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Author Topic: What's Your Favourite Part? con't
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I like soo much about my self!!
My hair- because its always soft and i can count on it 2 frame my face
My eyes that are big and such a dark brown that at night they look black and so expressive.
I love my nose ecause its the perfect sizxe for my face
I love my lips because there soo soft i swear by soft lips
I love my neck because its thin but not to thin
I love my shoulders because there muscular and tan
i love my arms because they are long and have hair and the dark hair makes them unique
I love my hands and wrists because there so small and delicate and msmooth
I love my boobs because there not to big not to small the perfec size for me
I love my stomach because its flat and smooth and i still alsmot have a six pack from when i did gymnastics
I love my back because its straight and smooth and tan and always keeps me up right
I love my butt because its round and bouncy and a totaly ass(hehe)et to my body
I love my "area because it will someday produce another life
I LOVE my legs because they are long and toned and smooth
I love my feet ecause they are tiny and carry me through life and dont give out on my no matter how many rocks i accidently step on
I love my posture because even though im only 5'2" in class when everyone else is slumping i look tall because my back is always straight and my head is heald high. well exceot when im sleeping ut thats another story.


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Well I'm usually thinking about what I don't like instead of what I do and I realize I have a few:
I love my's just the right size and fits my face perfectly.
I love my lips..they're really small but have a cute shape.
I love my eyes...they're a dark coffee as someone told me and mysterious.
Last, I love my hands...they're also small but have those dimples like a baby does (my boyfriend can't get over the dimples)
I just made my own day thinking about what I LIKE instead of HATE about myself!

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Forever and Always!!!

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I also remembered something else I absolutely love about my calves!!! I some how managed to maintain the toned look of them though I really haven't been active in sports for 4 years. Oh now that i'm thinking about this, I love my pinkies (how odd is that) that look so cute when i paint them only.
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Sir John the Green
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Weeeeeeeeelllll... I seem to recall from the previous thread that there was a guy there who remarked on the scarcity of guys posting on this topic... when by all rights there should be an equal number. I wonder what that says about our culture's acceptance of guys having good self esteem too?

Anyway yeah this is kinda weird for me, I mean, I completely agree with that guy before who said that it was hard thinking about something to like about yourself. It's almost as if we're not *supposed* to think that way. Wonder why that is? Having recently come out as transgendered to my friends, I know I have some issues with my body, but... I'll give it a go.

I'll start with my feet and work my way up. My feet are on the desk in front of me so it's the first thing that came to mind. I like my feet, and especially the long hairs on my toes that are so much darker than my skin. The calluses on the bottoms of my feet remind me of all the walking I do to and from work and school, and sometimes I like to pretend I'm a hobbit or dwarf on a quest in Lord of the Rings. Hobbits have fur on the tops of their feet.

I like my legs, which have been getting a lot stronger and more muscled over the last year since I took up sword-fighting last summer. My roommate is envious because I have more leg hair than he does. We get into arguments over these sorts of things. He still thinks he's won though because he's taller than I am. I just tell him that a mad axe-wielding dwarf with hairy legs is nothing to be trifled with.

I don't really like my hips, but I think my thighs look nice when I'm wandering around my apartment in my boxers. They still have flab and stuff on them, but hey, I can always win that game where two people lie on the couch and try to push the other person's legs bent using only their feet. Again, comes from all the sword-fighting and walking. Which I do all the time because those are the two things I love doing most, because they take my mind off everything else.

My waist looks nice to me sometimes, when I'm standing in front of the mirror barefoot wearing only a pair of jeans brushing my hair. I like the way the jeans sortof hang off my hips, and I can see the elastic of my boxers just barely over the top of them.

I really, really like my shoulders. They're very strong from carrying books back and forth all over the city. This one time, when I first joined the medieval reenactment group, I was just lifting a heavy bag of steel armour off the ground when the guy I was with said that I should wait for a strong guy to carry the bag. I just laughed and said that I was the one who had gotten the bag there in the first place. Needless to say I was very pleased with the expression on his face. Also, I don't really have many zits on my shoulders, so that's a plus. I have this little mole on my left shoulder that I've always kinda liked. I don't know why.

My sister keeps telling me how awesome my arms look since I've taken up fighting. I don't see it, but ok. I like my forearms though. They're the only part of me that has any tan whatsoever, and the dark hairs are asthetically pleasing next to the darkened skin. I like my watch tan. The leather on my watchband always makes my left wrist smell nice, well, like leather. I like that scent. I'm very scent-oriented, and smells often bring back complex emotions from a long time ago. I like my sense of smell very much. It lets me smell that special scent of the guy I like even when he's on the other end of the couch. ::grin::

My hands. I love my hands. They are very skillful at typing, and though I never learned the "correct" way to touch type, I don't need to look at the keyboard to know what keys I am pressing. Sometimes it seems like I think with my hans more than with my brain, because somehow they just know what to type, even when I'm not really paying attention. I like my keyboard too. Wait, that isn't a part of me... hehe

I like the back of my neck. It's hard and the spine there is kindof knotty, like an old tree. I also like the way my hair is attatched to my scalp at the top of the back of my neck. Sometimes when it's too hot to sleep and all I can do is roll over in my bed and add another playlist to Winamp to try to stiffle my misery, I find myself playing with my freshly-washed hair. It's a lot cooler than the air in the room and it's soothing besides. My hair goes down past my butt, so sometimes it gets tangled up in things, too. Usually I like it though. I like the way my braid whips behind me when I run. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing. Being a fighter pilot would be awesome.

Um, I like the mole on the right side of my face that's in the area between my cheek and my lip. It's been there as long as I can remember, though I have pictures of me around 5 or so without it. I like the scar on my chin, or should I say scarS... I got the first one when I was little and I jumped off the porch and split my chin open. The second I got just last year when I was playing a real-life verions of counter-strike (using tag instead of guns) with my dorm-mates. I was being chased by the enemy and I was running to the base where I would be "safe", and I was running so fast I couldn't stop in time and kindof bounced chin-first off the stucco wall. Then I was late for class and was dripping blood all over the poetry classroom. But I got a kewl scar out of the deal, so I won't complain. I also like the scar on my forehead hidden just under my hair that I got from hitting my head on the coffee table when I was little. I remember going to the hospital and having to wait forever while they took x-rays. I think I still have a copy of that pic of my skull somewhere. It looked awesome.

Lastly, I like my eyes. Sometimes when I'm trying to talk to someone I like and I can't think of anything to say that isn't stupid I find I can give them this *look*, and somehow they know what I mean to say even before I do, and everything's great. I'm very happy I have my eyes. I even like the fact that I'm nearsighted because it reduces eye-strain when I'm up late at night trying to read, and my nearsightedness lets me hold the book closer to my face without making it difficult to focus.

Alright, I'm done. That was kinda long, wasn't it? ::looks around:: ::wanders off whistling innocently:: Seriously though, I do think responding to this topic is kinda therapeutic... makes one consider the good things rather than the bad like people usually do. Thanks to whoever reopened it. =)

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I love my shoulders. They're pimple free and very soft. I'm very unique in the sense that I have these big bones that stick out of the top of my shoulders. It's really weird looking, like I have very little skin there, but I guess it's just because I'm bony. I've only met two other people who share the trait.
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Originally posted by Sir John the Green:
Weeeeeeeeelllll... I seem to recall from the previous thread that there was a guy there who remarked on the scarcity of guys posting on this topic... when by all rights there should be an equal number. I wonder what that says about our culture's acceptance of guys having good self esteem too?

I think you'll find that in general our userbase at Scarleteen is female- you'd probably find the same gender misbalance in any other thread. We have long wondered why this is the case (we even have a thread about it). But of course men do have to put up with body issues too. I remember overhearing a couple of guys talking during my lunchbreak at work yesterday- the things they do to keep their bodies in shape, for the sake of having muscles and keeping off the fat was just astounding.

Oh, and Sir John, it sounds like you and I have a few things in common- I have hobbit feet too (although they don't sound quite as hobbity as yours, alas), and I've also done a bit of swordfighting. I didn't actually do any training last year, but I'm thinking that this year I will get back into it. I find that it's a very good sport for one's body image actually, because whatever your body type, there is some advantage to it.

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I love my stomach. Flat,tiny and tanned in the summer.

I love my feet, they are beautiful. I like to walk around barefoot everyday, even in the office. I like to see my soles getting black or green. I like to pick up things with my toes, like to paint them. i love to have my soles tickled, feet are such a sensitive body part. What do you think? Did you know that people were tickled to death in medieval? Sounds really funny... Are you ticklish?

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Surf Chicklet
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I like my hands. My fingers are long and pretty, and I've quit biting my nails (nasty nasty habit) so they're good now

I also like my hair. Theres a lot of it, but its very very pin straight, thick, and quite shiny

Hmm..what else..I like my eyes! They're dark greyish-blueish, and big. They get all sparkley-twinkely when I put on mascara, I like it.

I also like my skin. Its pretty even, kind of fair, but it tans in the summer. I dont usually get any pimples, and I have lotsa freckles! Which I like..why do people wanna cover up their freckles? Im proud to have em!

Wow..great thread..I tend not to look at the good aspects of my body, and this was a good little exercise..good self-esteem booster!

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Kangae Kaeru
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I have to say you are pretty cool Just in general.

Being very new, I'm just kinda wandering... this thread caught my attention.

I like my eyes. Typical girl, eh? Mine are blue-green sort of in color, with a dark border and (especially when I'm stressed) this weird yellow starburst pattern around the pupil. The patterns get really complicated sometimes.

Anyone have any ideas as to where that comes from? I've only seen one other person with the yellow starburst, and her eyes are hazel.

I like my hands... they are good for typing (I am a computer science major) and remember motions that the rest of me has forgotten. That tends to come in very handy (har har) in fencing and martial arts when my brain has forgotten whatever it was doing.

I like my shoulders. Most of the time, unless they've decided to hurt on a particular day. They're a bit broader than usual though, and as a result I have a hard time finding shirts that really fit.

The last bit and then I'll be quiet for a while I like the way I move. Extensive training has given me the habit of moving my feet in a crescent pattern when I'm doing pretty much anything other than just walking, and I jump very well. It's kind of hard to explain really.

Ah, well. Whoever had this idea is a genius.

"The real world exists somewhere, a dream exists in what we are."
~Kaworu, Neon Genesis Evangelion

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I love my hands and wrists because they look so nice in bracelets..ilike my fingers cuz they are long and make me feel sexy...i love my belly which is expanding a little every month b/c i know that im nurturing a human life inside there....

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first of all, i LOVE my lips. they're luscious and full, just like marilyn monroe's. i love my figure as well - my breasts are a perfect size and shape, they're 'perky' as my friends call them, and round. i love how my back curves out to my backside and my hips. i'm of small stature and i like it that way. my hair is long, dark red-brown and straight with waves. i have beautiful exotic dark green eyes. it feels so good to love yourself.

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I haven't really thought about this...ever. What is my favorite part of my body? After going through a phase of hating so much about myself and going through a rediscovery and learning that I'm really okay, I'm not sure if there is one thing that I would glorify. Hmm...

Any one of my friends can testify that I have an odd thing with teeth...a teeth fetish, if you will. So, I appreciate my teeth. I had braces for little over a year, so they are nice and straight...always have been really white, no cavities, healthy gums...yes, I like my teeth. My teeth make up most of my smiles, and I like my smiles.

...if you can count smiles as part of one's body.

But, I guess I also appreciate my smile. The way my nose wrinkles, my high cheeckbones and generous cheecks. I like my eyes also...dark brown, large and clear.

Virgin eyes, I like to call them. My friends also like to refute that claim. Silly them...

So, I like my face. It reflects my personality in my laughs, my smiles, my pouts and my tears.

...I guess I've thought about this a little more than I've previously thought, hehe.

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let's take this thread up!!!!
i like people telling other people what they love about them, their body and soul....makes me happy!

ok, let's see what i love about me!
i love my hands! my fingers are long and thin, and the palms are soft, perfect for touching and caressing my b/f

i love my skin, really. just with a little bit of sun bathing i get this chocolate colour that lasts for a few months.

i love my butt. its kinda big, but i dont mind! i'm a latin girl, my family comes from cuba,venezuela,spain, and i live in the canary islands, so im proud of my woman body- especially when i hear boys and men commenting about it as i go pass them....

i love my eyes and its expression. my family also comes from some tribe in the sahara desert, and i have arabic eyes:almond shape, hazel colour and sooooooo expresive!

i utterly love my boobs! they're fairly big, but they are perky, so i drive crazy my b/f if i'm not wearing any bra and only a skinny top, lol. also it is a lovely feeling when the boy that u love is resting his head in ur chest and u hear him sigh cuz its (exact words) "so so so comfy!"

i love my waist and hips because when i dance they make me look extremely sexy! my hips move quite fast, my friends say it seems as if i've been all life in the brasilian carnival....

i love my shoulders, because they are all year round tanned, and i have this sexy freckle right in the middle of my right shoulder.

i love my hair:its dark blonde colour, its texture, and its smell

i also love the warmness of my body. when my b/f is just freezing, he puts his hands under my shirt and around my waist and his temperature rises (not the sexual temperature :P)

and i also love very much my smile, my lips and my teeth....they make a good team! lol

PLEASE, continue with this thread!

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Okay, I'm back...I was thinking about this all day, I had nothing better to do, and my friend asked me a question that got me thinking a little more in depth about it.

~ I love my hands, even the little knobs of nails. I'm a hands on person, I love getting dirty and all grubby and my hands show all the hard work I put into my projects. I especially love the soft folds of skin over my knuckles, they just make my fingers look so delicate, which they aren't.

~ I love my back, mostly my shoulder blades. They are prominent, and probably the only really defined place on my body (besides my calves.) I get a few zits here and there but generally my back is nice and soft. My back also has a dark mole on it that my ex used to just barely touch with his tongue. Mmm...good memories.

~ My butt. I dunno why though. I think it just has such a nice curve to it. Plus the skin is so soft, and well like a baby's butt.

~ The curve of my hips. Makes me just feel so feminine. Like I am as beautiful as the women in paintings strown out naked, looking like they are at such a comfort with themselves.

~ My feet, hehehe I also got hobbit like feet. Thought they aren't hairy. But they wide. But I like them for the simple fact they get me around. And my toes are ultra-ultra sexy, especially with my blood red nail polish on them.

~ My check bones. They just look so delicate and they give my face depth.

Also like mention before, my eyes, my hair, my calves.

I love this thread

"I am the sum of my parts and infinitely more so. The hum of my brain, the curve of my torso. The spark of my wit, the depth of my heart. Size is no measure in such a work of art" (from a Hanes Her Way ad)

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what i like..... like most people here i like my eyes. they're quite big, and they're green with a bit of brown in them. yummy.
i've grown to like my body lately. after ten years of hating it, i'm starting to see my curves as a good thing rather than too big. i still wish i'd be thinner sometimes, but i've grown to feel good about myself. and i do love my breasts. theyre quite big, and i like their shape. so do lots of other people.
hm. that sounded bad.

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hmm..lets see...not to be wierd , but my boobs and but...i like them, also my seductive brown eyes.. , iv been told i have pretty feet too.and smile
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well i have really nice teeh! and i good smile. i think my whole face would be good but my head is a little big and i moderate acne on my forehead and chin tho. if i had clear skin tho i think iw old be pretty. im doing everything i can to get rid of it! of course my forehead is clearing up but now im breaking out on my chin! sorry for venting about my acne u probly dont care lol..also i have nice legs.
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I love my eyes. They're light blue. And prettyful. And my lips, they're just the right thickness. And my brain, cause I'm kind of attached to it. It's useful. boobs. They're big. They're annoying sometimes. But sexy. And I like them.


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i usually have low self esteem with my body, but i'll write things the girlfriend really likes.

Eyes. Theyre piercing brown. They look really, really intense.

Stomach. Since i got my wisdom teeth out, and my weight plummeted to...125. It looks like i have nice abs.

Upper arms/shoulders. Because of sports i'm in, theyre fairly well developed, but toned quite nicely.

Lower legs. Also, becuase of sports, theyre strong, and toned.

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Well, the thing I guess I would like most about my body is my nose, it's really cute, not too big, not too small, and it has a cute little nose ring in it heh

Also I kind like my butt , I guess for the same reason I like my nose, not too big not too small, and it looks good in tight jeans!

I also like that fact that I'm pretty tall for a girl (5'7-5'8), but sometimes I do wish I was a bit shorter because I seem to be taller than all of the guys!

And lastly I like my lips, the bottom one is kinda big, and the top one is kinda small, but I think they suit me well.

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i'm not sure. theres nothing really about me that sticks out as stunning. the only thing i have that sticks out is my fat ass!!!
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ooo.. this is hard. i have a very negative body image, although i've promised myself that everyday i'll think something good about me. it's starting to work!
ok.. now for the things i like about myself..
-i like my brain. i'm smart, and i can usually make good decsions.
-i'm starting to realize i have a pretty nice butt! lol
-i like the scar on my stomach from appendicitis, it's really cool looking
-i love my crooked middle finger! i broke it at camp and it didn't heal straight
-i like the colour of my hair, it's honey blonde
-i also like the little scar on my cheek from when i fell when i was really little, i only noticed it a month ago. it only shows up if my face gets really red.

i guess thats it today!

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I guess forum hopping's paying off...

I like my legs, shaved or unshaved, my A-cup boobs, a burn I got on my right arm...I wish there were more topics like these on message boards everywhere. Heavenspeed, all.

"I say goodbye to you now, but I say it with a smile..."-Vice, King of Fighters
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Have I mentioned how much I love my hips lately? They garner the oddest compliments ("child-bearing" and "farm stock" both said in tones of admiration come to mind). I guess I'm not the only one who appreciates how lusciously round they are.

I was looking at them last night and noticed they are covered in nearly-invisible stretch marks. The stretch marks were a surprise because the surrounding areas, like my stomach, don't have any. It's cool that they have something distinctive about them.

I hate to play favorites with my body parts (I always feel like I'm betraying the other bits ), but I'm just terribly pleased with them at the moment.

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I'm starting to love my cropped, soft, silky, fine, and newly colored dark, rich brown with red undertones hair! Say that 3 times fast.
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I'm loving my abdomen lately. It'll never be flat and toned, but the curve of it below my waist reminds me of the curves of the rockers on a baby cradle, very subtle and soft but just right, somehow. It makes me remember how it felt to carry my son in there for almost 42 weeks, and how his little kicks felt like flurries of butterfly wings against my flesh. The strech marks that are there - and there are many - have faded and left a nice velvety texture that is quite intriguing, and the shape of them and how they reach upward makes them look like ghostly fire. I have a tiny scar inside my navel left over from gallbladder surgery, peeking out like a sly little smile.

It is soft and comforting, and I get the most indescribable maternal feeling when I see the curve of my silhouette in shadow against the wall when I wake up in the morning, and it makes me whether the future has any more children in store to fill the space and make me swell like a giddy, happy balloon once again.

Sigh. I love my tummy.

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i like this idea. i need to realize some of the things i love about they are..hope i dont' sound conceited!
~I love my eyes((I see that a lot)), but i have very long eyelashes and i get complimented on the all the time, and some people think they're fake. My eyes are a light baby blue color and they're so bright.
~I love my hair. It takes a lot of work to get it where I want, but once its there it looks good, and makes me feel better.
~I love my legs. They're not too chubby or skinny, and they're super muscular cuz I do leg excersies.
~I love my shoulders, because they have just enough skin and muscle on them with a little bone, and they're nice and tan.
~Lastly, I love my personality, and my sense of humor and connection. I get a long great with everyone pretty much, and i love to make people laugh.


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My favorite part of my body.... hmmm... good topic!

Um, I do love my body as a whole, but my favorites would have to be my eyes, my smile, and my boobs<< that one is Isaiah's favorite!

People do tell me that i'm beautiful, and i do take their word on it. I learned to love myself for the way i look, and for who i am and it's allowed me to expand my horizons for loving others in the same way.


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To be honest, I'm not really...'into myself'. Even tho I get a lot of compliments when I decide not to walk around like I've just woken up...
But I really, really, REALLY love my hands. They are really thin, with looooooong delicate fingers. Also, I have great nails to help, as their natural shape makes them look long even when they can't get any shorter. I guess I probably spend all my vanity with my hands

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I love my hair. A brown that gets very dark in the winter and almost dirty blonde in the summer. I love the faint red highlights it has that remind me of my grandmother who had red hair. I love my eyes, a crazy mix of green and brown- a spot in the left one. I love my shoulders and my neck. They make me feel graceful. I love my freckles- they make me feel like a little kid. I love my hips- strong and seductive like Venus's. I love my small breasts that allow me to be convincing when i dress like a guy, jump around without them shaking too much and wear tops without bras. I love my long, slim fingers- they make me feel artistic.

Wow. I didn't realize there were so many good things about my body.

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hmmm, what do i like about me? i do quite like my teeth they are straigh and my hair is quite nice! its naturaly blonde and dead straight but soft. my boyfrend loves my bum, which i spose is alright its big but not saggy! and its something soft to sit on! and my tummy too its round and soft and squishy and nice, its nice to have sumthin there u know! and i like having green eyes too. my toes are sort of wierd and curly. and i love my thumbs cos there missing a joint or sumting and i can bend them evryway and freak ppl out!
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hmmmm......weeeeell I'll be one of the few brave guys to take up this thread too! let's see......I really like my eyes too, very dark green/brown. thanks to weightlifting, I now have very strong chest and arm muscles. And another thanks to running and bicycling, I have a firm bum and strong legs. I also love that I'm finally getting that stubble in, yessss!!! And I'm very tan with almost black hair. Many girls ask me if I'm Italian or Hispanic, and it's quite flattering! And last but not least, I'd have to say my lips, they're very large and red, and I was teased repeatedly in elementary school because it 'looked like I was wearing lipstick' but I like 'em anyway cause all my girlfriends liked to kiss 'em. Well that's about it!!!
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What a great confidence post! I love it!
I've actually just recently come to terms with my body. I (also) love my huge, innocent, eyes...they are so expressive! I like my long legs and my elegant neck and I like my nose, because it has cute freckles but it also turns up at the bottom and it gives me a sligtly aristocratic-British look. I like my lips, because they are a beautiful size and i like my arms because they have natural muscle. I like my slender hands and I like my Soul.

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I'm a "decent amount" overweight, so having "extra" here and there makes it difficult to appreciate my body. It may not be a temple, but it's cozy! Even though the media has made big breasted women the target for resentment, I have a lot on top and I like my breasts. They balance my hips, tummy and butt. I've always loved my feet and toes. They're very petite and my nails are well groomed (most of the time!) They're very cute! So are my tiny hands. Being an artist, it's nice to not have long, fumbling fingers. I also like my big Jewish nose and expressive mouth. My whole face is expressive, which makes performing (singing and acting) quite enjoyable. And it's always fun to make crazy faces at friends... friends AND total strangers, of course.
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I've been told I have cow eyes as well! I like the fact that I still look like innocent. But my personality is totally diffrent. Its so contradicting.

I love the fact that I can always look at myself and see my family in my face. I look like both of my parents, my sister, my nephew and even my brother sometimes. I live very far from all of them so I somtimes look in the mirror and see them looking back at me and things dont seem so sad then.

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