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Author Topic: How do you feel about medicine?
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A topic for this quiet, quiet forum, that came up in a conversation last night.

When you think of drugs or medicine, what do you think of? Substances used to help you get better? Swallowing nasty pills? Do you treat caffeine like a drug? Do you think of birth control pills as medicine? Do you eat and breathe Nyquil when you've got a bad cold?

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I really dont like taking medicine when Im sick. I dont like taking medicines at all. If I really have to I will.

I cant swallow pills anyways, like pain relivers. Nope. Little pills like birth control I can. Its like my throat closes up.
So if I take meds I cut the pill in half to make it easier.

When I got bit by the squirrel I made them give me liquid. And it didnt taste to shabby.


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Let's see, what do I think...

Well last week I was drugged up on suddifed (sp I know that). I had a really bad cold and sinus cold. I also had alittle bit of them flu.

Now, because of my last week illness, I have inflamtion in my hips. No fun So I'm on this medicine that's suppose to stop the swelling and pain. It sure does work! I didn't take it till the early afternoon and man my legs were so swore. I almost cried.

So yes I'm a medicine taker!

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Mmm, it took me just forever to learn to swallow pills. I'm still not very good at it. I sort of tilt my head back, like a bird when it's drinking, and drop them down the back of my throat and swallow. While I swallow I usually shiver involuntarily and make a little choking noise. My parents laugh at me about it. My boyfriend laughs at me about it. I think everyone who's seen me swallow a pill has laughed at me. Whatever. It works.
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I basically grew up in a hospitals, due to my mother occupation of working in them, and due to some serious childhood illnesses (I'm the only person I know in my generation in this country that somehoe managed to get Scarlet Fever, for instance).

So, when I have to, I can have blood drawn, get exams, have IVs, have surgery, what have you, like a pro. It's no big deal.

But I pprefer to practice preventative medisine rather than curative medicine whenever possible, simply by being very mindful about my diet, vitamin and mineral intake and physical health, and by being sensitive enoiugh in my body to recognize the onset of illnesses and cut them off at the pass with homeopathic or naturopathic remdies.

In my mind, a combination of western medicine (when you need it) and natural medicine is a pretty excellent union.

Heather Corinna
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I don't really like taking medicine because I always feel like I'm introducing this foreign object into my body and it seems un-natural.

So I'm starting, like Miz S, to take prevention measures rather than wait till I fall sick and have to take medication. So, if I know I'm going to get a sore throat, I stop eating all those heaty foods, drink alot of water, take Vitamin C etc.

And yes, I do think of BC Pills as medication.

But really, Chinese medicine is marvellous. Even if it tastes disgusting because it's all ade up of natural herbs and it's amazing that only now are western medicine practicionors looking into ancient Chinese remedies like accupuncture and foot reflexology.

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Oh, i remember this convo ... and i was looking for the post too!! lol

I have had 15 operations in my 16 years. I had an extra finger when i as born (forget the med. term for it), I've had numerous tubes put in my ears, i had an ear infection travel to my uterus, a ruptured cyst on my ovary, my tonsils and adnoids (sp?) taken out ... All of this includes pre-op checkups of blood and urine tests. I've had x-rays, ultrasound, i was scheduled for a scope of my tum tum (which i never really made it to) ... I've had an E.N.T. doctor since i was about 6 months old. I've had yeast infection after yeast infection ever since I became a "woman". Oh, and don't forget those bumps. Yes, every cycle i get one or two and that means infection. Not fun.

I am THE walking problem. Medication doesn't bother me. I couldn't afford it to ... I've been on tons of different meds for different reasons at various times in my life. I've just gotten used to it. One thing i can't stand ... ear drops. I can taste them and feel them in my throat ... and EW! I can swallow pills but i can't take cherry cough syrup. It makes me gag. I'd rather take Buckleys ANY day!!

I don't consider birth control to be medication tho. However foreign it is to the body, it is still something that is made naturally. Hormones. I've been taking a teeny tiny pill once a day for 21 months now, and i don't even think twice about it anymore. It's as normal as eating and sleeping to me. It's much better than having really heavy/painful periods costing trips to emerg or pregnancy. I can take a wee pill

I am a strong believer in preventative medicine tho. Whenever i feel sick i start Vit. C and echinacia right away! Usually whatever it was that was about to start, goes away before it gets too bad. Also, i plan to open my own birthing centre when i finish school, which i hope will include accupunture, massage, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation (as well as parenting classes and nutrition)... all preventative stuffs

[This message has been edited by LilBlueSmurf (edited 03-11-2001).]

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Gumdrop Girl
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Smurfy: the word for extra fingers is "polydactyly"

As for medicine ... as someone who wants to practice it for the rest of her life, with pharmacy school looking to be a really enjoyable alternative, I can say I like it. A lot!

The way medicine works fascinates me. I'd love to do pharmacology research. I enjoy organic chemistry (who knew!).

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Hmm... medicine doesn't bother me. I couldn't swallow pills until 2 years ago. Now I take Calcium pills every day (due to my hating milk) and aspirin like crazy. I have like chronic headaches, so I've been on every non-perscription and perscription medicine under the sun... so no I don't have anything against medicine.

I am TERRIFIED, however of the surgery and the gyno. I don't know what I would do if I ever needed surgery. So, I guess I don't like all aspects of modern medicine... Blah I'm babbling so I'll shut up

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I generally don't like taking medicine unless I need to, or I'm really uncomfortable and medicine will help me feel better (such as coughing so much that I can't sleep), or I'm only mildly uncomfortable but I need to get things done and whatever symptoms I have are making that far more difficult than it would otherwise be (such as a headache interfering with my ability to do homework). I really should take preventative measures of some sort, but I don't. I rarely actually come down with something, though (I frequently ache in places, but I think it's a result of my depression, and I know it's not due to infections).

I can swallow pills without water, though, and for a year and a half I gave myself allergy shots on a regular basis (well, except when I was wimpy about it and went to the doctor to get them).

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momma cat
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The thought of being concious for surgery TERRIFIES me! Probably partly because of all the dental work my mom has had done, and never once properly novicaned. Imagine an adult (my mommy!!) being forced to scream and cry because they're drilling holes in your jaw (root canal) and you can feel it perfectly....waaaaahhhhhh!!!!! So I had general anesthesia when I got my wisdom teeth out, which was a really interesting experience. I don't think I've ever had an IV before in my life, and boy did that teach me to swallow pills!

I got my teeth out in the morning, and for the rest of the day my entire lower jaw and throat were numbed and I couldn't swallow...and I had four pills to take. I couldn't even swallow my own saliva, I just drooled blood for a day :P I ended up grinding the pills to a powder, mixing with 7-up to hide the taste, then using an eye dropper to squirt the mixture down my throat.

I bet there's lots of interesting wisdom-tooth-ectomy (what is that word?) stories out there. Maybe I should start a thread...

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I don't need to have my wisdom teeth out but when I was much younger (10 or 11 I guess), I needed some teeth out that didn't fit or something, and I opted for general anesthesia. It's not a choice I'd make now, certainly, but back then things seemed much simpler (i.e., less pain is better than more pain!). Fortunately, it's not an issue that's come up again, and hopefully it won't for a long while. I do plan on natural childbirth (at home or a nice birthing center, as circumstances permit).
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