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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Bodies » What do I do if my Belly buttons infected?

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Author Topic: What do I do if my Belly buttons infected?
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Has anyone had there bully button pierced and infected? well i just got my pierced on saturday and now im worried that it mite be infected? what should i do?


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You call your piercer, make an appointment, and have her/him have a look at it.

In the first few days an weeks after getting pierced, it's common that the site of the piercing is swollen, and that some crustiness occurs on the jewellery. - Usually, following the cleaning advice given by your piercer (and not overcleaning it either), wearing loose, clean clothing, not touching it with dirty fingers, not letting anyone lick it, and preventing knocking it at all times, initial swelling will pass and it will heal. Belly Button piercings can take several months to heal though.

However, if the area is infected, (i.e. the area is red, severely swollen, and oozing a lot of liquid) you immediately get back in touch with your piercer or head straight to a doc.

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Gumdrop Girl
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also, in the meantime while you are waiting to get the infected piercing looked at by a professional, dab antiseptic ointment on it. Iodine ointment is excellent, but it stains clothes. Neosporin is also good and it won't stain.

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I got my belly button peirced last September and it was sore for a good 2 months. It will be red for about that time and the swelling takes even longer to go down. Just make sure you clean it a lot with an aptiseptic like Bactine. And also dabbing a little bit of neosporen will help it heal, but its not needed much.
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My belly button was extremely infected a couple weeks after I got it pierced even though I had taken what I was told was proper care of it (washing it with dial and keeping it as clean as possible). It was filled with puss and about it looked like ther was a marble underneath the skin or something. I continued to take care of it and put rubbing alchohol and neosporin on it. I also pushed it gently with a warm cloth a couple of times daily. I went to the doctor and she told me that if it stayed that way she'd have to take out the ring and drain it. But luckily my little cure worked (I'd like to add that I was also on emoxicillin for a sinus infection). Maybe go to the doctor and see if they can give you maybe a weeks worth of infection meds for it and just make sure you keep it clean. It's not uncommon for them the get infected.
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The Shy One
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See your piercer ASAP. This girl in my school has had an infected bellybutton piercing for around 7 months. She says she's gone to her doctor, but I don't believe her, otherwise something would have been done about it. Currently she's got 2 keloids, one on the entrance hole and the other on the exit. She's also got redness about the size of a "Twoonie" (sorry, Canadian here) around the top. It's absolutely disgusting. Oh, and we can't forget the pus. See your piercer as soon as you can so you can get the infection cleared up, if indeed you do have one. Putting antibiotic ointment on is kinda contraversial. I got told not to (I have mine pierced too) because the ointment blocks the air, which is needed for healing. It sounds like you are taking the necessary steps and being responsible. Unlike this girl at my school who's being totally irrisponsible and will probably end up with blood posioning. (Yes, it looks that bad!)

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Well, I heard that the bellybutton is one of the places that take more time to heal and all...
I've pierced mine a couple of months ago and its not swollen, no kelloid, anything, but it still oozes a little pus sometimes. I just keep it clean.
A friend of mine who's had hers pierced for quite some time now said hers oozed for a long time - like, over 4 months - but then it just healed ok. Seems like the oozing isn't always a signal that there's something absurdly wrong with it. Which doesn't mean you can stop taking care of it and ALWAYS keeping it clean =)

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Mine never healed and I had to take it out after about 8 months. Couldn't keep fighting it anymore, it is a spot on your body where rejection is pretty common. Might be normal symptoms, but the scar I have from leaving mine in so long while it was infected is pretty stupid in my opinion, so learn from my mistakes if it doesn't get better soon!
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To everynoe reccomending neosporin: that is a BAD thing to use for piercings. I have several piercings myself and frequent the local piercing shop and have many friends that are professional piercers and all agree that gels like neosporin and also things like alchol do more harm to the piercing than good..
I would STRONGLY reccoment that you just wash the piercing thoroughly twice a day(no more than twice, for OVERcare can aggravate the healing process)with anti-bacterial soap, and also do sea-salt soaks once or twice a day with warm water/sea salt. You can get this from a piercer of a health food store... sea salt helps tremendously with the healhing process!

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I've had my navel pierced for about 4 1/2 years now, and when I first got it done it used to get kind of oozie. Not like nasty, but it'd be red, tender, and stuff. And I know you're not supposed to, but I did it anyway and mine did fine is. Lay on your back on a towel, and pour Hydrogen Peroxide on your piercing, if it starts bubbling don't freak out, it's just doing it's job. Next rinse it well with Dial soap and warm water. then do the warm water & sea salt thing. Mine did fine. I usually keep a hoop in it since it always got caught on bent-barbells. My piercer said that hoops get caught... uhh total lie, other way around. Hope it gets better!


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PrettyGirl, it sounds like your piercing healed in spite of your treatment of it, and not because of it. Hydrogen peroxide and Dial soap are both far too strong to be used on an irritated piercing, and the salt water soaks probably helped most of all.

Laurel Lemming
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babes.... i used to have mine pierced with a small gauge hoop, and it took a hell of a lot longer than a week to realize there was something wrong with it. i would go back to the piercer, but the best thing to do is just clean, clean, clean. not too much... i found that bath and body works antibacterial soap, however surprising it may sound, works wonders on piercing infections.

(and the rain clean smell is nice. mmm. *thinks about it, runs to wash her hands.)

i have keloids in my skin, and that made it so i eventually had to take mine out-- but by cleaning the piercing 2-3 times a day with antibac, i was able to keep it until i got sick of the white lump growing underneath... ugh. i wish i still had mine pierced!! lucky duck.

i've got gauged ears, though, and trust me. the antibac thing works to nullify infection like a mofo.

love =)

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