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Author Topic: Self-tanning..........
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I was wondering, well, summer is fast approaching, and I konw tanning is bad for you, but I reallie want a little darker complexion. I was wondering if any of you have tried sunless tanning spray, or foam, or lotion, or anything for sunless tanning. If so, did it work well?? Also, would anyone be able to recommend a certain brand I should use that will last long, and not turn my skin orange?? I'd reallie appreciate help with this!!


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Personally I have a tendancy to turn orange no matter what I use, so I'm afraid I have no specific product recommendations to make. But I will say that as far as preventing streaking goes, use either spray or foam. They're much easier to control than the lotions are. Also, get someone else to help you. I know that probably seems strange, but I always have my mom put it on me. Sometimes having someone else who can see it from a different angle can help you have even fewer streaks. Also, use a room with good lighting.


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well, i've only tried it once, so i donno 'bout brands and stuff...

BUT, one very important thing to remember: make sure you don't sit down, get dressed (or in my case, go to bed!) untill you are sure it is completly dry. in the instructions it should say how long to wait, so follow them! don't think "oh, it looks dry enough, good night!" like a certain idiot i know (ie. ME!!!) did. let's just say i had sheet-creases for 2 weeks!

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Starry Night
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It's great that you know that tanning isn't good for your skin. No matter what anyone says, a base tan isn't a good idea - any change in color of your skin from the sun is from sun damage, and can increase your risk of melanoma greatly. This goes for tanning beds, too, not just the beach.
As far as self-tanners go, I've always found Clarins to have wonderful products. If you go to the counter at most department stores, the salespeople are really helpful and will often self-tan your face, or both your arms, or something like that to try it out. I have to admit that their products are pricey in comparison to the neutrogena self tanner you can buy at your drugstore (clarins usually runs in the 30s, I believe) but the quality is amazing and it really doesn't streak. Good look - and remember to exfoliate so you don't have any uneven 'patchy' areas before you self-tan!

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Hey! I have the same problem with tanning, I refuse to go to a tanning bed because its not healthy @ all so I've tried the sunless tanning creams and stuff and my best advice would be for you to try Neutrogena foam or Banana Boat Sunless tanning foam, I've tried both and they work better than alot of the others I've tried, but a lil' tip, I've found that it works best if you exfoliate your skin first and apply lotion, especially to your ankles and knees because if you don't they always seem to come out looking darker and a bit weird...well hope that helps a bit..Good Luck!!

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I'm almost literally albino, so I'm a huge fan of self-tanner. Actually, I began the vicious cycle of self-tanning last night.. but I've found that Neutrogena spray works very well- I put on two coats, and I only got one streak, probably from my own clumsiness. I found that Banana Boat makes me look like a zebra, though.

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i ABSOLUTELY HATE self taNNers!!! they turn me orange, and even though i exfoliate before i put it on, it still pEEls and flakes oFF me. but now that i go to the beach more often, i dont reaLLy have the nEEd for it. but for dance performances, i stiLL get drowned out by the stage lights, and i use a bronzing powder. if you waNNa go that way, physician's formula makes awesome bronzing powders (but they're kinda pricy ).

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My mom just recently got a self tanner and its from Bananna Boat, and she said that she that it doesnt make you orangy and it doesnt smell that bad. I know some tanners smell like crap. Just be careful, dont put too much on, also were rubber gloves, and if you dont remember to wash your hands quickly, you dont want the palms of your hands to look all funny.


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Gumdrop Girl
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the active ingredient in self-tanning spray is dihydroxyacetone, a three-carbon sugar. it reacts with certain amino acids in your skin, causing brown spots.

i like o-chem too much for my own good.

anyway, i gotta give a thumbs up to Neutrogena tanning spray. sure beats cancer any day.

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Hey i found a really good brand that doesn't turn you orange! The brand is 'Ambre Solaire" and it's called 'Bronze-up' Only prob is that you are in Canada and i'm in Australia so you may not be able to get it there. But then again everyones skin is different and it may have a different effect on you. But if you can find it you should give it a go.


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Caramel Apple Pop
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Neutrongena Instant bronze works really well. It gives you and instant tan look, and then that washes off and your color stays.

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my theory on self tanners is that some people's skin, typically skin that tans easily, works well with them, but some people's just doesn't.

My experiments with self tanner have been pretty good so far, and I'm working on it right now. I'd suggest nutregena (I KNOW I spelled that wrong, lol) spray, it's worked pretty well for me. I've had a few streaks come up, but that was entirely the result of my not being careful. I've been using the "medium" stuff, I'm a little scared to try the dark. Oh well, maybe a little later in the summer.

Good luck!

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I'm a big fan of self tanners. Neutrogena works well for me. Nivea self tanner doesn't. I looked like a Zebra.
In general, i prefer self tanners a lot to the melanoma my uncle got through tanning, and the basalinoma a dear friend of mine had to have facial surgery for.
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I stumbled about a nice little article on how to use self tanners at ym of all places, and that sums it up pretty well, I think.

YM: tan in a Can

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i feel that self tanners only work on certain skin types i myself am a very big tanner i go to tanning beds and in the summer i spend hours a day in the sun i tried the sunless tanners and they made my skin orange and all blotchy... i used the nutragena lotion and it was very hard to see where i had alreay out it on.. i suggest if you want a self tanner get one with a bronzer in the lotion that you can see where you have aready placed it do u wont have an uneven tan.. also you should try it out on your feet or somewhere that isnt noticable so you can see if you like the result
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Hey, I had really bad shoe tan on my feet from track. I was goin to the prom so I went out and bought neutrogena sunless tanning foam and instant bronzer. I loved it because the instant bronzer showed exactly where i put it and how dark it was! I LOVE IT!
Hope that helps

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