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Author Topic: Meditation
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I recently have become interested in meditation as a way to relieve stress and to keep my mind off things that are hurting me untill i can handle them more calmly, and to help me sleep.

I was wondering who else meditates, and what sorts of techniques do you use? I only have tried two ways so far, one by concentrating on my breathing while sitting, and the other to help me sleep where i relax my entire body and then visualize it melting into the bed and making sure there is no tensness left.(creepy but it works)

I am interested in learning about all sorts of meditaion, so if you know of any websites or articles to link to that would be great.

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Gumdrop Girl
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i meditate. i usually sit up straight in a lotus position, hands in my lap. i carefully time my breathing. sometimes i count. sometimes i visualize. sometimes i simply try to clear my head. great for testing season.

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I meditate, but not every day like I want to. I sit up in a lotus position, palms towards the sky. So far I really have to close my eyes, but maybe some day I'll have decent enough powers of concentration to keep my eyes open. My favorite place is the New College bayfront around sunrise. I concentrate on my breathing until I'm relaxed, and then try to clear my head. Or rather, sit back and watch thoughts come into my head and leave until they slow down and sometimes stop for a while. If my attention strays, I gently guide it back.

I've been trying to use that progressive relaxation technique to cultivate dream awareness. It's going slowly.

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I've tried meditating, but I often have trouble stopping the flow of my thoughts. I have done group meditation a few times, and I became so relaxed I fell asleep!

Sometimes when I'm writing in my journal (for English) I fall into a semi-medative state...either that or I'm filling the pages with how much things get to me!

Perhaps it's because I get along great with my english teacher, I trust her, perhaps it's my imagination, perhaps it becasue I've been watching too much X-Files again.

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I meditate. Not as often as I should, though.

I meditate a few different ways too. The simplest form is just to stop the flow of my thoughts and keep them stopped. I do this by visualizing my mind blanking by being covered by a black space (start in the center and watch the black spot get bigger and bigger...) If my thoughts get in the way, I stop them and start the dot in the center again.

The other way is via progressive relaxation starting at the bottom of my body and moving up when I feel the tension go out of a given area. I don't have any particular visualizations that I use to aid that along, but it does help me to be able to reflect on things/visualize afterward.

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Oh I do !! I love it. But i sorta mix yoga w/ meditation ... I think.

Sometimes i sit up. I sit straight up w/ my hands under my bum and just breath. I concentrate on my breathing and try to clear my head. I have a music box thing that i turn on too, and my fave sound is thunder.

When this doesn't work, i lie down flat on my back w/ my knees bent upwards. I put my hands on my tummy and focus on my breathing. Sometimes the sounds are more harmful than helpful, so usually at this time the music box goes off.

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Lisa D
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Meditation is a big component to my martial arts training. It really helps me to focus and relieve stress, too!

i find a comfy spot (anyplace that is quiet, allows privacy, and offers physical comfort) and just clear my mind and "find the void" (to use a term from the "Wheel of Time" book series) In Tae Kwon Do, we also visualize energy moving from our chi to all the parts of our body. Very energizing!

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I meditate...about once in a blue moon. I read on a website to think of your mind as a beach and your thoughts as the water, and when the thoughts try to come into your head you just gently push them away. It was the best explanation for me so I just think of it that way.

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Consistent meditation has really helped me focus my energies toward my own needs instead of being caught up in business and relationships. I'm a massage therapy student who has gotten many massages, and my favorite guided imagery scenario is this:
Start out on a peaceful beach. Feel the water running up to your toes. Synchronize your breaths to the waves. Remember the exact sensation of sand being swept out to sea from right under your feet. Wade in to your knees, hips, shoulders...Let yourself be carried away. Float out until the shore and all the chaos of the world are out of view. Indulge in lightness. Then dive down and explore the underwater world. There's a big cave ahead, color it however you want. Admire whatever marine life there is in your ocean. Finally, relax and very slowly float back up to the surface.
This usually takes me about ten minutes to work through. I've found that my state of mind determines the things and colors I encounter. Let your mind wander and you will be much more focused.

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My question for you is, what exactly is meditation, and how do you do it? I've heard so many talking about how it's so relaxing, and stress-free, but no one has actually stated how it's done, and what are the best ways to achieve it.

I searched on the net for it, and didn't really find much, all it had were sights on conferences, and classes on meditation, but it wouldn't really give me the info that I wanted.

I dont' really have that much stress in my life at this moment, but there will be soon, as soon as school begins. (yay)
But the thought of being able to clear my mind, really impresses me.

So for those of you who do meditate, How do you start?

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I adore meditation. Before I go to sleep, and when I wake up I meditate. I go about it like this: I lie down. I gently bend, stretch, tighten and tense each prt of my body.. hold for 10 seconds, and then release. The release is the best bit, feels great. Then, after my legs, arms, thighs, bottom, shoulder, neck, fingers, toes, belly and chest have been tensed and relaxed, I lie on my back and concentrate purely on the sound of my breathing for 5 minutes. Works wonders, end result is feeling refreshed, calm and revitalised.

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As you'll already have noticed from the replies, there are lots and lots of different meditation and relaxation techniques, so there's no "one right way to meditate" - it's really a question of what works best for you.

Having said that ... here's another basic technique you can try:

Sit down. You can meditate in any position, really, but lying down can be a bad idea if you're prone to just drifting off to sleep (not that that's always a bad thing). The lotus position or half-lotus are good because they give you a stable and balanced posture, but they're not easy for everyone. So just find a comfortable position in which you can sit still with a straight back for a while.

Then just pay attention to your breathing.

Sounds easy, right? In fact, all of a sudden, you'll notice that your thoughts have drifted and you're thinking about something else completely - what you'll have for lunch, or something someone said yesterday, or even "Jeez, this meditation thing is really easy, I must be a champion meditator" . Each time you catch yourself, don't feel bad about it - just quietly bring your attention back to your breathing again.

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A meditation technique that I use, which I learned a long time ago from a camp counselor, is to lie flat on your back (true, it does sometimes put me to sleep, but it's so relaxing) and imagine a cooling blue light that's moving from your toes to your head, slowly, concentrating specifically on each toe, bone, muscle, etc. By the time the blue light reaches my shoulders, I'm usually either completely relaxed, or I've fallen asleep if it's nighttime. Sometimes I do this floating on a raft in the pool, which is the best.
It's always best to keep trying - if you only try a technique once and it doesn't seem to have worked, it may be due to other factors like impatience, outside interruptions, or something like unfinished homework hanging over your mind. I find it a good idea to start "practicing" when you're already kind of chill - like before school starts - so that relaxation can be a certain goal rather than something kind of ambiguous. Good luck!


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I was at the Sydney Opera House, and I picked up a couple meditation cd's. They came with little aids, like oils ands such. One came with a tin of rice with a hold in it. You're supposed to count out 100 grains of rice and put them in the hole. I haven't tried it, but it would definantly make me concentrate. I suppose that type of thing would be easy enought to make. You could take a miniature Altoid's tin, put a hold in the top, and grab some uncooked rice to throw in. Remember to put tape on the top, so the rice won't fall out when you are using it.
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