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Author Topic: What's Your Favourite Part? con't
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One thing I really love about myself is my perfect straght teeth (thanks to 3 years with braces!).

I also love the colour of my hair. It is a strawberry blonde colour with blonde and red natural highlights. The hairdresser says she has tried a million times to mix a colour like mine but you can never get it artifically. So that makes me feel special!

One more thing I love is my boobs. They are not too big and not too small. They also have a nice shape to them. I developed them when I was quite young and was always embarrised of them. But now I'm older and have 'grown in to them' they are one of mine (and my guys!) favourite parts!

Three things I like about myself! Wow! That isn't bad! Great thread for making you feel good about yourself!

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like everybody else, i love my eyes... they've been described as huge and 'neon brown' and my irises are ringed like the inside of a tree trunk, and people always ask me if i'm wearing mascara.
i like my hourglass figure and tiny waist... esp. the lil bit of squish right under my belly button.
i love my long hair, and the fact that it changes color almost everyday... kinda like hazel eyes... it's weird i dunno... always shades of red and reddish-brown tho.
i love my hands b/c they're tiny, and i complain about it a lot but i secretly love being short.... i'm always cute this way, heehee.
oh and i looove my eyebrows, b/c dammit it originally took a lot of work to get em this way! haha, and cuz in 8th grade after seeing Gone With the Wind i trained myself to raise my right eyebrow like Vivienne Leigh when she gets pissed.
and i like that i get told i look like a fairy all the time

** great strand! thanks!

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I love my figure in general. I'm fairly athletic, always have been, and it shows. I have almost no hips, a very skinny waist, and an extremely muscular back. I've just recently discovered my lips, through having someone else discover them. They've got an amazing "aristocratic" shape. I've gotten comments on my hair in the past, but I haven't noticed it since I only started growing my hair out past neck length. Its deep brown with natural reddish highlights. This thread is amazing.
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I love (not very original) my eyes. they're kinda mediterranean looking, even though I'm English
I lovfe my hair- it can be in pretty relaxed curls or dead straight- whatever I want, and people always compliment it!
I also like my stomach. I'm not stick thin, not flat stomached, but I love it still

great thread, remember to compliment someone everyday and make them glow!

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I like my hair. It's really, really blonde, it looks clear in the sunlight and ashy-silver at night. I used to try to fight it and dye it darker, but now I love it, it's something tracing far back in my family that now I carry. I like that warm feeling of ancestry. And having near silver hair.
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My mind. It's intelligent, creative, quite odd at times, and funny. I make myself laugh!! My legs because they're long and smooth, my hips......they're just nice. My eyes are a beautiful colour (hazel) and I have long eyelashes. My lips are full and (usually) hair is sometimes puffy and frizzy but on good days I love it (thick, natural highlights). Great thread!


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hmmm...I've been known to complain about my body quite frequently, and my boyfriend hates it. lol... ohh well There are things i like about myself and my body, so here goes:

I like my hands, with or without nails, with or without polish. They can have an artistic feel to them, yet soft and delicate like dancer's hands. I decorate them well too I'm almost never seen without a ring on every finger, and numerous bracelets and such.

I like my shoulders, they're small...which honestly in comparison with the rest of my arm is quite opposite. My arms arent huge or muscular, but they are bigger than what i'd prefer. I also like my shoulders and how they follow into my chest, and i like the way my colar bones shape my neck.

I like my eyes, mainly because of my insanely long eyelashes that i get complimented on numerous times daily. I like to accent them with just the right make-up to make my chesnut brown eyes be seen behind these long long lashes.

I like my toes, which may seem weird...but i do really like them. I've been told i have flinstone feet at times, but i like my short stubby little toes! and even better when they're painted a bright pink, orange, or a deep wine color.

I also like my hair, even though i'm in the inbetween stages of growing out past color and an odd haircut. The gentle fade from light light brown to blonde is definately growing on me

Besides body parts, i like how i think... I like how i have this strong interest in science that no one else around me seems to have. I enjoy learning about the human body and how it works. I like how i'm the kind of person to drop whatever i'm doing to help a friend in need... I love how non-materialistic I am, I'm the kind of person who would prefer to be given a hug, a kiss, and a "happy birthday" on her birthday rather than some overpriced unoriginal premade store bought gift that anyone else in the world could have.

So, now i look at my post and it seems so long...ahh well, i guess i had more to say than i thought

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Well I was reading through the posts and I saw that I already posted but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post again!

~My Lips, I like how the the bottom one is really big and the top is a just a bit smaller.
~My Eyes, I like the colour, it's like a deep green that I think is a really pretty colour
~My Breasts, I like how they're really proportionate to my body, not too small, not too big (36 C)
And Lastly...
~My Nose, it's not big or small, and it suits my face just perfectly, topped off with a nosering

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I like my eyes-they are usually blue-green, but they can be blue,green,both,gray,etc.
My feet because I dont have a big middle toe and my nails are pretty and they are small and cute.
I like my hands because they are small.
I like my teeth because they are straight(didnt have braces either!)
I like my collar bone
I like my neck
I like my hips
I like my butt
And thats all I can think of...I dont think I've ever sounded so conceited in my life!But it was enjoyable!

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Well, I like my eye color alot. They're dark blue with a greenish starbust around the pupils. But I'd still have to say I'm jealous of my friend's crystal blue eyes

I also like my face when I have a 'clueless' look on, or sort of a 'chilled out' look on.

I like my teeth alot too, because their very white...but it's hard to tell with the braces I have now, heheh.

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I like my eyes, like so many other people! They're really dark blue, I think, but when people say they're grey I get spazz-happy. I also like my stomach, whch is strange, because I'm not overtly skinny, but it's smooth and brownish and natural looking. And I like my breasts, they're kinda pretty. They remind me sort of, of those painting of greek women. And i like my hands, because they look sturdy and freidnly and soft.
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A better question would be what don't I love about myself? I love my eyes. They're almond-shaped, hazel, and I've been told they make me look Asian. I have an upturned, "elfin" nose, a little pointy, but not too much. My lips are very full. My teeth aren't perfectly straight or white, but the size of my smile compensates for this. I have very pale, milky skin, with a smattering of freckles across my nose. My hair is very long and almost black, and my girls all love playing with it, haha. My hands are very long and slender, and strong. I love my hips, my stomach (it's a little round), my legs, my neck, my size 8 feet. I love my laugh (very loud and raucous), my voice (deep for a petite little chicky like myself), my wit...I'm pretty spiffy, really! No, I mean it, I'm absolutely bloody great! And I'm humble.

"A bold spirit always stands out."

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if i had to pick one thing i like about my body it would be my eyes. Everyone always tells me how beautiful my eyes are and it makes me so happy to think that i DO have some good qualities!
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Gumdrop Girl
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I've been getting some compliments at the gym and from the friends with whom I play sports, and they all seem to agree, I have strapping calves.

they must be onto something

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well, i like me! i complain alot about my body, but i can honestly say i love everything abut myself. i have accepted myself for the way i am.

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I have thin, long, shapely legs. Well, not THAT long, I'm fairly short, but they're long in proportion to my body. They're strong and quick from walking and running wherever I go, and I have really long strides. When I have to run away, I can run away fast, and feel so powerful doing it.

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I love this! Haha...
Almost every adult I know tells me I'm unbelievably gorgeous. Until now, I haven't really believed it. It takes a lot to admire yourself, listen to what people are telling you, and just overall be completely happy with your image and self. I've found that with time, you learn alot more about yourself, you learn to respect what you have!
As for me, I've leaned alot. I love my eyes, with their mix of brown, green and long sexy curly/wavy brown hair, and my full lips...I finally feel sexy...once you accept this, you get so much more confidence. And this shows. It boosts your looks even more and people notice you. If you feel sexy, U R GIRLFRIEND! ( you too guys!) You can be vain, we all should be able to, but don't take it too far!!!!! You want to still have friends after this transformation of yours!
Please also don't forget to appreciate what you have inside as well. Because when it boils down, all thats outside is skin and dead cells and protein! So don't be shallow, remember your soul too!

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I love my hipbones. They're very prominent, especially when I lay on my back, and there's just something so sexy about them. And they're dangerous weapons, or so my boyfriend says. I also like how my shoulders are freckled from my annual beginning of summer sunburn. So bad for my skin, I know, but after they burn the first time they don't burn again all summer.

I also have two really hideous scars, one on each wrist, from a bad bike crash about 7 summers ago. They look like burn scars, but there's something cool about them. They give me "character" haha. Another random thing I like about my body is how I always seem to have random bruises on my shins. Bad for the skin or little blood vessels I'm sure, but bruises are cool nonetheless. I once had a monstrous one on my bicep where a fence had fallen on me.

I named it Bob.

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I like the callous on my right ring finger on which my drawing pencil rests. It shows all the hours of practice I have done to become a good artist.

I also like the bump of muscle on my palm under my thumb, the scar in my left eyebrow from where I ran into a car's sideview mirror at the age of five, the area at the base of my neck where my collar bone protrudes slightly, and the mole on my back between my shoulder blades.

I seem to like my imperfections more than what makes me look "good".

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Originally posted by pinstripesuit:
I like the callous on my right ring finger on which my drawing pencil rests.

Wow, I have a rough red indention on my right ring finger, too. Seriously, I've had it for yeaaars and thought I was the only one. lol I'm an idiot...

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I love my lips- they're small, with cupid's bow points, like the old silent movie stars. I like how my eyes are big and almost black and I have black, thick, long lashes and eyebrows. I like the beauty mark on my right cheek- and my pointy chin. I like my wrists- they're thin and white and graceful looking. I like my stomach- it's soft and nearly flat. I like how my back curves in backless dresses. I like my legs- I have muscular calves and high-arched feet. But most of all...

I love the dimples in the small of my back- directly above my bum!

Ta, Cait

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This thread sounds like a good idea, but I would have to agree with the other guys who have posted here, so here is some input from a 20yo guy from Oz:

I don't hate or loathe my body, but I also don't find much about it to like. Also, been from Australia, the other ozzies in the group may or may not have heard about "Tall Poppy Syndrome." This means that in our culture, we are bought up to not be boastful, or to beat our chests about our achievements. In our culture, this is considered to be very vain and "stuck up." So we are bought up to beleive that sharing our good qualities with everyone, like what is posted here, is considered rude. The Tall Poppy part coloquially comes from poppies been a beautiful red flower, and been chopped down before they can reach their full beauty. Thats just the way our culture is, but I wish that we were more accepting. The Yanks are the best at boasting about their achievements, but I reckon this is a good thing 99.9% of the time because it means we should be accepted that we are all different and all have our good qualities.

Again, there is nothing I loathe or hate about my body, just nothing that stands out too much. I believe that most people get most of their confidence from bf's or gf's, because of the different things they find such a turn on from them. But havng just turned 20, and never had a girlfriend before, and still a virgin (half choice half circumstance) and never had any sexual experiences other than kissing with other girls, you start to get a negative mindset over yourself. You start to question yourself as to why.

I also reckon been male is harder than been a female, in the looks department. IMO, guys have less to show off than girls. But anyway, to the stuff I do like, which was nothing, becasue I have never really been complemented on my looks before. But after a long think, I came up with these:

1) My eyes: the one thing all girls I know complement on. They are bluey-green, and alledgedly very powerful and beautiful looking.

2) My penis. Yes, it really is a guys best friend, even though mine is still inside it's "Shrink wrap" as Stiffler once put it. I love to look at it and dream about the pleasure it will one day give to a girl that will want me for me.

3) My brain. I can remeber dates, times and world events like no-one else I know. Plus I am good with cars too.

So there it is. Just needed to get those feelings off my chest. And BTW, this is a really good site that I reckon every teen should spend lots of time reading like I have. It made me less confused about been a teenager and the "facts of life" as we call it. Thanks heaps again...

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Alright, someone back there asked for more guys to reply to this, so dont say you didnt see this coming:

1) My penis!!! It's something women won't ever understand. I'm still a virgin, and I love thinking about what I'm gonna do with this thingy some day. PENIS
2) My stomach - and I mean the actual muscle, not the outside. It's bigger than my head and can contain more food in it than most people I know. I look thin on the outside - that's because my stomach has grown so big on the inside it's crushed over my bladder and lungs to make room for all the food I stuff in.
3)Did I mention I love my penis? I bet you girls want one just like it, if only you knew!

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I love my's really curly and soft, and my bf says it's like a cloud, lol O.o

I love my butt, hee hee ^_^

And my smile...people say my entire face lights up when I smile

Emotionally, I like that I care so much about other people - I love to help ^_^

And I like being weird and different, a mixture of child and woman XD

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Hmmmmm...what I love about my body eh..Lets see I abslolutley love my is just so awsome...ppl just say wow when they see me walk by...all envious of it...i have the perfect ghetto booty and im not black...its great....i also love my waist just becuase its so toned and makes my butt look even awsomer...i like the small of my back and how my boyfriend runs his hand across it and then down my moving up...i love my breasts since they are the perfect size 36 C...just perfectly round...and i love my smile...its really straight and white...and it won me in the Miss Photogenic competition of my pageant...I like my eyes since they are so intense that they just capture you and take you in...the almost black color of them that is lined with long black eyelashes....i love my hands...all of the rings i can put on them...just makes me happy...and my fingernails are the best length...of course not to long but i dont bite them...because thats really gross...what can i say....i love my body and everything about it!!!

~Lots of Love~

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I like you someoneelse...i like you alot

~Lots of Love~

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Hi, I'm new and this thread looked wonderfully positive =).

I like my skin being really pale, it can look quite striking. I like my body hair being really thin, I can skip shaving legs for two weeks and it doesn't show. =) And I like my back and especially the nape of my neck, don't know why really.
I like my eyebrows, which are beautifully arched, very little plucking etc needed. And my nose, which has a "point" (used to really hate it), which makes my face look stronger rather than plain and cute. Plain and cute isn't me. I like looking like ME with a few exclamation marks.
And I like my boobies, which are utterly asymmetrical (B+ and D+, about) -my doctor said I should have plastic surgery, they look so odd. But I like them personalized, world is full of the regular kind =). (And the difference won't show from under a bra, I wouldn't like people staring at my chest puzzledly...)
Also, this far it's just been boys being fond of their penises, but I'm incredibly smitten with my pink bits in general and clit in particular. Simone de Beauvoir wrote about how woman's folds are "damp and mysterious and repulsive" and made me lose all respect for her. Being a fully functioning girl is wonderful! My "reproductive system" includes a "button" that has *no*other*purpose* than to make me feel nice. Not involved in offspring production or anything, just for mine (and boyfriend's) entertainment.
The thought always cheers me up. Despite PMS and all, nature seems to have been on my side. =)

I don't get even, I get odder

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Awesome thread! I focus too much sometimes on what I'd like to change, so it's good to sit down and think about all the things I like about myself!

First of all, my eyes....they're a really cool green colour, with goldeny sort of rings around the pupil and a darker green ring around the outside (like Kangae Kaeru's, it sounds like!) I also love my pale skin with lots of freckles, particularly the one right on the tip of my nose, my hair (naturally curly and reddish-brown....I've never dyed it and I never will!) I also love my feet; they're completely mangled from 17 years of ballet training and I'm sure not too attractive to anyone else, but I love them because they show how much work I've put into something I really enjoy. My posture is another thing I like that goes along with being a ballet dancer, I've been told I don't walk, I float, which is kinda cool I think!

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functionally, I think my favorite part is my eyes. I can honestly say that I take in more visual information than any other sensory information.

aesthetically, it's probably my hands. I have small, soft, delicate hands, the kind that don't do too much physical labor. i have nice long fingers that are good for guitarring.

and yes, I like my penis. How could I not like an organ dedicated to my happiness?

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My shoulders! The back of them with the blades, and the remenants of my more buff days. I have two matching wolf prints, one on each blade, which accent them as well as my love of the wilderness. I also like my shoulders because they propell me in my kayak through the rapids, pull me up rock walls, and they're also pretty soft and sexy.
I love my eyes too, and my long eyelashes! haha it's nice to take advantage of those bragging rites from time to time. I think that it is everybodys' right to say something good about themselves from time to time, and in return listen to sombody elce say something that they like about themselves.
Life's just better that way.

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Let's see, physically I love my eyes. They have this glitter and sparkle to them that looks addictive and seducing. They are a blue color and I just love them!!

I also love my feet. They are so big (size 10) and I like it that way for some reason...

I also love all of my scars. I like the appearance of scars and cuts and I love all the scars I have. I think it adds character and uniqueness to someone.

I adore my nails. They are semi-thick and long. I used to bite them but now I don't and I always let them grow out and I paint them. People sometimes think they're artificial, but they're not.

I also like my ruggid, worn look. i have a kind of hard-working look. It's kind of hard to explain.

I also like my personality. It is a bit dangerous yet behaved and I am outgoing. I like my taste in music (nothing but rock) and my voice. It is like a sort of deep raspy sound. I also like my determination. I could attempt doing something for hours and never succeed but just keep trying. I also like being a daredevil. I always do whatever, whether it means knocking on random peoples doors for food or going down a ramp on a scooter. I love a lot about myself. I think I am intelligent and sexy and just great! I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I think it shows that I have a lot of self confidence/esteem and that I'm not really that insecure about myself.

Much love <3

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The ONLY part of my body I like is my eyebrows. Everything else is either too hairy or just looks ugly because of my dry skin. But people always say I have a natural arch to my eyebrows and I think that's what makes me beautiful. Lots of girls wish they had breast as big as mine and the boys really like my breast, but I think they sag a little too much. I want them to be more firm, although they're huge.
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I weigh 200 lbs. It's the correct weight for my height. I like that it's a nice round number. I love my face, a have a classic nose and full lips. I have a really weird dark hair (just one) that grows out of my neck. It's hard to see until it gets long, then I pull it out. It's weird but quirky so I like that too, even though I never let it grow very far. There really isn't anything I don't like about my body. I look in the mirror regularly and tell myself how gorgeous and sexy I am. I like this thread.
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I guess my absolutely favorite part of my body is my collarbone/shoulders. Can I consider that one part, LOL? They give my upper body a nice dimension.
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Let's see here...

Like most everyone else, I like my eyes. A deep brown color. Dark, yet in the light they seem to get a softer tint to them. And with the right amount of eyeliner (though I hardly wear it at all) they brighten so much more.

Overall, I have fair skin and I like it. I'm usually pale, but now, after playing tennis in college and spending two hours a day outside, I have a funkified tanline. =/ I like when I'm pale more than anything, though you'll hear me constantly complain about it in the summer. And with getting more sun comes more freckles. I have them on my face and basically all over, but they're most concentrated on my face. And it's cute. ^o^

I love how I can look so childish and playful one day and mature and sassy the next. It's fun.

I also like my shoulders and collar bones. My shoulders are somewhat broad, but slim (So they're not big, burly things...), and I have nicely defined collar bones.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how I look. There are a few things I think need tweaking, but I can live with 'em.

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