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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Bodies » What have you done for....yourself lately?

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Author Topic: What have you done for....yourself lately?
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What have you changed, picked up, or adapted lately in the interest of your health and well-being?

Me, I started kickboxing a little while back to have something that was a bit more challenging and active than the yoga I usually do. And I LOVE it. It's not only great for my body, I find that in the hour and a half I'm in class, my mind doesn't wander to bills, or filing, or thoughts on what I had to do that day, but stays right on kicking and blocking punches, which is really mentally relaxing.

I also dropped most dairy from my basically pescatarian diet (that seems to be what they call those of us who are mainly vegetarian save eating fish occasionally now), which made a big difference in my digestion and how I feel.

Heather Corinna
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My epitaph should read: "She worked herself into this ground."
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I now drink mostly milk and water, even though soda (pop) is readily available. Whenever soda was in the house, I used to drink it constantly, but now I reailze that it doesn't taste that great and it's not very good for me either. So now I only drink soda occasionally at parties.

No more junk food! Haven't bought chips or other junky stuff for a long time, and I don't miss it much.

I eat breakfast every morning, and I'm sure that's lead to improvement in my overall health.

I walk my dog more often, which is good for my dog and myself.

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Lately, I've started to work out more again, which has a tremendous impact on how I feel and sleep.
I mainly do BodyPump (a weights class with barbells), other strength classes and lots of cardiostuff on the crosstrainer. And of course Tae-Bo and Spinning, which are the only two exercises from which I get endorphine rushes. I'm not a great runner, and hence never knew what that was like. Awesome!

Yoga wise, I've been doing Sun Salutation every morning, on my balcony when possible. Nothing quite like that ritual to start the day. I love standing there and feeling rested and in myself and ready for the day.

I've also tried to cut down my dairy intake (which is really hard for me), because I found I, too, had severe digestive problems when I binged on lots of cereal and milk.

That aside, I've managed to get back (and afford) all the supplements that help keep me up and running.

I also made a point of giving my mind a break and get into more recreational (non uni) reading. Helps a lot, too!

Still some things that need improvement (quality of food and frequency of meals, pepsi light comsunption), and I also want to get to do more Yoga again...

But still. So good to realise I've been doing good stuff for myself lately. Constant work to not forget your mind and body, I think. Happens so easily when things get stresful.

~Scarleteen Sexpert~

"Through repetition the magic will be forced to rise."
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I'm walking my dogs now regualrly(well, twice so far) and I bought the Sims. And I've cut down in chocolate from twice my weight's worth to half my weight's worth!! So, you know, kinda a good thing!!!

(I know the Sims isn't a very good thing for you physically but I feel that retail therapy does actually work sometimes!)

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well, i started a journal at

i've written in it almost every day and it has really helped me bring some closure to the day and sort out the feelings that arose during the day and its events. i used to keep a paper journal but it was just a hassle to keep up with it. but i think those are really important because they allow you a chance to just be candid with yourself and express how you really feel about things without worrying about the opinions of others (at least if you let it be).

also, i've been trying to cut back on my soda consumption. it got really bad a few months ago because i was always getting cokes before class and then i was always at my boyfriend's house (they buy like 8 different 12-packs of soda everytime they go to the store!) and it was really easy to choose coke over water or juice. but i've cut it down to one a day (maybe 2 but i'm working really hard to break that) and i'm trying to make that one a diet one.

also, i'm trying to eat more balanced meals. again, the whole hanging out at the boyfriend's all the time can really throw everything you've learned about healthy eating out the window!! he was on vacation for a week so i went to my parents' house and my mom showed me some yummy new, nutritious recipes. so i'm gonna try them out on my boyfriend and try and get him to eat healthier too.

also, i've been trying to get back into a regular sleep pattern. no school makes it so easy to stay up all night and sleep all day. so i've been making myself go to bed around the same time every night and get up around the same time everyday. and trying to push that back a half hour every night until i am getting a goodnight's sleep but still getting up early enough to get alot of things done in the earlier part of the day (like my new walking routine! have to hit the pavement before it gets too hot!)

anyway, i think summer is a great time for self-improvement. if you are like me, you find yourself with alot of extra time on your hands to play around with so it is perfect for trying out new things.

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I decided to walk the dog more often (seems like i'm not the only one!). i really like that, it makes me walk, my dog too, and i'm always in a better mood when i come back!

Also i started drinking more. only water, juice or milk, because i don't like anything else anyway. i try to think about eating better things too, like yogurt or fruits instead of chocolate cookies.

i even studied for some of my exams! outside, but under a tree so i wouldn't get sunburn.

just knowing that i do some nice things make me feel better even more than the good thing itself...

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Scarleteen Volunteer
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since I came home to my parents' house and their playstation, I've been playing Dance Dance Revolution for about 40 minutes straight each night. I feel so much better and can really tell I've got extra energy from all that activity!

I've also held myself to drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and no processed foods. it's amazing what a difference no caffeine makes.

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*sheds a tear* I miss DDR (dance dance revolution)

Well, I started this a while ago but due to illness in the family along with a film festival I was out of it for a couple of weeks, however...

I have started doing Tae Bo. I feel so much better about myself, I just feel stronger and I love sweating I also started taking a jazzercise (it's a mix of kickboxing, weight lifting, jazz, arobics, and yoga) with my aunt and cousin, which is a good girl-bonding experience.

I stopped beating myself up about the food I eat. So, I'm probably eating less healthily than I did before but I feel better about my body so I don't really care. I let myself have sweets if I want sweets and I don't feel bad about it. Whereas I used to force myself not to eat them, they'd be on my mind constantly, they'd dance in my dreams, and I would just be unhappy. So I'm a lot happier.

I started sleeping in much less clothing. I feel more comfortable with my naked body just because I'm in my naked body a lot more often. It's a good feeling.

Ooh, and I've established a much better relationship with my mom which definetly counts on my list of things I've been doing for myself. My mom and I had a horrible relationship, one filled with resentment, anger, and sadness. Now we're a very happy mother/daughter duo

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Celtic Daisy
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Lately i've been volunteering more, which i enjoy a whole lot, and i've been making plans to get outside more and be active this summer. Good stuff. That's about all i can think of at the moment.

'You've got the eyes of ten women. Not in a jar! I wasn't accusing you. I just mean your eyes are really nice'-coupling

Erin Jane
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I've just started with Yoga/Meditation, which I think is helping me sort some things out- or rather, its helping me see what I need to do in order to sort these things out. I've realised that I need to be doing more to take care of my health, both mentally and physically, and I've been thinking about steps I can take that would achieve that.
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wow, what havent i done for my body lately? I worked hard for spending money and pampered myself with cute clothes and jewelery, and started educating myself about nutrition. Now, im eating a lot of whole grains (like oatmeal and wholewheat bread) eating 4 servings of fruit and at least 3 of vegetables, and taking calcium supplements which i neglected to do before, and considering im lactose intolerant thats definetly something i needed to do!
I always eat breakfast and do cardio and strength training for 35 minutes 3-4 times a week, and try to go on a 30 minute walk every day. I do yoga before bed and do jumping jacks and stretch in the morning. I only recently started this and havent seen too many results yet, but i feel great and know it will come. Im waiting patiently, but im happy with myself just the way i am, which is probably the best thing ive done for myself of all!

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Recently I've begun setting goals for myself to constantly remind me that I can accomplish anything. I've begun hanging out with my friends more often, have gotten closer to my dad, stopped eating meat, and cleaned out my closet. Not to mention that I've been doing some spiritual cleaning up as well... it's that time of the year for me to kick out all of my bad habits and start good ones.


Forgive My Friend, She's Drunk.

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I bought myself some nifty at home work out tapes. Tae Bo and Yoga for dummies. Everday I take some time out to relax, and clear my mind...which is a much needed process.
I have also started nixing the pop, and drinking more water and juices. Plus getting outside more often never hurts anyone.

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Lately I've been trying even harder to remember to take my calcium suppliments (I don't drink alot of milk and osteoporosis runs rampant in the women in my mom's family). I've been brushing my teeth everytime I turn around (I was brushing them alot anyway, but I've stepped up my efforts), which means basically after I've consumed anything at all I'm headed to the sink to brush my teeth. I've cut waaaaay back on my coffee/pop consumption in favor of drinking more juice and water again. And finally I'm learning a couple of new things everyday.

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I've started taking my supplements again -- a handful of assorted vitamins and other things that I used to take, and which improved my health a great deal. I stopped mostly because I hated taking so many pills each day, which really, is not a valid excuse.

And I've laid down some very much-needed boundaries in my relationship, and stuck to them; I've also started taking an hour or so each day to sit outside and write, both of which have been very good for my mental health.

I've also recently quit being stubborn and started using a cane and/or wheelchair, which I really should have been doing ever since I first got sick four years ago. (I have fibromyalgia and often have trouble walking.) I don't much like it, but it makes such a difference in my ability to get out and do things.

Kythryne Aisling
Scarleteen Sexpert

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I started bouldering every day. For those who don't know what that is, it's basically low-altitude climbing on boulders without ropes. It really builds climbing technique and strength.
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I was trying to become vegan for a few days, because ethically I do strongly believe in it. But I realized that it was just a bad time because I was stressed out with moving and trying to find a job, and I noticed that I was actually just not eating enough at all. So what I'm doing for myself is to focus on just being healthy and eating several times a day, and I'll worry about being vegan when my life is more stable.

I've stopped smoking cigarettes altogether, not even once in a while anymore.

I've been attending karate classes more regularly, up to three times a week now.

I've found a way to support myself for the summer without doing anything that makes me miserable, so I've been able to stop stressing about finding a "real" job.

I've been getting plenty of sleep :-D

I put a big bottle of multi-vitamins on my bookshelf in hopes that I'll start taking them some day . . .

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I've made a big effort lately not to eat junk of any kind at all. Including pop. I've felt a bit better and cleaner. My BF% has dropped a little, meaning that I can now bulk up more on clean food and get huge!
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Gumdrop Girl
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i walk a lot now. been going to nightclubs -- more dancing, less drinking (which i never went overboard on anyway).

i'm aggressively pursuing work. sending out lots of emails. polishing my resume. hoping to land a job at an addiction studies lab.

"Go that way really fast, and if anything gets in your way ... turn." Better off Dead starring a teenaged John Cusack.

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Today i spent $17 on Nuetrogena Healthy Defense mosturizer and flouride for my nails. And since Thursday ive been stretching everyday. Ive been drinking much more water and trying to drink a glass of milk each day for the calcium. Other than that ive been listening to old songs.
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I've done nothing, well actually practicing baseball I guess, but thats it and I've always done that, and my body is pretty prefect

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I've been riding my bike to work. it's 9 miles each way.

We are starstuff, we are the universe made manifest, trying to figure itself out

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I've taken half hour naps to recharge (kudos to the cat for the influence) and a few months back, planted a vegetable garden that has sprouted with cumbers, tomatoes, and salad greens...just in time for the summer!
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