s c a r l e t e e n
--f l i e r

Many of our users and supporters have asked how they can help Scarleteen on their own. Well, now you can help with the handy-dandy printable Scarleteen flier!

You can use this file to create fliers or an ad for Scarleteen for distribution/circulation at such places as:

  • your local community center or free clinic
  • public libraries or bookstores
  • sex education or health classes
  • public posting areas, coffeehouses, or sexuality shops and centers
  • zines or newsletters
  • or whatever else you can think up!

You can use these fliers freely, but we'd like to remind you that it's usually a good idea to ask permission to do things like:

  • putting up fliers at school
  • handing out fliers in class
  • handing out or leaving piles of fliers in businesses (coffee shops, comics stores, bookstores, etc.)
  • taping or thumbtacking fliers up on other people's property (windows, doors, lockers, etc.)

Be courteous about it and you will usually find that people are happy to let you pass out fliers or leave stacks of them in various places.

To produce the flier, simply download the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file right here:

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat yet, you can get it here for free (thanks to the wonderful and generous folks at Adobe Systems, who we couldn't live without). It works on both Macintosh and PC to produce a perfectly printable file. It's great software to have around.

Once you download it, simply open it in Acrobat. Then choose to print it at a high quality setting, so that the text will be clear and readable. It fits a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Then (to save yourself from eating tons of print toner), take the print to your local copy shop, and make as many copies as you like (if it's for school, you can ask your health teacher if you can use the schools Xerox machine for free). Due to the boldly graphic nature of the flier, it looks great on colored paper, but can also be printed on plain white paper as well. Heck, you can go nuts and hand-color it if you're really that bored.

What's it look like? Click here to see the reduced size JPG (but don't print from this -- it'll be too tiny and murky, use the PDF file above.)!

Our thanks to all of you helping with this and so many aspects of Scarleteen. Your help and support means the world to us, and it makes a huge difference. Enjoy! And drop us a line and let us know what you've done with them!