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Author Topic: Overweight
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Once again, this might be in the wrong place but I'm not sure. Well, I'm overweight. I'm 16 and I'm just overweight, I don't want to actually say my weight but I know from looking at the weight machine that I am overweight.
I am a chocaholic and I can't stop eating it. I do love fruit and vegetables but I need chocolate to make me feel good as well as satisfying my chocaholicy need.
I always check myself in the mirror every single day and I am always upset. I have a trampoline but I'm scared of spiders and they seem to think my trampoline is a cool place to make webs and homes. I do do excersize videos a lot but nothing seems to help.
I've been to the Doctors because I have aches and feel sick a lot. They say that my something I can't remember will get clogged and it will make me unwell.
I've even gone to sticking a toothbrush down my throat to make me be sick. It doesn't work really. But I told my overweight best friend and she told me I could get anorexic and I'm really scared but I always feel the need to make myself sick. I also love coke and don't drink water a lot.
This might not be helped, but can anyone just give me some ideas?

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Well, honestly, if you're looking to become healthier by eating healthier and getting a good amount of exercise (which, realistically, is the only way to do it), you're going to need to decide to do it and stick to it, even if it's going to be difficult or if you're going to not completely enjoy it while you're transitioning to getting used to the foods you're eating and the exercise you're doing.

For starters, it's fine to have a food you love to eat and want to eat it, what you could do to help is maybe look for low or no sugar chocolate - a lot of sugar free chocolates are actually still very tasty, and the sugar in them is going to really be your worst enemy in terms of eating more healthily and still wanting to eat chocolate.

For small starters, again, you really just need to start being strict with yourself. If possible, stop having soda stocked in your house. Just don't have it somewhere where you can go grab one whnever you like. Instead, stock bottles of water or 100% fruit juices and drink those when you're thirsty. If you've got a craving of chocolate, try chewing some sugar free gum, or maybe drink some low-fat chocolate milk (because at least with the chocolate milk you'll be getting some calcium and vitamin D).

Also, it might not be a bad idea to see your doctor and see if you can either work out a plan with them or get a referral to a nutritionist so you can set up an eating plan that would get you the proper amount of calories and nutrients you need, but that can help you avoid eating foods that aren't healthy for you. A doctor may also be able to help you form a plan for finding some exercise you like.

Do you have any friends who you might be able to exercise with, to do the videos or to find another activity to do? A lot of people find they have more motivation to be active if they have someone to do it with them.

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Well my older sister is overweight and so is my mum and they both want to get rid of their weight. I guess I should go and do excersize videos and stuff with them. I have before, I find that it is okay but embarressing.
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You don't have to give up chocolate entirely. But you do have to realize what you are eating: chocolate is sugar, cocoa and solid fat (aka cocoa butter).

for example, check out how many calories are in a 9-piece serving of Hershey's Chocolate Kisses.

Moderation is key. you can have some candy, but never too much.

In terms of exercise, you don't have to rely on videos. Walking and dancing make for great exercise. take your mum and sis on walks. get together for moral support (if they are willing to get on board). Support is key! You can all succeed if you are all willing to help each other.

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OK, well if you want to lose weight drinking soda and eating chocolate is NOT the answer.
I totally see where you are coming from because I'm a sucker for chocolate too. And a little overweight myself.
EXERSICE, excercise, excersice, and *DRINK LOTS OF WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY* I guarantee that just replacing your sodas and other drinks like that, with water instead, you will automatically lose weight.
I know it's hard, and tempting as well , but those few steps work miracles.

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Your weight you get from the scale really isn't really accurate. It's the quality of your weight you need to know. Say you're 150lbs, most of that could be muscle and 20lbs of that could be extra fat. But remember fat is also good for you. You don't want to be a rail. The fat provides some very good things, like cushioning for organs, heat insulation, etc etc. Oh and anorexia is tbe very best way to gain weight because your body will hold on to any and all fats of thr foods you do eat.

The only way to get healthy and in-shape (and trust me you can be kinda big and be in-shape) is to eat healthy and to exercise. It's bad for you to exercise every day, but 5 times a week is a good place. If you want to burn fat you have to do intense cardio for at least 20-30 minutes when you exercise because that's when your body stops using the carbohydrates and starts working on the fats. Water is very imporant, drink it!

Moderation is key. You can eat all the foods you love, but cut back. A dieting secret is to use smaller plates than what you normally use. (The portions are smaller, but the plate looks full.) And when you eat enough food until where you don't feel hungry anymore (but not full) just stop. And remember before you go snacking just have some water. Sometimes people confuse thirst for hunger. If after you have water and still feel hungry go ahead and eat.

There are tons of ways to exercise that don't have to feel like exercise. Go swimming if it's available to you, join a dance class, yoga, anything that you think you'd enjoy. Just get your feet wet to see what it is you'll love. Exercise isn't the enemy trust me! Just walking can help. Say when you drive to the mall, park further back and walk.

I know I have more to say but my mind is going blaaaah at the moment. But hopefully I reinforced what other said and added some new information.

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