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Author Topic: Breast reduction...
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I have big breasts in my oppinion. I am short also nad think I would be better off with smaller breasts. I love the shape of my breasts, but wish they were smaller. I was wondering, if I lost weight, would it cause breast reduction also? I am 5'0", 127, 15, and am a 36 D, if that helps you analyze the answer better?

Well, I have to go get my "beauty rest" I have been working ALL week, lol

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Gumdrop Girl
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depends on the composition of your breasts. breasts are a combination of glandualr tissue and fat. if yours are mostly fat, then good healthy exercise can reduce some of the breast volume. but if they are mostly glandular, then the only way to trim them down is to go under the knife.

now, that's not a decision to be taken lightly. cost is only one part of it. other things to consider are your age (are you done growing yet?) and your overall health (will i die if i go under anesthesia?). do large breasts really affect your health that greatly (how badly does your back hurt?)? go see a doctor you trust, not just any plastic surgery and go over the risks in getting surgery.


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i have a friend who is a 32DD who wants to get a surgical breast reduction. Even at that size, I still think it's a bad idea because of all the problems it can cause. It's a much more involved and risky surgery than enlargement, and it's very common for women who have had reductions not to be able to breastfeed. Bad.

With that in mind, I think you should talk to your doctor about it if it bothers you that much. I mean, if you're 15, you're probably not done growing, but yaknow.


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To add a worst case scenario, I know a woman who due to breast surgery, developed toxic shock syndrome and had to have her hands and legs amputated.

You can likely imagine how worth it she felt her breast surgery was.

Really, at your height and weight, sounds to me like you've got breasts that would fit right on your frame without pain or backache.

My general feeling with these issues (and from a woman with a physical deformity on her hand) is, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Especially since "fixing it" may not be possible if the issue isn't your breast size, but your self-image. And especially when fixing it is costly, risky, and unpredictable.

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To add to that, a friend of mine had breast reduction surgery (down from a 75F) and lost both her nipples in the process because they wouldn't "re-attach" at all. Not nice. The docs recommended to construct nipples from the skin on her big toes but she opted against that, because she thinks life without nipples is better than another op on her breasts (she got three ops in all to correct that nipple thing).

However, she suffered from her huge breasts on her small frame so much that she indeed had ssevere back pain; so much that she still says today that she'd do it again and that it was the best thing she ever decided to get along. - Despite the lost nipples.

I agree with Heather, hon, you sound just fine, really. Breast reduction is a pretty large op and I really wouldn't seriously think about that unless you really suffer physically from the size of your breasts.

Give it some time, dear. You still grow, and maybe your bod will catch up with your breasts.

And love yourself. Takes practise, but is the best thing I know to make peace with body parts.

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Starry Night
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A few years ago, I would have loved to have my breasts reduced. Now I've gotten used to them and they're a part of me as much as my freckles and face.

Although I did lose 10 pounds when I had mono and they shrunk a tad bit. But not a drastic change. I think they went from a 34c to a 34b. But a big b.

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Thanks for the advice and horriffying stories, lol, I don't think I will ever get beast surgery done. However, I am worried about guys, how will I ever know if a guy likes me for me, not just my breasts? I know for a fact I am not slutty and don't put on the expression that I am going to do something with a guy just because I have big breasts. That is mainly the reason, plus not being able to wear certain clothes because they don't fit right.

Again, thank you for ALL your comments!

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Gumdrop Girl
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how will I ever know if a guy likes me for me, not just my breasts?

a winter of heavy sweaters always works for me.

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As the G-Girl asked me to and after reading all the answers here, I thought it would be good to post my own experience here.
A breast rerduction surgery isn't as scary as it seems. At the age of 15, I was 5'4, 100 lbs and a 36. Even though they weren't particularly saggy nor I ad stretch marks, I didn't like them at ALL. So, when a close friend decided to have hers reduced, I decided I'd have an appointment as well.
The doc was simply great and she did agree that not only it wasn't exactly aesthetically pleasant but also it could do a lot of harm to my spine, posture and all. So, even if I like my breast like that,it was advised to have it reduced.
About 3 months later, I did the surgery. I spent just about 36 hours in the hospital and I don't recall any really BAD moments while there. Also, there was almost no pain on the next weeks - except for a bad reaction my body had for one of the antibiotics but that's personal, didn'r happen with my friend, i.e. I didn't get to CHOOSE how much I wanted taken out, the doc said she'd do it to look the BEST according to my body type and to make sure I wouldn't have back problems. I must admit it was a shock at first but I ended up getting used to it and now.. I just LOVE it. I don't feel 'out of proportion' anymore and I can run around without a bra
I was kept away fro PE at school for a year and for 6 monthe I couldn't lift my arms at above 90 degrees. I still have part of the L-shaped scars but it was because I was stupid and didn't take the proper care as they healed... But all in all, I don't regret any moment of it. Besides techiques are improving VERY fast. I heard they are even starting to work with local anestesy to reductions too. Accidents, bad things happen in all kinds of surgeries. You can die from a prick of a finger. I say... if it makes you really unconfortable, go for it!

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Yikes! Some scary stories up there...however! I *just* got a breast reduction, literally two weeks ago. As of this moment, I am doing JUST fine, wonderful in fact, seeing as i went to victoria's secret yesterday and *gasp* found BRAS THAT FIT, because now I don't need to minimize! I went from a 34DD to a 34C, which may not seem like a lot, but holy crap it's a big difference, especially on a small frame like mine (i'm 5'4", with a very small ribcage). i'm expecting my back issues to soon be gone, and i don't need to worry about the fit of my shirts any more. i can buy bras for looks as well as functionality. i may even be able to get a bikini! since they're super perky now, too, i can even maybe go WITHOUT A BRA (once my doc says i can, that is; for now i'm still on 24/7 til my scars are healed).
The surgery itself wasn't bad, i went to sleep easy, woke up four hours later nauseous and dizzy but in almost no pain. i've had very little pain overall, and maaybe took 10 out of the 40 vicodin they sent me home with--and mostly so i could sleep. as soon as i got home i was fine, could do most things as long as i didnt need to stretch my arms far.

basically, if your boobs are big enough to a) cause you to have back problems and b) to severely impact your life (excercise habits, clothing, etc), find a plastic surgeon who's done lots of reductions and who you feel comfortable with, and go for it.

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This may be out of the blue, but a professional bra fitting might also prove to be a good experience. I know there was a thread on here a while back about bra fitting, but I cannot find it at the moment. It had a bunch of helpful links concerning bra size. I have found it to be a very enlightening. I am actually getting ready to order some bras in my "real" size. From what I have seen and read (I am on another forum and there are a lot of members that have had success with it). From what I have seen, it is way more comfortable and supportive and makes your figure look way better.

I can understand disliking your breasts. I really disliked mine for a very long time, but I have grown to love and accept them. I am wearing a 32C, when I should actually be in a 28F or a 32D at the very least.

Here are some links you might want to check out:

The Bra Matrix:

This site inspired the author of the Bra Matrix. It is in Polish (although their most recent update has an English version), but I find that the pictures speak for themselves.,262146,21.html?361780

Check out these videos from Bravissimo (this is where I am ordering from, even though I am in the US). The Full Experience video was just amazing and got me totally convinced. It goes into detail on how a bra should properly fit. The woman in the video looked much better by the end.

Intimacy Bras

Best of luck to you, whatever you decide!

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I agree with Mandy-getting the right bra helps a LOT. Last year I found a specialty lingerie store, and got fitted by people who knew what they were doing. The bras that I got were pricy, but they actually fit me and stopped my back from hurting.

In high school I could practically watch my chest expand, and I went through almost two cup sizes a year. It was strange to wear a shirt that I had worn under a year ago and see how differently it fit. I know what you mean about not being able to wear certain clothes. I'm 5'6, and a 30DDD (Even the specialty store doesn't have that size, but 32DDDs still fit very well). If I wear the wrong shirt, I look immense. I found that with careful shopping I can find clothes that make me look nice without displaying my breasts too much.

From what I've seen, big breasts aren't necessarily jerk magnets. Some guys find large breasts to be attractive, sure, but others may prefer smaller. Still others won't really find size to be an issue.

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