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Author Topic: Family genetics
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I thought this would be an interesting topic. What traits do you find run in your family? My mom's family is chaulk full of variety. Scoliosis runs in the family, but thank goodness most cases are mild. Wide feet is also common, along with a curved thumb (my dad has a thumb that sticks up straight- I have his thumb on my left hand and my mom's curved one on my right [Smile] ) Most peculiarly, many members of my mom's family have permanent teeth missing. I have 4 missing permanent teeth, so I better be careful or I could end up with fake teeth at 15 years old.

So, what about you? What traits do you have that are seen in your family?

BTW, I know this could potentially turn into a depressing conversation if disease is brought in the mix. This wasn't my intention, I just thought it would be an interesting conversation, so forgive me if it turns out otherwise.

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Gumdrop Girl
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I can't roll up the sides of my tongue. The ability to roll your tongue is genetic. I happen to have a pair of recessive genes.

My sister can roll. My dad can roll. My mom CANNOT roll.

Given what we learned in high school biology class, that means my mom has two copies of the recessive gene. My dad has one copy each of the recessive and dominant genes. My sister got the dom copy, I got the rec copy. So I can't roll my dang tongue! [Razz]

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Gummy, I cannot roll my tongue either, but BOTH my parents can, which means they both carry the recesive trait and both passed it to me! That's one of my favorite genetic facts about myself! [Big Grin] It's funny you mentioned it!

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About the tongue rolling, I don't know if my ada can do it, but my mum can, and the large majority of other people in my family can do it to. I have one cousin that can make incredible shapes with her tongue that are practically works of art. It's pretty amazing. I however, can't do more than roll it back on itself.

Hmm, other traits... Both sides of my family are filled with large noses (I got a fair helping of those genes), vertical challengedness (yup, we're all short), pale skin, and bushy/curly brown (or blond) hair.

On my ada's side, there's musical ability, bad eyesight, absolutely disgusting toenails (thank goodness I have my mum's feet), and pretty impressive longevity, though also a lot of Alzheimers, heart and lung disease, and depression.

I can't come up with a very long list for my mum's side, and much of it's pretty depressing. Most of the people on her side of the family have died on the younger side (late sixties, early seventies), and there have been many, many cases of cancer and heart disease.

Hmm. I'll let someone else cheer this conversation up now, shall I? I didn't mean for this post to take the dismal turn that it did.

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Well, I got really bad acne from my mum, oscicles (bony joints) from my dad's side, and it runs in my dad's side of the family that we're REALLY skinny until we hit 18, at which point we fill out a LOT. I love my parents. [Wink]
On the other hand, I got intelligence (or so I like to think [Wink] ) from both sides, with my mum being good at science and english and my dad being good at science and maths. For the record, none of us can roll our tongues. [Mad]
Although, those of us who are good at biology (and this a pretty in-depth genetics discussion, so i suppose you are [Smile] ) will remember that far more is affected by ENVIRONMENT than genes. I have been brought up with good manners, charisma and a good sense of humour (hopefully). I'm as helpful as I can be, and I believe in doing everything I can to help others (I'm starting blood donation in January when I turn 16, just like my Dad does and is currently on 78 donations. He took me to his 75-times dinner earlier in the year and to his last donation to show me what it was about). I like to think about those things too. My parents have kitted me out pretty well for life. Apart from the dang tongue rolling. [Wink]

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Gumdrop Girl
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hehe, the other inherited traits I got...

clearly, I am my mother's child, and my sister is a daddy's girl. I am top-heavy. I have thick arms, broad shoulders and large breasts. They're not exactly traits you associate with Asians.

My sister is the opposite. She's petite.

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Toll free STD and clinic information, and condoms sent to your door for Los Angeles County residents.
1 in 3 sexually active people will be exposed to a STD by the time they turn 24.

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Well, I inherited a rather stubborn high metabolism. I also inherited absolutely no canine teeth. They're completely flat, like the rest of my teeth. My parents, on the other hand, gain weight easily and have rather pointed canines. I'm also kind of lacking in the pigmentation department. My mother's Cherokee ancestry is very apparent -- she tans well and has a bit of an orange hue. My father has a somewhat olive complexion.

However, it seems the further you go back on my family tree, the more I resemble my relatives. Lots of recessive genes going on here!

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Jenna D.
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Everyone on my father's side of the family is most definitely related to each other - it shows quite obviously and there is a distinct "canon" of sorts that most of us have. Blonde hair that darkens over time, big, round brown or hazel eyes, a certain facial structure, a characteristic smile, and a pronounced lack in the height department. It seems like a lot of these traits came from my grandfather, Papa Don, but my Grammy has passed on her fair share as well.

One of the very interesting, somewhat creepy things about these traits is that all the men in the family have them. If you compare pictures of Papa Don, my dad, my cousin James and my brother, Daniel, at different stages of their lives, they look startlingly the same. My dad looks a lot like Papa Don at the same age. I found a picture of my dad when he was 12 and I would've sworn it was Daniel if it weren't for the fashion. And if you follow James and Daniel's pictures as they grow up, Daniel (who is eight years younger) seems to be following James. There are a few exceptions (James has curly hair, my brother is much taller than all of the others, which he got from Mom's side), but not many and it's quite cool.

The majority of the women also follow this "canon", including myself. Exceptions I can think of are my cousin Sara (whose eyes make her look Asian, when there's nary a trace of it in our ancestry), and my sister Andrea, who got the short height but looks more like my mom's side of the family (smaller eyes, blonde hair, fairer skin). Andrea did get the facial structure and Grammy's smile, though, so when we were younger and I was still blonde, teachers got the two of us confused. :-P

I spent last weekend at the cottage with my dad's family and a few cousins and I had along discussion on this, which was interesting. I wish I could find more family photos, though, like my grandparents' siblings and my great-relatives, to see just how far back this template seems to go.

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