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Author Topic: getting braces: freaked out
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I will be getting braces shortly and am totally freaked out. I know it shouldn't be that way and I guess I should just relax at the idea. But there are some doubts in my mind and your comments would be greatly appreciated. Do you think braces make you lack sex appeal? I hate the idea of them getting in the way of my life (girls, relationships etc) Do people notice braces that much? I mean, surely everyone will notice you got them but, do girls find them very unnatractive? Or does the fact you have braces is not really that relevant? One last thing, do braces make you less kissable? Any comments would be really great. Thanks

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Hello there! My friend has braces and I think she's a very pretty girl. It's normal to feel the way you do..I felt that way when I had to get glasses, even though I only wear them to drive or see far away. But, just because you have braces doesn't make you any less attractive. The only way they make you less kissable is if the other person had braces too and ya'll got stuck together! But that rarely happens so no, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Getting braces is scary but girls won't label you "ugly" or "weird" because of them. You'll be fine..I know it! Good luck.

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Gumdrop Girl
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y'know, when you've got braces at an age when everyone else has braces, it's not a big deal. even if you're in your later teens and you have braces, enough people remember what it was like to have braces to not give a flip about it.

having braces is a lot like having glasses. some people don't find them aesthetically pleasing, but most people really don't care.

i had braces for 5 years (when the dentist gives you a no-no list of food, you follow it, or else!), from 4th grade till 9th grade. They hurt sometimes, and taking care of them was difficult because I wasn't exactly a "compliant" patient. but nobody ever called me "metal-mouth" or whatever. The end results came out great, too. Before, my lower row of teeth stacked like roof shingles, and now they're pretty straight. Worth the pain. Just be better than me and take care of your teeth while you've got them on. brush thoroughly and floss as best you can.

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Hi, I have braces myself and I feel normal around my friends or any girl. Some of my friends have braces as well so I dont really feel left out. Most girls think my braces are cool so you shouldn't be worried. I was worried at first but when I got them and noticed peoples reaction to them I calmed down.

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Atticus Girl
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Yeah, people do bring it up with a gasp once they notice that you have braces in your mouth. It can be a little annoying at first, but soon after it's well forgotten.

As Gumdrop had mentioned, braces are definitely worth the pain. It comes out with excellent results. I've still got them on myself, hell.. i had them put on 2 months ago. Once you get them removed, a lot of people will be shocked once again, and your smile will be perfect.

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I personally had braces when just before i was entering grade 7 and had them till near the end of the first semester of grade 8. I was originally told that i was gonna have it for 2 years but my progress ended up being a year and half .

I was actually afraid to smile in pictures for at least the first month or so that i had braces. I was just insecure. But i eventually accepted the fact it was only temporary, and it'd be gone in no time.

People didn't really care that i had braces and i was surely not the only one in my class. it was funny enough that my ex ended up getting braces about the same time i did.

Having had braces did not stop me from talking to guys. It surely doesn't not lack sex appeal. You still have your personality and your body (but that's not the MOST important!). So don't worry so much!

I would strongly suggest to follow Gumdrop's advice of keeping your braces clean with proper use. I kept mine clean and they were so perfect and clean when i got them off (and just perfect timing lol, i was 5 months away from my elementary school graduation! ).


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hey there!
listen....getting braces really isn't that bad..i had braces for 2 years and most people in my school has them!!! many of my friends have had theirs for about 6 years!!!! i cant explain how nice it feels to not have them anymore...but now my teeth are pretty!!!!!!
it does not make you any less sexually appealing....i even had a boyfriend whilst having braces!! and we kissed and everything...tell ya..nothing to worry about hun!! get to chose colors too that you want on them!

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I got braces, and I thought they were horrible, but I was wrong. After I got them off and looked back at what I looked like with them on, they didn't look bad, at all! I've seen some cute guys at school with and without braces, so no, braces do not make you lack sex appeal. I find it that if you get the silver braces with the silver elastics, you can barely see them. Don't worry! Braces will be great! As soon as you get them on, the time flies so fast. Have fun and take care.
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I also have braces, and have had them on for about 3 years now. Of course when you first get them on you might think you look a little weird because it's a big change in your smile, but you honestly get used to them very quickly.

It is painful sometimes but it's worth it in the end, just think after you get them off you'll have perfect teeth!

just make sure you be careful when eating hard or crunchy foods! I always mess up my wire and it comes out at the back (have to get that fixed today hehe) But seriously its sooo worth it.

And really kissing isn't that different at all, I find it doesn't get in the way whatsoever and I really doubt you are going to lack sex appeal just because you have braces.

Also like Gummy said, do everything your orthodontist tells you to, because if you don't you'll most likely have to keep them on longer. *smacks head* gotta start listening to that ortho.

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I got braces on Nov. 13, 2002. I get them off sometime this year. I am waiting for a date of jaw surgery, to help my overbite. My ortho said after surgery I only have to have them on for another 6-9 months, so that made me happy that I may not even have to wear them for 2 years. My mother wore hers for 4.

Before I got braces I was very insecure about opening up my mouth, but because of the way my jaw is right now, its a bit hard to keep my mouth shut. I am amazed by how much difference the braces have made just in a year. Before my 4 top front teeth came out a bit so they were a bit "bucked" and my bottom row of teeth were overlapping in many places. I had 6 teeth pulled almost a year ago on (wisdom and 2 on the bottom) My teeth are pretty much perfectly straight right now, I'm just waiting for that darned surgery.

So good luck with your braces, they're nothing to worry about. Once you have them you'll probably forget you have them, I do a lot. The time you have them is only a small protion of your life but it can make you feel differently about yourself for the rest of it.

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I have kissed loads of people whilst having braces and quite afew of my close mates didnt even notice I had them for about 3 weeks or so. Also I personaly dont think you lack sex appeal because I lost my virginity whilst wearing braces. Many people say they like them and my sister had braces and shes now 20 something and her teeth are perfect to what they were before! Try not to worry about it because most of the time I forget I have them on anyway.
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Hey, when my girlfriend and I first got together, she had braces and was kind of self-conscious about them, but I truly couldn't care less about them. When she got them off, she asked me if kissing her was any different (as in, better), and though it never made a difference to me personally, I told her it was so she would feel better, hehe. But really, doesn't matter. I think they're cute.

- Duelist

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