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Author Topic: skinny
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is tehre anything wrong with being skinny?

i mean, normally i'm pretty comfortable with my weight, but lately, I've started getting really insecure about it.
So many people call me anorexic, or try to figure out why i'm so skinny.
I eat, and I eat a lot, but I'm lucky, I don't gain weight easily.

I just find that a lot of the time, people don't realize that it ain't easy being skinny.

We don't like our weight sometimes too!

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No, there's nothing wrong with being skinny, or with being not skinny. As long as it's not adversly affecting your health, and your doctor doesn't think it's harmful, then there's nothing wrong with it.

I can sympathize with your situation though. All the way through high school, people were constantly asking my best friend (or my mom) if I had an eating disorder simply because I'm small. And just like you, I eat alot but don't seem to gain any weight.

Try not to let it bother you. If people are shallow enough to try to break down your self esteem by applying labels to you that make you uncomfortable...well then they're not worth listening to anyway. Make peace with your body, be happy with it just the way it is!


the kittenblog

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Member # 4356

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try finding clothes that fit
tis a wee bit of a challenge
but i like my little body!
i don't like having to force myself to eat more than usual just so I can fill out clothes.

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Celtic Daisy
Scarleteen Volunteer
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There's nothing wrong with being skinny. As long as your healthy, that's what should matter. There's way too much emphasis around physical looks these days, but in reality, it's really usually only YOU that notice your imperfections.

"A six foot tall anorexic bimbo,with plastic breasts is making me feel weird about my own body."
-Miss Bif Naked

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momma cat
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If you're eating about as much as most people but a lot thinner, then your metabolism is higher than theirs. This can be caused by all kinds of perfectly normal, healthy stuff that makes us individuals and not an assembly line of clones, but there can be other reasons. Your self-descrpition sounds a lot like a friend of mine who had been skinny all her life, and was finally diagnosed at 18 with an enlarged thyroid. Her condition wasn't harmful in any way, but they put her on medication to make her thyroid make a more appropriate amount of chemicals for a person her size, and she has gained weight (not just fat, muscle mass too, she looks even more attractive now), sleeps much better, and has improved memory. That last thing isn't what the doctors were expecting, but no one's complaining!

So if ya wanna get checked out by a doctor, don't be scared because there's lots of easily treatable conditions that can cause lower than average weight. Not that there's necesarily anything wrong with you - humans come in more varieties than paint!

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I don't think there's anything wrong w/ being skinny.But hey there's nothing that you can do about how fast your metabolisom is. A lot of people would like to be in you shoes right now.

But i know people like to make remarks, just ignore it. Don't let it bother you.

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Executive Director & Founder
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As momma said, just be sure you get a clear bill of health from your doctor. Being slender can be perfectly healthy, but if your metabolism is in overdrive due to something like hyperthyroidism, it would need to be treated.

But if your doc says you're okay, then you are!

Heather Corinna
Editor and Founder, Scarleteen

My epitaph should read: "She worked herself into this ground."
-- Kay Bailey Hutchinson

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there's absolutely nothing wrong with being slender. sorry, i'm just not a fan on the word makes me think about people with eating disorders. i know that doesn't come off so great, but i'm sorry. i'm slender, and sometimes i feel uncomfortable when people always complain about my slenderness. i do understand where you guys are coming from.

peace, love, & seXwax!

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HELLO! most of the people who say things to you about your weight are really just JEALOUS! they just wish they could be like you and if they can't they'll make fun of you. The only thing is that they can get away with it, it's okay for someone to make fun of an idol, but it's not okay for people to make fun of the hunch back.

Personally i have no clue how on earth it feels to have a genetic makeup that allows you to eat whatever you want and remain thin. A lot of times i wish i did too, but i know a few people who do. They really complain about their apperance i just don't understand because they want to look like me and i want to look like them. I just think, no matter what if your a young woman, your not gonna like what you see in the mirror, untill you simply just get over it. There's nothing wrong with being skinny, as long as your healthy.

ignore the people who make fun of you.
They all want you, or want to be like you.

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My friend Carrie has a super high metabolism and has been REALLY thin her entire life. But she eats so unhealthy because she knows she can get away with it. All she eats is junk food. She doesnt eat meat, but she doesnt eat veggies either (we call it junkatarianism). She is completely unhealthy but it doesnt matter how much you tell her that, she thinks that she is perfectly healthy just cuz she can eat whatever she wants.

On the other hand my friend Christina eats way healthy and excercises regularly but is overweight. She is a LOT more healthy then my thin friend with the high metabolism.

My point is, being skinny is fine and normal, as long as you arent taking advantage of it and risking your health by being careless about it. Make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need, the right amount of fat and calories, eating a balanced diet, and excercising regularly and you will be fine. You might actually find yourself gaining a little weight (in lean muscle not fat)if you do that.

and skinny people can be fat too actually. they can have all fat instead of lean muscle. and bigger people can be more muscle then fat, but having that little bit of fat masks the muscle.

just my two cents

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hey, the plus side to being skinny is that you can buy certain childrens' clothing which a lot of the time is way cheaper than "adult" sizes.
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I know exactly what your talking about!! I am in the 9th grade and only weigh 80lbs and am a 00 in pants and still those don't even fit sometimes.All my friends weigh at least 120 or up!!I eat like you do but i probably eat even more and yet people at school think i am dieting or sumthing!! I never understood why i was so skinny when i eat more then my friend do!!
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Member # 4154

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I know how you feel cupcake. I'm tall but pretty thin. I have a high matabolism (sp?) so i can eat a lot and not gain weight. I've been asked before if i'm anorexia or on a diet, that whole shabang. My friends are always telling me how jealous they are, and how lucky i am. They know i dno't have an eating disorder cause they've seen me eat. I eat a ton and don't gain weight. Yes it does suck sometimes cause i can't find pants that fit and it gets really annoying to have my friends tell me how lucky i am.

Just remember love your self. You can't change who you are, and you shouldn't want to. Your body is yours and only yours. Let people have their opinions but don't take them to heart. You do what you want to do.

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Hey gurl! I'm 5 feet and I weigh 100 lbs. and I love being skinny. I don't really care what other people say about me and neither should you. As long as you love yourself, that's all that matters. If you're healthy (your doctor says so), then there's no problem with your weight.


"I said I'll thank you, we'll always thank you, more than you will know, than I could ever show, and I love you, we'll always love you, there's nothing I won't do, to say these words to you. That you're beautiful forever."

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Hun, I WISH I had your problem! LOL See, few girls are happy with their bodies, it doesn't matter what size they are!

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Geez i know what you mean! See, i am quite thin, and guys always ask me "are you anorexic??" and when i walk down the hall at school this one guy mutters to his friend "i swear that girl's anorexic." I AM FED UP WITH IT!! then when they see me eating at lunch they say "OMG YOU EAT???" it's like "UH-DUH!!! of course i eat!" and then they assume i eat, but i don't keep it down and whenever i go to the bathroom at lunch i'm going to purge the food i had just eaten!! geez, there is nothing wrong with being skinny! people just have to realize that other ppl are just BORN skinny, u know?? i am NOT anorexic, i am NOT bulimic...just accept the fact that this is how my body looks! and I LOVE MYSELF THE WAY I AM!!! AAARRGH!!!!

heheh. sorry, just had to vent

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