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Author Topic:   Nuvaring

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posted 08-29-2003 01:37 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Etch     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I used the search function and didnt find a lot about the nuvaring, especially nothing recent.

I wanted to bring it up because there isnt a whole lot of info on it even here on the site. What I did see in the old forums is a lot of people saying they wouldnt use a vaginal insert, or that its insulting to think someone cant remember to take the pill. So I want to give my personal experience here. And to anyone reading this, it is personal and different for each person.

I used the pill for nearly a year, and am on my fifth month of using the nuvaring. For many women out there I think it is a great alternative to other hormonal birth controls.

I have found that since there is a lower amount of hormones that are time released directly to the reproductive organs, that I dont have many of the same side effects I experienced with the pill. Including upset stomachs that come naturally with any sort of pill you swallow.

I didn't usually have any problems remembering to take my pill. I had it on my bedstand and took it right before bed everynight. If I knew I would be sleeping away from home it would come with me. However, there were instances where I didnt know I wouldnt be home on time and I couldnt get to my pills until the next morning. I didnt carry them with me because there was always a chance of losing my purse. With the nuvaring I don't have to worry about it at all since it was always with me.

My cousin and a couple friends have tried the patches. They say while easier than the pill, their skin tends to become irrited and that the patch has become snagged on things and get ripped off. I never used it because my fiance has a habit of picking at things and it wouldnt last more than an hour around him.

The nuvaring is easy to insert and take out as well, much easier than I anticipated. It can be used with tampons (my period always continued a day or two after I was on active pills as well). And, if you decide to take it out for sex, it can be removed for up to 3 hours daily without decreasing its reliablity. Plus, its easy to wash before putting back in.

I get my birth control from planned parenthood. When I moved and went to a new clinic my doctor actually thanked me for using it because everyone else seems to shy away and she asked me lots of questions. I just wanted to get some info out there for anyone who is curious about this method of birth control.

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posted 08-30-2003 08:23 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Insane     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
you peaked my interest in the nuvaring. I searched the site,and found an old article with a great website.

It has amazing info on it.

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posted 09-04-2003 01:28 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for carol9a     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
wow..thanks for your post!
ive been considering nuvaring as a bc option and ive been asking around for opinions but havent gotten very many. your post really helped!
for the most part, im still trying to decide between pills and the ring.
quick questions: how much is the ring at your local planned parenthood? can you still go swimming in it? how big is it? does it really not need to be fitted? does it clear your skin? ok, ok, no more questions...
i guess im like the others trying to understand this new-fangled innovation!
thanks again

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From: Ashland, Oregon, US
Registered: Jun 2000

posted 09-16-2003 12:05 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Etch     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I dont know if you have checked back or will... But to answer your questions

I got mine at planned parenthood for free. Otherwise i believe it is around $30-50. It isnt very large, it looks large but you dont feel it, its very flexible.

It doesnt need to be fitted. Its hard to explain, but you squeeze the side of the ring to instert it, then when inside the ring shape keeps it inside. Im not sure that made sense... but its how it works.

I am not sure that it is made to relieve acne, although I am sure that it might help for some people.

You can go swimming in it too. Its just a clear plastic ring, and you don't even know its there.

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posted 12-04-2003 05:49 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ashy     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Just wanted to share my experiences with far, so good! I've experienced no side effects at all, and it's quite easy to use. The only difficult part was changing my GYN recommended that I leave in the ring for four weeks rather than three, and slowly scoot my period to the end of the month. Then, I would insert the ring at the beginning of each month, regardless of whether or not my period had ended. This method is not what's recommended in the NuvaRing pamphlet, but it works since the ring is effective for up to 4 weeks, even though you should leave it in for only three. Plus, at my uni pharmacy, NuvaRing is only $8. Yay!

Now, I'm following the official NuvaRing way of doing it--leaving it in for 3 weeks, taking it out for a week and repeat. I don't want to insert the Ring during my period, because then I would have my keeper and my ring inserted at the same time. The only slightly disturbing part is that I constantly have an object inside my vagina--kind of weird to think about.

I have to admit that the NuvaRing sample from my GYN came with some very cool promotional stuff! There's a blue fabric CD carrier with the NuvaRing logo so that you have an innocuous place to stash your NuvaRings. Also included was a NuvaTimer (it looks like a digital hourglass and beeps when you should insert a new ring) and some stickers to put on your calendar when it's time for a new ring. Very nifty!

Overall, I'm very happy with this product.

PS--Follow your GYN's instructions! My GYN did prescribe a slightly "alternate" version of using the ring for two months, but if your GYN doesn't say you should do it, don't.

**March update** Haven't experienced any side effects except for regular periods and I love the ring!

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posted 05-05-2004 12:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for CopperStopsigns     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
So, I've been using NuvaRing for about two months. My school's health services offers it for $10 a month. The gynecologist there said that everyone she knew who'd tried NuvaRing really liked it, and that it was a fine choice for anyone who didn't mind touching themselves.

I mainly picked NuvaRing because I'm bad at swallowing pills, the patch seemed weird for no particular reason, and I didn't want to risk side effects from a shot, especially not the first time I tried hormonal birth control.

I've never been on any other form of hormonal birth control, so I can't directly compare the side effects. Since I don't get PMS very badly and had a pretty easy time during puberty, I get the impression that hormonal changes don't tend to wreak havoc on my system. I had light bleeding for about the first three weeks of use. Some acne of a sort that I don't usually get showed up for the first month or so, but my face has almost calmed down now (It was never so bad that anyone but me thought it was odd). Other than that, I haven't seen any side effects. (Well, some unusual moodiness for a few days, but it's hard to pin moodiness on one specific cause.) I haven't had any weight gain (at least, yet). Of course, these things vary a lot from person to person and all.

It's as easy to insert as a tampon without an applicator and doesn't shift at all if I get the ring into the right spot (not difficult). Neither my boyfriend nor I have ever noticed it during sex- the ring lies around a natural bump in my vaginal wall (my gynecologist suggested positioning it like a diaphragm, but I don't think I've quite done that). It's generally quite unobstrusive.

During the first cycle, I did use tampons at the same time on a few occasions. I recommend rinsing the ring (in cold water, because very warm water can rinse off the hormones) after tampon use, because fibers can get caught on it.

I've also had no trouble getting it out. The ring shape is really great. As long as you're comfortable using a finger inside yourself (which I'd hope would be true of anyone who meant to use this for birth control), it's not hard to hook the ring. I've never had the ring fall out. It's hard to imagine it doing so- I have a pretty secure position for it, and it's able to expand to a pretty wide shape inside my vagina.

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posted 08-06-2004 02:44 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for kerplunk     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi, I just wanted to share my own experiences with NuvaRing. I've been using the ring for five months and couldn't be happier with it. It's easy to use, convenient, and very effective. However, my experience has not been without side effects. Here are some minor effects I've noticed since I began using it, and which (based on what I've read about how the ring works) seem normal. However, since nobody told me to expect these changes, I thought you'd like to know so you won't be worried if you notice them.

I inserted my ring the second day of my period and found that my bleeding had almost stopped by the third day. (Normally my periods last about six days with days two and three being the heaviest). While I wasn't exactly bleeding, I was definitely spotting, and often found a sort of brownish sludge when I went to the bathroom. By sludge I mean it looked like fairly thick vaginal discharge (kind of ropy and sticky like I get mid-cycle) colored with brownish blood. It was really quite a dramatic change to go from bright-red blood to this barely-wet sludge in one day. This "spotting" and discharge continued for about two and a half weeks. While not terribly inconvenient, it did mean I had to wear pantyliners and change them several times a day. Fortunately, this cleared up after the first month and I found that my normal six-day cycle had been reduced to four with no more sludge.

I have always had really bad cramps the first three days of my period. (So bad that I can sometimes take four Ibuprofen and not make a dent in the pain). After my first month on NuvaRing, I now only get cramps the first day and they are relatively mild. However, I do get PMS symptoms two weeks before my period. They're relatively mild (some cramping, bloating, a bit of moodiness for a day or so) but I NEVER had them before starting the ring. However, I feel that having mild cramps twice a month is much better than really intense ones once a month. I suppose it just shows that the ring affects my hormone levels.

Finally, my boyfriend says the ring has changed the taste of my vaginal discharge slightly. He doesn't mind the difference, but says he can detect a slight bitterness that wasn't there before.

I've had no problems with the ring and plan to use it as long as I need birth control.

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posted 08-01-2005 05:15 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for coop     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I was wondering if any of you that started the ring awhile back are still enjoying it or have stopped it for any reason. I just started using it a week ago.

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