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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Bodies » Quirky Cool Bits- Body (Page 2)

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Author Topic: Quirky Cool Bits- Body
Member # 7897

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What a fun topic!
Well, I think my bellybutton is definitely on the odd side. . . It's like a cavern or something! But people seem to dig it, a lot my friends think it's fun to poke.
I like my odd toes. . . They are like puzzle pieces or something, it looks like someone squished clay together and formed them so they would fit together just right.
And I also like my scars. . . I have a few from chicken pocks that are either bumps or indentations on my back and one on my shoulder. I think they're strangely sensual.

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I'm not sure if i posted here already, but whatever....
Hmmm...lemme think, oyes, my thumbs are EXTREMELY curved, and I have a birthmark on each of my thumbs (and look exactly the same and are in the same spot) in the shape of boxes. They're really neato! hehe...o and if someone sticks something skinny deep in my bellybutton, it feels like im having an orgasm... not exactly, but similar!

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Member # 1412

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IM BACK! This topic is kick ass, everyone loving themselves and all.

I like my lips. They're like, just full enough to be sexy. They're perfect!

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Undercover Cinderella
Member # 4607

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I love my lips. Older relatives always said I had the nicest lips they'd ever seen on a baby. *muah*
Also I can fold my tongue in half. Thats kinda quirky. I don't mean like roll it but fold it in half so the tip points to the back of my throat. I've only met 2 other people who can do it.

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Member # 14914

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On my left ear, at the top where my cartilidge meets my skin, I have a tiny hole. I've only met one other person with it, and I think it's adorable. I also have pretty tiny wrists, hands and fingers, which I love even more.

And Undercover Cinderella, I can do that too. It's become a bad habit though. I often roll by tongue back and I can put it up to where your nose and throat come together. This also goes along with the fact that I have a very long tongue, and I can touch my nose and chin with it. And my lips are perfect for me.

I can also cross one eye and straighten the other, which freaks people out. My mom also tells me that my eyes are dialated more than most people, which I think it cool too. They also change color.

Modo vincis, modo vinceris

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Member # 14920

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I have a little brown dot on my eyeball. Yes, it's on my eyeball. I've had it since I was born and I just love showing it to people.

I love the mole above my belly button. Just about every other mole on my body kind of annoys me, but I LOVE the one above my belly button. I just think my tummy would be boring with out at least one little speck on it.

Lets see.. what other little quirks do I fancy.. I like my pinky toe. All of my toes are long and thin, but my baby toe is chubby, and curls under. So it really doesn't fit in with the rest of them, but I adore it.

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Member # 12675

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I Have A Black Scar!! im not sure if its common but i dont know anyone around here that has one. does anyone out thier have one?
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Member # 14924

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I can't think of any quirky things like that about myself--other than I have the cutest dang feet in the world! And freckles. Not a ton of them, but just enough. I'm able to notice odd little things about other people better than I am about myself, though.
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Member # 14670

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I have the cutest little twin moles on my hip bones that I love but, I have a scar next to my right about (-----------) that long and I hate it cuz its on my face.
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Scarleteen Volunteer
Member # 2340

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My body is full of quirks. One of my brests is a bit larger than the other, but no one even notices unelss I point it out. (Then they spend all day looking at my chest) My left hand is bigger than my right. (again, not noticable unless I'm playing piano) I have dimples on my cheeks. I have really small feet. They are womens size 5. Sometimes that makes it really hard to find shoes because girls' shoes end at size 4 and womens' shoes often start at size 6. I have a mold on the inside of my elbow. I used to have a big strawberry birthmark on my tummy, but it's pretty much disappeared.
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- pure -
Member # 15018

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wow, so many good replies! I just like all the little freckles and stuff that are randomly everywhere - add character!
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Member # 13789

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.. ooh.

TEETH. My upper canine teeth are veritable "fangs" (IE .. real pointy!), and I love it. It makes me look vicious/fierce, which is fun. And, while I'm more of a rocker than a dark/brooding/underworld enthusiast, I still get huge kicks out of the "are you a vampire?" comments that little kids make.

I'm crooked too, it turns out, which I think is rad.

So I go to get my tattoo last Saturday. The plan was to get a nautical star, centered right below my breasts. But, after stencilling on and removing the outline several times, Alan (the artist who performed the tattooing) decided that I (like pretty much every one else) have a "crook" to the way I stand, which would have made such a symmetrical tattoo look "off-center" or at an angle, since my navel is such a stark reference point. The idea of having my own personal "bad alignment" makes me feel less robotic.

I got it on my back--beneath my neckline--instead, and am lovin' it hardcore. Yay first tattoo.

.. but I digress.

A lot of people remarked on scars. I dig my boyfriend's, and he has /a lot/ of 'em.

My favorite is a particularly bad one right in his groin area (about an inch away from .. a very tender organ). He got stabbed by a sword! He's self-conscious about it, but I think it's .. cute. :>

.. he also only has one working testicle, which I likewise find quirky-cute!

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Member # 8636

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I look pretty normal when you first see me....
i like my shoulders because (although they are useless in my everyday life) they are so muscley and beautiful! (only muscle on my body that u can see!)
i have irish fingers which means that they are cute and short and fat, but it also means i cant play guitar (because i cant stretch my fingers far enough apart!)
I used to have scars on my palm that looked like a bar-code (self-inflicted....boring classes, lol)
i have 3 chicken pox scars, one in the center of the bridge of my nose, one on my right cheek under my eye and one under my lips on the left of my chin. they make my face pretty distinct, though u dont notice them right away....
i also like my hip bones cuz no matter how big my tummy is, they stick out like an inch. its cool!
thanks for this topic!

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Member # 13617

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Love this post! It's so positive!

Scar stories are so cool! I could talk for hours about them! I used to be a tomboy when I was a kid so my knees still bare the scars. I love my scars, scars are so unique to everyone, and most are the result of funny or exciting experiences!

I have a scar in my right eyebrow, I find it cool because a lot of people want one there because it looks "cool" or something, but I have one because like mistress_monkey, my cat (RIP) had latched herself onto my head, and just missed scratching out my eye by a few centimeters!

I also have about 3 chicken pock scars which I think are really cute, I have one on my inner thigh which looks so strange, even though it's fairly small it's kinda ingrained in my skin. I think those people with chicken pock scars will know what it looks like.

Freckles are really cute too, I have lots! I have one to the right of my belly button, and a hidden one under my breast which I only discovered a year ago since I was never curious enough to look under my breast! I know a cute quote for freckles.. "A face without freckles is like a sky without stars". (don't mean to offend those without freckles, you can look at it in another way, you've got a clean canvas!).

I also love my eyes, everyone says they are a different colour! Be it grey, blue or green! And if you look closely you can even spot some brown!

Though my breasts aren't quirky, I love em! Not too big, not too small.. even my girl friends say I've got lovely boobs! *gleam*.

OOoops.. I've gone on for quite a bit, but hey atleast this post really helped boost my self confidence!

..discipline without freedom is tyranny, freedom without discipline is chaos..

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I have a birthmark on my leg that looks like a shark!
Ok, so my more truthful friends say it more resembles a very odd looking fish, but no one disputes that there is a definate body and tail to that birthmark.

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Member # 13973

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Well one of my breasts is bigger than the other, my eyes are never the same color, they change between blue and green. Hmm I guess thats about it for now...
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Member # 16412

Icon 1 posted      Profile for nico     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
I have hundreds of beauty marks on my pale skin - just flat brown spots all over my body - arms, legs, back, and even my face. I've never for a second thought of them as imperfections. I think marks on a body are unique and beautiful in that way. I had a boyfriend last year who would always trace lines in between them on my back, and it was amazing and so soft and personal.

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Member # 5578

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Member # 16312

Icon 6 posted      Profile for curiousgeorge4     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
I have a Madonna space in my front teeth, and a birthmark the size of my hand on my inner thigh (i've suprised a couple people with that one) which looks very cool when i'm tanned
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Member # 15917

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well...My fingers. There are kinda in the middle of short and chubby & long and skinny. And they look sort of retarded I guess..LOL When I put nail polish on they seem to look short and chubby and w/o nail polish kinda long and skinny. I hate that. but I guess whats cool about them is that they move around in different ways. I love to see people try to copy me cause they think they can do it when they can't.

Puerto Rican O.o o.O always spaced out 0.o o.0 Puerto Rican Donde esta corazon??

[This message has been edited by EversBoo15 (edited 02-21-2004).]

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My hair falls about halfway down my back, is this deep red coppery colour that's completely natural, and it's gorgeously thick and wavy. It also has a dozen or so hemp wraps with beads in it.
My scars. Self-inflicted or not, each one has a story.
My tattoo!
And the quirkiest one - my belly button is the best lint trap ever. Puts my dryer to shame. Some people think it's a little weird - but hey, I think it's adorable. And what I think about me counts far more than anything someone else would think.

when i look at you i squint / you are that beautiful. - ani D

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Member # 11258

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I love this topic!

Alright, my favorite by far is a brown birthmark on my lower back that looks like a bunny with floppy ears

Also, my eyes are kindof a strange color; I've never been quite been able to determine it. I've heard hazel, grey, green, blue, all before. The best way to describe them (and the most romantic!) is that they look like the sea.

I like my chubby stomach too. It's taken me awhile to appreciate it, but now I wouldn't want to be any other way.

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Member # 15951

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I have an ovalish spot on my left ankle that's lighter than the skin around it. Plus it never tans. It's almost invisible now (since I don't go around barefoot as much as I used to) but it's still there.
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lilith86, I'm totally with you on the chubby stomach thing. I used to hate it because I wanted the completely flat stomach like some of the other chicks, but then I saw an exhibition of Hindu and Buddhist statues at a museum, and I had a new respect for my slightly rounded shape. I like how it looks soft and womanly and sexy in a goddess-of-fertility way.
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