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Author Topic: ProActiv
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Has any one tried ProActiv or had any experiences with it?

I just started using it about 2 months ago because my friend recomended it to me and at first it worked great! but after about a month i started to break out again. im getting really frustrated with my skin and im thinking about finally seeing a dermotologist about it (this is a new problem [Frown] i used to have clear skin) any advice?

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I haven't tried ProActiv, but the best product I've used so far is ClearAc. It's an all-natural, health-food store buy. I normally have severe breakouts, and after using it for less than a week, I'm down to only mild breakouts. It stinks a bit, but it works well, and the smell only lasts for a few seconds.
But you should probably see a dermatologist. I'm waiting to get a referral to one, which is why I haven't gone yet, but ClearAc's been working great for me in the meantime.

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I can't really recomend any products as the ones I use are made specifically by the acne clinic I go to. It's a shame, as they work fantastically well for me. Seeing a dermotologist isn't a bad idea, though. Also, since you say you've only recently begun to have bad breakouts, have you been stressed out or getting small amounts of sleep lately? In addition to puberty and all that wonderful stuff, stress can be a cause of breakouts. I always find that my skin clears up a lot over summer break when I'm getting more sleep and am just generally less stressed out. In any case, I would suggest going to a dermotologist. A good doctor really can help you.
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Check a product ratings site like You'll have more people there who have tried what you're interested in. I think you have to register before you can look up reviews, but it's definitely worth the 5 mins.

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ProActiv was almost a crappier experience for me than even Accutane. I don't recommend it, hun.

For me, I used it for a week and my face was SO RED, SO flaky and so dry that it made my acne problem laughable! The problems with it in my opinion are:

- Too many medicated products used at once. You first use the scrubbing wash with 5% BP, then a toner with glycolic acid (used in chemical peels), and then treat it with a "healing lotion" that contains 2.5% BP. That is just plain too much for almost anybody's skin to handle.

- This is just a newer beef of mine [Wink] . They recently got Jessica Simpson to be their spokesperson, and I know she hasn't used it a day in her life. The fact that they could hire such a high-profile celebrity to sell their product shows how much money they're making from ripping people off.

- In short, any product that claim to cure or make acne disappear is lying their butts off. The simple fact is this: If it truly WERE the cure/disapperant, people would only have to buy it, use it for a few months, then never have to buy anything again; where's the money in that? Skincare companies know that.

Forgive the rant. I just really resent the company for ripping me off. My advice is to mosey on down to the dermatologist and have a doctor take a look. What he/she gives you will not only cost a lot less, but will probably be gentler on your skin and do a better job. Good luck!

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I'd be careful with dermatologists. When I was 15, my mother decided to take me to one, and the meds they put me on made me sick as a dog. The guy was more concerned with his botox patients(40-something-year-old housewives coming in to get their botox injections are apparently quite profitable) than actually checking my medical history.

I have an issue with my metabolism that makes it very difficult for me to gain/retain weight. I'm also hypersensitive to sunlight. Two of the common side effects were anorexia nervosa(that one made me go "what the heck?!" too) and photosensitivity.

After a visit to my regular doctor, I was taken off the meds and stuck wearing sunglasses even under fluorescent lights for several months. Not only that, but I lost 15 pounds in about a month.

It seems even medical professionals don't keep their priorities straight sometimes.

Make sure you're comfortable with the doctor you're using, no matter what it's for. Make sure they have your needs in mind and they aren't distracted or negligent when treating you. I know it doesn't happen that often, but the results can be disastrous.

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Daria's right. After struggling with acne for a few years, I went to a dermatologist at the age of 16.

Don't get me wrong- I'm sure there are some good ones out there- but this guy was really just concerned with 40 year old women coming in for their Botox..I don't believe I spent more than 10 minutes in his office out of all the times I visited. He was impersonable, did not volunteer any information about my treatment/what he was prescribing/etc, and always seemed to be in a rush (maybe to get back to his $60,000 Benz?). I had to ask questions if I wanted any information.

Anyway, at first he gave me topical creams/gels..which did not really work much better than the OTC stuff. So then he prescribed a few different pills (I would get sick and he would put me on a different one.) It was very difficult to deal with, because as Daria said, the side effects of these medications include photosensitivity- not necessarily getting sunburned all the time, but more a feeling like something was CRAWLING under my skin any time I was out in the sun; worst feeling I have EVER experienced- and anorexia (lack of appetite) which I ended up experiencing AFTER stopping the medicine.

After taking a host of different pills for a time period of about 7 months, I finally became very ill, vomiting for an entire week, and I didn't start eating regularly again for at least another month or two. I lost approximately 25-30 pounds which I did not put back on. I'm now struggling not to lose any more weight so as to avoid being underweight.

Obviously, I stopped using any of the medicines after that episode. I still use the topical gels..which work now, after all I went through. My skin is clear, but I don't know that it was worth it. I think if I were to do this over again, I would have tried Proactive or something similar before going straight to the dermatologist.

So the point is, I have nothing against dermatologists, and I'm sure there are good ones out there, but I recommend that you be very choosy when picking one- the wrong one will get you a bunch of wasted trips to a doctor who doesn't care, is not careful, and rushes through his job because he's just looking for your money. Good luck [Smile]

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But I think the topic is moreso on the product ProActive. I'm not really sure if the stuff works, so why have pop superstars like Jessica Simpson and R&B artist Puff Diddy sponsor it? I just really need to know if the stuf'll work on my skin before I have a slight problem with my teenage acne.
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Well, I have been on Proactive. It worked for a while but it's not 100% worth to have for a long time. I was on it from last March (2005) until about January of this year, but Proactive stopped working about October. I went to see my determagolist in late January, and she prescribed me something else and they work better so far. However, it's just like shampoo. Things work for a while, then you have to switch into another brand. I think the only type of acne fix it that really worked for a long time was Accutane. I got on that when I was 15 and it left my system when I was almost 17 and my face was incredibly clear until last spring at 21.

Everybody's different and etc. You and your doctor/gyno/determagolist can find out together what really works for you and your skin.


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well i started to use proactive awhile ago and it work somewhat for me. I didnt really wash my face before and i got proactive and it works on my skin really well. I have very oily skin and proactive gets rid of that oil and my skin is starting to clear up so what i would do it mabye try it and if it works then keep using it if not then try something else [Smile]
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