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Author Topic: Smokers & Non Smokers
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Alright, todays the day I decide is going to be the last I have a cigarette.

I've been smoking for pretty much 3 years of my life. I'll have to admit I enjoy it as it's a good stress reliever at times, helps me when I'm bored, and well after a while it gets addicting!

Anyways, reasons for quitting are as follows

-Heart/Lung/LOTS of diseases
-I have breathing problems to begin with
-I'm on hormonal birth control (definite NONO)
-I enjoy it, but even as a smoker I know it's gross, unattractive, pointless and basically just very very damagaing to health.

I've tried a few half-assed attempts to quitting without really giving my will power a chance, but this time I really really want to quit. I want to be one of the non smokers for once, I want to be HEALTHY, and I want to prove to my friends I can actually quit because every time I say that I'm going to quit they always laugh, and a don't blame them 'cause I've probably tried about a gazillion times and failed within an hour.

Well tomorrows the day that I start with no cigarettes. I'm going to try my very hardest and prove everyone that I can really do it! Which I know is going to be so hard seeing as about 75% of my school smokes, maybe even more, and pretty much all my friends smoke except about...3, so it's very hard to quit when every single person around you is constantly smoking.

Anyways, the point of this post was to get peoples input on smoking.

Ex-Smokers: Why did you quit? How did you deal with it? and what were you experiences with quitting?
Non-Smokers: What are some reasons you choose not to smoke?
Smokers: Why did you initially start smoking?

Thanks for reading! Any input is appreciated

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why dont i smoke?

because its disguting, appalling, stupid, and selfish. i dont really care about what happens to smokers, but i DO care about what they do to other people. i dont want to die of cancer from secondhand smoke. i like my lungs pink, thankyouverymuch. im glad i live in new york, where its illegal to smoke in public buildings and within 10 feet of entrences to public buildings.

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Gumdrop Girl
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i live in california. the whole state is a non-smoking section.

i don't like the smell of cigarettes. smoke makes it very hard to breathe. i seldom hung out with anyone who smoked regularly. i live in a house of health professionals. hell, i'm working on a public health degree. it's going to be my job to tell people not to smoke (and not to become obese, and not to have unprotected sex).

yeah, i'd be a really dumb hypocrite if i started smoking.

For all the people who say, "but it's my right to smoke, because it's my body," think again. The health care costs for tobacco users are growing, and when smoking finally disables people or they become eligible for MediCare or whatever, those costs affect the non-smoking population, too, in the form of taxes. It's a LOT cheaper to prevent a kid from picking up a cigarette by teaching him or her about the health risks than it is to wait till that kid turns 30, 40, 65 and pay for his last 6 days of life in a hospital.

hey celery, have you got a good support network to help you quit? are your friends backing you up?

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I live not far from Gummy, and while a lot of this state's politics seems nutty to me, I'm cool with the no-smoking laws.

On the most basic level, I didn't start smoking because I'm cheap, lazy, and don't like hanging around in the cold. The efforts involved in obtaining cigarettes underage and huddling around in the snow (wasn't always in California) with a bunch of obnoxious teenagers never really appealed to me, and the idea of having to replace clothes I'd burnt holes in, or trying to get the smoke-smell out of my hair never seemed like much fun either. I also figured that for the price of a pack of cigarettes I could have a record or two, a box of one of the more exotic varieties of Pocky, a paperback novel, cute new underwear, some bubblebath, bus tickets to visit friends on the either side of the city, or about a million other things I'd rather have.

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Why I do not smoke
By LilMsIrishRage =)

My mom and dad both smoked when I was young. My mom quit when she was pregnant with me (and also with my sister) but took it up afterwards. I have really bad reactions to cigarette smoke nose immediately tingles and then closes up, I can hardly breathe, my eyes burn, etc.

When we moved to a new house, we had to repaint every wall from the smoke discoloration.

My mom quit smoking. She had lost a lot of her singing range from the effects of the smoke, and was worried about the health risks (esp. since she's on hormonal BC).

My dad still smokes. I cringe to hear him cough. It sounds like a motor that won't quite start. I can hardly stand to go into his office or into the garage when he's working at the woodshop because it's too hard to breathe. His teeth are discolored and he always smells like cigarettes. The worst part is that I know he will probably die from smoking and he won't even try to quit. My great-uncle died of lung cancer last year.

I don't smoke because I don't get the point. It has never had any appeal to me whatsoever. I am afraid of the health risks, and simply don't need the extra expense. I don't understand why anyone starts smoking, since we have so much information about why it's bad. Several of my former friends from high school took up smoking, and I just don't get it. When I'm stressed, I like to work out or play sports...not poison myself.

You're making a great decision to stop. I'm sure the addiction part makes it extremely hard. Maybe there are other things you can do to relieve stress, though. Anything you enjoy that will take away empty time would probably help. Besides, I bet the money you wouldn't be spending on cigarettes would cover a class on something you enjoy at a rec center or gym. (Seriously, add up how much money cigarettes cost, and think about where else that could go).

Good luck!!

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Why don't I smoke?

Probably the easiest answer is that I watched my maternal grandfather die of lung cancer and heart disease caused by his life long cigarette addiction. Let me just tell you, that's not a pretty thing to watch someone go through. There's a huge difference between reading about what happens and hearing about it from other people and actually seeing it happen to someone you love and are close to. I honestly think that has to be one of the worst ways to die. It's slow and painful. The heart attacks, the dementia, the premature aging, loss of bodily control, bloody coughing, the slow demise while something like that eats away at their insides is just excurtiating. Sadly, I already know that I'll most likely have the privilage of going through the same thing twice more with my partner's parents. Both of them have smoked since they were young, and while they seem healthy, I know what dangers lie toward the end of that road...and I know that their care will fall to my partner and I.

Honestly, I don't want to see anyone I know have to go through what I went through helping to care for my grandfather and watching him die. I don't want that for my children and grandchildren. And I don't want to end up lying in a hospital bed fighting for each breath because the remnants of every cigarette I've ever had are slowly choaking me to death while I lie there wondering who I am and who the people around me are and why I can't breathe or control my own bladder.

I don't want that. It's really that simple.

Sarah Liz
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Just a quick matter what one's opinion is about smoking, let's remember that calling anyone gross, stupid, etc. on these boards is not ok. M'kay? Everybody play nice.

Sarah Liz
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I smoked for about three months or so. Why did I quit? Well, one, I wasn't really addicted yet, probably. But also I'm allergic to tobacco. When my mother told me that I could die a heck of a lot sooner than my peers, well, that was it. I stopped smoking. I've been smoke free for nearly two years now. I lapsed only once in that time, and it was only a single cigarette. And that was two summers ago, if I recall correctly.
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Why dont I smoke?

One word: Grandma.

My grandmother smoked from the time she was eleven years old, until my mom had me and my two older brothers. My mother made her quit, by telling her she wasnt allowed to see us if she smoked. SO, she quit.

Though it was years later that my grandmother actually started to see the gross effects of her cigarrette smoking, its quite a life-learning lesson. My grandmother is on oxygen, has to carry around a tank everywhere with her. She has about 5 different kinds of inhalers...and then medications to lessen the side effects of those inhalers. She has asthma, lung disease, and emphazema(sp?).

My grandmother is only 68 years old, she cant walk from her car to the supermarket door without stopping for a breather. My grandmother has had a painful painful hernia for the last year and a half that she cant get operated on, because they're afraid she wont make it out of the operating room.

So why dont i smoke? I dont want to have to live my late adulthood in the struggle my grandma has been living in for the past decade or more of her life.

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one word-my son (okay, really 2 but you get the idea)
I quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant, and never went back. Second hand smoke is so horrible for children. Never felt tempted either, it was the right thing to do.

I have up coffee too, and I have found it hard to drink it again. Just can't get back into drink it, so I don't, along with alcohol. Geez, i quit a lot of things when I got pregnant. All for best!

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I won't lie, I love smoking. I wish I still smoked sometimes. It was one of the more delicious bad habits I had.

But think about it - it's a waste of money (in RI cigs are 6 bucks a pack!! That's almost 200 bucks a month if you're a pack a day!)

And it is kinda icky, I think after learning in Anatomy what it does to your lungs, I wouldn't be able to do it anymore anyways. (The tar clumps onto your lungs, and the nicotine paralyzes the cilia that clean them. So it's like crapping on the floor and then shooting the maid.)

Plus, there is a ton of prejudice against smokers now, and w ho wants to give people another reason to be rude to them?!!

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Here's my story!

I was definitely a non-smoker till i was 18. I had the worstest stressful and angry day that i ever had in my life (it was all due to my dad, long story!) (July 2001). I got three ciggys from a close friend i know (i didn't smoke all three in one day.. one each day).. then i stopped cold turkey for a year. I didn't feel the urge to smoke for that period of time.

I started up again when i was almost 2 months of being 19, and it was August (2002); the month before i was to begin university! It was with another friend only this time was more of a social choice. After that, i was smoking at least once or twice a month till October of 2002. It was a week before Halloween. Isaiah and I were at our bestfriend, Alan's apartment.. Alan and I got into a lil quabble of why or why not i was a bad person because i smoked?! I stopped for 5 months after that particular day!

It was March 2003 that i started up again. I was out clubbing with my girlfriend Jen and my boyfriend and once again, it was a social choice. Then it was a pattern of smoking every once in a while up till early June. I stopped then because i was nearly coming to the point of having my birthday, turning 20.

I didn't have it again till late August of 2003, and smoked like like every 2 weeks.. and i stopped again like a week before Halloween (just like that previous Halloween)-Oct 2003. Since that day, i made my choice not to smoke ever again. Because, well i was basically smoking for all the wrong reasons. I plan to be a mom within a few years down the road; basically after Isaiah and I get married within upon Graduation from university. I don't want quit when i find out i'm pregnant, i'm quitting while i have my freedom too. So i'm proud to say, that it's been almost 3 months that i have not smoked!

It's not that difficult for me to say no to ciggies because i wasn't addicted at all. I could have stopped after those first three during the first summer i tried.

My dad smoked up till my mom was 7 months pregnant with my lil brother Alex (he stopped Jan 1992). I was 8 at the time. I don't want to be like my dad either. So that's another reason for me not to be in the situation of smoking.

However, Isaiah never has smoked and I love being around him. He has been supportive of my decision, and not presenting any negativity so it's all awesome that he loves me!


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Originally posted by Cassiggity:

But think about it - it's a waste of money (in RI cigs are 6 bucks a pack!! That's almost 200 bucks a month if you're a pack a day!)

6 bucks? geez, in Winnipeg (Canada) a pack of cigarettes ranges from $10.50 - $12.00.

i started working in a grocery store when i was 16, and i remember being so surprised by the amount of people - especially young people - who came in to buy cigarettes. I was under the impression everyone knew how terrible they were for you. it had never really crossed my mind to smoke, but seeing these young mothers come in, their babies barely a year old, and deciding that they don't have enough money for all the groceries they got, so they put the juice back, and get a pack of smokes.

so many people would come in, who just clearly coudnt afford to be wasting more than 10 bucks a day on a habit that was killing both them and their kids.

i know people who smoke and they seem so attatched to their cigarettes. i cant talk to them for more than 15 minutes without them having to "go have a smoke".

there's just so many reasons not to start..

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I smoked but was never really addicted, I was just always around people that smoked so whenever I was sad or mad I would smoke or just when i felt like it because it was fun smoking. I quit when I met my boyfriend because I never hung out with those people again, they think i ditched them but my b/f was just an excuse to leave them I was never really happy around all the drugs.

Lately I've been hanging out around them some more to keep my mind off things and I smoke because I'm just so mad and it calms me like no other. Last night I must have chained smoked a pack and kept ordering more drinks from the bar. I feel like its okay because since I'm not 18 I cant buy ciggerates or beer so I really cant get addicted. My teeth are so perfect i dont want to ruin them. I dont crave ciggerates at all they actually taste gross but its just a moment type thing for me.

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I feel like its okay because since I'm not 18 I cant buy ciggerates or beer so I really cant get addicted.

Psst - smoking will harm your health whether you're addicted or not.

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Not to mention, there are plenty of people out there who are minors and addicted to smoking; unfortunately, when it comes to alcohol and cigarettes, illegal certainly doesn't mean unavailable.
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Well it's been a while since I started this thread... and unfortunatley I didn't quit the day I said I was :S

But I'm currently on my way to quitting...
I haven't had a ciggarette for more then a whole day (which isn't that long I know) but I'm not even really having uncontrollable cravings like usual. Hopefully I can keep it up!!

I also have a 10 dollar bet with my friend who's also trying to quit, so I guess that's kind of a good motivation

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I have ten sisters and i am the youngest, they always give me advice. I have never smoke because of the DARE programs in highschool and Middle School. My sister Georgia said that tried smoking in the woods at age 13 with her boyfriend. She said it was disgusting and that's why i haven't ever tried.
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im 16 and i have only ever smoked at parties or when drunk/.....
i am tryin to "quit" from smoking when im drunk.
i'm not addicted in anyway what-so-ever, my mum has smoked since she was 13 and i hate the smell of it, but when im drunk i always want one

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I don't smoke because it gives me migranes. I tried a cigarette once at age twelve in Europe with some friends who smoked. I was curious. I took one inhale, coughed, gagged, and lay in agony with a cold wet washcloth on my head and a splitting headache for the next hour. Clearly wasn't for me.

However, since that day I've thought how that seemingly reasonable choice might not have been so consequence-less (work with me). I had this awful sinking thought one day, oh my god, what If I had really liked it?!! What a fix i would be in then...

I won't smoke because I didn't like the smell, taste, or sensation, and all of the horrible health reasons (as if those weren't enough on their own), because I'm a classically trained singer with a very high soprano voice I will not risk, AND because of cosmetic concerns.

I've had bad acne for most of my adolesence despite taking religious care of my skin (night cremes, day cremes, toners, cleansers, masks, scrubs, vitamin E and A and C, healthy diet, loads of water, you name it). There is no way I'm going to risk the beauty of my complexion with premature wrinkles from smoking and stained teeth and nails. Unuh. No way sister. If i have had to put up with six years of acne, I sure as heck had better get more than my twenties to have clear, gorgeous, young skin.

I actually had a bit of a waker uper this past summer when I had a fling with a great guy who happened to be a smoker. I always thought that I would never be able to enjoy kissing a smoker on account of the taste, or be around them on account of the smell. However, I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that when I kissed this guy, he didn't taste like an ash tray, he tasted delightful. Perhaps it had more to do with my dancing neurons and short circuting nervous system than the actual taste of his mouth or smell of his breath, clothes or hair. I'm not sure.

I used to think that there was something really classy about seeing audrey hepurn with that cigarette holder looking elegant. But then I thought, they aren't showing the smoke off the cigarette, and If i really wanted to emulate audrey, I wouldn't do it most successfuly with a cigarette. Besides, all I really wanted was the holder, not the cigarette. Then again, at age 5, I thought my My Little Ponies were the most gorgeous things on the planet and wanted to look like the purple one with sparkly main and tail.

(said Kay-Lee... it is the gaelic word for those wonderful scottish dances where the girls dress up in white frocks and the men look sizzling in kilts and there is dancing, music and food and merrymaking. a word for general euphoria in my opinion)

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How do you get rid of your acne, lol
It sucks, make me want to cry sometimes...
ive had it since about 13 and being a guy 16 with acne really sucks.
my biggest problem is i can't swallow tablets!! and i have no idea why, i just cant, they dont go down.
and i'm too lazy and forgetful to put cream on everynight, i always forget.
It really sucks and i wish it would just disappear

(fyi: check out the Body & Soul FAQ for info about acne -- let's not sidetrack this thread which is actually about tobacco consumption) ~gg

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(High time for a bump, methinks!)

I don't smoke because I had to watch my grandmother, my caretaker as a child and only rational, trustworthy adult in my life, die horribly of lung cancer within a matter of 2 months. I was 13 at the time, and became severely depressed and suicidal thereafter.

I'm constantly angry at adults in my family who witnessed the horror of the event, swore they'd quit, and keep doing so. My older cousins and even my sister picked up smoking themselves!

The effects of secondhand smoke on me have been pretty dramatic. I've developed asthma, chronic sinusitis, and frequent bronchial infections. I get "a cold" at least every two months.

Has anyone ever lived with indoors chain smokers? How have you been able to convince them, if at all, to smoke outside or not do so at all?

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I don't smoke. Though to be honest? I've always, always been tempted to start. The reason why I haven't done so is because I'm afraid of getting addicted to yet another ultimately self-destructive habit. I've been struggling with SI since I was 14 and about two years ago I got really into painkillers for a while and the last thing I need is to add something else to the list.

Aside from that, I have no problem with people who smoke. Most of my friends do, two of my ex-boyfriends are/were smokers (oh, and that rumour about smokers tasting like ashtrays? not true), my brother smokes on and off. Spending most of my time in Europe, I am exposed to smoke a lot and it doesn't bother me.

I understand about the ill-effects on health, intellectually. But it's never been the thing that held be back from starting and it's never on my mind when I am around smokers and exposed to their smoke.

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I have never smoked a ciggarette in my life. Ive always been too afraid to, as I have an addictive personality. I know if I started smoking, I wouldnt be able to stop. I also dont really see the rush you get from smoking as worth the bodily damage. I dunno, I used to smoke pot, but thats another story.
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I just choose not to smoke cause well two important people in my family died of lung cancer so its a big deal. Plus I just promised my mom I would never smoke or do drugs and I've kept up with that cause i respect her too much to go back on my word.

Im cool with people who smoke, It doesnt bother me but personally its not my thing.

Plus I have asthma sooooo smoking probably wouldnt be good.


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I'll never understand how a teenager can be "curious" about cigarettes. One of my best friends who smokes (ARRGH!) described it as when you smoke your first cigarette you hack your lungs up but then think, "well, that wasn't so bad, I'll be able to stand it next time." It just doesn't make any sense to me. HELLO, If you're hacking and coughing that is your body trying to TELL you something. Why didn't she listen? Grahh. . .I remember reading an article that it's not ignorance of health issues that young people start smoking, it's mostly peer preasure. . which I also don't understand. Are people really that weak that they'd kill themselves slowly and painfully a whole lifetime for a few fleeting minutes of approval? It really frustrates me and I know it's not fair to call people weak and stupid for smoking, but. . seriously. It angers me.

I never smoked, primarily because I'm immune to peer preasure, I have the most non-addictive personality in the world and I grew up with all sorts of horror stories about smoking that my mother regaled me with since her father used to smoke. She now has really bad asthma from it, but thankfully now not one member of my family smokes.
I don't smoke because clean air is so important to me and I feel the same way about carbon monoxide emissions from cars, etc.

My dad had an interesting theory about oxygen and breathing: he's a semi-retired mountaineer and he thinks that most of the adverse aging conditions such as alzheimers, memory loss, heart conditions etc, are basically all caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, heart and other organs. Most of the symptoms of these diseases are the exact same symptoms he's seen in people suffering altitude sickness. (dementia, HAPE, HACE, etc)

All of this basically the result of the body not receiving enough oxygen. . .when we breathe normally, we barely inhale much oxygen at all and when I see a lot of old people walking on the street, they're usually hunched over and they can't stand up straight anymore and when your ribcage is stooped forward crushing and cramping your lungs like that, I can see why they wouldn't be getting much oxygen, and if they smoke. . well, the problem is exacerbated.

Wow, that was long. . but basically this whole spiel was that I've grown up with the knowledge of how important oxygen is for survival, how precious it is, and how it's probably the natural resource that's most taken for granted. I'm not going to throw that all away for a cigarette.

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Ahhh yes the Cancer Sticks. I love them. American Spirits are my brand of choice, they are the most expensive brand around my area at $4.65-$7.00 a pack. I started with Marb Reds when I was 17 driving home from High School with some friends, I guess it just became a ritual that everyday after school we'd have one. Since then I have smoked cloves, menthols and now Spirits for about 2-3 years now. (I'm 21) I know I will stop someday, I gave myself a few bar years and made a commitment to myself to quit at 25. Beer, pool and butts all go together for me.

There is one thing that does bother me. Anyone ever see the show on Showtime called 'BullSh*t'? If you have you know the basic point of the show. They did an episode on how second hand smoke is basically a marketing tool for the guys against smoking, saying how we (smokers) have just as much right to choose to smoke as the people who choose not too do. Not only that one question that they asked that made me think :Who do you know that has died from second hand smoke? I bet you don't even know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone that has lung caner from second hand smoke. You should really rent the episode next time you are in teh movie store, it explains in depth what I cannot due to serious lack of sleep.

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Actually (and unfortunately, I smoke more than I wish I did, so I'm not saying this from a totally non-smoking perspective), I know of grandparents' of friends who actually did die of lung cancer and weren't smokers themselves, a couple of whom I;m fairly certain were raised in households where their parents smoked - though to say that they had lung cancer solely because of second hand smoke would be a stretch since there are a number of unknown environmental factors that can't necessarily be taken into account.

Also, I think it's fairly well proven that second-hand smoke DOES severely worsen problems for people who are asthmatic or have severe allergies.

Do smokers have the right to choose to smoke? Yes, of course, just as much as non-smokers have the right to choose not to smoke. But, I am in support of many public non-smoking laws being put into place, simply because I don't believe anyone has the right to potentially endanger the well-being or physical comfort of another, against their will.

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I actually do know someone who died in my family from second hand smoke. Or atleast that was what it came too. My poppy cowboy (grandfather) who ended up dying of lung cancer and was a smoker his wife had never smoked in her life but had been married to him for 60 years ended up getting lung cancer from what the doctors concluded was his second hand smoke.

I lost both of them due to lung cancer, one from actually smoking and one from second hand. My other grandfather was a huge smoker and died from throat and lung cancer but my granny (his wife) so far hasnt gotten it. But she never let him smoke around her so that could be why.


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I've seen the Penn and Teller series, and find it highly entertaining. However, it's satire, and as time goes on they seem less and less willing to provide their sources.

I've seen the episode in question and found it highly biased. They ridiculed people who voiced their discomfort with smoke in public areas, attacking their complaints with studies denouncing the effects of second-hand smoke, which dailicious and Surferchk07 pointed out are a contribution to the same health effects smokers suffer.

Sure, it's someone's right as an American citizen to willingly destroy their health. But what about the rest of us who have made the active choice to keep our lungs clear, our hair smelling like our favorite conditioner, and our clothes odorless?

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I'm a non-smoker, for many reasons. First and foremost, I have fairly severe asthma, and even being around someone else who is smoking can cause me to have an asthma attack. So, my not smoking is pretty much a given, unless I want to end up in the hospital. As well, I'm a singer (a lyric coloratura, for those of you who know what that means), and not willing to risk my voice. Also, smoking is a sensitive topic for me because nearly my entire family on my mother's side smokes (thankfully my mother doesn't), and many of my relatives have died because (or partly because) of it. I think I've just been too closely affected by the negative impacts of smoking to do it myself.

Peer pressure as a reason for smoking has never been an issue for me. I've never really been a part of a social group that peer pressures me in any way. I guess it's one of the benefits of being relatively antisocial, but I have a very small group of friends, most of whom I've known since I was very small and who I would trust with my life. Besides, I have a very strong sense of self and tend to be aware of when I'm being manipulated. So I'm really at a very low risk of being peer pressured. I think my personality just doesn't lend itself well to "following".

While I don't condone smoking at all, I do admit that people have the right to choose whether or not to do it in private. But, probably largely because of my asthma, smoking in public strikes me as more than a little bit rude. I guess I'm just angered by people who endanger other people's health in that way. And for me it's not just "I could get secondhand smoke and die eventually", while that certainly is a factor. For me it's "I could have an asthma attack and die now." And yes, I'm being a little bit dramatic to make a point, but that's more or less the drift of it.

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