well.

here's my general answer:

my mother taught me the "facts of life" slightly too late & in a very uncomfortable way. i also had middle-school sex ed.

my sexual education was really in my own hands. mom was not someone i could trust or talk to, and school taught the most basic facts on the physical operation. it was not until 12th grade that i had a health class that actually mentioned safe sex & condoms.

this left a lot of filling in. so i read. i've always been a reader, and to this day text about the sexes & sexual-functioning is one of my very favorites... whether it's a "have more fun" book or medical studies. the way our body's work in general is terribly interesting.

i grew up with others who had misconceptions, but i personally never had them... i'm the type of pain in the butt -on any subject- who here's something, then feels the need to look it up to verify.

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oh, but it did take me forever to figure out what FDS commercials were all about...

and to this day the idea of crotch-deodorant strikes me as bizarre.

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