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Author Topic: Depression During Periods
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I've managed to keep track of my moods during my cycle (well just pre-period and during) and I've noticed some striking similarities. I'm always a little snarky, or picky before I get my period and then for the first day or so of my period I get really sensitive, lonely and depressed .

I'm in that period right now and I was wondering whether anyone else has anything to make them feel better? What I'd normally take in my stride makes me feel unloved and just down during the first couple of days. I hate it and now that I've noticed this I know it's not environmental but hormonal and I want to do something about it! I try to take it easy and reassure myself that it is just hormonal, but it still gets me down.

Anyway I hope that someone can help or relate.

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I feel dirty on the first few days of my period, even though I'll shower, like 3 times a day then. I get depressed, too. Horrible things, periods.

I find that music influences my mood a lot. So when I get bitchy and depressed I (ashamed to admit it, but) put Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera in the CD player. The upbeat rhythms make me feel a lot better.

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There are huge hormone swings during the time right before and at the beginning of your period -- it kinda makes sense that it will do something to your mood.

For some people, taking aspirin (the cheapest kind you can get) 4 times a day during the week before your period and during the first 3 days of your period really helps. Salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin, counteracts progesterone, a hormone that spikes a lot during that time and which also causes a lot of the cramps women get at the beginning of their periods. Blocking some of that progesterone also seems to help some women's mood as well.

Getting some moderate exercise, like taking a walk, helps too. And, even though you get those wicked period-time cravings, keeping your food intake on an even keel helps a lot as well: watch your intake of candy and chocolate so that you don't end up in the depression that follows a big sugar high.

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Gumdrop Girl
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gahh! I'm a hormone hurricane today, and no surprise, I'm nearing my period. I get upset very easily when it's a few days prior to my period, and today was no exception.

Problem is, I think I went to far this time. I kicked my boy out of my apartment and told him not to see me for a while. And while he was trying to comfort me, I snapped -- literally -- I bit his finger. Then I spent my day a sobbing wreck in bed. I've wasted a valuable day I was supposed to use for calling up companies for a fund-raiser I'm putting together. I barely got any studying done; did some to get myself to stop crying. Who can cry when they're reading about pre-colonial Southeast Asia?

But worst of all, i hurt my boy's feelings. i still don't want to see him, because what he said genuinely upset me, and I have midterms anyway that i need to study for. We have work to do. but still, I'm actually sorry for being a bitch who makes living into a real chore and goes nuts for no reason and gets jealous way too easily.

uggh. i still feel rather shitty -- i need to crawl back into bed with a textbook.

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I suggest taking a bath. My theory is that a bath can cure everything. Or... At least put it off for awhile.

Baths especially work for me during my period when I have cramps. I feel a lot looser, and softer too. Some bath products have relaxing scents in them, so you won't feel so emotional. It helps me a lot!

Unfortanetly, it may not help for you. Everyone is different, but I strongly suggest it. Good luck!

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I take a nice hot bath and remind myself that it'll all be over in 7-10 days

I deal w/ depression anyway ... but period time is always h*ll! I like to stick to fruits, veggies and breads. I dunno why, but i'm not really fussy about any meats or anything else when i'm moody. And meditation works great ... clear your head and listen to the birdies on the tape (i hate this lil oval box type thingy that has about 10 different sounds that are great for meditation ... it was something like $35 canadian)

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I wish I could take a bath, my res doesn't actually have one! Thanks for the other suggestions...we'll see what happens. Just talking to my mum made me feel a little better cause it was like a long distance shot of love. Just feeling that made a huge difference!

About your boyfriend Gumdrop, if what he said hurt you than it would have hurt you even if you weren't a hormonal mess. Phone him and talk to him about the way you feel when you're feeling better.

Yuck! Midterm time. Good luck to all on that

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Oh Gosh. I get horrible depression before my periods.

I usually just cry. Crying it all out makes me feel better.

Other than that, exercise, a trashy novel and happy music works too.

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I've got my period now. It does make me depressed, sometimes. I get in good moods and bad moods.

I took a bath yesterday and when I got our I felt, clogged....(weird I know) did anyone else have that kind of experience? I asked my mother but she said she never had felt that before....hmmmmm....


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I am the same....I have noticed that I get really moody and *down* right before my period...which is kinda weird because I am on the pill and the type of pill I am on is supposed to get rid of PMS symptoms, too. I just noticed that last week, as I was about to get my period, I was really feeling pretty bad. It all felt like it was crushing down on me, and that feeling always scares me, having had clinical depression last year *normal* moods still scare me.

But anyway.
The Aspirin advice sounds great Hanne, yet another reason to start popping aspirin next time.

And Ella, what helps me (apart from the stuff the otehrs have already recommended) is spoiling myself a little, taking some time to make myself feel good, no matter whether it's time to read a good bok and snuggle up with a hot water bottle or whatnot. Every little helps.

Good to hear you're already feeling better.

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geez no one knows mor about this depression before ur period than i do
once i sat in my tub and cried and criend and cried for nearly an hour
adn to tell u the truth there was notten specific that was bothering me..just a few itty bitty things that just magnified itslef in my hormone ravaged mind!!!
but sometimes a good cry does help
and a nice long nap and hibernation from civilization for a few days ...for the sake of mankind of course!
i also find htat writing eases my mind
or just talking to myself..

its the second best thing u can do with your lips

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