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Help Near You

Help Near You

(...or a counselor, LGBTQ center, doula, shelter or other in-person sexual/reproductive health, sexuality and/or crisis care serving teens and young adults!)

One of the best ways to find quality sexual healthcare and other in-person help services is by asking people we know and trust for a recommendation. But that can be difficult, especially for young people: so many feel ashamed about sexual healthcare and other related services, or are afraid that disclosing they've gotten care or need care will result in a breach of their privacy. Many young people don't even get care they need in the first place, so don't know anyone to refer someone else to, especially in areas where services are limited or where seeking out services presents a profound personal risk.

So, we're building the next best thing. You can use our online tool to find out who Scarleteen readers around the world recommend for good care and service, and view listings of services our staff, volunteers and allies know to be of quality for young people. You can enter your own listing to help others find services they need from providers you know are great, or add your review of a provider or service to an existing listing. If you're a service provider, you can enter information about your clinic, center or practice and it will be published for others to review.

  • To search the database for services you need: use the search form below. Choose the kinds of help you are looking for, and enter your postal code and a number of miles away to find local services. Your results will appear on a new page under this text and the bottom of search form. If no results appear, we do not yet have a listing for what you searched for in your area. Feel free to contact us via the message boards, text service (US only) or email if you need help finding a service.
  • To add a new listing: search the listings first to make sure the service you want to list isn't already listed, and if it is not, click here.
  • To add a review to an existing listing: search for the provider/service you want to review below and add your comments and rating when it appears.

If you're adding a listing or review: the more you say about your own experience with a provider, the better. What made it specifically good for you matters: it's helpful to add comments about your own unique specifics that were served well. For example, it'd be good to mention you're lesbian and your healthcare provider was inclusive, if you have a disability a service was great at working with, or if you're a younger teen who felt very respected without judgment about your age.

It's okay to be critical. If a provider or service was otherwise fantastic, but had very limited hours, or wasn't as educated about something as you'd have liked, it's okay to mention that. Scarleteen is not responsible for user-written content in this area, but please be sure what you post is true and fair to the best of your knowledge. For instance, stating a provider didn't give you something they don't claim to offer isn't fair. This is also not the place for reports of medical abuse: those should be directed to your local medical board and/or the police.

These listings are for in-person services in the service fields provided ONLY, not for online-only or phone-only services, or resources like books, DVDs or public speakers. Listings are also not for retail businesses. Services listed must serve youth: not adults-only. In accordance with our organizational policies about reproductive justice and choice, we will not provide listings for limited service/crisis pregnancy centers. We reserve the right to publish or deny listings or reviews based on our own discretion. Before going live, listings of service providers we are unfamiliar with are verified by a telephone or email contact made by one of our staff so we can be sure a service/provider is bonafide.

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Most Recent Listings

200 Army Post Road, Suite 26
Des Moines Iowa
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
459 Broadway
Cambridge Massachusetts
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
4025 E Southcross Blvd.
San Antonio Texas
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
802 S Main St.
McAllen Texas
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
1717 S. Main St.
Ft. Worth Texas
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
440 N 18th St.
Beaumont Texas
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
7648 Belair Rd.
Baltimore Maryland
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
8401 N IH35
Austin Texas
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
89 S Main St
West Lebanon New Hampshire
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
24 Pennacook St
Manchester New Hampshire
Posted: 4 years 9 weeks ago
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Information on this site is provided for educational purposes. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in-person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. You should always consult your own healthcare provider if you have a health problem or medical condition.